tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 37

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 37


As amazing as my time in Nashville had been, there was the inevitable flip side to things. Courtesy of Marty O'Brien. Just after we'd wrapped things up in Nashville he called us with a last minute offer of photographing a private gig Tigress was doing in Chicago. Chris decided to head home and let me do this one myself. What seemed like a great idea wasn't. The flight out there was lousy, the weather in Chicago was no better. And the gig ended up being cancelled. I knew when I got back home Marty was gonna get it from me. As I landed at LAX it was in the middle of a monsoon rainstorm. I felt miserable, and it didn't look like Chris was gonna make it to the airport to at least give me a ride home like he'd promised. So I was stuck waiting for a downtown shuttle bus. And the rain wasn't letting up, in fact it was getting worse. I started hearing people talk about washed out roads and scattered flooding that was causing gridlock everywhere. I was all alone sitting on a cold bench wondering what my next move would be. Amidst the gradually diminishing car traffic around the airport I saw a large black car making its way towards me. It went by me, then in the distance I saw it turn around and make its way back towards me. It slowed, and the drivers' window slid down and I heard a woman's voice yell out;

"Hey! Hey Jim!" she called.

I looked around to see where the voice was coming from, for a moment I thought maybe Chris had sent an emissary to pick me up. I looked closer and could see a raven haired woman shouting from the black car 3 lanes over from me.

"Jim! Over here!" she yelled.

I took a few steps forward, hoping I wouldn't get a sudden drenching. But I did. I was soaked to the skin instantly as a roof suddenly collapsed and drenched me.

The dark haired girl screamed, then got out of her car and dashed over towards me, getting drenched herself. Once she got to me I recognized her instantly.

It was Kim Kardashian.

"Oh my god Jim! Oh come on, let's go to my car."

She grabbed my leather carryon bag and hustled me to her black Bentley sedan. As Kim got in I saw in the passenger seat was another woman I didn't recognize at first.

"Oh my god what are you doing here?" Kim said as she got back behind the wheel. "It's awful out there!"

I shook whatever water I could out of my hair and jacket and acclimated myself to the sudden luxury I was in.

"Were you waiting for your car?" Kim asked.

"No, my ride home. Chris was supposed to meet me here but that looks unlikely." I said.

"You just got yourself a ride, baby." Kim said firmly as we drove away.

"What are you doing here, anyway?" I now asked.

"Same thing as you, picking up Adrienne." Kim said gesturing towards her passenger.

"Hi, Jim. I'm Adrienne Bailon." She said turning around and extending her hand over the passenger seat.

"Hi, good to meet you, little wet I'm afraid." I said. "Have I seen you somewhere? You look familiar."

"Well, I was a Cheetah Girl." She replied. "Kim's brother and I used to date."

"Oh, right. Now I remember."

The Bentley headed out of the LAX complex and towards the highway. The traffic started to get heavier, and Kim's phone rang.

"Hello? Oh hi, Mom...uh-huh...oh god, you're kidding...I'm not sure I'll have to check the GPS...OK I'll call you back when I know." Kim turned to Adrienne;

"Mom says the highways are completely blocked up with cars and flooding, I don't think I can make it home. Any ideas?" she said in a worried voice looking at me as well.

Kim pulled the Bentley over and we started to check her GPS system for alternate routes as she called her Mom back. It soon became apparent that the most obvious routes were out.

"How far is your place Jim?" Kim asked.

I checked the maps and that looked like our best bet.

"We're off to your place, then." Kim said as she steered the Bentley back onto the highway.

We all tried to be positive as the rain poured down and the big car navigated the highway. And we breathed a collective sigh of relief once we found my exit. Immediately we headed for a McDonald's drive-thru and stocked up on burgers and fries, then made the short drive to my condo.

"Probably would be best to stay here and see if the rain lets up any." I said.

"Good idea." Adrienne replied

Kim nodded in response.

It was dark and quiet, but felt great to be inside my condo.

Then I suddenly realized why it was so dark when I tripped over Smokie the cat, making him yowl out.

"Oh great! The power's out!" I said.

Kim and Adrienne fished around for their cellphones and used the display lights to find their way around.

"OK, I've got a flashlight." I said.

"Got any candles?" somebody said.

"Yes, over..." I said as I crashed into a chair.

We all laughed at our predicament but luckily found some candles, lit them and finally got to settle down. The rain continued outside. Kim called her Mom and reassured her we were fine and would leave when the rain stopped.

"So how do you and Kim know each other?" Adrienne asked.

Kim smiled, and I told how Chris and I had done photos for her clothing line.

"You left out one little detail 'Mr. Hollywood'." She said.

"Huh?" I replied

She looked at me with a naughty smile.

"Well, Adrienne...Jim has an interesting nickname, you know." She said.

"Oh, really, what?"

"He's Hollywood Jim." She said.

Adrienne's eyes lit up.

"No way!"

"Oh, yes. This is the guy I told you about."

"The one in Hawaii?" she said, still surprised.

"Uh-huh, this is him." Kim said as she sat close to me and gently stroked my chest and smiled at me lovingly.

I was too stunned to reply. Kim started to giggle at what she'd just said and done. Then she started to explain.

"OK, yes, Jim is the guy I met in Hawaii. He's a sweetheart, right, Jim?"

"Oh, uh, yeah, sweetheart. Yeah, that's me." I said in a quivering voice.

Kim got closer to me.

"He's also...a very good lover." She said a she gently wrapped her left arm around me and placed her head on my shoulder. I could smell her perfume, so nice.

"Oh, my!" Adrienne said with a look of curiosity.

Kim started to laugh as she looked at me, knowing how embarrassed I probably was.

"He won't admit it, will you Jim?" she now said. "Well, he is."

"Maybe since I'm single I should find out for myself." Adrienne said.

"Oh, you should!" Kim said excitedly. "A's been kinda lonely lately, haven't you?" she said with a smile.

"Kim!" Adrienne said, shocked and covering her mouth. "I can't believe you'd say that!" she said, clearly embarrassed at Kim's bluntness, but smiling slightly.

I was just an observer here. They both started to laugh.

Kim slid closer to me now.

"We did have fun didn't we, Jim?" she asked in that effortlessly sexy voice of hers.

"Um, yes, yes we did."

Adrienne was watching her friend closely.

"I showed Jim my lingerie collection, A. Did you know that?"

"Oh, cool. Did he like it?" Adrienne asked.

"Of course he did." Kim said while looking at me. "Didn't you, Mr. Hollywood?"

"Sure, I did." I said looking back at her.

As if on cue, we both leaned in and kissed. Her lips felt so nice combined with that perfume and the candlelight. Made me forget the cheeseburger I'd just finished.

When our lips parted, Kim looked over at Adrienne, who smiled with a look of anticipation.

"See what I mean, A?" Kim said to her friend.

"Yes, I do."

"Why don't you try it?" she said.

"Oh, um I don't know" she said hesitantly.

"A, you should. You really should." Kim said.


Adrienne Bailon came over and joined us on the couch, sitting on my left. I was now the nervous one, make that the petrified one. I had this beautiful Latina girl on one side and an exotic raven haired beauty on the other. I couldn't help but glance down at Adrienne's tits, they seemed almost as large as Kim's.

Adrienne and I kissed and she felt so sexy, her lips were warm and she let out a soft "oh" as we kissed. Kim and I kissed some more and I could feel Adrienne's hand on my leg. Kim's hand was on my other leg. And we all had this look of desire.

"You're a good kisser, Jim." Said Adrienne

"He's good at a lot of things A." said Kim in response.

Kim gently brushed her long black hair back with her hands and leaned in to kiss me again. I could feel Adrienne's hand caressing my shoulders as we kissed. I turned and Adrienne's lips were on mine again. I could feel Kim's hand move up my leg to my crotch now, and I was getting excited as she began to softly rub her hand over it. I had reached out to caress Adrienne's breast and it felt lovely, her face showed how my touch was turning her on. Her eyes had such a beautiful glimmer to them, and her tan skin was so warm and soft.

"Oh Jim...wow you are something." She said with a slight laugh.

"He is...and he's got something else nice too." Kim said as she held the zipper to my pants.

"Oh my!" Adrienne said with a naughty laugh.

"OK Jim, time for Adrienne to see what you've got." Kim said in a playful voice.

The girls both laughed like excited, naughty schoolgirls. Kim softly kissed my cheek, then I felt the zipper of my pants go down and her hand sneak its way inside as she kissed me some more.

I could feel her soft hand on my dick that felt like it would explode out of my pants. Once it was free, they both let out a gasp of wonder. I could only gasp inside, amazed at what was happening to me.

"Oh, my god Kim!" Adrienne said "It's just like you said it was."

"Nice, huh?" Kim said.

"Very nice." Adrienne said while looking at me. "Better than Rob's."

"Well, I wouldn't know about that...it's yours A." Kim said.

"Mmmm...thank you Kim." Adrienne said as she held my dick.

Kim and I kissed as Adrienne caressed my dick with her soft hands. Kim's tongue softly meshed with mine.

"He's big." Adrienne said softly.

"I know, but very nice." Kim replied as she looked at me and smiled.

I could feel Adrienne's wet lips kiss the head and her tongue softly kiss the tip.

Kim and I looked down to see her friend begin swallowing my hard dick.

"Wow, that looks so hot." Kim said softly.

I couldn't speak at this moment. Kim's hand was softly rubbing my chest. Adrienne was slowly taking all of my dick into her mouth. She slowly came off my dick and smiled.

"Feel OK baby?" she asked.

I just nodded.

"It's very nice Kim." She said as she resumed her oral work.

Kim and I looked at each other and smiled.

"Would you like me to take over, Jim?" she asked. "I think you do."

Again, I could only nod my head.

Kim slid off the couch and joined Adrienne. Adrienne looked at Kim, then me, smiling all the while.

"You're nice Jim." Adrienne said.

Adrienne Bailon stood up and began to unzip her jacket, then removed her white t-shirt, revealing a lacy bra.

Kim looked over at her and said "Oh, A, I love that bra, where'd you get it?"

"That place on Garcia Boulevard."

Kim turned and smiled at me

"She looks hot doesn't she, baby?" she said

I could only nod as Kim's mouth enveloped my dick again.

Adrienne started to slide her pants down, revealing some equally lacy panties. She was smiling too, knowing how much I was turned on. I could feel my dick get harder at the sight of her. Kim's tongue was swirling all around my dick and I could her say "Mmmmm" she knew I was getting harder in her mouth.

Kim turned to look at Adrienne and then stood up.

"I should get comfortable too." She said.

Adrienne still had her bra and panties on when she crouched down and held my dick in her hands.

"Oh my...it's so pretty Jim."

"Thank you"

"Um...it's rather big too." She said with a smile.

Adrienne let it gently slide around her lips, then her tongue gently kissed the head. Kim was undressing now, I smiled and inhaled slightly when I saw those gorgeous tits of hers come into view. She smiled too, she knew she was turning me on.

"Like what you see Jim?" she asked.

"Oh yes...y-y-yes I do." I could barely respond, between Adrienne's oral work, and now seeing an almost naked Kim Kardashian, what was I supposed to do?

"You wanna see more?"

"Oh yeah, Kim, give him what he wants." Adrienne said with a laugh.

Kim sat on the couch next to me and snuggled in, kissing me softly as we watched Adrienne suck my dick, her head going up and down its length.

"Mmmm...doesn't she look hot Jim?" Kim said in a sexy voice, but then again she could read the phone book and sound sexy.

"Do him good A. We want him nice and hard."

Adrienne nodded. Then her mouth came off my dick.

"Wow...how do you handle that thing Jim?"

My eyes were looking at Kim's tits and I could only smile.

"He handles it very well, A." she replied with a kiss on my lips.

"My turn." Adrienne said as she moved up next to me and Kim moved down and resumed sucking my dick. Then she stood up.

"You know, Jim should be comfortable too." Kim said.

"We all should." Adrienne said.

I knew just what they meant by their faces.

I now stood, weak legs and all and Kim slid my pants and underwear down. Adrienne removed my shirt, her soft hands felt so nice on my chest.

I was now completely naked in front of Kim Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon.

Kim and Adrienne looked at one another and smiled.

"Very nice, Jim." Kim said. "Now undress us."

"Yes...um...good idea." I weakly said.

I turned to Adrienne, who looked at me with her mouth slightly open. Her eyes showed love and lust at the same time. We embraced and her hands were so soft. Her kisses were wonderful and I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Her tits were nice, very round globes with large pink nipples. I gingerly slid my hands down her thighs and she made an "oh" sound like I'd heard when we first kissed. Her thong panties were very satiny and they effortlessly slid off revealing her naked beauty to me. Her pussy was totally smooth, totally hairless. It felt so beautiful to be holding her like this, she felt so soft and sexy as we kissed again.

"Oh Jim...I feel so good now." She said to me and Kim.

Kim leaned in and kissed Adrienne on the lips, I could tell their tongues were intertwining with one another.

"Undress me now, Jim." Kim said with a sly tone.

I looked at Adrienne and she gave me smile and nod of encouragement.

Kim embraced me now and my hands drifted down to her ass and I could feel her satiny panties. Kim smiled and giggled as she knew what I was feeling.

"Oh Jim, you're such a teaser." She said with a giggle.

I smiled back and reached to her bra strap and slid it down her left shoulder, then her right until her beautiful tits were exposed. Kim stood back slightly and slowly unsnapped the front of it until she was truly topless in front of us. Adrienne stood close to me and watched this while softly running her hands over my body and her own. Adrienne reached out and cupped one of Kim's big tits.

"Wow Kim, you've got some big boobs." She said.

"So do you, A." Kim replied. "I don't think Jim minds."

They both laughed.

"Take her panties off Jim...I'm so horny now." Adrienne said.

I took a slight breath, then reached over and slid Kim's satin panties down, exposing her equally smooth pussy. We were all naked now and we all had to look at one another, it seemed so dream-like that I was here, with these two beauties, naked. I was hard as a rock now as we all kissed one another and I felt different hands caress my dick. Kim knelt down and began to suck me again while Adrienne and I kissed, our tongues intertwining and my hand on her wet pussy, a finger sliding in making her moan. Adrienne's hand was on my ass caressing it. Kim stood up now and we all kissed one another.

"Jim, it's time Adrienne got to know you better." She said.

"Uh...O-o-okay." I said hesitantly.

Adrienne smiled at Kim.

"Let's go to your bedroom, Jim." Kim said.

"Yes, I like that, more room for us." Adrienne replied.

We made our way up the darkened stairs to my bedroom, each of us holding a flashlight or a lit-up cellphone. Once we all made it safely, we climbed onto my bed and eagerly felt one another. Kim and I began to lick Adrienne's tits, she was moaning in pleasure as our hands and tongues worked her. I became even bolder when I kissed my way down her toned belly and found her wet pussy just begging for a taste. My lips and tongue dove into her sweet pussy and she moaned even louder, especially when I saw that Kim had now straddled her friend's face and her equally wet pussy was being licked by Adrienne. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Kim's moans were just as erotic.

"Oh A...uh-huh...lick my pussy....oh god...so wet...oh so wet for youuuu..." she moaned.

I continued my oral work on Adrienne, she was so wet and hot.

"Lick her good Jim...eat that pussy baby...ohhhhhyyyessss..."

Kim had leaned back and I could feel her long black hair touching my head. I sat up and kissed Kim's neck, then her lips. She could taste her friend's pussy juices on my lips and tongue. I now caressed Kim's huge tits from behind and kissed her neck as Adrienne's face was buried in her pussy.

"Oh god A! Oh god! Gonna cum....gonna cum....oh godddddd!!!" she screamed. Her body went limp in my arms and we slid backwards onto the bed. Adrienne had a smile of satisfaction on her face, she'd made her friend cum, big time. She now sat up and kissed Kim deeply. Then kissed Kim's tits as she was held by me.

"Oh my god...that was soooo hot." Kim said breathlessly.

"Wow...you have the best pussy Kim." Adrienne said.

"Better than Sabrina's?" she asked.

"Oh, Much better." Adrienne said.

"Sabrina? You mean...?" I asked.

"Oh yeah...she and I fucked once." Adrienne said matter of factly about her fellow Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan. "She really likes girls."

"Whoa..." was all I could say.

"But that was someone else...and Jim is so much better." Kim said as she turned and kissed me.

"Thanks." I replied.

"And A, I think you oughta see what he can really do." Kim said slyly.

"Oh my!" she replied.

"Open you legs wide, A..." Kim said. "Time for you to fuck her, Jim."

"Oh my..." I said, feeling pretty dumb for saying that.

But I couldn't turn down two beauties like this.

Kim kissed me and eased Adrienne's legs open. She seemed nervous but very excited. I was super hard and looked at both girls'. Kim really wanted to see her friend get fucked. I held my dick and gingerly aimed it at her pussy. It was so sexy watching it slide in and be enveloped by her pussy. Oh, she felt hot!

"Oh god....oh my god...so big...so fuckin' big!" Adrienne sighed.

"I know, that's why he's Hollywood Jim." Kim said as she began to rub her own pussy.

I began to fuck Adrienne with measured strokes, she felt so good. I held her legs apart and she was matching me stroke for stroke.

"Oh yessss...Jim fuck me...huh god so hot!" she moaned.

"Fuck her Jim....keep going...oh Jim...fuck her goooood..." Kim said while her fingers were probing her pussy. I didn't know which was hotter, seeing Kim rubbing her pussy or feeling my dick inside Adrienne. I wanted them both at the same time. Adrienne was practically screaming now in ecstasy. Kim leaned down and began to eagerly lick and suck Adrienne's tits as I fucked her. Adrienne's pussy felt so hot as it enveloped my dick. Kim looked back at me, and gave Adrienne's boobs a sexy lick, then an equally sexy smile back at me. Then she whispered to me "Fuck her..."

How could I resist?

Kim and Adrienne were deeply kissing one another. Kim held Adrienne's head in her arms and I could tell she was whispering something in her ear as she caressed her breast and watched me fuck her. Adrienne's eyes were closed and her mouth open slightly but no sound was heard. She was in complete ecstasy right now, having me fuck her and Kim licking her.

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