tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 58

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 58


Amidst all that had happened in the wake of the O'Brien case, I'd somehow kept up with company business. Chuck Tyler, my boss at Artists Unlimited, had always been beyond understanding and he'd been letting me pick and choose whatever assignments I wanted. But I felt I owed it to him it to him to do a shoot with one of the company's prestige client's, Tigress. They'd been caught up in the whole O'Brien mess too but unlike me, they'd stayed in New York during the case before relocating to a basement studio in New Jersey to work on their next album. They'd wanted to get back to their roots and were using many of the same people they'd started with. And coincidentally I was one of those people. Way back when, my late, great partner Chris and I took a gig photographing this up and coming music trio called Tigress at a showcase in Vegas, and we'd stayed with them ever since. Now though, it was just me.

The studio was in the basement of this friend of theirs and located in the beachside town of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. My work would be confined to photographing the girls as they recorded, hung out, and walked the vast beach and boardwalk. It was a great casual assignment, I must admit. Their record company had offered to spring for luxury hotel rooms, but the band declined. Opting instead for a rental house nearby that we all stayed in which added to the communal feeling. The recording sessions went smoothly during the day, which left me with plenty of time to do my own exploring of the area with my camera.

It had been a long time since I'd been in a beach community like this. I'd been spoiled by four star resorts, hotels and the like. This was a flashback to when I was little, being around beach cottages and in between them, a vast ocean. The boardwalk was just a little further ways up and naturally I had to go there too.

The boardwalk was dominated by little restaurants with take out food and souvenir shops selling everything imaginable. These all looked so kitschy and the graphics and neon were perfect for photos. I came to a place called the Shore Shop that seemed the chintziest of all.

"Oh, why not?" I thought as I went in.

The shop was loaded floor to ceiling with t-shirts, tank tops and all manner of beach gear on walls, racks and shelves. Behind a raised counter stood 2 girls, one fairly tall with dark brown hair and a somewhat bored look on her face, idly folding shirts. The other seemed shorter and wore a purple tiger striped t-shirt with a matching baseball cap worn at a sideways angle. She apparently saw me first and out of the corner of my eye I saw her nudge the other girl before coming down from the counter.

"Hi, can I help you find something?" she asked in a thick Jersey accent.

I could now see how short she was, she suddenly reminded me of my friend Laura Austin. She had long jet-black hair and was certainly built like her, that's for sure! Her shirt was cut low enough to give me quite the eyeful of her tanned skin and bountiful breasts.

"Uh, not just yet" I said, trying not to stare "this place certainly gives you a lot to choose from."

"Yeah, well, that's the idea...this would look good on you." She said as she pointed out a bright yellow shirt with 'Seaside Heights' written like the Harley-Davidson logo.

"Hmmm, you think so?"

"Yeah, I love bikes and we've been selling a lot of these. Usually everyone goes for the black ones."

"Geez, who'd wanna wear black in this heat?"

"Oh, you'd be surprised!" she laughed "look at me."

I saw her shorts were black

"Yeah, but that's not really the same, I guess."

"You're right." She said "Oh, I'm Nicole."


"Are you like, here for the summer or something?"

"No, I'm working, actually. I take pictures." I said pointing at my camera

"No way! That's so cool!"

"It has its perks."

"You're not like a pap, are you?"

"A pap?"

"Pap smear...Paparassy, whatever they're called." She giggled

"Oh! Paparazzi! No, no not me."

"Cool, I can't stand those guys, they always take lousy photos anyway."

From the back I heard a man's voice

"Nicole! Do some work for a change!" he yelled

"Alright!" she yelled back "Let me know if you need anything."

"Okay, I'll be back."

Nicole disappeared into the back of the store and left me alone on the floor. The bored girl at the counter gave me a smile.

"Great place, I'll be back later." I said to her, getting a flirtatious little wave in return.

Nicole was rather cute, I had to admit. Maybe because she reminded me of Laura, and it seemed like we had unfinished business together. But Laura ran in a much different circle than I did and I was very lucky we'd struck up the kind of friendship we had. I should never take it for granted, or take advantage of it for that matter.

I continued walking the boardwalk for awhile longer before deciding to head home. But I still wanted to grab that shirt Nicole had showed me, maybe grab Nicole too.

"Get real, 'Hollywood'!" I heard my inner voice say.

When I got back to the shop, "bored girl" was still there as I went to get my shirt. As she rang me up, I looked around for Nicole.

"Where's your partner?" I asked


"Nicole, the little short..."

"Oh, her! She took off early, we're gonna hit the club tonight and she has to get all pimped out." She said "Why don't you come down, I think she likes you."

"Ha! That's flattering but I...you know, I think I just might do that."

"Cool! We'll be at Bamboo later on." She said

"Okay, uh, see you then."

"I'm Jenny, by the way."

"OK, Jenny. I'll see you too

It had been a long time since I did any "clubbing" as it were and the atmosphere at Bamboo was raucous to say the least. First off, I'd been spoiled by all the places I'd been to out west where I was usually with someone or the proprietors knew me and I was whisked away to some VIP section, so it was a new experience to be at a club where there was a line to get in. I was smack in the middle of a lot of guys with tight shirts who seemed to be perpetually flexing their arms and girls whose dresses looked painted on. Man, did I feel out of my element! After awhile watching others go inside, I was about to give up and started to leave when I thought I spotted Jenny with Nicole and 1 other guy coming in the other direction.

"Hey, Jenny!" I called out to her

Immediately she turned and saw me

"Hey! You made it!" Jenny yelled back

"Come on with us!" Nicole yelled

Maybe this night would be salvaged after all

We entered Bamboo with no problem and found a table near the DJ booth. It was tough to hear above the pounding club music and numerous strobe lights but I heard Nicole tell me the guy with them was named Mike

"Just call me Sitch." He said "as in Situation."

"OK, call me Jim...as in James, Jimmy, Jimbo." I replied making him laugh

"OK, you're Jim tonight." he said

"And you're Situation tonight."

"I'm always the Situation!" he bragged as she spread his arms and laughed

Nicole and Jenny were both dressed to thrill. Nicole had on a very tight black dress that matched her hair and tanned skin, Jenny's was equally tight but in tiger stripes. Jenny quickly spotted a bartender and went off with Nicole to get drinks.

"Who's the DJ?" I asked Mike

"Oh! Buddy of ours...Yo Pauly!" he yelled to the DJ who turned to us

"This is Jimmy...Nicole brought him!" he yelled

Pauly leaned down and we shook hands

"Good to meet ya, man" he said as he monitored his sound system which had glittery Italian stickers proudly emblazoned on the large laptop.

Just then, Nicole returned with drinks, she handed me some concoction I didn't know.

"What is this?" I asked

"Just try it, it's great."

I tried it and it was like rocket fuel, there must've been a dozen different things in it. Maybe it was best I didn't ask anything else about it.

Needless to say, the rest of the night quickly became a hazy blur as we drank and drank and drank. Pauly the DJ kept the tunes pounding out and I tried to pick up whatever bits of conversation I could from Mike, Jenny and Nicole but it was such a blur being with this crowd, what had I gotten myself into? The whole atmosphere of this place was just too much for me, it reminded me of how I never fit in with clubs like this back home, and how whenever I went to one, I usually got my drink spilled on me by some obnoxious drunk guy.

And inevitably, it happened.

I stood up to get a refill and a drunk stumbled into me and our drinks splattered. But it was a drunken girl for a change. Before I could say anything, she let loose a torrent of screams at me that I couldn't understand that only confused me. And just as suddenly, glasses were smashing as Jenny and Nicole got up into this girl's face and screamed at her and each other. Mike and two huge security guys were trying to hold them back but it was too late and someone's fist connected with the side of my head, and sent me crashing to the ground. I could hear someone scream "oh my gawd!" but I didn't wait to see who it was.

I'd had enough!

I could still hear shouts as I immediately headed for the exit. Once I got outside, the rush of cool air and nearby ocean quickly replaced the stifling heat and bass thump I'd heard inside Bamboo. But I could hear someone shouting behind me.

"Hey! Hey Jim! Wait up!" I turned and saw Nicole running after me

She finally caught up to me

"Hey...I'm so sorry about what happened" she said as she caught her breath "...Jenny's usually...usually not that bad. She knows that bitch from somewhere else and they just got into it...I'm sorry you got in the middle of it...come on, we can walk for awhile."

I thought about what had just happened. Getting punched, even accidentally, in a bar was never my idea of fun

"I didn't really get to talk to you, you know." She said, adding a little smile

I really wanted to just go home. But I guess being outside made things better.

"Come on." I said with a twitch of my head

Nicole took my arm and we started walking

"So those are your friends back there, Mike and Pauly?"

"Yeah, they're cool, we've been together for a few years. Where are you from anyway? I never got to ask you that"

"Los Angeles, but I'm really from Connecticut, LA is just where I'm based, where I work and all."

"Oh, that's awesome!" she said as we walked, the club sounds drifting away "I'm actually from New York, I only sound Jersey."

"That's a sound explanation"

Her laugh had a slight rasp to it, probably the result of many nights out.

"Are you Italian, Jim?"

"Me? Nah, I'm probably as white bread as they come."

"You're still kinda cute, you know."

I looked at her, a little surprised

"You think so, huh?"

Nicole nodded

"I probably look Italian...but I'm really not" she said


"Uh-huh, I'm actually Colombian, I was adopted and all."

"That's good...I mean that's a good thing your parents did."

"Yeah, only my last name's Italian."

"What's that?"

"Polizzi, what's your last name?"

I told her and she giggled

"You're right, that's pretty white bread!"

We continued to walk amidst the cars and bikes that rolled past us, some with guys yelling out at us as they went past. Eventually we slowed down.

"Um, my house, or should I say OUR house is down there." She said pointing to a non-descript beach house with what seemed like a deck and few lights on "You, uh, wanna come in? You know, uh, maybe have a beer or somethin'?"

"Yeah, that sounds good."

Nicole led me into a sparsely furnished house, it had the look of a frat house with some road signs on the walls, numerous bottles and bags of junk food scattered around the kitchen.

"That's Ronnie over there." She pointed out a large muscle bound guy who passed by me and fell onto a couch, a baseball game was on the large TV "Ronnie, this is Jim, Jim that's Ronnie."

"Hey, howyadoin'?" he said offering a big hand to me

"What kind of beer do you like?" she asked from the kitchen

"Oh, whatever you've got."

"Where's Deena and Sam?" she asked Ronnie as she brought back 2 beers

"Out, somewhere I guess." He said

Nicole told him about the ruckus she and Jenny had at Bamboo, he only shook his head.

"Ain't you glad you were there, Jim?" he said to me

Now I was the one shaking my head.

"Come on, Jim." Nicole said as she took my hand and led me down a hallway to a small room. It was somewhat messy with suitcases open and various bits of clothes scattered around. A single bed was in the corner with a large green stuffed alligator on it, another bed was on the opposite side. Nicole shut the door and stood against it.

"What do you think?" she asked

"About what?"

"About everything tonight, you feel good?"

"I'm probably a little woozy from all the booze, and getting whacked in the head probably didn't help matters either."

"OK, I just wanted to be sure, that's all." She said as she kicked off her heels, making her just a bit shorter than before. Nicole now began to unzip her dress from behind, then quickly pulled it down showing her tits to me for the first time. They were nice and full, the dark skin only accenting their fullness. She stopped and looked at me, my face probably said a lot.

"Well?" she asked "You wanna fuck, right?" she said in that Jersey accent.

"Uh, yeah...yes, right...okay." I stammered and quickly got undressed

Nicole looked at me as she slid her tiny thong panties down, her pussy was super smooth looking and her skin a beautiful dark bronze color.

Nicole Polizzi was now totally naked in front of me. Her eyes immediately went for my dick, quickly getting harder the longer we looked at one another. She embraced me and I was reminded how much shorter she was than me. I was literally a foot taller than her! Her tits felt great against my chest. But my dick was closer to her and she started to stroke it as we kissed.

"You got a nice dick, babe."

"You've got, uh..." I was tongue tied for some reason

"Nice boobs? Yeah, I love 'em too" she said in a softer tone as she took my hand and led me to the elegantly messy bed where we lay down and immediately kissed as she pulled what she could of the bedcovers over us.

But from that point on, I don't remember a thing! Hard to believe someone with a goofy name like "Hollywood Jim" would have a memory lapse, blackout, whatever you want to call it at a time like this, but I did. What I DO remember though is suddenly hearing loud voices and a thunderous crash that brought me out of whatever haze I was in.

"What the fuck was that?" Nicole said as she got out of bed and grabbed a long t-shirt

I sat up and tried to feel around in the dark for my clothes. Nicole got found some shorts and went out of the room where a heated argument seemed to be going on that she quickly joined in with. I found my pants and shirt, checking the pockets carefully, in this place I knew I could easily lose something.

Everything I'd had with me was in its place.

I saw my little Nikon digital camera was on a table nearby, that's odd, I was sure it had been in my pocket, how did it end up there?

The voices outside grew louder and I poked my head out into the hallway. It looked like Jenny and another guy were back and joined by someone else. It was vicious the way they were yelling at each other and swearing up a storm.

"That's enough for me" I said to myself and grabbed my shoes, I was outta there!

Just as I got to the door, I figured I should at least be thankful for the, uh, experience.

"Great to meet you all." I said turning to them

There was a silence as they all turned towards me and I got a look of "who was that?" from them before they went back to screaming at each other.

I went down the steps and saw Pauly from the club coming up the steps.

"Hey Jimmy, man...you leavin'?"

"Yeah, I think World War 3 just started in there." I said as I looked behind me

"Oh geez...OK, it was good meeting you man." he said as he shook my hand

"It's been, uh, something" I said with a snicker

"It's just Jersey, man." He snickered "See you."

I could still hear everyone's yelling as I quickly walked away.

I made it back to the house I was sharing with Tigress and the production team. They had their own party going on there but it was a listening party as they played back what they'd been recording for a few locals. They'd finished the bulk of recording and only needed a few touch-ups back in LA. So we'd all be going home in the morning, I looked at my watch and saw the morning had already arrived, or at least some of it.

Screw it, I thought, I'm gonna get some sleep.

All my photo and computer gear was kept in one place so all I need to pack was my clothes and I was out the door and on my way to Newark Airport. The early morning sunlight looked nice as I rode up in the Cadillac Escalade with everyone. They were still excited from the recording and eagerly talked up everything as we rode.

As for me, I dozed on and off in the back seat.

"Wake up, Jimbo." I heard their driver/bodyguard Mario say as he jostled me awake.

My sleepy eyes now registered we were at the airport. The girls had already been dropped off at a VIP section so I was flying commercial with everyone else, fine by me. I was soon on my way back to LA.

Once I was settled in, I got out my laptop and plugged in the Nikon, figuring I'd transfer whatever was there onto the computer. A few photos drifted by, then what seemed like a still from a video clip.

"That's weird, I didn't take any videos." I thought

I clicked on the video file and it began to play.

The video was shaky, like someone was learning how it worked. Then it turned around to show the operators' face.

It was Nicole.

"Hey y'all..." she said in a drunken voice "it's really late and, uh, Deena and I are gonna have some fun with Jim here."

Nicole turned the camera to show the girl she'd been arguing with in the hall.

"Hi, I'm Deena" she said with a little wave

Deena had on a tie-dyed t-shirt and apparently nothing else. She seemed like a taller version of Nicole. Both had straight dark hair and tanned skin, though Deena's seemed more of a natural tan than Nicole's. And both had very nice tits!

"OK, um, I'm gonna do something first." Nicole said from behind the camera.

The camera shook a little as she was still holding it. Then I realized something.

Nicole was still naked.

I immediately went for the pause button on the video screen. I hastily fished out the Beats headphones that a rep from the company had given to everybody on the sessions. I was dying to try them out but not necessarily on what appeared to be a home made porn video! I found the setting that reduced the window to its smallest setting and nervously continued, trying to camouflage the screen as best I could.

Nicole embraced Deena and they kissed, long and slow, I could see their cheeks expand and contract as their tongues were apparently touching. Then she pulled Deena's shirt off, she had equally large tits like Nicole's and her pussy was totally bare too. Though Deena was a few inches taller than Nicole, it was very sexy as they looked at each other naked and felt each others' tits. They seemed to be whispering to one another too, also sexy.

I was trying to concentrate on this but also nervously watching to see if this could be seen by anyone else. Like anyone seated next to me! But I continued to watch, amazed that something like this could've gone on, where was I? Then the camera shakily turned back to show me lying on the bed, looking pretty drunk and pretty naked, too. It appeared Deena had the camera and Nicole was on the bed holding my dick.

"This is Jim's dick, it looks very nice." She said with a smile for the camera

"Suck it, Snooks!" Deena said with a giggle

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