tagBDSMAdventure in Spanking

Adventure in Spanking


This is the account of an actual event. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Well, mostly innocent...

Candi's heart was racing as she approached the door. She was going inside to be spanked! Spanked sexually, and spanked til she came! She had been very surprised when Dan had told her he wanted to spank her; their earlier sexual meetings had not been kinky at all.

Dan and Candi had met online six years ago. She'd had been in a bad relationship then and he had lost his wife to illness a few years before. It had been natural that they'd meet after they discovered that they lived less than 30 miles apart. It took some time for them to grow close enough for him to propose a meeting and for her to trust him enough to accept. Three years of online chatting had given Candi the courage to see if Dan could 'cyber,' the online equivalent of phone-sex.

Dan had agreed to give it a try, although he'd not done anything like it before. About five minutes into the private chat session, Candi's panties were sopping wet from the erotic images Dan's typed words had painted in her mind. She realized that Dan was a natural at this, and further, that he had a hidden sensual side that was more intense than anyone she'd met. It was totally unexpected, as Dan had not impressed her nor any of her friends as being sexy at all. She was reminded of the old saying that she'd dismissed as a teen, "Still waters run deep."

After several nights of erotic dreams which she knew emanated from the cyber-session, she decided that she had to find out if Dan could make love in the real life as well as his words could in the chat. She made little hints about needing to 'get to get together' and how she wished she could 'feel the touch her mind felt at his words.'

Dan took the hint, proposed a meeting at his place, and Candi had agreed. She'd made some excuse to her husband and driven to Dan's house. They'd had a drink among the boxes still packed from his recent move, and had ended up on the living room rug, furiously undressing each other and making frantic love by the firelight which danced across their naked bodies, warming and making them both glow.

It had been Candi's first orgasm in a long time. Her husband had lost interest in her needs a long time ago, and only 'bothered' her to acheive his own climax, then he simply quit. She'd grown to resent it, with the result that she didn't even get aroused anymore at his 'antics' inside her body. It was a terrible situation.

It was very different with Dan. She'd felt her sexual flush start at his first tentative brush along her arm as he poured the wine, and virtually melted into his arms when he'd found the courage to fondle her breasts. She'd managed to pull his shirt off as he folded her onto the rug. He managed to remove his pants just after her peeled hers off. He found that Candi had shot her panties off while he had been getting his legs out of his pants. He had her trembling hands helping him get his briefs down over his now-erect prick, and she'd run her long fingernails along it to check its firmness. It was a rock, and his groan at her intimate touch had been the trigger to a sudden, wild coupling in front of the fireplace.

Candi had not noticed that her back had almost got rug-burns from the force of Dan's thrusting between her legs. She'd been too busy scrapping her fingernails along his flexing butt to encourage him to fuck her more forcefully. She'd come twice; once when his cock pushed inside her aching pussy, and again when she'd felt his balls explode and his cock start to shoot his sperm into her enflamed cunt.

They'd just lain by the fire after the mutual climax, Dan's body gently rubbing against hers as their hands traced aimless patterns across each others naked flesh. Candi had finally realized it was time to get back home, and she'd dressed and driven home.

After three nights of guilt, but followed by sensual dreams, Candi knew she needed to see Dan again. It was easy enough, and the sex had been less immediate; they'd actually finished the first glass of wine before Dan had started to undress her. She'd climaxed early again, but had not cum a second time until after he'd finished. Instead of just lying beside her this time, Dan had remembered that Candi had said she would like to be massaged, and he'd brought Baby Oil. He rolled her onto her stomach in front of the fire this time, and squirted a line all along her back. THAT was when Candi came for the second time; squirming her breasts into the carpet as Dan had started to massage her back by straddling her rump. She could feel his cock and balls bouncing on her pert, upturned ass as he rocked forward with each massage pass along her shoulders and back.

After her pussy had calmed down and she'd gotten the best massage she'd had in years, she traded places with Dan. She straddled his waist and used the oil to give him a massage. Dan didn't come, but Candi almost did as she ground her pussy into his butt as she worked. Although they'd not reached the bedroom on this session either, Dan showed her his preparations. He'd put candles on each nightstand and along the dresser. It gave a warm glow to the room, and Candi realized it had been prepared just for her. She hated to leave, but had to get back to her house.

Later, as she got into her love-less bed at home, she longed to be sliding between Dan's sheets, and feeling him sliding between her legs.

Just at that point in their lives tho, events suddenly interceded and they'd been kept apart endlessly. Something was always 'wrong' whenever Dan had proposed a meeting. The months grew into years and each thought the other had lost interest.

About three years later, Dan's computer had crashed when some virus activated and took out his hard drive. When he'd finally got it back to working, all his ICQ contacts had been lost. One of the few he knew how to reset was Candi's. He was afraid he'd done something wrong at their last meeting, and that she would not authorize him to add her to his list. She did, but they'd still not really chatted; some hesitancy remained for a few months.

Finally, Dan found her online when he was and their chat had broken through the normal small talk. They discovered that they both liked to read stories on an adult-story website. That brought sex into the discussion, and soon they were discussing the type of stories they liked to read. When Candi said she'd like to have someone take control of her body and spank her, Dan said he'd like to be the one.

Dan described how he'd do it, bending her over his knee, peeling her panties down and paddling her rump 'til it was red. That got Candi's panties wet, and with the help of her finger, Candi brought back the feeling of climaxing with Dan that she'd missed for years. She had to meet him again! She told him she wanted to be spanked, and that she wanted to be submissive to his desires while he did it. They made a date to meet the next Saturday at 2:00pm. Candi had

Dan agreed, and promised her he'd have a collar and leash to control her when she arrived. Candi's body had tingled at the thought of being dominated sexually; she knew she could trust Dan, and it would be a turn-on she'd been dreaming of ever since she'd read the first story involving sexual submission. As she lay in bed that night, Candi came twice as she thought of Dan putting a collar on her and then spanking her bare bottom.

Early Saturday morning, Dan went to the local pet store to shop for Candi's collar and leash. He picked a black collar black with silver diamonds, and a six-foot purple leash.

"Oh, this will look so pretty on your little puppy," the girl at the counter said.

"I hope it fits," Dan replied, not sure of Candi's neck size.

"If it doesn't, you can come back and exchange it." She said, then lowered her voice, "I think some folks use that size on their girlfiends." She picked it up and wrapped it around her neck. "If your dog is about my size, it will be fine."

Dan wanted to say, "She's 4 inches taller," but what came out was, "I'm sure it will be fine." On the way home, he stopped at the drug store and bought some condoms and some KY lubricant.

Dan spent the rest of the morning cleaning up; vacuuming, dusting, and washing the bedsheets. He wanted everything to be 'right.' He moved one chair to the center of the living room for the spanking and tied some soft cotton ropes to the corners of the bed. He bathed, and put on a loose clothes; he didn't want any teenaged-fumbling when he needed to get undressed. He was ready for his slave. . .

About 2:05 there was a knock on the door; soft, almost hesitant. Dan opened the door. It was Candi, framed by doorway and with her blonde hair highlighted by the mid-day sun shining behind her. She looked almost angelic standing there. Dan opened the door wider, "Hi, come in," he said. Candi stepped inside and almost past him. Dan closed the door, not noticing that she'd slowly turned back to face him. As he turned toward her, an almost-magnetlike force took over. There was no hesitation borne of a three-year separation; they almost jumped into each others arms. Candi's tongue sought Dan's eagerly, as his hand stroked the full length of her back, all the way to her tight rump, which he pinched under her dress.

Candi jumped at the pinch, but didn't stop kissing. Her mouth was wasting no effort in catching up on lost lust; her tongue was snaking to and fro inside Dan's mouth, dancing a lingual mating ritual with Dan's tongue. His hands stroking along her back sent shivers and chills along her spine, and mouth was sending electric shocks to her sexual core.

Dan's hands had worked her dress up over her rump now, and he felt the panties and garter belt she'd promised to wear. He pulled the elastic up slightly to cause the material to bunch against, and tug along, her pussyfolds. Candi almost came right then, surprized at the sudden, and forceful sexual jolt Dan had caused her own panties to deliver to the sensual apex between her legs.

Candi let a soft moan escape through her french-kissed mouth, then whispered into Dan's flushed face, "Wait 'til you see them. I picked them specially for you. Can I change in the bedroom?" She knew the answer would be yes, and eased herself from his arms and walked across the room, past the kitchen and hall, and into the bedroom.

It was as she remembered it, although the dresser was a bit more cluttered. "Men are messy," she thought to herself. Right now tho, it was the 'man' she was interested in, not the 'mess.' She unzipped the dress, letting it fall to her feet, then stepped out of both the dress and her shoes. She peeled off her blouse, revealing the bra that matched her panties and garter belt. The guy she'd orignally brought this outfit for had not liked it, but she knew Dan would; it appealed to a man's sence of sensuality, and she knew Dan had plenty of that!

A quick touch-up of perfume, and quick brush-out of her hair, and she was ready for her spanking. She was getting wet already, imagining what they'd talked about earlier; being bent over Dan's knee while he paddled her upturned and reddened rump. He said that she'd cum by the tenth spank. She would soon find out.

She walked back out to the living room barefoot. Dan had wanted her to wear black high-heels, but she hadn't been able to find the right ones. Dan's smile as she approached told her that her shoes weren't what he was interested in right now anyway.

For the first time, Candi noticed the arrangements in the living room. Dan had bought a new dark green blanket and spread it out over the floor in front of the L-shaped couch and love-seat. He'd placed one high-backed wooden chair from the dining room in the center of it. Dan was standing beside it as she approached him.

It was time for him to give her his gifts. He was holding the collar and leash. He kissed her, deeply with his tongue, then held her shoulders and turned her around slowly, her mouth hanging onto his kiss for a long as she could. Dan lifted her hair and wrapped the collar around her neck. Candi almost came when she felt him fasten the buckle. She was running her fingers over the soft, black leather and hard diamond studs when Dan snapped the leash onto the D-ring near the buckle.

"Ohhh, it feels so... firm." Candi murmured as she felt a tingle in her whole body from the thought of being collared and leashed for a man's pleasure. She turned to see herself in the mirror along the wall. The image was as erotic as she had imagined; the black collar wrapped around her neck and disappearing behind her blonde hair, the purple leash leading from her neck to the hands of her 'master,' who was looking at her with deep lust in his dominating eyes.

She was pulled back to reality by a tug on the leash. Dan had seated himself in the chair and was pulling her down to him. Candi let herself be guided across and over his lap. She gripped the legs of the chair as her pert rump folded across Dan's right knee. Dan was still holding the leash, and the dark purple cord swayed against Candi's shoulder and flank with each movement his hand made.

Dan had looped the leash over his left wrist, and was concentrated on the firm, round little rump that was literally sitting in his lap. He'd researched spanking after Candi had said she wanted to be paddled. He now put what he'd learned into practice on Candi's little ass. He started by slowly, and deeply, massaging her cheeks, getting the blood to flow, which would increase the sensations of the later impacts.

He punctuated the circling massage with a sharp, slightly upward, blow on the left buttcheek. It was not hard at all, but Candi jumped from the unexpected interruption in the massage she'd gotten used to. Dan went back to the massage, but then smacked the right cheek in the same way. He alternated checks with each of the blows, and they became more frequent and harder as he progressed. The massage advanced in sensuallity too. Dan's hand would dip a little deeper between Candi's now-trembling legs each time he transferred from one cheek to the other.

Candi's sences were being batted back and forth between trying to anticipate the next spank and trying to anticipate the next fondle near her pussy. It drove her crazy with lustful expectation. The fingerstrokes near her pussy caused her to arch her rump up to force contact with her clit, but that would just increase the impact of his spank against her straining rump. Candi was panting into the blanket as her loins were aflame with lust and craving.

Dan noticed that Candi was being driven crazy by his erotic spanking. It was just what the net-articles said would happen, but he'd not believed it. Candi was making him believe tho; he could see her pussy was creaming between her legs even tho he'd not touched it yet! And she was bucking her rump up with lust-driven intensity. He increased the force and frequency of his blows, trying to get them to glance off and uplift each cheek like the article said would force the 'victim' to cum.

Candi was a bent-over picture of feminine lust as Dan's spankblows drove her over the edge. She gripped the chair legs til her knuckles were white as her pussy exploded in the most intense climax she'd had in years tore through her. Her blonde hair cascaded against her flushed face as she rocked her rump against the furious sexual spanks Dan was raining down on her reddened and twitching rump. The room filled with a high pitched, "Eeeeeeeeeeee," which Candi emitted as her climax boiled over her pussy and engulfed her entire body.

Candi had been collared, and leashed and spanked to climax in a submissive position across her master's knee. It was what she'd been longing for in her dreams for months, and the sexual release was just what she'd hoped for. Her body was shaking with the afterglow as Dan continued to spank her, although he was easing off on the force of the blows.

Dan knew she'd cum, and cum hard. "God, the book was right," he thought to himself. "Perhaps the rest is true, too." He had the ropes tied to the bed, and it was time to find out. He slowly eased off on the spanking to bring Candi down from her climax slowly. He resumed the massage, being careful to stay away from her pussy.

When Candi had stopped shaking against his knee and the chair, Dan knew her climax had passed and she could be moved to the bedroom. He wanted to do it so at to keep the 'moment,' tho. He rolled her off his lap and onto her knees. He wished he had a camera to capture the softly-sensual image her upturned face presented; sexually-flushed face framed by her dishelved blonde hair, the diamond-studded slave collar with the purple leash displaying her submission, and her on her knees dressed only in a bra-, panty-, and garter-belt-outfit.

She was a perfect blonde-wet-dream, and Dan wanted to rampage through the sexual promises inherent in that image! He tugged on her leash, pulling her toward the bedroom. Candi started to rise, but Dan pushed her head back down.

"Crawl to the bedroom like a good doggy; and twitch your red rump while you do it," he said, tugging the leash sharply to get her started. Candi lowered her eyes and started to crawl on her hands and knees toward the bedroom. She was stopped by Dan pulling up sharply on the leash. It caught under her chin and forced her to look up.

"Keep your eyes on your Master," he warned, easing off on the leash. Candi kept her head up and her eyes on Dan as she crawled after him down the hall toward the bedroom.

"Just like a dog, trotting after his master," she thought as she focused on Dan's rump. The thought gave her goose-bumps and a sharp twinge down her back, as if someone had run a fingernail from the small of her back to the top of her paddle-reddened rump. It reminded her that she'd been ordered to twitch that rump.

Dan glanced back just in time to see Candi start swaying her heart- shaped ass back and forth as she crawled. The garter belt and panties framed and acentuated the movements, highlighted by the redness that was silent witness to her submission on the chair. Dan smiled, "Good doggy," he thought to himself. "Just wait," he added.

Candi realised now why Dan had ordered her to twitch her ass; it caused the panties and garter belt to rub along her now-tender spanked rump. Further, her pussylips were being rubbed back and forth between her legs with each sashay of her hips. Her recently-climaxed clit was getting steamy again! She felt her whole body flushing from the stimulation Dan's simple order had produced.

By the time she reached the bedroom, Candi was panting and her eyes were half-closed. Dan noticed the come-fuck-me look Candi now had on her face, and that her panties were quite wet. "Good doggy, very good doggy," he thought. "She won't even notice the ropes on the bed."

The bed had a dark-wood frame, with posts at the head. Dan had tied soft white nylon ropes to each of those, and tucked the ends under the covers. There were no posts at the foot, so he'd tied longer ropes to the feet there, and left the ends under the bed.

"Up, doggy," he ordered, tugging the leash over the bed. Candi rose to her feet. Her knees were a bit weak from the sexual exercise Dan had put her through so far. As she put her hands and one knee on the matress, Dan pushed her right hip forward. This caused her to lose her balance, and roll onto the bed on her back. Her head landed right on the pillow and her legs folded along the centerline of the bed.

Before she even thought of moving, she heard Dan say, "Stay!" Candi froze, turning only her head to watch Dan. He was undressing.

"Ummmmm," she thought, "This may get interesting." She was acutely aware that her pussy had been creaming ever since Dan had spanked a rocking climax out of her across his lap. It was ready and waiting for more male attention. So was Candi; she licked her tongue along her lips. It was all the auto-erotic action she thought she could get away with un-noticed.

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