tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 43

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 43


Our next photo assignment was, for a change, in town. Chris got a call from Honda motorcycles offering us a photo gig for a new TV ad campaign they were starting. The ads would run primarily on the West Coast and then possibly go national. This had the potential to be another cash cow for us and we quickly agreed. Chris knew that a successful local campaign that became a national campaign could lead to very big bucks for us. What made the gig even more appealing was how we were referred to Honda. The TV ads would be done by Mark Stein. We'd met Mark when he did all the concert video work for Tigress. Mark recommended us to Honda and we were off and running. We went down to Honda's regional facility, a sprawling complex of buildings near the waterfront that served as a distribution center for their cars, motorcycles and everything else they manufactured. Chris went to talk business with his contact there while I prowled around the showroom. I'd always wanted a bike my whole life, now that we were successful as photographers, that dream seemed possible more than ever. What got my attention too were some snazzy leather bike jackets. Hey, if I can't have the bike, the jacket might be cool too. I tried one on and it felt stiff, but very cool. A girl with short brunette hair and a vaguely exotic look was nearby watching me. I looked at myself in the mirror, trying to look super-cool, but still feeling like a super geek.

"It's you." She finally said.

"Think so?" I replied. "I don't even ride."

"Doesn't matter, it's perfect on you."

"Are you with those guys?" I asked, pointing to the official-type guys Chris was huddling with.

"Yes, I've known the owner for a long time. He told me he was hiring you guys, you're Hollywood Jim."

I was stunned at her response.

"Excuse me?"

"Hollywood Jim, I've heard about you."

I looked around with suspicion.

"Um, from whom?"

"Oh, friends of mine, anyway I'm gonna be the spokesmodel for this campaign. I've seen your work." My eyebrows went up slightly "Your photo work, you guys are good."

"Oh! Well, thanks!"

"Hi, Catherine Bell." She said as she extended her hand.

Now I knew who she was, wow! Man, she looked great! She had on a grey pullover shirt and black jeans. And she had a body that didn't stop. I remembered seeing her on "J.A.G." and wishing there had been more episodes that showed off her body. God, what a rack she had!

"Ah, so that's why..." I started.

"You're here, plus the fringe benefits are pretty cool too." She said as she straightened my jacket.

"Uh, yes, I guess so." I said hesitantly.

She smiled at me.

Chris came back and joined us.

"Hey! You met the spokesmodel, pretty nice, huh?" he said with his usual wiseguy tone as he introduced himself to her. "OK Hollywood, we're all set for tomorrow, let's go."

"Right, uh good to meet you Miss Bell." I said as I was hustled off.

"Catherine, see you guys tomorrow." She said sweetly as we left. She had such an easy charm about her. "Easy" in the sense of personality.

The next day we headed out to an abandoned factory complex for the first days shoot. The campaign's tag line was "You never know who might be riding one." and would have Catherine riding different bikes throughout the ad in different locations. She was an expert rider and insisted on doing all the bike shots herself. Mark would direct the video portion while we'd do all the still shots for the print ads and the website. For this shoot, she'd be riding a CBR1000 bike, and decked out in full biker leathers and black helmet, giving the perfect air of mystery when she roared up to the camera, took off her helmet, shook her hair loose, and said the tag line into the camera. She just oozed sensuality each time she said it. And I got the feeling Mark was doing retakes just get her on camera saying it as many times as possible for his pleasure.

The next day we were on a motocross course in the hills and she was flying over hills on a Honda dirt bike like a pro. She seemed to enjoy getting all muddy on the bike, so unlike her Marine character on TV. But we didn't mind! Then we moved to the confines of our studio and extra still shots that put her back in the leather outfit. I had to admit, this was my favorite. On a break, I finally got up the nerve to talk to her again.

"So I guess you ride a lot." I said.

"Oh yeah! I've got like 5 bikes at home, all kinds. Do you ride?" she asked.

"No, but I'd sure love to try it out, I guess I'm a frustrated biker."

"Oh, you'd love it. It's very liberating. Really clears your head."

"That is if you don't land on it." I said tapping the black helmet for effect.

"Ah, touché." She replied with a smile.

"Beautiful and witty, good combination" I thought. Then quickly shook it out of my head. Get over it, Jim you're here to do a job, not troll for TV starlets.

For the last day's shoot, we'd be at our studio. Honda brought over several bikes and we had the idea to get several muddied ones and have Catherine decked out very formally next to them, the contrast was pretty funny, and she agreed. Once Chris called a wrap, Catherine went back to get changed and we began breaking down the gear. I was really giving some serious looks not only to her but to a cool looking CBR600 bike that was provided. Catherine came back out of the dressing room in jeans and a classic white t-shirt, holding a leather jacket.

"Pretty neat, huh?" she said.

"Yes, very."

"Here, try this on." She said as she tossed the jacket to me.

I slipped it on and it felt great. It was an official Honda Racing jacket.

"Wow, fits like a leather glove." I said.

"Good, I'm glad I got your size right." She said.

"My size?"

"Sure, it's yours, gift from the Honda guys." She replied with that smile of hers.

"A gift? Are you serious?" I was amazed, to say the least.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the Honda reps giving one to Chris too. He had the same reaction as me.

"My god! Thank you!" I was so amazed.

"My pleasure, come on, got something else for you." She said as she led me outside.

Outside was a similar, but much faster looking bike. Catherine took a helmet hanging off the handlebars and handed another to me.

"Get on." She said as she started up the bike, which came to life with a sleek sounding "whir".

"But, I don't know how to ride!" I said.

"That's why I'm driving, not you, get on." She said.

It felt weird getting on as a passenger, but okay.

"Um, how should I hold you...I mean...hold onto you?"

"Anyway you want, babe." She said as we pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road.

The Honda had such a sleek sound to it as we cruised the streets of Los Angeles. Catherine soon turned onto a winding road and we were off into the hills. I was trying to be brave as she twisted and turned the bike, sped up and slowed down. Finally she pulled off onto an open space of land that looked out onto the city. We both got off the bike and stretched our legs.

"So, whatcha think?" she said as she shook her brunette hair.

"I think I'd be a better driver than passenger, especially on that bike." I said as I pointed to the tiny passenger seat.

She laughed.

"Yeah, I think it's made for someone with this..." she said as she patted her ass.

"You're probably right." I said with a laugh of my own. Then I wondered if I'd said the wrong thing, again?

Catherine knew exactly what I meant and easily laughed.

"Yeah, I probably got a nice ass, I've never had any complaints." She said as she shook it a little for effect. "What do you think?"

"Uh, you'll get no complaints from me." I said.

"Good answer." She said with a sly smile I'd seen many times on TV. She then went towards the edge of the clearing and looked out on the city in the distance.

"Wow...never amazes me just how big this place is." She said turning to me as I joined her.

"I believe you, I still wonder if I'm really here sometimes." I said, thinking back on my night at Paris's house long ago and how we looked out on the night sky.

"Wanna go a little further? I know a great place up the road." She offered.

"Yeah, let's roll." I said as we put our helmets back on.

Catherine's Honda whirred to life again.

"Scoot up closer to me, babe." She said

I think the crotch of my jeans was now magnetically attached to her cute ass.

But before I knew it, we were off!

Her Honda smoothly exited the twisting roads and found a long stretch of open road where she let the bike's power loose. I tried not to seem petrified as we flew down the road, but I was! I didn't try to look at the speedometer but we must've been up there in terms of speed. But I was getting excited, not by the bike but the fact I was so close to Catherine's ass, and it felt good. She seemed to like it too, her denim clad ass seemed to move closer to my crotch the more we rode.

Soon we were back in town and she pulled into a suburban neighborhood of random houses.

Were we going to her place? No, this didn't seem like where she'd live.

At a stoplight, I tapped her helmet.

"Where are we going?" I asked as best I could through my helmet

"Friends place." She replied.

Okay, I thought.

Catherine pulled into a ranch-style house with 2 cars in the driveway.

We climbed off the bike and she shook her hair loose, very sexy.

"This is my girlfriend's house." She said as she stretched her legs.

"Oh, uh, cool."

Catherine gave me a quick kiss on the lips, I was stunned, she was smiling.

"Wait here, I'll be right back." She said.

She walked up the steps to the door, whoever answered invited her inside.

I was alone in this neat, orderly neighborhood I'd never seen before. And a TV starlet had stolen a kiss from me. I'd been in these situations before.

But what do I do, Hollywood?

Catherine came back down the steps, she'd unzipped her leather jacket and I could see her bountiful breasts move as she walked. She was apparently braless.

"Hi, surprised you didn't I?" she said "didn't expect a kiss did you?"

"No...I...did...not." I said as she stood close to me.

"Well, I like you. That's why I did it."

"Um, I have to ask, what is this place?"

"It's Cheryl's, she's an old friend of mine, we used to model together long ago." She explained "She's got a great house. Come on, I'll introduce you."

Catherine took my arm and took me up to the door. The inside was nicely furnished. Cheryl came out of the kitchen, she was a stunning oriental girl and wore a red silk robe.

"This is my friend Jim, Cher." Catherine said.

"Hi, Jim, good to meet you. I just got out of the shower, that's why I've got this on."

"Oh, got it."

Cheryl went to get drinks for us.

Catherine turned to me.

"So, like this place?" she asked

"Yeah, very nice, very California."

"Wanna hang out awhile?"

"Um, sure."

"Good." she replied as she went into the kitchen.

A few minutes later, she returned.

"Come on, I wanna show you the rest of the house, it's so cool."

Catherine took my hand and we went downstairs to a well-furnished TV room with cushy furniture throughout.

"Cheryl and I shared this place long ago." She said "had a lot of great times here. We're still part owners of it, mostly for investments."

Catherine was staying very close to me, she had a beautiful smelling perfume on. She'd since removed her jacket and her white t-shirt showed that her nipples were erect. And her breasts looked gorgeous.

We moved back upstairs to a master bedroom that had a rustic feel to it. A huge wooden king size bed dominated the room with elegant woodwork along the sides.

"Wow, was this handmade?" I asked.

"Um, I think so. Cheryl used to date a carpenter and he built it." She explained "but then she couldn't fit it in her room, and then broke up with the guy!"

"So you got it?"


"Then this would be..." I said slowly

"My bedroom. Well, it used to be my bedroom." She said as she sat on the bed and pulled off her weathered motorcycle boots. They were the classic black style with the round metal buckle at the heel and black straps.

"Ah, gotcha." I said "uh, dumb question, but you don't...?"

"Live here? No! I live out by the beach." She said with a big smile as she stood up. "I only come out here when I want to...have some fun."

Catherine held me even closer and kissed me deeply.

I was very shocked at how forward she was at this moment. This wasn't right. I tried to gently push her away.

"Catherine...Miss Bell...I shouldn't...we shouldn't do this."

"Why not?"

"Y-you're married and all...I know you have a..."

"Husband? Yes, I do. But if I want to fool around, I can. It's a little secret we keep."

"A secret?"

"Right, it's part of my belief system."

"Belief system?" I was very confused at this moment.

"Um, scientology." She said with a slight hesitation

"Oh, I get it now." I said "I think."

"Let me put it this way, I can fool around with another guy if I want, and he can with another woman. We still love one another and it keeps things interesting."

Catherine had a sweet smile, like I'd seen a million times on TV. Why did they always use their "TV smile" on me? I'm such a pushover.

"So...you wanna fool around?"

Her hands drifted down my chest and felt around the zipper on my jeans.

"Mmmm...this feels nice."

"I'm still not sure if this is right."

"Don't worry about it...Cheryl's gone if that's what you were wondering."

Catherine kissed me again, her tongue now found its way to mine.

"Mmmmm...you're a good kisser, Jim."

"Uh, thank you."

Her hands now gently felt my shoulders

"Now...why don't we get out of these clothes?" she said with a seductive smile.

To say I was stunned was putting it quite mildly.

Catherine stepped back slightly and her hands went down to opposite sides of her shirt and she slowly pulled it up, over, and off.

She was definitely braless alright.

Catherine's tits were large and magnificent, had to be a large C size. Her nipples were large too. She smiled at me, she was enjoying this "unveiling" as it were.

"Like what you see?"

I could only nod in response as I tried to pull my own shirt off, my hands were shaking. Catherine's soft touch calmed me.

"Let me do it...you're gonna be fine, Jim." She said in a soft voice. "Just relax baby..." As my shirt was slowly removed, she softly kissed me. Feeling her tits against my bare chest was giving me a raging hard on. And her soft breaths were so erotic.

"I like this..." she whispered in my ear.

"I do too." I replied, my confidence slowly growing. As opposed to my dick, which was about to burst out of my jeans. Catherine kissed me again and looked at me, then down slightly at her tits, smiling.

"You can touch them." She said "they feel really nice."

I slowly reached up and touched her breasts, starting at the nipples and working my hands around slowly. Her eyes closed slightly and she sighed.

"Oh yesssss....that's it." She said as her body swayed slightly.

They were incredibly soft, I couldn't help but notice how lovely she smelled. There was no sign of the road on her.

Catherine's hands had moved to my belt and she began to unhook it. My belt was slowly unloosened and I could feel the metal button freed, then my zipper going down. Catherine looked at me smiling still.

"This is gonna be fun." She said

I hesitantly smiled too.

Her hand now reached inside my jeans and it cupped "my package", as it were.

"Oh, you've got a nice one." She said. "Very nice."

I could feel her soft hand caressing me through my underwear, and I was getting harder the more she did it. I was still holding her generous tits but knew I should do something else. I now reached for her jeans and unhooked them the same way she did mine.

"Yes, that's it." She said

Her jeans seemed to be tighter than mine (obviously). So getting a hand on her might not be as easy. But I was determined, nervous as hell, but determined. I started to pull her jeans down until I could see pink thong panties with tiny hearts on them.

"Interesting, no bells on them, just hearts." I joked.

She laughed at my joke.

"Very funny." She said

Catherine Bell was topless except for the cute pink panties, and now she was doing the same unveiling to me, but she went further, my jeans and underwear were slowly being pulled down until my dick revealed itself to her.

"Oooooo...very nice." She cooed as she held it in her hands and grew with her every touch. She kissed me again, then slowly began to move her hands and body downward until she was on her knees, looking up at me.

She slowly licked her lips, then her tongue touched my dick ever so softly

I tensed up slightly, this new feeling coming over me.

She now slowly licked along the length of my dick, occasionally kissing it. She pushed it upward to lick my balls and her eyes seemed to speak volumes. Now working her way back up, my dick began to disappear into her mouth, her lips swelling as it went in. Then her cheeks contracted as I could feel her sucking. Her head now began to bob up and down the top of my dick. Then all the way down and back up. She knew what she was doing.

"Feeling good?" she asked, looking up at me with those soft eyes of hers.

I could barely reply, she smiled and continued sucking.

"My god, this is a beautiful cock." She said as she jerked it a little, it was shiny from her sucking.

I looked up and saw a floor length mirror on a closet door, wow did we look sexy! Catherine on her knees, back to the mirror and showing a great ass too. My hands were softly caressing her black hair as she bobbed up and down on me. She pulled her mouth off my dick and turned to see herself in the mirror.

"Oh, don't we look sexy!" she said as she held my dick up against my waist. "Look at this...wow." she said looking at it in the mirror. It was probably at full length now. And ready for action.

Catherine smiled at her reflection, then turned to see how her tits looked next to my dick in the mirror. It was an incredibly sexy sight to say the least as she held them. They seemed to overwhelm her hands.

"Oh, this is too dirty!" she said with a laugh.

Catherine stood and kissed me slowly and lovingly.

"Touch me down there." She said

I didn't need an explanation, I knew what she meant.

My hand worked its way down to her panties, I touched her crotch and she breathed in slowly, then let out an equally slow "ohhhhh" as she felt my hand caress her panties.

"Take them off, you'll like what you find." She whispered

I knelt down and began to slowly pull her panties downward.

Catherine had a beautiful pussy, a perfect "landing strip" presented itself to me. I leaned in and softly blew on it. She breathed in again with that sexy tone. I kissed her pussy lips. They were pink, slightly swollen, and glistening. I kissed her again and my tongue began to penetrate her love nest. Her hand gently caressed my head as I began to lick her, she tasted wonderful.

"Uhhhhh....yes Jim." She moaned "just like that...just like that."

My face was almost buried in her, my tongue awash in her pussy juices.

Catherine continued to caress my head and give breathless responses to my actions.

But I could wait no more.

I stood up and guided her onto the bed, she knew exactly what to do as she spread her legs wide and casually rubbed her pussy.

"You sure know what you're doing!" she giggled

I was stroking my dick at the sight in front of me, and trying not to wonder if I should be taking precautions, I knew I should be, though.

"Oh...there's some condoms over here." She said as she rolled over to the nightstand and pulled open a drawer. She then tossed one to me and I tried not to be self-conscious as I put it on. She smiled at me.

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