tagBDSMAdventures in Nemesisland Ch. 10

Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 10


"You've been talking to the girl have you Slave Nano? And what have you told her?"

"Mistress, I started to tell her the story of how she got here."

The black cat cowered before the commanding figure before him, his head hanging forlornly. He knew instantly from her stance and the tone of her voice he had displeased her, that his decision to start recounting his tale to Kim was a mistake and that he would have to pay for it. A purple clad figure balanced on high heels towered over him, her eyes flashing with anger. Her purple streaked hair bobbed before him as she set about reprimanding him. Her voice echoed around the corridor with a latent menace the black cat recognised and which he knew bode ill for him.

"So, she understands the part you have played in her past. Having seen the girl, now fallen from the grace of my presence and tutelage and put away in a massage parlour to be debauched by worthless males who only care for their own sexual needs, I hope you are suitably contrite about your failings that have contributed to her fate."

"Yes Mistress Nemesis, I felt sorry for her. She seemed so confused and sad and when she started asking questions it was obvious I knew something about her past so it was difficult not to tell her something."

"So, you took it upon yourself to tell the tale of how she came here without consulting your mistress?"

"Yes Mistress Nemesis, I'm very sorry."

"Did you not think that I would want to choose when to let the girl have that information?"

"Of course Mistress I can see that. I thought I was helping. I can see I've made a grave mistake. I'm really sorry."

"It's me, and only me, who decides what is for the best in Nemesisland. After all this time in my servitude haven't you understood that yet? The problem is you are thinking for yourself slave. You have surrendered control to me; you don't need to do that any more. It's dangerous for you Slave Nano because there are so many snares you can get trapped in. And there's another thing Nano. I think you like the sound of your own voice too much. You wanted to tell the girl your tale; I believe you think it gives you some importance in my world. It wouldn't surprise me if you felt sexually excited by the girl Nano and you know how perilous that is for you. Well, let me tell you slave, I'll soon disabuse you of any illusions you might have about your place in Nemesisland."

"Honestly Mistress, I don't think that's it. I just felt sorry for her. I wasn't thinking. I realise now I shouldn't have said anything without your permission Mistress."

"Yes, and I'll make sure you learn your lesson. You are lucky on one count, slave, I'm not concerned that the girl Kim has started to learn something about herself. She still has a long way to go before she will truly submit to me and understanding something of her strange past might help her on that path. The time is ripe for her to learn these things. I will create a situation where you are together again and, now, I give you permission to complete the tale when there is an opportune moment. But, that has no bearing on the punishment you will face for acting without my authority. I don't lock you away just for you to sit there chatting to my other servants in Nemesisland, do I?

"No you don't Mistress Nemesis, I'm very sorry."

"I've had enough of you now Nano. Vicky Duchess, take him away and lock him up in the cage. I've already thought of a fitting way to deal with him. I'll stay here and wait for the girl to come out of the clinic."

The Duchess attached a lead to the collar and led the black cat away as his mistress had commanded. Mistress Nemesis perched herself on top of toadstool shaped stool of bright yellow with red spots that Vicky Duchess had set down for her. She waited in silent contemplation for the arrival of Kim.

I want this girl for my slave girl, she reflected. Seeing her again makes me realise why I chose her to have a place in my world in the first place and, despite being so used in the brothel, she still has something special about her. She's got many of the qualities I desire to see in a slave girl and she can be trained in the rest. It's not just that she is lovely, her golden hair, voluptuous curves and ample breasts make her a fitting complement to my obsidian blackness. I can see it, she imagined, slaves will be captivated by her, she can be used to lure them into her world with the promise of erotic delights, she can tantalise them, until they see that she is unattainable and the only path is submission to me. But, it's not just her alluring and sensual looks, she has more than that. She is willing and ripe to be moulded to my needs. She is playful and imaginative and will go further for me than merely obeying orders parrot fashion; her behaviour in the pit and at the tea party has demonstrated that. She wasn't just following a command, she entered into the role, she became the other person that I created for her and revelled in it. She became a character in Nemesisland.

And yet, Mistress Nemesis considered, she still has a lot to learn before she can truly submit. I have to take her further. She must be made to face her innermost darkest desires and admit to them and then follow the path that has been laid out for of her own free will. I desire her though. Oh yes, I want her in my world and I will have her. It will require all of my skill to take her with me though. I have to push her boundaries further and further without breaking her and losing her. She has to submit to me knowingly and willingly. She smiled to herself. Oh yes, it's a challenge, but I know I will win her over in the end and I will enjoy every moment of the journey. I will push her, I will take her with me, until she realises who she really is and all resistance collapses until she offers herself to me and she is mine; my slave girl.

Mistress Nemesis was lost in her reverie when she heard movement from the corridor. Kim had emerged from Nurse Sally's clinic. Kim was buzzing. The heady experience of carrying out the medical treatments, the feeling of control over the patient and his helpless submission at her hands had made her light headed. And it was most strange, she had also got a sense of satisfaction from being told she had performed well. She had stripped off and left her nurse's uniform on a chair outside the door of the clinic as she had been told and was now anxious to get back to the cage with the black cat to hear the rest of his tale.

As she hurried down the brightly lit corridor towards the gloomy passage where the under-stair cage was she had a slight twinge of disappointment to see the cage was empty, its door left swinging open and its entrance guarded by another figure. Kim had now ceased to be surprised at how this mysterious figure who controlled this world could appear in different guises as before her was Nurse Sally, who she had left behind in the clinic and could not possibly have passed her in the corridor, let alone have got changed so quickly, dressed in a very different costume.

The dim light of the passage way was still strong enough to reflect off the shiny purple pvc cat-suit she was wearing. The penetrating blue eyes, framed by the black purple streaked hair, fixed onto her. At her gaze Kim's heart jumped a beat and this disturbing need, this yearning desire to give herself up to her that she had experienced when she first met the Red Queen, washed over her in luxuriant waves of submissive feeling. Bizarrely, the purple figure was sat on a chair that was shaped and coloured like a toadstool. Suddenly Kim realised seeing the figure clad entirely in skin tight purple and she couldn't help but blurt out.

"A purple caterpillar!"

Without ever surrendering her haughty presence of power and control the purple figure allowed herself the slightest of smiles at Kim's exclamation of recognition.

"Yes girl, that's right, the purple caterpillar."

"I've just come from Nurse Sally's clinic and look I've got a certificate," Kim said holding out the scroll.

"Yes that's very good Kim," the purple caterpillar's smile broadening as Kim's infectious enthusiasm, even naivety, touched her.

"Where's the black cat?" asked Kim.

"Oh, he has displeased me and will be dealt with later, in my own time. But, come and sit down here at my feet, girl."

Kim felt fearful for the black cat. It was clear his mistress was angry with him over something and she could only think it was for telling her the tale. Kim so wanted to hear how it finished and feared that now the cat had been put away she would never find out what happened to her. But Kim did as she was told and sat down on the cold floor at the purple caterpillar's stiletto heeled feet. The caterpillar adjusted her choker, a piece of purple silk with a black jewel set in it, looked down kindly at her and gently started to touch Kim's hair with her elbow-length purple gloves. Kim got a warm tingly feeling from this attention like a cat curled up in its owners lap. The purple caterpillar bent down and whispered slowly and firmly in her ear.

"So, tell me girl, who.....are....you?"

Kim was taken aback at the directness of the question. She recalled the scene in Alice in Wonderland, the caterpillar sat on the mushroom smoking on a hookah pipe interrogating a bewildered Alice who had just been turned into so many different sizes. She empathised with the Alice character.

"I don't know," said Kim quietly, "or at least I thought I knew this morning but then so many things have happened to me since then that I don't really know any more. I got up this morning for another day's work at the parlour. I don't mind it and I'm good at it, at least believe I am, and the money's alright but I don't believe it's me. I socialise a bit, sometimes with the other girls, but most of the time when I get home I'm just knackered and watch the telly. Sometimes I don't feel like it's me. Sometimes it's like I'm out of my body watching somebody else do all that. And then I got whisked away here and I don't know who I am or where I am. I don't even know if this is real or if it's a dream. And people keep hinting things about my past and the black cat has told me the strangest story and I don't know whether to believe it or not. And yet, somehow, in some strange kind of way I feel right here, that it's the other world that's false."

The purple caterpillar's eyes flashed and her dark eyebrows raised quizzically.

"You feel you belong here, don't you?"

"Yes," replied Kim, "yes, oddly enough I do."

"And how have you found Nemesisland?"

"What can I say? Strange, bizarre! Sometimes I feel put upon as though I'm being treated cruelly, other times I've had great fun. Really, I don't know what to make of it. But, it's kind of you to ask."

The purple caterpillar was still stroking Kim, gently touching her hair, her cheeks, her shoulders, occasionally moving down to brush her tits. The feel of the shiny material on her bare flesh was sensuous and all the sensations of the physical attention she was being given lured Kim into a warm glow and yes, she really did feel that she belonged. But, at those last few words she detected a change in mood. The purple caterpillar spoke, her voice now firmer and more authoritative. She had assumed the tone Kim remembered from the Red Queen.

"But you see Kim, here's the thing, I'm not asking you to be kind. Don't you see, sometimes you need to be treated cruelly to understand, that is part of my world. It will not always be fun for you here Kim. You still have a lot to learn before you truly belong. But, if that's what you feel, if that's where you want to be, then Kim that's up to you to let me take you there."

Kim looked into her eyes mesmerised by her haunting tones and listened to her tantalisingly portentous words.

"I do not keep anybody here against their will; I have already told you that girl. Whatever happens, wherever you are taken in my domain, however hard you are pushed, you must desire it for yourself Kim. As you proceed on your journey through Nemesisland it will not be easy, it will get harder and darker for you Kim when you enter the chambers upstairs beyond the iron gate. Do you want to go there Kim? Do you really want that?"

Kim's heart was throbbing with a mixture of fear, anticipation and desire. She needed to hear the rest of the story and the only way to do that was if she stayed in Nemesisland. But, it was more than that. Despite the thinly veiled threats of the dark challenges that await her, despite, or perhaps because of, the fear of the unknown, in some inexplicable way she trusted the dominant figure before her -- the purple caterpillar, the Red Queen, the Headmistress, Nurse Sally....Mistress Nemesis and whatever name she called herself and whatever persona she adopted. The pause and the silence was electrifying as the two figures, one curled submissively on the floor and the other, a fetish fantasy vision in purple, towering over her, played out a tense psychological drama. Kim knew she faced a moment of choice. There was only one answer she could give. Her voice was breathless but emphatic.

"Yes. Yes, I want to follow you. Take me into the rest of your realm."

The purple caterpillar smiled contentedly and nodded. She realised it was a tense moment and, though she never doubted her ability to get inside Kim'S head and control her, she still felt a surge of relief when she heard Kim make the decision she wanted to hear. She is mine and I want her back, she thought. I want her in my world. I want her as my slave girl. I will have her and she will submit to me completely and willingly.

"Get onto your knees before me girl," ordered the purple caterpillar.

Her voice was imperious and commanding now. The spell had been broken, a fateful decision made and consummated with this one order and Kim's submissive compliance with it as she got down onto her knees.

For her part, strangely, Kim felt a great weight had been lifted from her. She had initially felt indignant at having been taken away from her world and locked away but then she had been intrigued by the Red Queen's offer to become part of Nemesisland. She had at times enjoyed it but on other occasions had felt treated cruelly. She was powerless to resist the seductive control of the powerful female figure before her. She believed she understood what was expected of her. She realised that part of the deal she had made with the simple words "Yes, I want to follow you" involved submitting herself into her hands.

The purple caterpillar stood up from her toadstool seat and looked down on her submissive girl. Kim looked up at her adoringly haunted by the mysterious control she had over her. Kim had been captivated by her voice and by her dominant presence but looking up at her now as she knelt before her she could she what a commanding physical presence she was. She was taller than Kim and dark and mysterious whilst Kim was softer and more rounded. From her position on her knees Kim could see how the figure hugging shiny pvc clung to the elegant curve of her hips. She had a stunning statuesque figure that you just wanted to worship. Oh my god, thought Kim, if I feel that kind of attraction what must her male servants feel when they serve her.

"Kiss my shoes girl."

Kim bent down and touched the black leather of her shoes with her lips. She needed no other commands. Her head was in a whirl but she knew exactly what she had to do and, inexplicably, it felt wonderful. She gently kissed the leather of the shoes and then moved onto the straps that buckled around the purple caterpillar's elegant ankles. She licked the leather and the buckles luxuriating in the glorious submissive feeling that welled up inside her.

"That's good girl, now my cat-suit."

The hem of the leg of the purple pvc was just above the ankle strap of the shoes. She kissed it and licked it slowly and sensuously, wanting to make the moment and the tingling feeling inside her crotch last forever. She could feel the line of her slim but muscular legs. The caterpillar's legs were long but Kim didn't care, she wanted to touch every inch of shiny material with her lips. She worked her way up the purple caterpillar's firm thighs holding onto the smooth purple pvc with her hands to support herself. As she got to the top she was conscious of her crotch at Kim's eye level and yearned to touch the purple caterpillar's sex underneath the pvc. But, she had other ideas as she turned around and gently stuck her back-side out into Kim's face inviting her to kiss her pvc clad arse. Kim eagerly accepted the offer, kissing and licking the rounded shiny offering that had been presented to her enthusiastically.

Once every inch of material had been touched by Kim's lips the voluptuous rear of the purple caterpillar turned away and Kim was once again on her knees, facing her, looking up into the hauntingly beautiful features and dazzling blue eyes. The caterpillar was now nestling a flogger in her hands. It was black with a horse's head at one end and had a spade shaped patch of leather at the other. The horse's head was offered to Kim and she kissed it. The commands were wordless because no words were needed. The end with the leather flogger was presented to Kim and she kissed that too. Kim knew what was going to happen next but she would not dare have called for the purple caterpillar to stop, had no desire for her to stop. Kim just wanted to offer herself. The black leather flogger was run gently across Kim's cheek, over her shoulders and across her tits that were now throbbing with desire and need. The smell and the touch of the leather and the sense of anticipation were overpowering. Do it, thought Kim. Please, strike me. Please let me feel it. She wanted it, she needed, it more than anything else she had desired in her life.

Finally, after an agonising wait, the flogger whipped down onto her breasts. Kim gasped and moaned. It was painful, of course it was painful, but it was like no other pain she had experienced before. It was mingled with a surge of erotic pleasure that crashed through her brain right down to her cunt. Each stroke was like a tsunami of sensation and emotion. Kim had always been curious about what went on in the head of her clients who had asked to be dominated, what need it fulfilled in them and now, in this bizarre place, at the hands of this powerful dominatrix, she understood.

The purple caterpillar took up a position behind Kim and with a firm hand on the nape of her neck pushed her down so that she was on all fours. She knelt over Kim, strands of her fragrant black hair caressing her back. Kim breathed in her scent, sweet and exotic. She nestled her back side onto the small of Kim's back as if she was being ridden like a horse and she felt the chilly stiffness of the pvc on her skin.

"Do you want it Kim?" she whispered in her ear.

"Yes," Kim gasped.

"Do you really want it?"

"Yes, please, yes," Kim pleaded.

The flogger snapped smartly on her arse. She felt the soft rosy flesh redden and glow with every touch as they alternated between gentle taps and sweeping hard strokes. She walked the tightrope between pleasure and pain, one moment teetering over the edge towards one and the next being pulled back to the other. It was exotic and exciting and all Kim could do was surrender to it. She gasped and moaned but made no pleas for the strokes to stop. Eventually, the purple figure leant over her so that her face was pressed against Kim's and she could feel the soft touch of her hair against her face. She said nothing. Kim needed no words of encouragement or praise; she understood. The purple figure turned her head and planted one gentle kiss with her red painted lips onto Kim's cheek. Kim expelled a short gasp at the tenderness and kindness of that moment following, as it did, the savage beating that her sore arse had just endured. The figure lifted itself off of Kim's body hot and sweating from the strain of supporting its weight and the pain of the punishment that had been inflicted. Kim was brought to her feet again.

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