tagLoving WivesAdventures in Housesitting Ch. 01

Adventures in Housesitting Ch. 01


"Well, I certainly hope you two enjoy your trip," Jeremy said to Mike as Meg went to grab her last piece of luggage. A fairly stout lad with dark brown hair & an easy smile, he still looked small compared to the bear of a man that was Mike.

Jet-black hair, chiseled jawline, fierce green eyes, broad shoulders, a body like an oak tree with limbs to match... and he was a big ol' teddy bear inside. Meg always said his looks were enough to keep her safe, yet he was the most kind-hearted man she could ever ask for.

The two men had met during a charity fundraiser basketball tournament, and quickly became fast friends despite their fifteen-year age difference.

"Oh, we definitely will," Mike replied as he glanced around the living room to make sure he hadn't forgot anything. "And thanks again for agreeing to house-sit. It's not easy finding somebody we're both comfortable with to have free reign of the place."

"Hey, it gets me out of the dorms over the weekend. With my roommates, I'm still getting the far better deal here," Jeremy replied with a chuckle.

"Oh, I don't know about that," Mike replied, licking his lips as his eyes slowly traveled up and down his wife of twelve years before settling on her backside as she carried the last bag out the front door and to the vehicle. "I think I'm going to enjoy this a lot more than you," he said, looking back over at Jeremy & nodding his head suggestively as a mischievous grin split his face.

Despite his best efforts, Jeremy hadn't been able to keep his eyes from following her awe (and lust)-inspiring body, either. Meg was a tall, natural redhead who, although not what he would consider "slender", had a well-proportioned build with generous curves in all the right places.

He shook his head quickly several times, blushing at his own thoughts about another man's... voluptuous... wife -- much to Mike's amusement as he chuckled heartily.

Today, with the brisk fall air, Meg wore a loose-fitting, wine-red top of fairly thick material and a neckline that ended about at her collarbones. Over that was a flowing, black, vest-type garment and her lower body was covered by an ankle-length black skirt with just enough slit to allow her to walk and move comfortably. The material over her backside was just thick enough to prevent any visible lines which would reveal what she was wearing for undergarments -- whether that meant regular panties, a thong, or nothing at all was completely up to speculation.

Despite her typical modest attire, though, there was little that even garments like that could do to hide her impressive figure.

"Ok, ok, I'll give you that," he replied. "You're probably going to enjoy the weekend a lot more than I will."

Mike nodded, a theatrically wide grin on his face and his arms across his chest. Meg stopped in the doorway after noticing her husband's smile and Jeremy's red face; one hand on her hip and the other making a slow twirling gesture in the direction of the two men.

"What are you two talking about?" she asked slowly, a quizzical look on her face. "Or do I not want to know?"

"Oh," Mike said, giving Jeremy's shoulder a couple of friendly slaps, "we're just discussing how I'm going to get to do lots of... things... with you this weekend -- you now, things that don't involve any clothes and usually end in you doing lots of moaning."

Meg scoffed, rolling her eyes and lowering her head to her hand; rubbing her fingers up and down her forehead several times. "You two horn dogs!" she said, before scoffing once more. "I swear, men!" she teased, shaking her hand in mock frustration.

"Anyway," Mike said, "as we said earlier, the place is yours. Everything is at your disposal -- the fridge is stocked, and feel free to help yourself to a couple beers if you want. Don't feel like anything is off-limits."

"Yes," Meg continued, pointing towards the hallway. "Half of the den is movies; the other half is books; there's also the hot tub... just make yourself at home. Don't feel like you're snooping or prying or anything, I don't think we have too many things to hide around here," she said, putting a finger to her lips and pretending to look around and consider everything.

Mike looked up, his face scrunched as if deep in thought as he counted off on his fingers. "Yeah, I finally cleaned out all the dead bodies... the homemade porn stash is all on that computer," he said, pointing his thumb towards the vehicle. "Um, what else... we turned the dungeon in to a wine cellar... moved the meth lab to her brother's house - wait, no. We turned the sweatshop with the Japanese kids in to the wine cellar and we store our Christmas decorations in the dungeon now."

"Stop it!" Meg said, half exasperated at her husband's joking as she gave him a playful shove, laughing.

"Anyway," she continued when the group's laughter subsided, "the place is yours. Feel free to bring over a girl friend if you'd like." She leaned in conspiratorially, placing a hand next to her mouth, "He shouldn't be the only one having some fun this weekend," she said, theatrically pointing her thumb at Mike and wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

"Just, uh, wash the sheets when you're done," she said, shrugging, as she stood back up.

Mike chuckled. "Yep, our bed has a canopy with a mirror in the top; makes for some pretty hot views sometimes. Especially since somebody," he said, looking over at Meg with a lecherous grin, "gets turned on knowing she's being watched."

Now it was Meg's turn to turn beet-red as she elbowed her husband in the ribs and ran her fingers through her hair; her lips pursed inward in embarrassment as her eyes looked everywhere around the room except for at Jeremy.

"Well," Jeremy said, trying to change the subject for Meg's sake, "I don't know that any of that is going to happen while you're gone. I promise, though, that I will take good care of the place and when you get back, you won't even know I was here."

"All right," said Meg, her normal color finally returning as she took hold of Mike's elbow and led him towards the door, "since somebody obviously has a certain topic on his mind, we'd better get going before he spills all my dirty little secrets."

"Have a good trip you two," Jeremy said with a quick wave as he closed the door behind them... but not before overhearing Meg say, "Maybe I'll let you start that 'me moaning' stuff once we get on the road..." as they walked down the driveway.

Jeremy shook his head as the door shut with a 'click'. "I'm so jealous of that man, it's not even funny." He shook his head once more, his mind racing with visions of the naked, willing, moaning Meg... along with a rapidly-rising tent in his pants.

'They must be REALLY excited for this trip... I don't know that I've ever heard them talk THAT suggestively before... at least not when they thought I could hear them,' he reflected. 'Good for them, though. Hope I'm lucky enough to have a woman like that someday.'


Later that evening, after preparing & enjoying a hearty dinner, Jeremy settled in to the recliner with his laptop in front of him and a movie playing on the TV. Taking a swig from a post-dinner brew, he placed it on the end table next to the chair and picked up the remote to turn up the volume a little as the movie began playing.

Clothed only in a t-shirt and boxer shorts, his attention alternating between the TV and the emails that needed checked, he finally let out a sigh and looked around. 'It's too quiet in here,' he thought. 'The place is just... empty. As much as I loathe the dorms, it's been a LONG time since I've had a Friday night to myself.'

Turning his attention back to the show, he watched for a few more minutes then picked up the remote and lowered the volume to a "background noise" level and thought.

"Mitch & Jose are out of town," he said to the empty room. "Ron, Anthony, and Gunter are undoubtedly at the bars - but there's no way I'd invite them over here..."

He pondered some more, his fingers rhythmically tapping on his chin as his eyes darted to the hallway leading to the master bedroom. 'Jennie would be up for a 'couch date', and I have a feeling she'd like the idea of it leading to a romp in a stranger's fancy bed... but -- of course -- she's on her way to her grandparents' place this weekend.'

After running through a few more less-likely options in his mind, he sighed and went back to his computer screen. "Let's see what some random people are up to tonight," he said, signing in to a chat room he frequented from time to time.

"Looks like a few regulars... a half-dozen bots... aaand I have no idea who the rest of these people are."

There was a banter of conversation going on, so he joined in. That occupied his attention for a while until his computer chimed as a private message popped up.

teasingcpl42: hi cutie! how are you tonite?

'If THAT'S not a bot pickup line...' he thought, clicking to bring up the profile.

"Hmm..." he said, looking it over. "Married couple... mid 30's... says they're 'athletic'... No photo, though. Still, this might actually be a real person. Let's find out, shall we..."

streetbball3400: good. how about u?

teasingcpl42: good. little bored. sitting in a hotel

streetbball3400: yeah, that can get boring

teasingcpl42: mind if we see your cam? i like your profile pic :)

Jeremy raised an eyebrow.

streetbball3400: who is we?

teasingcpl42: hubby and i. i'd like to see it, he doesn't care lol

"I suppose..." he sighed, starting up his webcam. "This better not be some fat guy that likes other men..."

Once it came up, he looked in to the lens and gave a smile, plus a 'What do you think?' gesture.

teasingcpl42: mmm... cute as hell. much better than your picture :)

streetbball3400: thanks. any chance u have one?

teasingcpl42: maybe in a bit. im a little under dressed lol

He snorted. "That means 'no'... hmm..." He gently tapped his fingers to the surface of the keys, thinking. 'Do I play this safe and MAYBE get to see something later tonight... MAYBE... or take a chance and perhaps steer it in that direction? Push my luck a little?'

Jeremy mulled it over a second longer, then swallowed and began typing.

streetbball3400: would ur husband be mad if i ask what u ARE wearing?

He cringed a little as he hit the 'send' button, then sat holding his breath (not realizing it) with his heart thudding as he waited for the outrage he half expected to follow.

One looong second passed. Then another, followed by yet another. He began to fear the worst when up popped:

teasingcpl42: just my underwear

teasingcpl42: he says to tell u a tiny black lace thong... he got to pick my outfit for the nite lol

Relieved, Jeremy chuckled as a stirring began between his legs. 'This might just get interesting after all...'

streetbball4200: lucky guy!

teasingcpl42: maybe he will be later :) so what are u up to tonite? anything exciting?

streetbball3400: no, little boring. house sitting for some friends

teasingcpl42: oooh... that can be fun :)

streetbball3400: how so?

teasingcpl42: have you looked for anything... interesting?

streetbball3400: no im NOT going to rummage through their stuff

teasingcpl42: lol its not rummaging... its peeking for fun. u expect that when somebody watches ur house

streetbball3400: they said not to feel like I was snooping, but i seriously doubt they meant for me to rummage through their stuff lol

teasingcpl42: come on... peek in her underwear drawer, do u know what she wears? probably won't even have to move anything around.

Jeremy shifted in the chair to adjust his rapidly rising member as he thought about Meg. It was a little uncomfortable talking about the two of them like this with complete strangers... but it was kind of hot. The idea of checking out Meg's most intimate garments was also very enticing...

streetbball42: she thinks her husband's hot, and she's VERY hot. based on her personality and the vibe i pick up between the 2 of them I'd say she wears thongs or sometimes nothing

teasingcpl42: mmm...nice. u should go find out :)

Jeremy stuck his tongue in his cheek, seriously considering it as his cock throbbed in his shorts... and then they really sweetened the deal.

teasingcpl42: tell u what. show us a pair of hers and we'll show u the one i'm wearing right now

With that, Jeremy's resolve was gone. Setting the laptop aside, he made his way to the bedroom with his heart pounding and his mouth dry.

Opening the top dresser drawer, he felt a brief pang of guilt at what he was doing.... As well as raw, erotic excitement. His heart thudding loud in his chest and his cock pulsing & twitching, his eyes passed over the jumble of socks taking up about 1/3rd of the drawer and settled briefly upon the narrow band of "normal" underwear. There sat multiple pairs of loosely-folded panties in two columns, four rows deep. He couldn't see what all were in the stacks, but enough to know that some were plain cotton in a variety of colors, some looked to have a much higher cut on the legs, and some were far fancier with lace trim and silky material.

Without even realizing it, he lifted a black, silken pair with red lace edges. Feeling the cool, soft material in his hand as they unfolded, he noticed they were nearly see-through.

'This is Meg's underwear...' his mind dumbly registered. 'This has covered that hot, sexy ass of hers...'

Barely aware, he tossed it back in to the drawer as his eyes locked on to the REAL prize: the jumbled pile of thongs taking up the remainder of the drawer. Reds, blacks, blues, pinks, purples, tiger prints, leopard spots, ribbon, lace, sheer & silky material... all of it assaulted his sight, nearly overwhelming his senses. He almost thought he could smell the scent of her arousal... but it was probably just his imagination.

His eyes wide at the vision of each individual garment on Meg's most private area, he absently picked up a red, sheer one with black lace trim. His fingers and thumb slowly caressed the soft material as somewhere deep, deep in the rational part of his brain registered, 'THIS sat against her pussy while that little string ran up the crack of her ass between those glorious cheeks...'

Jeremy's chuckled, shaking his head slowly. "Never have I been so jealous of a tiny piece of cloth."

His senses slowly returning, he reached out a hand to shut the drawer when his eyes fell upon something else. Gently shifting another pair aside, he saw an object he knew would likely feel rubbery under his touch; generous in both length and girth. It was a translucent pink color, and very anatomically correct; not unlike the rock-hard shaft he was currently packing around.

'That's been INSIDE her,' he realized, and his first impulse was to pick it up & sniff to see if it still smelled of her.

"THAT would be going a little too far," he said to himself, pulling his hand back. "She is married, after all, and to a man that could rip me in half without even trying."

With a sigh -- and a throbbing, uncomfortable hard-on -- he left the drawer open and made his way back to the living room. Setting back in to the chair and repositioning his computer to avoid the large tent he was sporting, he held up the pilfered garment; turning it several times from front to back.

teasingcpl42: oh my! u NAUGHTY boy!

A second later, a window popped up with an invitation to view their camera. 'PLEASE don't be morbidly obese or a dude in women's clothes!' he thought, clicking to begin.

Much to his relief -- and utter astonishment -- what appeared on the screen was definitely not masculine.

He could see the very tops of a pair of creamy-white legs, joined at the site of the aforementioned black lace undergarment, below a smooth, visually pleasant belly. She was dimly lit, likely by only the light of the computer screen.

The owner of the legs had her left hand between them and under the cloth, her finger obviously moving in a self-pleasing manner. Her right arm extended off the screen, making short up-and-down movements. 'Undoubtedly wrapped around her husband's cock... lucky guy. Wish I could see her tits, though, but still pretty hot.'

streetbball3400: I think you have the hotter undies

Her right hand reappeared from off-screen to type, although a little awkwardly.

teasingclp42: that's SO hot... did u look thru all of them? find any toys?

streetbball3400: no. there were a lot. and yes, there was a toy

teasingcpl42: mmm... just one?

teasingcpl42: what was it like? we'd love to see it too

streetbball3400: that's all i saw, didn't dig too far. no, i'm not bringing out her sex toy. bottom line

Her hips were very obviously rocking against her hand now, and it took her a moment to respond. Jeremy watched her place her right arm back behind her; lean back slightly, and furiously work her fingers under the cloth. The video feed was its normal choppy pace, but he was pretty sure he saw her body stiffen and jerk several times from an orgasm.

'Damn...' he thought as her hand eventually returned and slowly typed out the next message.

teasingcpl42: fair enough. no sign of a harness or anything?

He furrowed his brow in thought. 'A strapon? No, Meg's not even remotely bi as far as I know.'

streetbball3400: no, just the usual rubber vibrator and the underwear

teasingcpl42: hmm. so... have you ever played with the two of them?

teasingcpl42: like in bed? or other places? :)

streetbball3400: no, far as i know they don't swing or anything

There was a pause, and Jeremy's cock twitched rapidly several times. 'If they offered, though...' he thought. 'I don't know that I'd be able to turn down a chance to fuck Meg.' Once again, visions flashed through his mind of Meg bent over, moaning, as he rammed in to her from behind; her lips against the base of his shaft as those deep, brown eyes looked up at him with lust; her luscious tits in his hands and in his mouth...

Almost absently, his hand traveled to his groin and he rubbed his flattened fingers slowly along the length of himself, his cock twitching again as he watched a man's hand slide in to view and take over for hers as she typed.

teasingcpl42: would u?

popped up on the screen after she typed with the glistening fingers that had, up until this point, been between her legs. Jeremy was pretty sure she was rocking her snatch against her partner's hand as his fingers thrust in to her from under the fabric of her underwear... and his answer was immediate.

streetbball3400: uncomfortable as i am admitting i fantasize about a married woman, yes. hell yes!

At this he saw her hand, barely in view on top of her keyboard, clench in to a fist as she leaned forward a little & her body shuddered. 'That's another one... still no view of her tits, though. Wish I could hear her moan! Bet that's hot as hell... Have to say though, whoever this is they've got quite a voyeuristic streak to be getting so turned on by all this.'

teasingcpl42: sorry, he was at a... good... point and that was just really hot to hear :)

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