tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 45

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 45


"Oh, now I know he's lost his mind!" Chris said as he got off the phone.

"Who has?" I replied.

"Who else? Marty."

"What'd he do now?"

Tigress' manager Marty O'Brien had been saying that some new gigs with "the girls" (as he put it) would be coming soon. They had a new album to promote and between the photo shoots we usually worked, Chris explained he had a new appearance in mind for them on the CBS soap opera "The Young and the Restless".

"You're right, he has lost his mind." I replied "but it is a novel idea. It's not just Mom's watching you know. I know a girl that's in Grad school who has a daily viewing club, probably a blog for all I know. Oh, there was also-"

"Hollywood..." He interjected while staring stone-faced at me "Your logic is scary sometimes."

I knew this was his way of saying I was right.

And I should also quit philosophizing while I was ahead.

In other words, shut up!

Marty gave us the lowdown on his plans. Tigress would be appearing on the show as a new music act playing a club in the show's fictional town of Genoa City, Wisconsin. I was hoping we wouldn't be part of the show like the time we were in London (although my encounter with Hilary Duff there was rather nice).

This was one time when being naïve` about everything helped. I didn't know anyone from the cast so I didn't try to do any stargazing. I figured the better dressed people must be cast members. We were shuttled to the nightclub set where the girls would do their performance and we'd snap photos. But Marty, being the publicity hound he was, grabbed me.

"Hey! Get some shots with the cast, Jim." He said

"OK" I said before leaning in close to him "now tell me who's in the cast?"

Marty had this exasperated look on his face, then quickly looked around for someone, anyone.

"Uh, I'd love to be in a photo." A voice said nearby.

"Great! Right this way..." he said as he guided a pretty blonde wearing a dark pantsuit with a silky white blouse underneath. "What's your name, darling? Just so the girls know, obviously."

"Sharon Case, I'll be in this scene." She said with a smile. "I play Sharon Newman on the show."

"Great!" Marty said again as I followed him. "This is Jim, he does the photos for their website."

I gave a slight wave to her as Marty pulled the girls together.

"Snap away, Hollywood." Marty said

"Right, boss." I said with a roll of my eyes.

"Hollywood? How'd you get a name like that?" Sharon asked with a laugh.

"Because he's a star!" Candy from Tigress said making all three laugh.

That made me blush somewhat. I knew very little about this show, but if this girl Sharon was on it, I might just add this to my TV viewing. She looked hot.

Chris and I stood off to the side of the set while Tigress filmed their scenes in the club. He was idly checking his phone for messages and seemed pretty bored by everything. I tried to get an idea of what Sharon's storyline might be as she did her dialogue with another actor who seemed to be her husband on the show. Then she had a heated exchange with another character. This wasn't quite as thrilling to watch as when we were working on Blake Lively's film, but Sharon sure looked hot nonetheless.

Then Tigress had their big moment as they performed. I snapped away as Marty stood by, giving me little hints of great shots. Surprisingly, they nailed their performance in 3 takes. Either they were so professional or the directors had a schedule to keep, and retakes were not encouraged. Tigress had finished their work for the day they'd be called back for another scene tomorrow. So our work was done.

As I was packing up our gear, Sharon came over to me.

"So Jim, what do you think of this?" she asked "Oh, wait! I should call you Hollywood shouldn't I?"

"Please, Jim is fine. I've never seen the show, but my sister was a fan, so I don't know much about what goes on here."

"Oh, there's a lot!" she laughed "I've been on here for like 10 years."

"Really? I guess a lot's happened to you."

"Oh yes, let's see...I've been married 4 times, had 3 kids, been accused of murder, been kidnapped, couple of affairs...but other than that I'm pretty normal." She said with a ho-hum expression.

We both laughed.

"I'm an amateur compared to some of the others here." She said as she looked at her cast mates. "But they're great, they've been doing this show so long, they're the reason it's still on."

Sharon was then called away by the director

"Hey, I'll see you later Jim." She said as went away to makeup.

Marty was nearby

"Hey, any idea when this'll be aired?"

"I think in like a week, why?"

"Oh, just wondering." I said as I followed Chris out to his Jeep.

"Well, you watched a soap opera being made...your life is complete." Chris said with his usual sarcasm.

"Possibly..." I replied.

The weather in Los Angeles had been lousy all week, but with the sun out the following Saturday, I finally had a chance to wash my SLK. We'd become friendly with the owner of a mega-sized car wash called "Clean Machines" and we had a guaranteed discount at the place. It was a huge operation with about 10 self-service wash bays plus automated washes and every conceivable cleaning supply available. I wasn't the only one with the same idea that day. The bays all had large glass windows, the only reason why was I guess the designer thought it would be cool to see everyone else washing their car. The SLK was getting the premier treatment (of course) and as I was crouched down to wash the tires, I heard a low, mean sounding rumble from the bay next door. I looked up and a gorgeous navy blue Corvette was pulling in. Man, did this car sound and look great! It had to be an early 70's model. The Vette's owner's back was to me, but it was a shapely blonde girl wearing khaki shorts and what appeared to be a Grateful Dead tank top. She crouched down and seemed to be using a big sponge to wash the mag wheels. Giving me what seemed to be a glimpse of her thong panties. Then she stood and bent over the hood and got a big lather working onto the long hood of the Corvette. She lathered up the car with slow, loving movements of her hands. She continued to work this soapy magic all over the car. At one point she bent over and I could see a gorgeous ass, this girl had spent a lot of time in the gym! Once the Corvette was awash in soap suds, she went over and adjusted the high-powered spray nozzle to give the car a good rinse. As the suds dissipated, the car began to truly shine. And I could finally see the owner when she removed her gold rimmed Aviator sunglasses and they casually hung by a thin strap around her neck, looking so sexy, too.

It was Sharon!

I don't know if it was coincidental but the hose I was holding suddenly spurted out a huge stream of water (subliminal message, perhaps). I quickly shut it off and wondered if I should try to catch her attention.

"Well, here goes nothin'." I said to myself

I went over to the huge window and knocked as best as I could, hoping to get her attention.

After just a few knocks, she looked up and her eyes lit up when she saw me.

"Hey!" she called "You're here too?"

"Yes, giving my car a much needed cleaning." I said pointing to the SLK.

"Same here..." she said pointing to the Corvette.

"That car's yours?" I asked, amazed

"Sort of, it's really my Dad's, he used to work for Chevy long ago and he's had that car forever. He has me store it out here, and I get to drive it on days like this. I just have to clean it and do the oil changes and stuff."

"Wow, it's a beauty."

"Aw, thanks. It's so cool to drive..." then added in a slightly excited voice "..and it's wicked fast!"

"I'll bet!" I said with equal excitement in my voice.

"You have much more to do on your car?" she asked

"Not much, why?"

"I figured we could, um, get some coffee or..." her voice trailed off and she twirled her blonde hair on her finger slightly, like she was nervous. "We didn't get to talk much that day on the set."

"Yeah, that's a good idea. Let me finish up and I'll help you with the monster machine here." I said pointing to the Vette.

Sharon and I laughed as I went back to finish rinsing off my car. I quickly finished up, parked it nearby, and went back to help Sharon.

She had now worked up a thick mix of soap and car cleaner in her hands with a big sponge. With a slow motion she worked all around the top of the car, then down its low-slung body. I was trying to concentrate on cleaning the silver mag wheels, but watching her was incredibly sexy. Somehow, I finished the drivers' side wheels and moved over to the passenger side where Sharon was. Again, it was hard to concentrate when her perfectly smooth legs were only a few feet away, and with only thin brown sandals on her feet. Sharon noticed where I was now.

"You missed a spot." She said.


"The big silver things on the tires." She said pointing at the tires.

"Oh yeah, those things!" I said

She laughed as she quickly spritzed me with the hose. She knew what I was looking at. I got the message, but the water did feel kinda nice since it was pretty hot today. I worked my way to the back of the 'Vette, the soap was really making the car shine.

"Yeah, looking good!" she said as she got the powerful hose and began to rinse off the car.

As she finished rinsing it off, she stepped back to get a good look at this example of Detroit muscle at its finest.

"Wow, looks great!" she said with a big smile

"Man, you're right." I agreed

"Alright, let's celebrate." She said as she gathered up all her cleaning gear and stuffed it into an old Nike gym bag. "You know the Dunkin' Donuts up the road?"

"Oh, sure."

"OK, meet you up there, I love their Coolattas" she said.

Sharon put on her gold aviators and the Corvette roared to life.

"See you there." She said with a smile as she drove out of the wash bay and I went to my more sedate Mercedes to follow her.

A few minutes later, I pulled into the parking lot. To my surprise, Sharon was talking to 2 excited girls who seemed to recognize her from her TV work.

"Hey! Just in time!" she said as I walked over to her "We need someone to take pictures." She said with a laugh.

"Oh, how convenient!" I replied.

The girls excitedly asked her about "Young and the Restless" and what her character was doing right and wrong as I snapped photos for them.

"Thank you, Sharon!" one said with a giggle as they walked away.

"Does that happen a lot?" I asked.

"You know, not a lot. Maybe that's an advantage to being on daytime TV."

Sharon and I got our Coolattas and sat outside the shop watching the people and cars go by.

"So, how long have you been doing photos?" she asked.

"'Bout a year, I guess. The guy who runs the company is an old friend of mine and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse to come out here and work for him."

"Nice, good to have friends like that."

"How'd you get into acting?"

"Oh, I always wanted to do this. I just kept plugging away at it. This isn't my first soap anyway."


"Nah, it's like my third." She said as she sipped her drink "I had really lousy parts before. What about you?"

"What? Lousy parts?"

"Yeah, well, had any lousy photo jobs?"

"Oh yes!" I said with a snort and a chuckle "There's been a couple of those. Not to name names, but a few people were really rough on us"

"Come on! I wanna know!" she said

"OK, we had to shoot photos for Rihanna, and she had this crew of guys that looked like ex-wrestlers...and she was in a grouchy mood..."

I didn't mention the great encounter I had with her in the hotel pool the next day

"Well, in the end it worked out OK. She's a nice lady...Great ambassador for her country."

Sharon smiled and twirled her straw as she listened.

"I guess you redeem the photo guys of the world." She said

"How so?"

"Well...you're not a paparazzi, you treat everyone very nicely...and...you know how to wash a car."

"Oh, well...it's my, uh, hidden talent."

"Have any others?" she asked with a smile as she rested her head on her left hand and idly twirled her straw.

"Like what?" I asked, unsure what she referred to.

"Well...I could see you staring at my legs."

I felt her toes touch mine

"And...I think you're now staring at my boobs." She said.

She had me there, tripped up by my manly instincts again. She was leaning in slightly giving me a definite view of her C-size tits.

"Now that you mention it...that shirt does flatter them."

(When did I suddenly become Mr. Cool?)

"Thanks...I've always liked them too." She said

"The band on the shirt...or what's in the shirt?"

"What do you think?"

"Well, their logo has never looked better." I said referring to the dancing bears on her shirt.

"So, what do you think we should do about this?" she asked as she continued to twirl her straw, then remove it and provocatively lick the end while smiling at me.

I could only watch her and be incredibly turned on. I knew my dick was getting hard but I also had to come up with a clever response, too.

"I think we should find someplace a little more, uh, private." I finally said.

"Like that place over there?" Sharon said using her straw to point to a Holiday Inn Express hotel down the street

"I think that might work."

"I think we've found our place." She now said.

"OK. Shall we, uh, depart?"

"We should." She replied with a sly smile.

We slowly got up from the table and headed to our respective vehicles. Sharon's 'Vette roared to life again and I followed her to the hotel. She looked so hot with her sunglasses on and her blonde hair in the sun.

As our cars pulled up to the hotel, I was incredibly nervous for some reason. I'd never used a hotel for something like this.

"Get a nice room, honey." She said as I went inside.

I was trying to be cool as I talked to the desk clerk, an equally pretty redhead.

"Will you be staying long, sir?" she asked

"Um, j-j-just overnight." I somehow said.

She turned to her computer and I looked out the door at Sharon, sitting in the classic blue Corvette. She pulled her sunglasses down slightly and waved with that "TV smile" she'd probably perfected.

Oh my, what I get myself into sometimes...

"Okay...sign here." The desk clerk said as she pointed to a credit card register with a well manicured finger, topped with electric red nail polish, jolting me back to reality in the process.

I walked back outside to Sharon.

"Looks we are in...room 711." I said.

"Hey, a lucky number." She replied.

"Looks like it."

The Vette rumbled to life and she slowly drove it down the parking lot to a space outside the room. I followed.

The key card operated smoothly and the door clicked open. Sharon and I strolled inside. She casually looked around, still looking hot even after washing her car. I had no idea what to do now. I'd done some illicit things before but I'd never had a girl motivate me to suddenly get a hotel room in the middle of the day.

"So, Jim..." she said slowly and seductively as she sat on the bed "is this a fantasy of yours?"

"Uh, well..."

Sharon giggled slightly

"This is just like a scene in my show, now that I think about it." She said in a normal tone.

"You're right. It does seem very soap-ish."

"Which one of us is the cheating spouse?" she asked with a grin "Usually on the show it's me!" she said with a laugh.

"Maybe it should be me, then." I replied.

"That's different."

Sharon stood and embraced me, then softly kissed me.

"What would you like to do?" she whispered in my ear.

A small grin came across my face as the possibilities raced around my head. Sharon began to giggle. She knew what I was thinking too. Then a small breath came from her, like a mini orgasm.

I kissed Sharon.

Her eyes were a beautiful shade of crystal blue and they glowed even in the dim light of our room. She kissed me back, her lips felt warm, wet and inviting.

"Oh, you feel nice, Jim." She said softly

"So do you." I could smell a hint of perfume on her. I just hoped it wasn't essence of Turtle Wax. It mixed with whatever sweat we'd worked up washing our cars.

"Jim, I wanna get more comfortable, how about you?"

"Yes, I do."

Sharon slowly broke our embrace and went towards the bathroom.

"Give me a minute, babe." She said "Get in bed, honey."

I closed the shades further so that only hints of sunlight crept in. I took a few deep breaths too. It never ceases to amaze me how things like this can happen to me. I quickly stripped and got under the covers.

I heard a light switch click off and in the dim light could see Sharon come out clad only in a thick white hotel towel that she held loosely around her.

"I hope you don't mind." She said. "It's not like they have a lingerie section in there."

"I love it."

"Show me how much you love it." She said as she sat down beside me.

I worked up my courage and embraced her, she held me and the towel felt looser. She quickly got a hold of it.

"Not just yet." She whispered.

She slowly pushed me back onto the bed and straddled me. Then reached for a side of the towel and loosened it, then took my hand so I was holding an end of it. I gave it a small tug and it fell from her.

Sharon Case was naked in front of me.

Her breasts were nicely sized with tiny pink nipples. And there didn't seem to be a hint of hair between her legs.

"You look beautiful." I said

"So do you." She said as she placed her hands on my shoulders and slowly ran them down my chest.

"Join me." I said as I pulled the covers back on the other side of me. Sharon stood and slowly walked over, she was smiling slightly as she got into bed with me and we embraced. Her body felt smooth and warm thanks to the hot sun as we kissed.

"Mmmmm Jim...so nice..." she said softly in my ear. "God you feel nice."

Our bed felt cool as our bodies moved about, the sheets must've been brand new. Sharon began to try and mount me, the bed sheets began to slip away as she was atop me, she now got a look at what I had between my legs.

"My, impressive!" she said as she held my dick against her lower belly.

I could only smile and jokingly shrug my shoulders as if it was no big deal to me, which made her laugh.

Sharon now began to slide my dick through her soft hands.

"Feeling good, honey?" she said in a soft voice.

"Oh yes, very...very good." I said, my breaths beginning to come rapidly.

"Think you can make me feel good too?"

"Yes...I wanna...wanna make you feel good too."

"Show me." She said.

Sharon let go of my dick and slowly crawled up so her pussy was inches from my face. She braced herself against the headboard of the bed. Her pussy looked beautifully pink. My tongue slowly made its way to her and she immediately gasped as she felt it touch her.

"Oh! That's it..."

I began to lick Sharon's pussy. My tongue now probed its way inside her and I put my hands on her cute ass and caressed it, just as she had done to my dick.

"Ohhhhh yyyyyes!" she moaned "You know just...just what to do!"

Sharon's pussy tasted wonderfully sweet as my tongue found its way to her clit and I flicked my tongue around it. It was a little tough to see what I was doing so I'm only guessing if that was where I was, whatever the case ('scuse the pun), she was nice!

Sharon started to moan more loudly now

"Uh-huh...uh-huh...ohhhhh gggggooddd...ohhhhhhhyyyyesssssss!" she cried.

Her legs buckled and she slowly removed herself from my mouth and lay back on the bed, her head dangling slightly over the edge. She ran her fingers through her slightly mussed hair. She looked incredible sprawled across the bed, in such a casual state of ecstasy

"That felt great!" she said in an exhausted tone

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