tagGay MaleAdventures in Filmland Ch. 02

Adventures in Filmland Ch. 02


I was so delighted to hear I'd won the part that I hugged Jake, then kissed him on the mouth, while he led me from his dungeon to his bedroom upstairs, with great views out to the blue Pacific.

Gently but firmly he lowered me to the edge of the bed. I knelt crouching and felt his cock penetrate my anus, then he was pumping into me, kissing me on the neck and throat constantly, until I heard him come with a groaning "Ohmigod".

I fell forward, then felt him placing warm cloths to my anus, cleaning me, then rolling me over before taking my aching erection in his hand and jerking me to a very quick climax. Again he used a cloth to clean up the results of my excitement from my chest.

We lay back on the bed, cuddling, for a few minutes, when Jake picked up his bedside phone and punched in a number. I traced my fingers along his beautifully sculpted upper body as he made his call.

"Hi, Sarge? It's me, Jake. Hold all calls on the latest movie - I've got the perfect boy for the subby. His name's Dirk, but hey, fuck that, we'll say something like 'Introducing Jeremy Jism', or something similar.

"He's from Boston. Pretty boy, great body, great cock, 'bout eight inches, and very submissive. You're gonna love him."

Jake fell silent as Sarge had his say, then Jake went on: "Sure, great idea. He's staying with me tonight, and I'm gonna flag the office tomorrow. Come on around about 10 and you and young Jeremy here can get acquainted."

When Jake had hung up, I asked him: "Is that the famous Sarge?"

"Sure is," said Jake, as he placed another cold Dos Equis Amber in my hand, and drinking from his fresh one. "Why? Don't tell me you've got anything against black men?"

"Of course not," I said, quickly, fearing my question might have been misinterpreted. "It's just that he's a bit of a legend with my uncle. He will be as envious as anything when he hears I'm going to star in a movie with Sarge."

I'd seen Sarge in several porn films. Sometimes playing the part of punisher of nubile young ladies, usually blonde and incredibly busty. Not that I'd cared much for the blondes, I was just besotted by the tall, muscular Sarge, with his pencil-slim Clark Gable moustache, his chocolate brown skin and his massive cock.

But it was the gay videos Sarge had starred in that had really got me up, hard and drooling. I remember one, in particular, where Sarge had dealt to a lovely young blonde boy, not very unlike me, in fact.

He'd taken him on a route march through some wooded terrain, Sarge comfortable in his camo fatigues and large Stetson, the blonde boy naked, save for rough work boots to protect his feet. Sarge had sure put the kid through his paces and now he was going to do something similar to me! My cock started to throb at the thought.

"You'll get along with Sarge famously," said Jake, as we sucked on our Ambers. "He's known in the business as 'The Punisher', don't matter whether it's young blonde boys or young blonde gals, Sarge is always 'The Punisher'."

"How long's he been in the industry?" I asked.

"Sarge has been on the scene for about six or seven years," Jake said, as we relaxed in the late evening sun which bathed the bedroom. "Came out of Dallas, or Houston - well, somewhere in Texas - and appeared in a heterosexual B&D movie.

"I first approached him about two years ago, asked if he'd like to play alongside one or two subbies I'd been wanting to star for me, and he chuckled that great big deep chuckle he's got, said 'Why not, I don't mind battin' both sides of the plate' and the next thing you know, he's all keen on fuckin' little boys! The rest, as they say, is porno history."

I slept fitfully all night, cuddling up to Jake but eagerly anticipating my first meeting with Sarge. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast, hash browns and bacon washed down by some lovely hot coffee, we showered together in Jake's bathroom, where I also shaved and dabbed on some of his Envy, by Gucci for Men. Jake then ensured my cock and balls were in pristine, hairless condition.

Next he threw me a red leather engorgement strap, which I buckled around my cock and balls before he tossed over a bright red PVC humiliation thong, its open gusset allowing my balls and cock to be displayed in total nudity. "Sarge likes his boys to display a certain respect," Jake explained.

Just before 10, the sounds of Sarge's great big Humvee could be heard pulling into the driveway in front of Jake's home. "Wait outside the lounge," said the moviemaker, kissing me on the cheek. "I'll let you know when you can come in."

After hearing Jake and his moviestar making some conversation, Jake called out: "OK, Jeremy, get your pretty ass in here!"

I stepped into the room, my cock displaying the most rigid, skyward facing erection I've ever sported and walked over to the easy chair, where Sarge sat grinning at me.

He was beautiful. His head was totally shaved and gleaming, like the rest of his muscular, chocolate brown body. His pectorals stuck out like peaks, shining and suckable, his abs were stunning. On his midriff, a shiny purple thong caressed the outline of what I knew was his mighty 10-inch cock.

"Get over her, pretty boy," he drawled, "and gimme a closer look at that rod you're so proud of."

I walked as nonchalantly as I could towards him and Sarge reached out a large but surprisingly gentle hand and cupped my balls, before stroking my shaft, then running his fingers into my foreskin and feeling my pre-cum, which had collected there.

"Very nice, pretty boy," he grinned, "now sit on ole Sarge's lap and let's chat."

I sank onto his fantastic, firm body and hugged him, feeling the wonderful warmth of his marbled flesh. Then, most forwardly, but I had to do it, I kissed him on his mouth, tasting coffee and the traces of a cigarette.

Sarge pushed me away with a sort of "Down, boy" motion and addressed Jake: "Now Jake, you got any decent beer in that big ole fridge of yours? And don't offer me no foreign crap. You got any Coors?"

"Er, no Sarge, sorry," said Jake.

"Well why don't you toddle off down to the liquor store and get a case of Coors while pretty boy and me here go down to the dungeon and start to get acquainted?" instructed the Sarge, in a no-crap tone.

"I'm on my way, Sarge," said Jake, "but say, I've had an idea. You keep calling him 'pretty boy'. Why don't we call him Floyd, like in Pretty Boy Floyd? What d'ya reckon?"

Sarge, to my amazement, gave me a strong, although mouth-closed, kiss on the lips.

"Jake, sometimes I wonder where you're fuckin' coming from, that's what I reckon," said Sarge. "Here you go, givin' the kid a perfectly good fuckin' name like Jeremy and the next fuckin' day you're tryin' to change it to crap like Floyd. I say Jeremy is just perfect for pretty boy, don't you darlin'?"

I'd have agreed to a name like Arbuthnot or Ebeneezer just for the opportunity to play alongside Sarge, but I stammered: "Er, Jeremy is fine with me, Sarge."

Sarge kissed me on the mouth again, this time a semi-open smooch. "See Jake? The kid just loves Jeremy. Now fuck off and get me some Coors 'fore they're all fuckin' sold out."

And with that, Sarge put his arms around me and picked me up in his arms and started to walk to the stairs leading down to the dungeon.

Once inside, he peeled down my humiliation panties and bent to strap my ankles to the whipping bench. Then he stood alongside me, kissed me on the mouth and took my cock in his right hand and started stroking it with his strong hand.

"Now I'm gonna give your buns a nice little spankin', pretty boy," he told me. "Relax and enjoy!"

As he was standing to my right side, I put my left hand out and stroked the front of his thong, feeling to my delight that he was erect, his penis depositing pre-cum on the satiny material. I felt so proud - I was arousing him! If he hadn't been hard I think I would have cried with shame.

Then his mouth locked onto mine as his left hand made a "Splaaat" noise on my left cheek. Then he stroked me gently, ran a forefinger against my anus, before striking me "Splaaat" on my right cheek. Meanwhile, his hand worked on my stiffy, while I stroked his magnificent member.

After some 20 hand strokes, Sarge let me go and ordered: "Bend over pretty boy." I lent down onto the coolness of the padded leather, but instead of him attaching my wrists where I placed them obediently by the straps, he knelt and ran his tongue over my anus, licking and moistening me, occasionally delving into the darkness for an exploratory probing.

The next thing I knew his cock head pressed against my anal lips and he was thrusting into me, driving me wild with lust as he filled me, causing my sphincter to tighten and increase my own hard-on what seemed ten-fold.

Uncle back in Boston had been pretty big, and sometimes his punishment intruder, which he used on me when I'd been really naughty, had been fairly thick, but nothing compared to the breadth of Sarge's monster. He was filling me in the most delicious way!

After several grunting heaves, Sarge pulled from me and bent at the front of the whipping bench to attach my wrists. Then he stood and presented his pink-helmeted penis to my mouth.

Now I've seen it often enough on video, of course, but believe me there's nothing like the first sight of his beauty in the flesh to drive home what a magnificent rod the Sarge has been endowed with.

I took the musky-tasting prick head in my mouth and Sarge gradually mouth-fucked me until I had about half his length down my throat. He was a surprisingly gentle fuck for such a big, brawny man. Then he pulled back and selected a paddle from Jake's equipment bench.

"Now I'm really gonna warm your lovely buns," said Sarge, standing off to one side behind me, his right hand on his cock, his left holding the heavy leather punisher.

"Thwaaack", the paddle hit home, forcing a sort of "Whuumph" sound from me, as the force flailed onto me. "Thwaaack", this time I was more prepared and sucked my breath in, taking the heat missile without crying out.

Then the Sarge went to work, beating a steady stream of torrid strokes onto my buttocks, the noise from the implement making a symphony of sound to a subby's ears!

When my backside was really burning, Sarge moved in front of me and once more presented his prick to my lips. As I sucked on his broad, thickly-veined penis, he took the paddle into his right hand and whapped a stroke down onto my left cheek. Then he switched hands and with the paddle in his left he delivered a cracker to my right cheek.

This angle of attack seemed to arouse him, and he soon started to grunt and then moan. As his orgasm started to become uncontrollable, Sarge started to rain the blows down, changing hands like a baton-twirler flicks the baton around during a parade, from hand to hand.

Sarge kept depositing blows on one cheek, then the other, until with a massive "Yeah, boy, that's it, suck that down boy!" he exploded a huge wad of semen into my swiftly-sucking mouth. Two more globs of spunk shot through his thick shaft, then he pulled away, before presenting his helmet to me for a final cleaning. Then he released me, and sank back in one of the chamber's easy chairs. "Fuck boy, that was good, you've got a great little asshole, tight and great for fuckin', but your mouth is a total fuckin' delight boy, you suck like a fuckin' angel."

I knelt by the chair and placed a hand on his still heaving and beautifully built chest. "Thanks, Sarge," I said, still tasting his salty semen on my tongue, "that was one of the biggest thrills of my life."

Just then, Jake entered the torture chamber, carrying a case of Coors, which he opened, handing one to Sarge, and stacking the rest in the fridge.

Noticing Sarge's detumescent cock, Jake smiled. "And whaddya think, Sarge. Was I right?" he asked, as Sarge sucked down the Coors in two savage gulps, then clicked his fingers, indicating he wanted another.

"As usual I take my fuckin' hat off to you, Jake," smiled the black pornstar. "This 'eres a little beauty. Great little anus, I love it - but his fuckin' mouth! Whatta beauty!"

"And his pain threshold?" said Jake, obviously delighted that his piece of casting had met with Sarge's approval.

"So far, so good," said Sarge, "but I'm gonna try him out on the floggin' frame in a little while. Get him set up in the frame, you can leave it in the corner by the mirror, so pretty boy here can watch me workin' on him, Jake."

The moviemaker motioned that I should stand by the metal flogging frame and he first strapped my wrists in its top corners, then my ankles at its base. Jake then adjusted the runners in the frame's posts, stretching my body until it was taut spreadeagled, ready for whatever Sarge decided to do.

The big black man stood behind me, and looking in the mirror ahead of me I could see that he had a rubber cat o' nine tails in his right hand.

"Now, pretty boy," he told me, "this 'eres gonna sting a little, but it won't be nothing to a slave like you, you'll have felt far worse. I'm gonna give you a barrage across your pretty little back. After about 20 I wanna hear you start begging for mercy - got me?"

I nodded, and watched with fascination as Sarge swung his strong arm in a sweeping motion and the flogger cracked home against my shoulders blades with a sweet-sounding "Tiiiish".

The flogging continued, warming my back and stinging, but not really hurting, until after about 19 or 20 strokes I started to blubber: "No more, for pity's sake Sarge, no more, I'll do anything, please stop, for fuck's sake stop!"

Jake, from his position on the couch, where he was sitting naked, stroking his stiffy and sucking on a Dos Equis, clapped his hands: "Excellent, fuckin' superb. Give that boy an Oscar!"

Sarge then came to my side and stroked my still erect cock. "Now the same routine with your buns, pretty boy," he said, "only this time really put some effort into that beggin'!"

The flogger's tails wrapped around my buns, stinging but bearable. Sarge worked efficiently, and by stroke 15 I started moaning, then increasing the pitch until I was groaning loudly.

After stroke 20, I let out a high-pitched wail and started to thrust myself against my bonds. "Aaaargh, I can't stand it, I'm on fire Sarge, pretty please stop, please, I'll do anything, only stop, I can't take any more, araaargh, ooowff!"

Sarge dropped the flogger and walked in front of me. "Very good, much more impressive, I think you'll do, I think you'll do just fine," he smiled, before kissing me, flicking his tongue into my mouth and cupping my balls with one hand, while stroking my erection with the other.

Then he moved the flogging frame on its castor wheels out into the center of the room. "Now for your front, boy," Sarge informed me. "Same drill, take about 20 then start beggin' me for mercy," he ordered.

Picking up the flogger he started on my upper chest, then moved expertly down until the cat was tangling its lashes around my cock and balls, the stinging now far more painful. I bucked and heaved in my metal cage, then started my pleading again.

"Oh no, not my poor cock, god have mercy, please Sarge, no, it's terrible, it's too much, stop for pity's sake!" I panted and cried, until my whipmaster halted my punishment.

Sarge dropped the whip and smiled at Jake: "Whaddya reckon Jake - is he a fuckin' natural or what?"

Jake stood and helped Sarge free me from the frame.

"So I've not lost my touch, eh Sarge?" he asked, as I stepped back onto the floor again.

"You sure know how to pick 'em, Jake," laughed Sarge, then he turned to me.

"OK, pretty boy, you must be feelin' darn frustrated after all that. What say I give you a nice little orgasm, then we can all lie out on the deck and suck on some nice cold beers?"

"Thank-you, Sarge," I said, rubbing my somewhat tender cock and balls, "that would be lovely."

And with that the big man took me to a corner of the chamber and made me lie on the floor. "Now climb up the wall," he instructed and I ran my feet up the walls until I was supported by my shoulders and my feet were high above me, my left buttock cheek resting against one wall, my right against the other.

Sarge stood over me, his hands pressing my feet against the wall to steady me and he bent to take my cock in his mouth. He sucked sweetly on me for a minute or two until I was sporting a raging hard-on, then stood back.

"Now you enjoy a nice cum, pretty boy," he said, stroking my stiffness, "and just see if you can catch it all in your mouth! You like the taste of your own cum, dontcha pretty boy?"

I had to confess that I did and Sarge laughed. "See Jake, we've got ourselves a real pervert here!" as he continued to pump my penis.

Soon his attentions had the desired effect and I panted "Almost there, Sarge, almost there" and he increased his stroke rate until a glob of semen splattered from my foreskin and sploshed down into my wide open mouth, then another, then a third, this one spilling slightly against my cheek.

Sarge knelt by me and fingered my semen, pushing the last little globs into my mouth. I swallowed the last little bits, then Sarge let me down.

"Looks like you missed some there, eh pretty boy?" he asked.

"Sorry, Sarge, I was a bit clumsy," I apologised.

He laughed, then helped me up. "Don't worry, kid," Sarge smiled, "it's gonna cost you, though."

"Cost me?" I asked.

"Sure," said Sarge. "Like, for example, when I'm ready for a piss, with all this Coors I'm gonna be drinkin', I'll have to use you as a fuckin' toilet. And you'd sure as hell better not spill any of my piss the way you spilled your spunk."

"Now fetch me another Coors, pretty boy, so's I can work on my first piss for you."

I almost sprinted to the fridge and fetched him his Coors.

Jake laughed: "See Sarge, he's eating out of your hand. Like you said, I sure can I pick 'em."

To be continued...

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