tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 01

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 01


It was this past summer when I took an old friend up on an offer to come out to L.A. and work for his photography business. My prospects were pretty dim for the summer when I accepted. So I packed up my old Honda Accord and made the drive west (always helps to have friends willing to pay for your gas money). When I finally saw the skyline of Los Angeles and the "Hollywood" sign, I knew I was in another world. My friend Chris had a burgeoning business doing promotional photography work and my experience with computers really helped him. We'd known each other for years and he gave me the nickname of "Hollywood Jim", mainly because of my love of films and show biz in general. After just a few days there I knew this was where I wanted to be. The idea that I was actually part of the place I'd only read about before, If only on the peripheral edge of it, was incredible.

One day Chris told me about a super secret assignment he'd accepted doing some new promotional photos. He couldn't tell me of whom, just that it was a secret and if it got out the world would be encamped on his property. I was intrigued but with a town like Hollywood this could be anyone.

When the day arrived I came to work as usual, but noticed several SUV's in our parking lot loaded with guys toting long lens cameras, jabbering into cellphones and looking at me with a mix of suspicion and envy. It was as if we'd suddenly opened a used car lot. I was forced to park behind the studio by the garbage dumpster, how un-Hollywood.

"Hey Chris, what's with the extra trucks out front?"

"Did you tell anyone about today?" he sternly asked

"Of course not! What's going on?" I asked again

"OK, I guess I can tell you now. The shots are for Paris Hilton, she's got a new perfume line coming out and needs photos taken, so she hired me for the shots. I kept it a secret because of what's outside. I've seen how those guys operate and it's not pretty."

"Paris? Really, wow!" I said

"Yeah, yeah you get to do some star gazing today. Just don't drool on the merchandise" Chris said with a touch of world-weary cynicism as he checked his watch.

"Well, what time does the princess arrive?" I said with the same tone

"Right about...now," he said as his cellphone rang "She said she'd call when she was pulling up so we could get her in fast."

Chris grabbed me and we dashed to the door amidst a chattering of cameras and flashbulbs and let Ms. Hilton in. She struck me as a little shorter than I imagined, a little bit thin, perhaps. But with every possible detail taken care of in the looks department. She was definitely rattled by the crush of paparazzi. Her assistants followed her in and brushed me aside and went off with Chris to do the preparations for the shoot. I think I heard her say "hi" to me with that typical Paris smile. But that was the extent of my encounter with the heiress.

Or so I thought!

Over the next 2 hours I could hear music booming on our sound system, scattered chatter from Chris and the assistants and the "pop-pop-pop" of the flashbulbs and strobe lights. I poked my head in a few times and could see Paris in several slinky outfits. Among them a hot pink mini-dress and a white silk nightgown that seemed to ooze romance. But my job was to watch the doors and make sure no prying eyes got in, other than my own. The shoot seemed to be going well from what I could hear.

When I finally heard Chris yell; "OK everybody that's a wrap!" I could tell he was excited. He dashed over to me and said

"Hollywood, we've hit the big time! Suit up pal, we're partying tonight!"

One of Paris' assistants then called him over and said;

"We've got a problem."

"What?" Chris said in fear

"Ms. Hilton's car cannot get out of your lot, the paparazzi are all over. Either you make proper arrangements or this shoot is history."

Chris was panic-stricken. Here he had the biggest photo shoot of his career about to blow up in his face. He turned to me and pleaded

"What do I do, man?"

I thought for a minute,

"Don't you have a basement entrance?"


"OK, my car is down there I'll take her out in the trunk. Is that OK?" I asked her assistant

"Is it at least clean?" she asked skeptically

Before I could answer Chris jumped in and said

"Are you kidding? He has a hazmat crew clean it every week, right Hollywood?" Chris said like a true con artist.

"Right." I said

The assistant agreed to our plan and went to get her client.

Paris reappeared wearing a grey hoodie, baseball cap, big sunglasses, a crew of minders, and me escorting her down to the basement. Once we got there, I pulled my car up to the door and popped the trunk.

"I'm going out in the trunk? Oh how cool!" she laughed

"I'm sure my trunk is honored too." I muttered

We then drove out of the back, past the paparazzi that had no idea the object of their lenses had just driven away, not in a Mercedes, but in a '97 Honda. As I glanced back in my mirror I could see an assistant taking care of Paris' car.

Our plan was to drive a few blocks away to a nearby pizza place, then I'd pop open the trunk, she'd get out and I'd drive her home. Once I'd extracted Ms. Hilton, we drove on. Paris giggled as she got out but said very little to me, she was chattering into her cellphone as we drove. I was embarrassed to ask her for directions.

"Oh, 1214 Bravo Drive, its a few blocks up." she said

I was trying to act cool about this entire escapade but I had a real celebrity I'd only seen in magazines sitting next to me, simply dressed, as un-glam as possible. I knew an opportunity like this was never going to repeat itself but I had no idea what to say at this moment. "Hollywood Jim" had suddenly become "Tongue-tied Jim".

"Um, you like the Yankees?" noticing her cap

"Oh, it was given to me. I really don't follow sports much, why? Are you a fan?"

"Uh, no I'm a Red Sox guy. But then again I just moved out here so I guess I'll have to become a Dodgers fan."

"Really? From where?"


"I went to school there, down in Greenwich."

When we reached her house, the gate slowly opened revealing a Spanish style house. At the top of the winding driveway there was a 3 car garage, one bay's door was open and a black Jaguar convertible peered out.

"Is that a Jag?" I asked

"Uh-huh, I just got it yesterday. I'm still trying to figure it out, you want to see it?"

"Sure, I, well, uh I really should get back to Chris'. He's a friend and I don't want to let him down. You know, make him think I'm all "Hollywood Jim" and all"

(Oh why did I just say that?)

"Hollywood Jim?" Paris asked with a smile

"Uh, long story, it's a nickname I got from Chris, it's a long story. I really should be going, it was a pleasure to meet you Ms. Hilton, I promise to always stay at your hotels." I said shaking her hand rather pitifully. But she responded by taking my hand and giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. I could smell a beautiful perfume that melted any nervousness I may have had in her presence.

"It was nice meeting you 'Hollywood Jim'." she said with a shy smile and a giggle as she trotted up to her front door.

As I drove back I tried not to replay what just happened and what I should've said to her. All the paparazzi were gone when I arrived back at the studio. Chris was bouncing off the ceiling with excitement.

"Hollywood! I told you we'd be partying tonight! I just got off the phone with her publicist. We've got invites to her launch party! You've got to smuggle more clients out in that old wreck of yours!"

The party that night was certainly spectacular. There were lots of celebs and though I tried not to gawk, it was hard not to. Chris was wandering the room with me. He'd been to many of these soirees` so he knew how to play the Hollywood party game. He'd introduce me to some actress or singer and before I could try to converse, it was off to the next one. After a few hit and run intros I spotted a bar and quickly headed there. I got a glass of wine, stood for a moment and took in the scene. It was hard to believe I was really here.

"Well, well, well look who's here. Mr. Hollywood."

I turned and there was Paris. She looked stunning in a white mini dress. Her heels matched the dress. And it was topped off with several diamond necklaces, of course.

"Hi, uh, it's amazing to be here. Thank you for inviting me."

"Oh, it was the least I could do." she then turned to some friends and told them about her escapade with me. They all laughed, seemingly whenever she did.

I wandered about the party and after awhile I noticed that Chris was nowhere to be found. He'd driven me here, I had no way home and wasn't even sure where exactly this shindig was. I saw one of Paris' companions and asked where we were so I could get a cab home.

"So good of me to find you, Paris has been looking for you, darling."


"Yes, she's taking some of us up to her new home and wanted to know if you could come too, she's dying to show it off. Paris, dear!" she called

Before I knew what was happening we were off in her Mercedes ML350 cruising through Hollywood. Paris was driving and concentrated on the road (I suppose when you get a DUI, you concentrate on your driving more) while others were talking on their phones and texting one another. They all seemed like superficial hangers-on to me.

When we arrived at her house it was well after midnight. She proudly showed us the rooms decorated very elegantly. She said her Mom did most of the work. The kitchen was large and looked out on a kidney-shaped pool and cabana house. A media room featured a 60" plasma TV and overstuffed chairs and couches for watching movies. There were framed family photos on the walls and shelves. Everyone began wandering the place calling out to her with things they saw. I walked outside to the pool and saw the view of L.A., still taking in the realization of where I now was.

After a while I heard fewer voices inside, then no voices.

"Hey, Hollywood! Let me get you a drink!" Paris called

"Oh, just water will be fine Ms. Hilton." I said

She had changed into a pink juicy couture sweatsuit and came out with a bottle of water.

"It's Paris, you don't have to be formal around me."

"OK, it's just strange saying that."

"Like the house?"

"It's amazing (that seemed to be my standard response to everything I saw that night) it's definitely you."

"Come on; let me show you my favorite place."

She then led me up the stairs to her bedroom, a large 4 poster king size bed dominated the room. It was a remarkably simple room for someone like her. A few comfortable reading chairs, a loveseat, and floor to ceiling mirrors stood out. The TV here was equal to the one in her media room. She led me onto a large stone balcony with a pair of chaise lounge chairs.

She took in the view as I did and calmly said

"This is my favorite place. Sometimes when I can't sleep I'll come out here and look at the stars. It's so peaceful, especially in the early morning. Like now."

"I believe you."

She turned to me and cocked her head slightly saying

"You know, I never did thank you for this morning."

"Sure you did, you invited me to your party, now I'm here. That's a helluva thank you if you ask me."

"Well, yes I suppose."

I couldn't help but look at the face that was seen all over the world

"You have very pretty eyes."

"Thank you." she said sweetly, with a smile


"No, they're all mine." she said with a giggle

She then placed her hand on mine

"And I'm all yours."

I was thunderstruck

She slowly put her arms around me and we kissed. Her lips and skin were so soft and I could feel her tongue slowly do its dance with mine. I was melting in her grasp. When our lips parted I asked

"Where's everyone else?"

"They're long gone. It's just you...and me."

We kissed again and my hands slowly felt her body through her suit. The small of her back seemed to provoke an "mmmm..Yes" from her. Her body felt incredibly soft and warm to the touch. Passion, apprehension and confusion swirled around me as we continued kissing.

"Are you, are you sure this is alright?" I stammered

"Don't be nervous, we're all alone." she calmly whispered

Her hands drifted to the front of my khakis and began to rub them. The reaction was instantaneous.

"Oooooh, I like this." she said

"I do too." I whispered


She began to sway back and forth and continued kissing me while rubbing my growing erection. My hands moved to her suit and I began rubbing her ass through it. I worked up enough nerve to slip my hand underneath it and discovered she had no underwear on. Apparently not even a thong. A soft moan came from her lips as I caressed her ass. She stopped kissing and said

"It's getting a little cold, let's go inside." she took my hand and led me in.

I stood, my legs quivering, at the foot of her bed as she went to a chest of drawers and checked herself in the immense mirror. I came up from behind her and embraced her kissing her neck. She sighed in ecstasy. I found the zipper to her jacket and slowly worked it down exposing her tits. Paris might not have a huge rack, but they felt like soft golden pillows tipped with large pink areolas that I worked with my fingers. She watched herself get fondled in the mirror. Her mouth was open, eyes closed. I could hear her breathing get more rapid. My hand went down to the suit's waistband and I slipped a hand inside. She was ultra-smooth to the touch and getting wetter by second.

"Ohhh..Jim, keep doing that." she sighed

I did as I was told

She leaned her head back and kissed me some more as my hand continued its journey.

"Ohhh...don't stop." she said

I found the laces of her pants and undid them with a slow tug. She shimmied her hips a little and the pants dropped to the floor. She turned to me and removed the jacket.

Except for a smile, Paris Hilton was now completely naked and standing in front of me.

She embraced me and began removing my clothes. My black t-shirt came off and we embraced, feeling each other's bodies against one another. She undid my belt and felt my dick through my (fake) silk boxers. Her hand worked its way inside and exposed my fully hard dick. When the boxers came off we experienced that first naked embrace. She felt incredibly soft and incredibly wet as my hard dick rubbed against her pussy. She looked down at it and smiled at me

"It's beautiful, nice and smooth. Can I kiss it?"

"Please do."

She got down on her knees and began to slowly kiss and lick my dick. Her tongue skirted all around the shaft, and her head began to bob back and forth as she took it all in her mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I could see our reflection on the walls.

"Hey, we can watch ourselves." I said

She looked over and said

"That's why they're there, honey." and resumed her lip service

It was like a dream, her satin tongue working the entire length of my dick. Occasionally I'd hear "mmmm" from her. She used her hand to rub my dick too. Her other hand seemed to be rubbing her pussy. I didn't want to end things too quick, but I was ready and eager. I pulled her up and rubbed her pussy with my hand, saying "my turn". I went to my knees and began to kiss and lick her pussy, she let out a series of moans and gasps as she watched herself in the mirrors.

"I want to look at you naked." I said.

She stood in front of me doing the same kinds of poses we'd seen millions of times elsewhere. Only this time they involved rubbing her pussy, fondling her tits, and showing off her ass. She sat down on one of the chairs smiling at me as her fingers worked their way into her pink folds. It was tough not to grab my dick and finish things myself. I crouched down for a closer look, and continued my lip service. She tasted so sweet, my tongue slowly licking every inch of her, and my fingers probing too. I took a finger out and slowly rubbed it on her nipples, she cooed in delight. But I knew there was so much more. I had her stand, and I swept her up into my arms. Then I gently laid her on the bed and lay next to her. She reached over to her nightstand and pulled out a condom, slowly putting it on me.

"I'm on the pill but it's always good to be careful."

She looked at my dick, now wrapped up like a perfect gift

"Let's fuck honey." she said with a smile

She lay on her back, rubbing her pussy as I got into position. I was so nervous. But my equipment wasn't. I entered her ever so slowly and her eyes widened slightly then confidently smiled saying "that's good baby, just like that." I stayed there for a second then slowly began pushing in and out. She felt so hot and moist and she began to breathe heavily, saying "ohhh...baby...like that...oh what a good fuck you are...I love this." All I could muster was a whispered "beautiful" as I looked into her eyes. It felt so good, so dream-like that my body seemed to set the pace from slow to fast to slow again. All the while, Paris kept up a stream of moans and whispered words of pleasure.

"Baby....ohh my God...that's it honey...yes". She sat up slightly,

"Do me from behind."

She didn't have to ask me twice!

She was up on her knees looking at my still-hard dick when she turned around and raised her ass up proudly. I rubbed her ass, kissed the cheeks, then positioned my dick at her pussy and reinserted. She gasped slightly but quickly started to enjoy the new feeling. I quickened my pace and she began to moan and grunt saying "yes..yes...ohh yes...fuck me...ohhh God! I'm gonna come!" We were watching ourselves in the mirrors and she clearly looked turned on. She giggled some more

"Wow, this is so fucking cool." she said through her moans

I pulled out and turned her around for more kissing. I was fondling her tits and eagerly sucked on one. She was holding and stroking my dick. I was stroking her pussy. She pushed me down on my back and moved to climb on top of my dick. It slid right in and she moved herself up and down on it, still cooing and moaning. "Ohhh, Jim...sooo good...ohhh God!" she leaned down to deeply kiss me and her breathing sounded even sexier close up. She then leaned way back and deeply grunted "Uhhhhhh...yeah! Oh God! Fuck yeah!" I sat up with her still in me and embraced her as I felt my come building. She wrapped her legs around my back.

"Oh baby...here I come.."

"Do it baby...do it!"

"Uhhhh....ohhh God!"

"Yes..yes...yes...come in me baby...ohhhh!"

And I felt the rush as I filled the condom and felt drained of energy, Paris was still breathing heavy and moaning as she felt my energy drain. We slowly collapsed onto the bed. She felt like a feather on top of me. With whatever energy I had left my hands caressed her back and ass. She slowly got off of me and rested her head on my chest, stroking it.

"That was wonderful." I whispered

"No, you were wonderful." she replied

We lay there in the silent room and fell asleep, naked in each other's arms.

In the midst of my slumber I somehow heard water running and the click of light switches. Then, voices in the other rooms. But my body hadn't the strength to move, only sleep. I was then awakened by the electronic tone of the phone at her bedside. Not sure if it was real, or if I should answer it, I picked up the phone and gave a tentative "hello?"

"Hey sleepy head, good morning!" it was Paris, sounding sweet even in the morning

"Hey, where are you?" I was obviously confused

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there but I had a breakfast meeting I couldn't get out of."

"Oh, OK I understand."

"Think you'll be alright?"

"Um, yeah I guess so."

"Cool, there's a driver downstairs who'll take you wherever you need to go. I'll call you real soon, baby. You're a special guy Hollywood." she said with that Paris giggle.

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