tagBDSMAdventures in Diagon Alley

Adventures in Diagon Alley


Yes, I know this is not completely realistic, it's a fantasy so shut up and enjoy.

Something to know about me before I write this is that I am not a harry potter super fan. In fact Book 5 pretty much ended my zeal for the series and majorly put off. With that in mind, I pretty much did not pay attention when they created much of the Harry Potter attractions of today. Ma'am is a huge fan though, so after we met, I dug up a series I thought I had put down for good.

Which brings me to today, Ma'am has decided that we should go finally visit her favorite Harry Potter place: Diagon Alley at Orlando. I have never had much spending money so when she offered, I would not turn down a gift that she was giving me.

I didn't realize what this gift entailed until She uttered those damning words: "I promise you will never be able to forget your experience boy." She promised, that damnable chuckle drawing me in and calling for my submission.

I was screwed again.

As usual.

That next morning as we woke up. Ma'am made sure to hop in the shower with me. Usually, I took care of myself, but today she had me hold still and washed me herself. Taking extra care to make sure no hairs lingered around my cock, balls and ass. After that she soaped me down slowly. Bending me over and lovingly washing every inch of me as I didn't move. It was heaven, I was lost in the slow pleasure of her hands. Only to be woken up with harsh smacks. Her hand crashing on my backside, the wetness causing the smack to sting worse than usual. I whimpered and turned my head towards her. "Wash me boy," came my favorite order in the world. I nearly slipped and fell from how eager I was to comply.

It was after I dried her off and cleaned myself completely that the preparations began. First, She bent me over and matter of factly lubricated my hole with lube. Lube meant all day. She picked a larger plug, the bulbous metal head pressing right against my prostate. The end of it was a circle with a jewel, with one word engraved on it: Pet. I might have begged for it. With a simple smack I straightened back up and faced her. She held a cock ring in her hands and slipped it on me. It was snug against my erection as she made sure to fasten it. The bottom of it contained a vibrator, pressed up against the sensitive underside my cock, it made me gasp as she briefly turned it on using a remote. Once prepped, she put me in a pair of long cargo shorts with no underwear on. She then dressed herself. She pulled over a beautiful summer dress, a mixture of black with white accents over herself. Carefully pulling it down over her bra and exposed legs.

And completely forgetting panties.

"Be a good boy and maybe I'll reward you," She promised.

"Yes Ma'am," I gasped as she led me out the door to the waiting car.

This certainly was something I wouldn't forget.

The trip was the park was uneventful, I drove and she talked brightly about her favorite parts and where she would love showing me. Emphasizing little bits and pieces that were no doubt just a tiny bit more secluded.

The entire line into the park was spent with Ma'ams' butt grinding against my shorts, letting me hold her and she slowly grinded against me. I was helpless to do more than just hold on and tuck myself as soon as we separated. I really hoped my precum wasn't staining my shorts.

She had me pack a spare.

Ripped up cobblestone heralded our entrance as we entered her favorite place and were surrounded by quaint and odd little shops. Reflecting what had been depicted within the movie. I don't know how she did it, but it wasn't as packed as I thought it would be. There was traffic, it was an off season I was informed.

Things continued to be fascinating before Ma'am decided to take a break from walking. She dragged me down to a small alley with Gregorovitch shop at the very end. People walked right by as she had me sit in the shade behind her. Pulling out her phone with her right hand and pulling up her knees while she had me keep my legs flat.

Then she unzipped my shorts.

I didn't move.

"Good boy," she praised as she pulled me free. Cradling my erection as she began to do slow strokes. Keeping an eye on the busy street behind us as she went through her phone on her business. I ached, but I couldn't moan. I bit my tongue as my hips tried to move in synch with her hand.

Her nails dug into my shaft. I stopped as she went back to stroking as if nothing was wrong. I barely held back moans as I watched people continued to pass us by, thankful that no one saw her hand wrapped around me. Just as my hips began to seize, she stopped. Putting me back away and zipping up my shorts with my help. I nearly whimpered in despair as she helped me to my feet. A quick glance at my shorts revealed that I hadn't soaked through my shorts yet.

"Come on," She said smiling, leading me deeper into her favorite place.

When we reached Gringotts, she turned on the cock ring. I stiffened, My erection pressing against my shorts with traitorous intent. She pushed her butt against me, slowly grinding into me as we sat there in front of the goblin. Her hips moving and grinding, teasing me with what lay under her skirt.

A couple behind us asked if I was ok when a strangled grunt came from her as she rubbed against me particularly hard.

"Oh don't worry," Ma'am replied, "He's just a little sore from working his butt off last night."

I nodded weakly. My hips were sore from being taken and taking her last night. She wrapped her arms around me and smiled at them. Striking up conversation as she naturally does. I'm awkward around strangers, but Ma'am is my polar opposite, having fun with the most random person off the street at the drop of a hat. Something I adore about her.

She didn't turn off the cock ring though. Making me tuck my erection through the next thing she wanted to try.

She dragged me outside. Taking me to the left of the Escape from Gringotts ride towards a long sloping staircase behind an antiquated motorcycle with an attachment. Going further up, she pushed me against the wall in a little divot in the stairs and pressed herself against me. Her full breasts digging into my chest as she pressed her lips against my neck.

"Touch me," She ordered. Glancing to the left and right of us. She unzipped me and pushed her hand in my shorts. Her fingers teasing my shaft as vibrations made me twitch in her hands. I obeyed her, sliding my hand under her dress. Sliding my hand up her thigh and dragging my fingers along her cleft. Her wetness teasing my fingers as I slowly stroked her clit. Eliciting an excited moan from her. Lost in the moment I kissed her. Ignoring the chances of discovery as I brazenly stroked her clit. Lost in the heat of the moment as my hips humped her hand.

I was lost in the heat of her kiss that I forgot everything around me.

Fortunately Ma'am had not.

She stilled out of the blue, zipping up my pants in a hurry. "Enough boy," she ordered. I pulled my hand free and waited. She kissed me again, this time in a much more chaste fashion, but only for a moment. Before pulling from the wall and slowly leading me down the stairs. My finger still moist from her excitement.

It was then that I heard the squeals of children descending down the stairs.

Holy shit that was close.

We reached the Leaky Cauldron after a short ride on the Escape from Gringotts. It was well done and really enjoyable, which surprised even skeptical me. We went for food next, grabbing two modest plates and taking a table in the corner. Ma'am was cheerful the whole way. Laughter coming easy even as I ended up chuckling at some of the most random things I had ever seen as we explored.

"Isn't this amazing," Ma'am murmured. She loosened my belt from behind, hidden by my shirt. Her hand snaked down the back of my pants and in between my cheeks. Caressing my butt as she pressed against the plug hard. Pushing it firmly against my prostate and making me shudder.

"Yes," I gasped as she scraped her nails into my cheeks in clear demand.

She kept me like that through the whole line. Her fingers aptly manipulating the plug to pull it too and from my pleasure spot. Smiling at strangled moans or anything that passed my lips. If I wasn't behind a table, someone would've seen the small stain of my precum against my shorts.

"Why aren't you eating?" She teased, playfully waggling a fork in front of me. Her hand stayed inside my shorts. The stools made it so my ass was just off the stool and in perfect position to play with if she was careful. She pushed.

"Sorry! Just a bit distracted," I gasped as she tilted the plug inside with her fingers.

"Eat boy," She grinned. Teasing me through the whole snack of a meal. Just enough to fill me up, but not enough to take care of my hunger. I couldn't give a rat's ass about food at that point. I wanted a bite of her.

She took me out of there shortly afterward. She was a bit more cautious now as she started heading towards the direction of the entrance. Evidently I hadn't been good enough to earn her today. I drooped a bit, but followed. She was in charge, plain and simple. Then she abruptly dragging me under the Magical Umbrella. Just across from an ice cream store that I had drooled at when we first entered.

There was a break in the action there and Ma'am glanced around quickly.

Opening the shared bathroom door and dragging me inside. Locking the door and pinning me against the wall. She fumbled with my shorts as I pushed up her skirt, pooling it around her waist as she nearly ripped open my shorts in her haste. I grabbed her legs and she wrapped them around me as I flipped her around.

"Fuck me boy," She whispered.

I hilted myself inside her. The cock ring dug into my cock, the vibrations echoing through me as

Soft warm flesh enveloped me. Her heat searing my cock and making me nearly cum in my first thrust. She was so warm. So wet and tight and I was hers. Her nails dug into my shoulders as she kissed me fiercely. Her tongues taking my own as the sounds of my hips slamming myself into her was the only sounds in the room. I wasn't going slow, I needed her. I needed her now and she had given permission and I was going to take her as long as I could.

It was primal need that drove me as my balls slapped against her.

I needed to breathe.

I broke the kiss, gasping for air.

My thrust at that moment made her gasp in pleasure. Her eyes on mine as that oh so sexy moan left her lips. "Good- ah- boy," She gasped. Tilting her hips into me so I could get a deeper angle. The slapping of pressure against her clit with my cock was driving her up the wall.

"I have to do this more," She hissed in my ear. Pulling me into her embrace, nails digging into my ass with clear demand. I was hers as my breathing and gasps of pleasure increasing. Nearing the inevitable peak that she had been building towards all day.

"There are sooo many places I can take you," She continued. "I can take your ass in some darkened tunnels in a certain Island. Make you a bitch just out of sight of the passerbys. My lips can wrap around your cock in some of the darkened areas of one of my favorite rides. I can even jack you off or take your cock for 14 minutes after I cover a camera on another ride. So many places I know of pet. So many things we are going to do. So many times you will cum for me."

I came. My legs locked and I spewed deep inside her. Lightning covered my eyes as I lost it. The dirty and delicious images driving me over the edge. I wanted them all, wanted to try every single one of them with her. To be driven to the edge of madness again and again at her pleasure. It was so tantalizing and so real and I wanted more.

She slapped my ass and I started thrusting again.

"You like that boy?" She said, her tongue teasing my neck.

"Yes," I gasped, my cock churning my cum deep inside her. She started to gasp. Her body tightening as she got closer. She loved being fucked with my cum inside her. And I fucked her as fast as I could, the cock ring keeping me still semi hard enough to fuck her. Her breathing picked up and her nails became painful, heat searing me as I pounded her for all I was worth.

"You should," She gasped, "I take care of my pets. I'll keep you well fucked and well sucked and I'll have so much fun with you wherever I want. You are mine. My pet." She almost screamed, but I took her lips. Kissing her hard as she seized up. Her pussy seizing my cock and gripping me like a vise. She sprayed around me, her juices coated our hips between us. I slid out and fell to my knees. Tongue teasing the furthest place that she had made a mess. Lovingly, I stared up at her as I licked up every inch of her skin.

Licking all the way to her pussy, before slowly licking her clit. Making her gasp and grab my hair.

"Enough," She commanded, chuckling as she dragged me to my feet. "We can't stay in here forever boy."

I growled, but obeyed. As we both readjusted my clothes, I realized that I had indeed stained too much of my cargo shorts. Turns out I needed the second pair after all.

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