tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 25

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 25


The opening night of the Triple Threat Tour was an event like no other. The Toyota Center in Houston was a compete sellout as Beyonce', Rhianna & Tigress rocked the house. Chris and I were furnished with special badges and uniforms that clearly made us standout from everyone else on the staff. Chuck was in all his glory.

The tour now made its way to Dallas, and Rhianna was as sexy as ever. She had a new band that gave her a much tougher sound, and she had thrown several classic rock songs into her show like Free's "All Right Now" the Rolling Stones "If You Can't Rock Me" and "Street Fighting Man", cleverly changing the words to "..'cause in sleepy Dallas town there's just no place for a street fighting man." getting a rousing response from the crowd. I was snapping my pictures as usual but really enjoying the show. I couldn't help but think of all the shows I'd been to long ago where I wished I'd had a camera and carte' blanche' photo privileges like we did now. Especially when Rhianna shot several glances at me during the show when she sang "All Right Now" and changed the words to "baby, he's alright now" looking directly at me with the requisite smile she was famous for. Or in "If You Can't Rock Me" saying that "he's got a hard-on and it hurts like hell, if HE can't rock me, somebody else will." The crowd thought she was smiling at them, and in a way, she was. But I knew who those smiles were really for!

Backstage was like an exclusive club. There were more celebs there than we'd ever seen. Not just from the music world, but the sports world as well. Members of the Dallas Cowboys showed up, among them Tony Romo and his girlfriend, Jessica Simpson. Jessica was stunningly beautiful, I'd obviously seen her photos elsewhere but they really didn't do her justice. She had thick cascading blonde hair that was accented by her dark eyes and curves both top and bottom. That night she had on a tan suede jacket, tight jeans and cowboy boots. She looked fabulous. Tony, on the other hand looked like he wanted to be anywhere but this show. He had a generally grumpy attitude the whole time, and Jess was clearly aggravated by it. I could see her pulling him aside and trying to get him to lighten up. But he wanted none of it. He gravitated toward his teammates who seemed eager to go party on their own. Finally, she looked around and he was gone.

"That son of a bitch! He left! He fuckin' left me here!" she screamed.

Jessica didn't seem to have any assistants with her. It seemed like she and I were the only ones in the room.

She whipped out her cellphone and immediately started dialing numbers, but none seemed to work given the reception.

"You! Do you work here?" she angrily said to me.

"Uh, I'm with the tour staff, but I.." I started.

"Fine! I need a ride home, that sonofabitch left me here!"

"Uh, I'm not sure how I can help, I don't have a car here...uh, wait a minute. Wait right here." I quickly said.

I ran out of the backstage reception room and desperately looked for Chuck. Luckily he was popping champagne with Amy Adamson, Rhianna's record company contact. With them was a well dressed man I didn't recognize.

"Chuck! I need a huge favor right now!" I said breathlessly.

"Hey, hey, chill, dude. What's up?" he asked.

"I need a car to drive someone home. Didn't you say Mercedes keeps some on call at events like this?" I said.

"We do. Why? Do you need one?" said the well dressed man in a clipped accent that clearly showed he wasn't from Texas.

"Yes, um, would you believe me if I said Jessica Simpson needs a ride home?" I asked sheepishly, I knew I was setting myself up for failure here.

"Yes, I would. Considering the fact she's standing right beside you." Said the well dressed man.

I turned and there she was.

"Hey, Mike! I'm glad to see you here. Think you can help me out? Tony dumped me here." Jessica explained.

"Of course! Come with me." He said.

We followed "Mike, the well dressed man" to a private underground garage where 3 Mercedes sedans sat. Mike handed me a set of keys.

"Deliver the car to the address on the key ring in the morning. Take good care of your passenger, she's one of our best customers." He said in a business-like tone of voice.

Just like that, Mike walked away, leaving me in a vast garage with the keys to a shimmering Mercedes.

"Uh, don't you want to know who you're giving this car to?" I asked, dumbfounded, my voice echoing off the walls.

"I know who you are. You were at my party in Houston." Mike said calmly.

"Let's go!" Jessica said sternly as she got into the passenger seat and slammed the door.

I quickly got behind the wheel and started the big Benz up. It came to life with a quiet whir. The silence inside was deafening as we drove out of the garage and away from the Arena. Jessica looked out the window as we entered traffic.

"Um, could I ask where we're supposed to go? I've never been here before." I said hesitantly.

"Just keep going straight, the highway's up ahead." She said without looking at me.

"Okay, um, I guess you know that Mike guy?" I asked, still unsure of myself.

"Yeah, he's like a regional director or something in Houston." She answered.

"For Mercedes?"

"Right, he bought that house that looks like the one on 'Dallas'."

Oh yes, I knew that place quite well!

"Oh, right. I read about that place." I said.

The Benz smoothly entered the highway.

"What's your name anyway?" she asked while gazing out the window.


"Where are you from?" she quietly asked.

"Oh, Connecticut originally, but I live in LA now. My friend runs the company doing the tour photos."

"You've never been here before?" she asked.

"No, never had the pleasure." I replied.

"Take the exit here." She quietly directed.

The Benz exited onto a darkened side road with a few houses here and there.

"My place is up the road." She said.

I was still trying to compute how this evening had suddenly changed. We soon came upon the entrance to a gated housing area.

"Turn in here." She said.

There was a guard booth at the entrance with a uniformed man inside. He poked his head out the door.

"Hi, Billy, I'm just coming home." Jessica said from the passenger seat.

"Billy" nodded and the gate opened.

"Keep going straight." Jessica directed.

The houses were quite extravagant, some were lit up, but most were dark. Jessica told me to turn into one particular house hidden by thick bushes. At the top of a curving driveway I could see a white Mercedes convertible and a Ford pickup.

"Uh, do you wanna come inside?" she asked, her attitude lightening up some.

"Oh, uh, yes that would be fine." I replied hesitantly.

The entryway to her house had an enormous foyer with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a curving staircase on either side.

"You want a beer or something?" she called from inside.

"Uh, sure, a beer would be fine." I said, looking around.

"Come with me." And I followed her to a big kitchen. It was fairly sparse, probably because she wasn't home all that much. She handed me a chilled Corona.

"Sorry if I was so bitchy towards you, I was really looking forward to tonight and things just got fucked up. Oh, sorry about my language!" she said putting her hand on her mouth and giving an embarrassed smile.

"I didn't hear a thing." I said with a nervous laugh.

"Let me show you the place." Jessica said, taking my hand, it felt so soft.

There was an enormous media room with a 60-inch TV mounted on the wall along with framed gold records and a shelf of awards. A small framed picture was on another shelf showing her and Nick Lachey on their wedding day. It appeared to be the only sign she'd ever been married. Downstairs was what seemed like a sports bar with a pool table, pinball machine and jukebox. Jessica punched up some country music tunes on it and had me join her at a full-size bar.

"So, how'd you get a gig like this?" she asked me, smiling.

"Well, Chris and I have known one another a long time, and he needed some help, so...here I am." I said hesitantly.

"Want another beer?" she offered.

"Oh, uh, sure." I said with a shrug. I didn't realize how quickly I'd drunk the first one.

Jessica stood up and leaned over the bar to get at the cooler. Her ass looked so nice and inviting. She got the beer but couldn't get herself back up.

"Um, could you...help me." She said with a giggle.

"Sure." I said helping her back up.

"Well, now you've seen my ass." She said with a laugh.

"Yes, and a nice one it is." I said with a laugh of my own.

"Cheers, pal!" she said as we clinked our beer bottles and laughed.

"This is quite a happening joint." I said looking around.

"Yeah, I usually hang out here with my family. It's pretty quiet now though, what with Ashlee and the baby and all."

"Oh, that's right. You're an Auntie now." I said.

"Yes, yes, thank you. It's nice and all. But I get lonely here. Everyone's either in LA or Tony's got team stuff. And I've been in Nashville a lot too."

"I know what you mean. I'm an Uncle back home, but I'm not there much either."

"So what do you do?" she asked in a somewhat softer tone.

Taking a deep breath, I said;

"Keep working, my family's not all that close anyway. What do you do?"

"I know what I'd like to do." She said looking at me and placing her hand on mine. I tensed up slightly. I know she's a gorgeous woman and all, but she's someone else's. Isn't she?

"Uh, you-you-you were saying..." I stammered out.

"I said, 'I know what I'd like to do'." She was looking straight at me with a come-hither look in her eyes.

"Um, uh, you'd like to, uh, do something..." I was stumbling over my words like never before.

Jessica took my hand and slowly raised it to her mouth, softly kissing it. Her eyes were fixed straight on me.

"Hey, don't be nervous. I'm not gonna hurt you at all." She said softly. "Just...relax." She continued as she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I clumsily tried to do the same. She smiled.

"You have nice lips. They're very kissable." She said with a sweet smile.

"Yours are nicer." I said in response.

"Aw, you're a sweetheart." She said.

We kissed again. I grew more confident with every kiss.

She had a sweet scent about her, probably her signature perfume. I boldly kissed her neck, her head went back and a long slow moan was heard. She moved her head back and smiled at me even more.

"Damn! You're something!" she said. "Let's get more comfortable."

She led me over to a leather couch and removed her jacket. Her body was much more pronounced now. She pulled off her cowboy boots and stretched out her long legs.

"Ah, that's better!" she said. Then turned to me; "Now, where were we?"

"Uh, I-I-I'm not sure." I was still nervous as hell at what was happening to me.

"I'm sure." She said as she kissed me deeper, I could feel her tongue touch mine.

My hands grew more comfortable with her and I held her around her waist and back as we continued kissing. She slowly pushed me down on the couch and I could feel her enormous tits pressing into me like a soft pillow. She smiled at me and sat up.

"You're cute." She said with a giggle.

"You're pretty." I said with a smile of my own.

"And I'm horny." She said twitching her eyebrows and dissolving into laughter. She had this look on her face that seemed to say 'I can't believe I said that!'

Jessica began to slowly unbutton her shirt and I could see a white strapless bra coming into view. And those great tits were also coming into view too as she removed her shirt and tossed it aside. She looked at me with a beaming smile, she could tell where my eyes were going. She looked down at the object of my eyes' attention and smiled even more.

"I know what you wanna see, but I wanna see something else." She said with a sexy gaze.

She unbuttoned my shirt and her hands worked their way down to my pants. She unbuckled them and I could instantly feel my dick spring to life as the zipper went down. She softly ran her hand over the front of my underwear and knew there was something hard underneath.

"Oh, man...this is gonna be nice." She said, still smiling.

Jessica Simpson reached around to the back of her bra and undid the snaps. Then let her arms go up at the sides and the bra fell away, exposing those gorgeous tits of hers. They were big alright, with quarter sized areolas. Her nipples were already pointing outward. She looked at me with a smile of joy, knowing she was really turning me on.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked.

"I think you're beautiful." I said breathlessly, I probably gasped at the first sight of them.

She leaned down and kissed me.

"I think you're beautiful too." She said sweetly.

Her hands now went for my underwear as they went inside the front folds and pulled my dick out. She smiled widely.

"Oh, it's beautiful." She said softly.

Jessica softly moved her hand over the head, it felt so smooth in her loving hands. Between her touch and the sight of those tits I was getting even harder by the second. She kept her eyes on me and knew she was turning me on. She leaned down and softly kissed me.

"Let's take our clothes off." She said softly.

"Oh-oh-okay." I said nervously.

"You don't have to be so nervous, I like you." She said reassuringly with a sweet smile.

I stood up and Jessica did the same, I removed my shirt completely and Jessica started to unzip her jeans. I removed my pants and underwear. Jessica had on a white thong and soon that was gone too. We now stood naked in front of one another. Jessica looked stunning, her belly was perfectly flat and toned, and she kept a small blonde patch between her legs. My dick was standing straight out now. And Jessica liked it.

"Wow, I think you're just as turned on as me!" she said with a smile. "Come here." She said very sexily.

I did as I was told and got my first feel of those tits, they were soft and smooth. And she was loving my every touch. I caressed and held those monsters in my hands. They felt so soft and warm, Jessica's breathing sounded so sexy as she reacted. I reached around to her ass, that felt just as nice. My dick was pushing against her belly and she was holding it in her hands. We continued kissing, her hands were softly touching my body in different places.

"Baby...let me give you a blowjob." She said softly.

She went down on her knees and caressed my dick.

"Man, this is a nice one." She said smiling.

Jessica began to softly kiss it all around, then started to lick around the top before slowly letting it slide into her mouth. She concentrated on the top portion with her tongue, I could feel it swirling around the tip. Then all of it went into her mouth. It felt glorious! I had this blonde bombshell inhaling my manhood, I looked down and could see those tits too. Even better was I could hear her making little noises of pleasure as she tasted me. She slowly came off my dick and started to jerk it in her hands, using her spit as lubrication.

"How does that feel honey?" she said in that Texas twang.

"Oh my god...fantastic!" I said.

"You gonna come, baby?" she said as she jerked my dick.

"I-I-I think so!" I suddenly realized I was too far gone.

"Well, alright!" she said with a giggle as she jerked me faster.

I exploded onto her cheek and she thrust her tits out so I could unload more there. She was laughing the whole time.

"Wow! Oh, man you had it in you babe!" she said giggling.

I was out of breath at this experience. She jerked the last remaining drops from me and watched my dick slowly soften. Then she stood up and kissed me. She looked down at her tits and smiled at how they were covered in my come. She took little dabs of it and licked it from her fingers.

"Mmmmm, nice!" she said with a smile.

She went back over to the bar and got a cloth to clean herself up. It was so sexy seeing those tits bouncing along as she walked.

"Jessica you look so hot that way, just walking." I said, my voice still sounded nervous, but then what do you expect when someone like her just jerked you off?

"Aw, thank you honey." She said as we embraced again. "You like my boobs, I can tell." She kissed me softly. "Well, you can do whatever you want with 'em baby." she thrust them out a little as an incentive to me. "They're all yours."

As I gingerly held and caressed them, Jessica breathed in a little, then exhaled a soft "Oh."

I eased her onto the couch.

"Come here, sit on my lap." I said.

She smiled slyly and joined me, I caressed her tits more, then began to suck on the nipples, they tasted so good as I held her close to me. She ran her fingers through my hair and kept up a steady stream of moans;

"Oh...oh yeah, baby...oh my gawd that feels good..."

Seeing those huge tits in front of me was just amazing. And I knew I'd be rock-hard again very soon. My other hand went down between her legs and she parted them for me. Her pussy was soaking wet and felt just as soft and inviting as what was on top, and in my mouth.

"It's your turn honey..." she said as she stood up.

She spread her legs and ran her fingers through her pussy. She then sat on her knees on the couch. Instinctively, I knew what she wanted. I slid down slightly and saw her pussy close up, it was visibly wet now and I began to kiss all around it. Its pink folds were like works of art, and my tongue instantly went for them. This made Jess cry out in pleasure as she felt my tongue go inside her. She tasted like the best ice cream cone in the world. I was lapping at her pussy juices now, they was practically flowing out of her. Jessica was moaning constantly and voicing little cries of pleasure.

"Oh god...yes...baby that's it...oh god I'm so hot!" she cried.

I was getting off on her and I knew my dick was hard again. I looked up at her and she was looking down, smiling at me.

"Hey, baby...you wanna fuck?" she said in that great Texas drawl.

"You bet!" I said.

Jessica giggled in anticipation.

"C'mon, let's go to my bedroom!" She said excitedly and she led me out of the barroom and up to her bedroom. We were still totally naked as we went up the winding stairs. I stopped her at one point and kissed her cute little ass, which made her giggle all the more.

Jessica Simpson's bedroom was a beautiful all-white room with lacy accents throughout. Her bed had a shiny platinum colored bedspread and pillows of numerous sizes. Jessica and I jumped on the bed laughing, her beautiful tits and pussy making for an inviting experience to say the least. We kissed and fondled one another, she was so sexy to touch and hold. I couldn't wait to fuck her! She got a Trojan and lovingly placed it on me. She looked at it, then at me. The look in her eyes, she was so turned on at this moment. She lay on her back, her legs open wide. She started to rub her pussy as I got on top of her.

"Just fuck me Jim, just fuck me." She said with a smile of excitement.

I slid my dick into Jessica Simpson's hot pussy. It felt hot and wet and fit me like a glove.

"Ohhhh...godddd!" she cried out. "Oh my god it's so fuckin' big!" she cried.

"I'm not that big baby, your tits are bigger." I said as I started to fuck her.

"Oh, It's big baby... and it's yours! Fuck me!" she said with a look of lust on her angelic face.

I went at it big time with her, I didn't hold back. This was a true bombshell I was fucking. Her tits heaved up and down as I pounded that pussy. Jessica had a look of pure ecstasy on her face, I probably had the same. Her body was convulsing in pleasure. I slowed down for a moment to kiss her tits. Jessica caressed them too.

"God, yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck me! Oh god I'm coming!" she screamed as she climaxed.

"Oh...fuck yeah!" she said laughing as she relaxed.

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