tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 07

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 07


Miami Beach, need I say more?

Just the words alone evoke a million images from a million dreams.

And I was about to live one of them. After the gig shooting "Sunshine Dreamer", we quickly landed another one. The Miami Beach Film Festival was going on and our work with Tigress had us on the guest list not only for their performance, but the festival itself. Chuck Tyler was really being a man of his word. After our Vegas transportation debacle, he quickly made up for it by getting us in anywhere and everywhere Tigress would be. Their performance would be one night and we'd have the rest of time to ourselves, for a change. I was looking forward to hitting the legendary beaches and seeing some movies. But more importantly, to get a chance to enjoy some of this life that had been a whirlwind for me up to now.

The first night of the festival was typical of the whirlwind. A gala opening was organized and we'd be there. But for a change we'd be guests, not hired help. Though we didn't get to walk the red carpet, we did see a lot of stars arriving. We headed for the bar and indulged in several exotic drink concoctions provided by one of the sponsors, Captain Morgan rum. Chris and I were getting star struck as we saw more of our film idols, past and present, arriving or casually walking past us. There were many press people there as well as TV crews. Chris and I stood there and took in the scene with our newfound concoctions when he looked over at the arrivals area.

"Uh-oh, here comes trouble." He said looking over my shoulder.

"What?" I replied.

"Look who just arrived." He said pointing down the long hallway

I turned around and saw Paris Hilton arriving amid the usual gaggle of flashbulbs and shouts. She stopped to do a TV interview with a pretty young blonde from VH1 who looked somewhat familiar.

"Uh-oh is right." I said with trepidation.

"Knock yourself out 'Hollywood', you're on your own." And he walked away.

So I took a deep breath, and wondered what new adventures I might find with Ms. Hilton. I stayed where I was and hoped perhaps she'd look my way.

As it turned out, she did.

Her eyes had a look of surprise and she immediately flashed a huge smile and gave me that small wave she was famous for. I responded back with a smile and a smaller, discreet wave of my own. She continued her interview but looked like she wanted to move on. She immediately trotted over and hugged me laughing.

"Hey baby! What are you doing here?" she said excitedly

"Working with Tigress, hopefully seeing some films." I said.

As we talked, the blonde reporter came over, without her camera crew.

"Hey Paris, who's this guy?" she asked

As I looked more closely at her I realized it was Brooke Hogan.

"Oh, he's an old friend Brooke, that's all." She said confidently as she held my wrist.

"You guys look cute together" she turned to me "Hi, I'm Brooke Hogan." She said in a perky voice.

"Hi, I'm Jim." I said shaking her hand.

Brooke looked very hot in a tight white mini dress with a scooped front that really showed off her ample cleavage.

"So how'd you two meet?" she asked with an inquisitive tone.

Before I could answer, Paris jumped in

"Oh, that's not important Brooke. He's just a cool guy I run into sometimes."

"You'll have to tell me all about him. I gotta get back to work. Nice meeting you Jim." She said as she went back to her interview post.

"Yes, great to meet you too." I said.

As she walked away, Paris immediately picked up on where my eyes were going.

"I know what's on your mind, baby." Paris said in a sly tone.

"Oh, you do?" I answered.

She nodded.

"Are you gonna be around for the weekend?" she asked

"Uh, yeah I guess so." I answered

"Good, I'll call you tomorrow sometime." And she started to walk away.

But not before turning around and saying;

"Oh, I'd give Brooke a call first. You'll have fun with her."

And with a wink and a smile, she disappeared into the crowd.

"I'll have fun with her? Oh yeah, right." I said to myself.

But then again, I said something similar the first time I met Paris.

I caught up with Chris and we did some more stargazing before calling it a night. The booze was starting to kick in. I was a little disappointed I didn't get to chat with Paris more. But then I remembered how I'd said after our last meeting in Vegas that meeting unexpectedly was more fun.

The next day I made my trek out to the beach. I only carried a few items; keys to hotel and car, cell phone, $25 cash and an Amex card. All of these fit in a small waterproof packet I kept in the pocket of my RonJon swimsuit. So I could walk the beach and not look like a tourist. As soon as I saw the vast expanse of beach I flashed back to seeing Bugs Bunny tunnel out from underground and run down the beach yelling "Miami Beach at last! Hooray! Yippee! Yahoo!" Not realizing he'd landed in the Sahara desert. I smiled widely at the thought. It was intoxicating to see everything around me as I walked the beach. The girls in their bikinis was a sight in itself. I know if Chris was here, well, he wouldn't be here. At least not with me, he'd be off chasing everything in sight.

After walking the beach for the better part of an hour, the heat was starting to get to me. I found a beachside bar and headed there for a quick drink. I took in the sights, now from the cool shade of the bar.

Two beauties strolled up to the bar now. One was a dark haired girl in a blue one-piece, the other a gorgeous bikini-clad blonde with stylish sunglasses on. When she removed them, I realized it was Brooke. She turned in my direction and immediately recognized me.

"Hey! I saw you last night, you're Paris' friend!" she said in that perky tone I heard last night.

"Oh yes, how 'ya doing today?" I replied

"Pretty good now that you're here." She said with pleasure. "Come on over here!"

I joined them at their end of the bar. The other girl was her roommate Ashley. I was told she and Brooke had been friends for many years and she'd recently moved into Brooke's condo with her. Brooke told me how she was working for VH1 doing red carpet pieces for the channel and loved it. Ashley was with her as an assistant and they were like giddy schoolgirls together. They wanted to know all about my work. I was telling them some of my "war stories" when my phone rang.

"Hey baby!" a sweet voice said.

It was Paris.

"Hey, where are you?" I asked

"On the road back home." She said

"You're going back to L.A.?" I asked, confused. I thought she'd be in town for the weekend.

"No, no. Palm Beach. My family has a house there." She said

Of course! A girl like her would obviously have a place there! How could I have not known that!

"Oh, right." Was all I could say.

"Where are you?" she asked

"At this beach bar, and I've been joined by Ms. Hogan." I said with a touch of swagger.

"Aha! I knew you'd hook up with her!" she laughed. "Well you behave yourself, Hollywood. I'll call you later, you can tell me all about it." She said in a very sexy tone.

"Uh, OK, I will, bye." I said and snapped my phone shut.

"Who was that?" Brooke asked excitedly

"Uh, it was your red carpet interviewee from last night." I said

"Oh! Paris! She's a sweetheart isn't she? She gets such a bad rap." Brooke said.

"You're right. I guess she's OK once you get to know her." I replied. I certainly knew how much a sweetheart she could be.

We continued talking about everything imaginable. Brooke was a sweetheart too, and Ashley seemed like a perfect counterpoint to Brooke. She started to tell me about the condo that had been used for her TV show, and raved about the view and the huge deck she had on the rooftop.

"Hey you wanna go see it? It's right up the street." she offered.

"Sure, why not?" I said.

"All right, let's go." And we were off.

Brooke was a sight to see as she strolled the boulevard with me and Ashley. She had on her bikini top but added white drawstring pants as well. The sight of her drew many whistles and shouts from people on the beach, and car horns were honking too. I felt pretty lucky being a "third wheel".

Her condo was in a beachside high-rise building that seemed to go up into infinity. We took the elevator to the top and she threw open the doors to her condo. All of Miami Beach was in front of me, it was like I was floating in the clouds. She proudly showed off all the rooms. Her bedroom was quite nice. From the carpets to the drapes to the furniture, it was all in white. She had an electric piano and guitar in a corner, the piano was white too. But the guitar was a shade of lipstick red. She grabbed two bottles of water out of the fridge and turned to Ashley saying;

"I'm gonna show him the Jacuzzi."

As she led me up the spiral staircase to the roof, I glanced over at Ashley and saw she had this smile on her face, like something sneaky was going on. And only she knew what it was.

"Okay." I thought.

The deck was huge, with a big Jacuzzi tub.

"What do you think? Not bad, huh?" she asked with a proud smile.

"Man, this is incredible. I'll bet it's even better at night with the stars out." I said

"Come on, I wanna get in the tub." She took my hand and led me to it. It looked like it could hold 8 people easily.

"How'd they get this thing up here, it's huge!" I said.

"I have no idea, they probably took it apart and rebuilt it here." She said as she slid off her pants, revealing a white thong bikini bottom that showed off a nicely toned ass. She climbed into the tub and stretched herself out in the water with a look of pure exhilaration as the water jets did their magic. She stretched her arms out across the edge of the tub. She looked at me, smiled slyly, and beckoned me in with her finger. I took off my t-shirt and got in on the other side of the tub. I was rather nervous at this moment.

"No, no, no honey. Come over here." She insisted.

I slid myself over towards her end of the tub. I could feel that the sides of the tub had a mix of bucket-type seats and benches. Brooke was apparently on one of the benches. As I got close to her, she swung me over into one of the seats. She seemed to kneel a little in front of me in the water, her arms were under the water and moving about. Then one arm came out of the water holding her bikini bottom. She dangled it in front of me, then she tossed it aside, and sat on my lap.

"Would you like to do the top?" she asked sweetly.

"Oh, my. Uh, well, uh-" I felt so overwhelmed at this moment.

Brooke kissed me softly on my cheek as the water bubbled around us. The tips of her thick blonde hair were matted ever so slightly by the water.

I kissed her back and with shaky hands reached up for the string on the back of her bikini top. I gave it a gentle tug and it loosened. Brooke lowered her head and pulled it over her head. Her tits were very large with quarter-sized pink nipples. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply. My dick was straining through my suits' material. My arms were wrapped gently around her.

"You're a good kisser." She said with a smile.

"So are you." I replied with an equally large smile.

Her hands went back under the water and I knew where they were going.

"Let's see what the rest of you is like." She said mischievously.

She found the string ties to my suit and pulled it off, tossing it aside like she did with hers. Her hands felt around under the water until they found their mark. She had a look of excitement on her face as she felt it. I leaned in and kissed her as she massaged my dick under the water. The combination of her hands, the bubbling water and the feelings we had towards one another at this moment was incredible. My hands went up to those gorgeous tits. She let out a soft "Oh" as my lips and tongue touched her nipples and I held those twin monsters in my hands and licked and sucked them for all they were worth. Brooke was clearly getting off on all this. She was still massaging my dick, what control this girl had under the circumstances! I boldly pushed her off me and we tumbled into the water, she laughed as we hugged and kissed one another. She stood up in the water and we now got the whole picture of one another. Her pussy was super smooth, and my dick was now super hard. We embraced again and I felt her ass, it was nice and toned, she felt mine as well.

"Cute butt, baby" she said with a smile.

"Cute tits, baby." I said with a smile too.

"Ooo, yeah honey!" and she thrust them out and shook them around. "I'm a D girl honey, what do you think?" she said with a touch of Mae West in her voice.

"I think this.." and I licked my lips.

She smiled lustfully.

My hands now went for her pussy. I slowly placed my hand on it. She gasped a little at the feeling, then nodded as I began rubbing it slowly. She was breathing heavily and moaning. She somehow found the energy to move my hand away and lead me over to the tub's edge.

"Come on, sit here." She said

She then tied her hair back, and kneeled down again. She gently took my dick and caressed it some more. All the while, she was smiling at me with those beautiful green eyes, and a look of imminent pleasure on her face. She began to lick it from top to bottom, she took all of my balls into her mouth and worked them around with her tongue. Then she slowly worked my dick into her mouth, no signs of gagging at all. I could feel her tongue swirl around the tip.

"Oh, yeah!" I found myself saying as she worked her magic.

She looked up at me and started jerking my dick.

"You like that, huh? Yeah? You like that?" she said seductively.

"Uh-huh." I said in response.

She continued her lip service. Slowly taking all of my dick into her mouth, then just as slowly coming back up so he lips wrapped themselves around the tip, then making a popping sound as they popped off the tip of it.

"I love sucking cock." She said in a sexy voice.

She raised herself up and kissed my cheek.

"I think you love something too." She purred.

She wrapped her arms around me and we slid into the bubbling water. I was marveling at how her tits looked as they seemed to float on the surface. I moved her up to the opposite bench and had her sit with her legs wide open. I knelt down to her beautiful smooth pussy. This looked so smooth it seemed like no hair had ever grown on it. I had never seen one like this. I kissed all around her opening and she was breathing heavily all the while. I softly kissed her pussy lips and they were moist to the taste. My tongue then worked its way inside, she was yelling out now;

"Oh my God! Oh my God! That's it!" she screamed out.

My tongue was all the way inside her now and acting like a snake. The more she cried out, the more I seemed to do.

"Huh-yes! Oh yes! I'm coming! Oh God! I'm coming! Uh-God!" and her hips thrust out nearly crushing my head.

I felt her climax on my tongue and lips. Wow, she was something else!

We stood up and embraced, then lowered ourselves into the tub again, holding each other.

"Are you OK?" I asked

"Oh yes, oh yes." She said softly

Just then we heard a voice from the inner hallway.

"Brooke?" it was Ashley's voice

"Yeah?" she answered

"You OK?" Ashley replied.

"Uh-huh, come on in." Brooke said, still a little breathless from her climax.

I was very surprised as you would expect.

Ashley came out from the stairway in a terrycloth robe and walked over to us. Brooke seemed to have no problem with her presence, I wasn't sure what I should do.

"Sounds like you were having fun." She said in a sly tone.

"Jim and I were having fun, right baby?" she said turning to me.

I was too stunned to respond, I even became a little self-conscious at that moment.

"OK if I join?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah! Come on in!" Brook said excitedly

"Great!" And with that, Ashley pulled off her robe, revealing an equally buff body. Her tits weren't as large as Brooke's. And her pussy was jet black but trimmed. She eagerly hopped in the tub and kissed me.

"I'll have what she's having." She said laughingly.

"Stand up, honey." Brooke said.

I did as ordered and Ashley smiled as she saw my equipment now at attention.

"Oh, yeah! That looks cool!" she said with an excited tone.

And now Ashley began her own servicing of me. She used her hands more than Brooke did, she seemed to use her lips more than her tongue.

Was this really happening?

I looked over at Brooke, who was smiling at the look on my face.

"Pretty good, huh?" she said.

All I could do was nod my head. I leaned in slightly and kissed Brooke. Our tongues were interlocking now. But as great as this felt, I didn't want it to end, not just yet.

Being demanding in a situation like this just isn't me, but I knew I'd better take advantage of the situation in some way. So I did.

"I wanna fuck Brooke now." I heard myself say.

Oh no, why did I just say that?

OK, this must be where the dream ends and I wake up alone, it has to be.

It's gotta be!

"Oh yeah! I love to watch her get fucked!" Ashley said as she came off my dick.

"You always do!" Brooke laughed

It wasn't!

Ashley stood up and I caressed her tits, she had a big smile on her face.

Brooke sat on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide, she rubbed that smooth love nest a little and watched me get in position.

"I like it this way." She said

"Uh, OK." I said, still in disbelief at how all this was happening.

I now entered Brooke Hogan.

She slowly threw her head back and let out a long, slow;

"Uhhhhhh.....yessssss. Oh.....my...godddd. That feels sooo good! "

I slowly began pushing in and out, she felt so slick. She wasn't all that vocal but her moans and occasional "Oh!" were so sexy. No to mention watching her tits bounce up and down. She caressed them at times, she knew I loved them.

I looked over and saw Ashley next to me watching this and rubbing her pussy.

"Come here you." I said with a smile.

She got next to me and I fingered her pussy as I thrust into Brooke more.

"Oh yeah, that's it! UH! Yeah! Do it baby!" Brooke yelled out.

"Fuck her Jim, fuck her hard." Ashley said breathlessly, she was getting off on my hand actions. With every thrust into Brooke, I did the same with my finger to Ashley.

I must be better at multi-tasking than I thought.

I slowed down my fucking and reached over to feel Brooke's tits. She stood up and I withdrew from her. We kissed more as Ashley caressed my dick.

"OK, fuck Ashley now." Brooke said.

Ashley sat up on the edge of the tub with a look of uncertainty as I entered her missionary style, she gasped when I entered her. She had a look of passion on her face as I began fucking her pussy, she felt just as hot as Brooke.

I had Brooke come over next to me and I fingered her the same way I had Ashley. Brooke was getting of on my finger work.

"Huh yeah! Oh my gawd that feels great!" she yelled.

Ashley let out little yelps and cries as I fucked her harder.

"Come on Jim, fuck her hard! Make her come!" Brooke pleaded.

"Oh godddd...fuck meeee!" she screamed. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I'm commmminnnngggg!!!" she screamed

I was feeling so good at this moment, I never dreamed I'd be living out the fantasy before me now. I had a busty blonde bombshell "under my thumb" and a brunette babe's ass getting rammed by me. Where could this go, how do I keep this dream going?

Luckily, Ashley had the answer.

"Slow down honey...I wanna watch you fuck Brooke some more." She said clearly out of breath and needing a break. She seemed to be on the same wavelength as me.

I pulled out and was suddenly even bolder in my thoughts.

"Ashley, bend over." She did as I said

"Brooke, you do the same."

Brooke went over to the edge of the tub and bent over, her ass looked so inviting.

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