tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 41

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 41


While we still in the midst of filming “Days of Rage” in London, Marty O’Brien called with a hastily organized photo gig. The Triple Threat Tour we’d worked on was doing a special gig at the O2 Arena for the BBC and HBO in the states. And we’d be doing all the photos again. Beyonce`, Rihanna and Tigress would be on the bill again and there was a promise of “unannounced special guests” on the show too. For some reason, Marty kept that a secret even from us. Very un-Marty, if you asked me. But I wasn’t complaining; my entire time in London had been spent at the flat with the film’s star Jennifer Aniston and the studios’ London rep Beth. Which saved the studio money, and the benefits of being around the two of them had been quite nice as well. Chris was doing quite well too, he’d hooked up with one of the production assistants so I didn’t see much of him on days we weren’t working. I learned long ago not to ask too many questions about his hookups, and he rarely asked about mine.

Beth was turning out to be quite fun to be around, and not just when her sister Sophie was there too!

Chris and I met at the vast 02 Arena complex the morning of the show for the soundcheck and to go over logistics with Terry Carter, the English promoter. Even with all the chaos going on around us, Terry was cool. He’d been promoting shows in England for many years, so something like this was nothing for him. Marty and Terry went over what to expect and let us in on who the guests would be. Fergie was expected, and possibly Mariah Carey. One of them was this British singer I’d never heard of but was apparently quite the rising star there, Pixie Lott. She’d be joining Rihanna during her set. Marty was quite proud to get her on the show, he’d just made a deal to bring her to the USA to open for Tigress’ on their upcoming tour, so he was positioning her to be his “next big thing” with lots of promo appearances planned. Marty had pulled out all the stops to make sure “Pixie” got first class treatment. Like I said, she was already a rising star in Britain, but he figured the more press she got with the American market, the better. Chris and I couldn’t help but snicker at calling somebody Pixie, sure it was a stage name and all but it just felt weird to Yanks like us. And Marty was starting to get a little annoyed at us.

“Alright, I’m glad you’re getting’ a laugh out of this, I’ll remember it when I’m choosing tour photographers.” He said with mock-seriousness.

As we were leaving the Arena, as if by chance, Beth and Sophie were waiting outside by Sophie’s car, a blue Ford Focus convertible.
“Hey Jim!” they yelled.
“Looks like you just got a ride somewhere nice.” Chris said.
“Oh, well, they’re just, uh…” I stammered.
“Friends?” he said with raised eyebrows.
I could only nod in response as they walked over.
“Yeah…wish I had friends like that.” He replied wistfully as he walked away to the sexy redhead standing by an equally cool looking Jaguar.
“What are you two doing here?” I asked after getting a sweet kiss from both girls.
“Sophie works for Terry’s company, she gets me into every show here, cool, huh?” Beth said.
“I can clearly see the advantages of this arrangement.” I said with my best professorial tone.
They both laughed like schoolgirls.
“I’m so cool…” I thought to myself.
“So I hear that Pixie Lott’s gonna be on the show.” Beth said
“Don’t know anything about that.” I replied.
“It’s true.” Sophie added in a weary tone “She’s all wacko about that.”
“I’ve never heard of her.” I said.
“You’re kidding? Oh my god she’s so cool!” Beth said excitedly
“Come on Hollywood, we’re buying you lunch.” Sophie said as she led me to the Ford and we were off. Beth was playing Pixie’s CD as we drove along and giving me all the details about her. Not bad, I thought. And both wanted to know any gossip about Rihanna, I had to wonder if I should tell them about my fling I’d had with her during the American tour. After what I’d already done with them, I doubted anything would faze them. They’d probably enjoy it for all I know.

The night of the show was definitely the biggest affair we’d ever been a part of. Beth and Sophie drove me there, looking incredibly sexy in matching miniskirts with glitter accents that showed some serious legs. There were paparazzi photographers everywhere and plenty of stars too. But these were of the English kind, so the names’ meant little to me. This was one of those rare moments when I had to look around and wonder if I was really here. Chris reassured me like only he could;
“Get your ass in gear Hollywood! We gotta a job to do!” he barked.

The show was something else! Everyone involved had radically changed their set lists for this show. Which was good, my theory was when you see the same show night after night, the pictures begin to suffer. Rihanna and I hadn’t seen one another in a few months. And a lot had happened to her since then, according to the tabloids. She had even fiercer looking guards around her than usual. So there was no way we’d have any kind of meeting like before. Like Chris said, I had a job to do.

Chris and I headed into the backstage areas for extra gear and saw Marty there.

“Hey boys! I’d like you to meet Miss Pixie.”
Pixie Lott was there with him and several other assistants. She was quite pretty, I had to admit. She had golden blonde hair and warm brown eyes. And a killer body that had definitely spent lots of time either in an elite dance studio or a gym. She was definitely showing it off too, in a glittery tank top and blue jeans.
“Hi guys, I’m Pixie.” She said with a cute accent
This was one time that Chris didn’t play super salesman. To my surprise, he was the one stammering for a response.
“Hi, I’m Jim. That’s Chris, my boss. We did all the photos for the American tour.”
“I know, Marty’s quite the promoter for you guys. I can’t wait to see your photos tonight. I’m just so nervous about Rihanna…what’s she like?”
“Oh, she’s cool, great lay…I mean LADY!” I said quickly correcting myself.
Chris was practically standing behind me now like a shy child.
“Uh, you know there’s some friends of mine who’d love to meet you, maybe later?” I said.
“Oh, I’d love to meet them, bring them to the after-party.” She said cheerfully as she looked at Marty.
“You got it, guys.” Marty said “I’ll tell Terry…come on my dear, it’s showtime.”
And with that, Marty and Pixie left.
My, oh, my, she had a nice ass!
Chris hadn’t said a word the whole time, a first for him.
“Well, you were in fine voice tonight, should I wind you up for the Q&A?” I said.
“L-l-let’s get going.” He said.
Once in a while I get the upper hand with him, and it’s always nice!
Rhianna’s set was even better than I recall. She looked incredibly hot, as usual. But there were few, if any, glances toward me on stage left snapping photos. I turned around and there was Ms. Pixie waiting for her cue to join her onstage.
“Hey, do I look OK?” she asked nervously.
She had the same outfit on when we met, but the jeans had been traded for a pair of tight black bicycle shorts that looked painted on and thigh-high leather boots. It took all I had to not totally drool over her, she looked so hot.
“Wow…you look great!” I said.
We then heard Rihanna talking onstage.
“Alright London…I’m gonna bring someone up here for my next song…give it up for…Pixie Lott! Come on, girl!”
She hesitated momentarily, then looked at me and smiled as if to say “wish me luck” then quickly dashed out onto the stage, waving to the screaming crowd. Then the two went right into Rhianna’s song “Shut Up and Drive”, Pixie’s song “Mama Do” and a cover of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation”. They sounded great together and played off one another in an “I’ll show you” kind of way. I can only imagine what Beth and Sophie were thinking. I hadn’t seen them since we arrived, they followed me into the backstage area for a minute then apparently went to their seats.

Once Pixie had finished her mini set with Rihanna, she walked offstage and immediately went for me, giving me a big hug, much to my surprise.
“Oh, my god! That was so awesome! I can’t believe I did it!”
“Well, you did.” I replied, still trying to understand why she went for me and not Marty. After all, he was the guy bringing her stateside.
Pixie was quickly swept away by Marty and reps from her record company. She looked over her shoulder at me and waved as she was led away.
“I know that look…” I heard Chris say as he stood by me.
“Yeah, I’ll bet you do…” I replied and we went back to gather our gear for the night.
The tour had progressed to the point where we knew the best time to leave the venue to beat any traffic. We weren’t disrespecting the performers, but we’d seen the show so many times that there wasn’t much we hadn’t already seen before.

As we were packing up, Marty buzzed us on our cellphones with info on the after party. It would be at the Dorchester Hotel in London, I remembered that place from long ago. At least this time Chris wouldn’t blow me off like he did the last time we were in London.
“OK, our car’s downstairs, let’s go.” He said
The underground garage was a hubbub of activity between drivers, musicians, managers and assorted hangers-on. In the midst of this I heard someone yelling.
“Jim! Over here!” I saw Beth and Sophie at their car waving me over.
I quickly dashed over to them.
“The party’s at the Dorchester, see you there.” I said and turned to run back
“Wait a minute! You might need this.” Sophie said as she held up my wallet. “You left it in my car.”
“Holy shit!” I didn’t realize it had fallen out. “Thanks!”
“See you there, baby.” Beth said as they drove away.
I walked back to the rented car Chris and I had, and saw it was gone.
“Son of a bitch!” I screamed as I stood in the now empty garage.
He did it again! Chris had abandoned me in London.
I started to walk, then ran up the ramp hoping I might catch him before he disappeared.
No luck, there was a vast sea of cars but no sign of Chris.
“Wonderful!” I said out loud.
I started walking, where I had no idea. I gotta figure out how to get to this Dorchester Hotel, wherever that is.
Calling Chris’ phone was no help, it went to voicemail.
But London had other plans for me as I heard a car horn honking and a girls’ voice screaming.
“Jim! Jim! Over here!”
I saw Sophie’s convertible and Beth standing up in it screaming my name.
“Over here!”
I immediately ran toward their car.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” “Where’s your ride?” They asked.
“Uh, I’m not sure. He probably figured I was riding with you and took off.”
“Bastard…” Beth growled
“Aw, he’s not so bad.” I said trying to defend the guy who dumped me.
“I hope he doesn’t get laid tonight!” Sophie said with a laugh as we drove away.

It had been awhile since I’d been to the Dorchester; it still had that old-world charm to it. It must’ve quite the place long ago. But it still had the private elevator that quickly spirited us up to what was called the “Skyline Room” at the top of the hotel. The windows looked out onto London’s late-night lights. There was music playing everywhere and flashbulbs were going off in different places. I was happy the show went off great, and happier that we’d be heading home soon with “Days of Rage” having finished principal photography. London had been great to us again, but L.A. was calling our names again.

Beth and Sophie were spellbound at what they were seeing here. With their jobs in the film/music business they’d probably been to their share of these events but once in awhile they look at it in a whole new light.

“Can I get you two a drink?” I asked
They both nodded.
“What would you like?” I asked again
“Oh! A glass of wine for me.” Beth finally said.
“I’ll have one, too.” Sophie replied

I found the bar and added in a Jack Daniels and water for myself. While getting my drink I spotted Terry Carter.
“Hey! Great show, Terry!” I said.
“Oh, thanks, mate. Things like this are always an adventure, where’s your partner?”
“I have no idea. He ditched me in the garage.”
“Strange, I just saw him in the lobby arguing with the Concierge`.”
“Hmm, maybe he didn’t have his invitation.” I said with a laugh.
Terry chuckled in response.

“Hey, Jim!” I heard Marty calling me from across the room. “Chris is on the phone, says the hotel won’t let him into the party.”
For a minute, I chuckled and thought this would be the perfect revenge.
“Yeah, let him in…but make sure the bar’s out of beers.” I finally said.
I felt a distinctively soft presence on my side I heard an equally soft voice
“Hi, Jim.”
It was Ms. Pixie, back again and holding her own glass of red wine. She’d traded her stage clothes for a white pantsuit and black t-shirt combo.
“So, where’s these friends of yours who wanted a picture?” she asked.
“Oh, right this way, my dear.” I said with elegance.
Marty stopped me slightly.
“Don’t wrinkle the merchandise, Mr. Hollywood.” He said
Pixie laughed, she seemed to like the attention.

“Uh, Pixie, this is Beth and her sister Sophie.” I said
The girls were completely star struck, and hesitantly held out their hands to her. She was incredibly friendly towards them and gladly posed for photos. I was just an observer as they chatted. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Chris arriving. I excused myself as he spotted me.
“Why Chris, fancy meeting you here.” I said with a snicker.
“Very funny! Where’s the bar?” he snorted.
“Oh, didn’t you hear?” I said with a serious face. “They just ran out of booze.”
Chris had a look of horror on his face, before I stated to giggle.
“Not funny!” he said before stalking off to the bar.
Pixie and the girls seemed to be deep in some kind of discussion, but with apparent giggles thrown in. I went out on the balcony to check out the view. To see the London skyline at night was truly amazing. It was another one of those “am I really here?” moments that stay with you. In the dim light I saw someone sitting at a table with several companions, along with 2 or 3 very large men to the sides.

“Hey, Jim…” a voice said.
It was Rihanna, seated with several friends who I recognized as members of her band. She immediately got up and walked towards me. She had on a simple black dress with silver accents, her hair was back to its normal dark color.
“How you been, baby?” she said with a hug and sweet kiss on my cheek.
“How about you?” I asked, I think she knew what I was referring to.
“I’m OK…I’ll be fine.” She said with a confident smile "what about you? It’s been awhile since I saw you.”
“Oh, you know me, work, work and more work. We’re here shooting Jennifer Aniston’s movie.”
“Days of Rage?”
“Yes, how did you…”
“I was offered that film too! But not to star in it, I would’ve played one of the assassins. Oh, man, I wish I could’ve done it. ”
“Oh well, that’s show-biz.” I said with a shrug.
“Yeah, we could’ve, um, seen each other you know.” She said with a sexy smile and raised eyebrow. “Seen each other a lot.”
Uh-oh, what should I say now?
“Jim!” I heard Beth’s voice from behind me.
Saved by another pretty lady.
“Oh, somebody’s calling you now” She said with a sweet kiss and a soft caress of my crotch “you have fun baby.” as she went off with her entourage.
“Come on hun, Pixie’s gonna show us her suite.” Beth said as she took my arm and led me away.
I looked over my shoulder and Rihanna gave me a smile and a wave.
“Gee, I guess you two hit it off pretty good.” I said
“You bet!” she replied as we joined Sophie and Pixie and headed for the elevator.
The wine had obviously hit the girls and they were all giggling the whole time like they’d known one another for years.

We didn’t realize it but we were heading past where the suite’s were. The elevator doors opened and we were in the pool area.
“Hey! Let’s see what’s there!” Beth said and we immediately went to check out the pool. The lights were off and doors locked but somehow Pixie’s key card opened the doors and we all looked at one another with surprise.
“Cool!” she said with surprise and excitement as we crept inside.
We quietly walked inside the vast indoor pool area. The water’s reflection shimmered on the ceiling and walls and our voices echoed. We all tried to be as quiet as possible and be only high-class trespassers.
“Wow this is so cool.” Sophie said as she walked around.
“I think it’s even heated too…” Beth said as she elegantly dipped a toe into the water.
“Man, looks like there’s a sauna in there too.” Pixie said as she peered in a window.
“I wonder if there’s a light switch around here.” I said looking around on the walls.
“No, leave them off, I think it’s cooler.” Sophie said.
“Shall we try it out?” Beth said looking at me and the pool with a naughty smile.
Sophie and Pixie both giggled at the thought.
“Uh… are you sure?” I was apprehensive at what was going on.
But the girls weren’t, Beth and Sophie took off their shoes and unzipped their dresses. They were suddenly topless, Sophie wearing only a pink thong, Beth in skimpy white panties. Pixie looked at them, and began taking off her shirt showing a flesh colored bra that disappeared showing beautiful C cup tits with bright pink nipples. Her pants disappeared too and she had on matching panties.
Beth and Sophie had quietly slipped into the water and I heard them both say “Ooooo” as they got accustomed to the heated water. Pixie was seated on the poolside before sliding in to join them.
“Well?” I heard Beth say while looking at me. Sophie and Pixie had similar looks.
I took a deep breath, looked around and began to disrobe for them. Sophie turned to Pixie and whispered something to her, making them both giggle.
“I’ll bet you’re enjoying this.” I said to them.
“Hey, it’s better than my show!” Pixie said, making them all laugh even more.
I was down to my underwear and now I slid into the pool. I gently glided across it to where Sophie and Beth were. Pixie did her own gentle glide across the length. Her ass looked so cute in her now transparent panties. And it was incredibly erotic to watch. Before I knew it, Beth had swum over to me and was embracing and kissing me, her blonde hair looking equally sexy with its ends matted down by the water. Sophie began to gently swim across the pool and it appeared as if her panties were now gone. She dove under the water and when she surfaced, she elegantly stretched her leg out of the water.
“Hey love…” Beth whispered.
We kissed again, deeper now. I felt her hands caress my head and her tongue had made its way inside and was touching mine as we gently spun around in the water.
“Why don’t you lose those?” she said as she felt my underwear which now felt very constricting. “I’ve lost mine.” she said.
My hand slid down and, sure enough, I felt nothing but bare skin between her legs. I was able to slip my underwear off and we were both naked now. Her hand immediately went to my dick and it was already hard.
“Ohhh…so nice.” She said in a sexy whisper “Touch me…”
My hand went to her naked pussy and it felt so smooth in the water, making her coo with delight. Beth’s hand wrapped completely around my dick and she began to slowly jerk it. The warm water felt especially good to both of us as my finger had penetrated Beth’s pussy, making her slowly moan in my ear as we continued to kiss. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sophie and Pixie watching us. Sophie swam over to us and gave my ass a nice grab. Pixie was with Sophie at the shallow end of the pool sitting on the bottom step, the water was only up to her waist, and they looked so sexy watching Beth and I. Out of the corner of my eye, I cold see Pixie’s hand was beneath the water and her face seemed to show a lot of pleasure, I think she was rubbing herself, her eyes were half closed. I think she was lost in her pleasure but still wanted to watch someone else’s. Sophie appeared to notice and eagerly watched her while casually touching her breasts. Beth’s hands continued to caress my dick, and mine were on her pussy, gently inserting a finger inside her. Beth no longer kissed me, but lightly rested her head on my shoulder and let out a long series of “ohs” that came faster as she apparently climaxed. It wasn’t the same kind of earth-shattering ones I’d so far experienced with her, but I figured there’d be more soon! Beth gradually slid from my arms and floated away from me.

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