tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 62

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 62


I had once again been the life saver (OK, I'll be honest, career saver) for a friend.

Amy Adamson had been an aspiring agent at Artists Unlimited and had proven her abilities when she took over managing Tigress and returned them to the top of the music and concert charts. Now she turned her talents to managing Demi Lovato's career. A last minute call to me saved her tour when the photographer they'd been using suddenly got a diva complex and walked out on them at their opening night in Las Vegas. This proved to be the start of bigger things for her as she became a judge on the new season of "The X Factor". With her the show was a hit and its season finale was the event of the TV season. While all the prime attention would be on the winner, Amy informed me that Demi would do a surprise concert at a club called Red Light District. I knew the place all too well; it was where I'd first met Lindsay Lohan. Red Light District had been closed down for several months because its owner Derek Adams had a dispute with the liquor commission that led to a legal standoff. Since then the club had been available for rentals only. Derek was a good friend and usually pretty strong-willed but when he finally settled his legal case it had taken a lot out of him and now he was considering selling the place altogether so he could focus on another, more low-key club he owned called The Eagle.

"I don't blame you for wanting to sell this place, as good as it was." I said as he showed off the improvements he'd made, hoping to get a buyer before he changed his mind "You really were burned out by everything."

"Never try to fight city hall, Hollywood." He sighed "That's the lesson I learned."

Amy and another tour manager joined us and after pleasantries between us she got down to business telling Derek and his tech crew what Demi would require for her show as the road crew started bringing in equipment. I hovered in the background watching as the bustle of setting up her stage began. When I felt the presence of someone behind me, along with a beautiful perfume, I knew it was someone special.

"Hey, gorgeous!" I heard in her perky tone of voice

Demi came around the corner of my head and kissed me on the cheek.

"Well, hello beautiful." I said as she sat down beside me.

"Man, it's so good to see you again." She said with that classic smile of hers

"You too, how did your tour go? I haven't really kept up with it like I should've."

Demi had been impressed with photos I'd taken for her tour book and tried to get me to be her official tour photographer but other commitments forced me to decline.

"Oh, it was great! After X Factor finishes I'll be going to Japan for like 3 weeks, then Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia...shit, I'll be everywhere!" she laughed

"It's Demi's world and we're just visitors, right?"

Now we were both laughing as Amy called her over

"You'll be here for the show, too I hope?" she asked as she stood up.

"Where else would I be?" I replied with a smile and a shrug of my shoulders.

She gave me a quick kiss and went off with Amy.

Later that night, "The X Factor" crowned its new champion, a huge party crowd was all over Red Light District, and celebs past and present were everywhere. Britney Spears was surrounded by her handlers as she arrived, so I doubt she saw me. Khloe Kardashian waved to me as she made her way to the VIP section, I'd met her through her sister Kim. I got a drink and staked out a place close to the stage and waited for Demi to come on.

Finally, Simon Cowell appeared onstage to give a typically dry introduction;

"...so it's been quite a long journey for everyone involved and I'm particularly proud to see this lady onstage again...ladies and gentlemen...Demi Lovato!"

Since I'd last seen her in Vegas, Demi had expanded her setlist. She still did the expected hits but to go along with the acoustic version of Lady Antebellum's "American Honey" she'd already been doing on the tour, the 70's country standards "Someday Soon" and "Only Mama That'll Walk the Line" were there along with Bruce Springsteen's "Because the Night" that began with her playing the delicate, Bach-like intro on piano . Demi made a point to give several flirty looks my way, she looked fabulous in black spandex pants with a white tuxedo jacket on top. Underneath I could see a black bustier' with small rhinestones on it. Her hair had gone back to the chestnut brown color she'd had when we first met.

Her performance was fabulous, her smile electric as she came offstage.

Soon after, she came over and hugged everyone around before coming towards me and giving me a longer than usual hug and seductively whispering in my ear;

"Baby...let's go to your place...it's been too long."

I looked at her to make sure I heard her right. Her nod told me yes.

"Right...let's go." I said

Demi and I made our way through the throngs of people out to my Mercedes SLK convertible that I'd parked out in back of the club. It was the closest thing the club had to a VIP parking area; in this case it was for the better. As I reached for the passenger side door, Demi immediately embraced me and her hand went for the crotch of my black jeans.

"That feel good, hon?" she purred

"Feels very good..." I said as I leaned in and kissed her

"Oh...I missed you, Jim." She whispered

Ain't it amazing how one night could be so memorable?

I got the car door open and she slid in. She'd changed into faded black jeans and a bright blue Nike track jacket. I quickly got in on the driver's side and the SLK came to life with a sleek whirring sound. Though we breezed past photographers who were staked outside the entrance, their flashbulbs definitely caught who was in the car.

"Do you think they spotted us?" she asked me

"Well...if they did you can always say I'm, uh, with the record company or something."

"No...you're my personal photographer." She giggled

"OK, that sounds a little more believable."

It was after midnight when we arrived at my condo. The traffic had dropped down to nothing and there was a beautiful late night silence around us.

"Oh, man...this is such a cool place!" Demi said excitedly as she looked around the condo.

"Oh! Who's this?" she said happily as she spotted Smokie the cat, looking curious as to who the pretty visitor was "This cat is so cute, Jim! What's his name?"

"Smokie." I said with a smile "You want a drink? I've got iced tea, Sprite, fruit juice..."

"Oh, just water will be fine." She said as she stroked his fur "...what a pretty cat you are...yes, you are so pretty."

I got 2 bottles of water from the fridge and returned to see her on the couch with Smokie.

"It's not very often I meet guys with cats." She said

"Well, he's a good cat. I guess we compliment each other." I said as I handed her a bottle and joined her on the couch.

"So, Miss Demi...you've just finished your first season in reality TV" I asked, holding the water bottle like a microphone "Whatcha gonna do now?"

Demi responded by giving me a long lovely kiss.

"That's what I'm gonna do." She said with that smile she was so famous for.

"I think that's a good idea." I replied as I returned her kiss "Better than Disney World, huh?"

"I've been to Disney World."

"In more ways than one, right?"

"Uh-huh, and this way is much better..." she said, her voice dropping down to a soft whisper as we kissed deeply.

Once our lips parted, she hugged me

"Oh man...I missed you Jim. I don't know why but you just make me feel so special."

"I do?"

Demi nodded

"You're just, I don't know, different. You're not really in the business, you're just a normal guy and I never realized how nice that can be."

"I guess you're right. Maybe the normal guys are better." I said with a nervous chuckle.

"It's not the normal guys that are better..." she said softly "...just the guys like you."

Demi's hand was rubbing the crotch of my pants, making me super hard.

"I guess you like what you're feeling." I said

Demi nodded

"It feels really hard...I wonder why?" she said softly adding a kiss.

Kissing her felt so beautiful, our tongues touched and her perfume only added to the intense feelings we both had at the moment. I knew her hand was probing inside my pants, I was getting harder the more I felt the touch of her hand.

Finally, she reached the inside of my underwear and I felt her soft hand on my dick. I breathed inward as this new feeling came over me.

"Feel good?" she asked, giving that smile the world often saw.

I nodded in response.

Demi's hand was softly caressing its length

"Like what I'm doing, babe?" she asked softly

I nodded again

"I can tell you do." She giggled

Demi slowly pulled my dick out and I heard a sigh from her, one that showed she was excited and liked what she saw. She gave me a sexy smile in return.

"It's beautiful..." she sighed

"Just like you." I said

Demi showed a bashful look and kissed me as she held my dick.

"Let me make you feel good..." she whispered

Demi began to softly jerk my dick as we kissed

"Mmmm...so nice babe..." she whispered "You like that?"

"Yes...oh man...I hope I don't cum too fast..."

"Don't worry about that...just relax honey...just relax..."

Her soft voice was so nice, my eyes were closed and I was trying not to let the feeling overwhelm me too much.

"Oh, my...I hope I do this right." She whispered to me

"You do what you feel like...I'm just as nervous as you are." I said

Demi softly kissed my lips

"Don't be, Just relax babe...just relax..." she said before softly kissing me on the cheek.

And just like that old line about curiosity and the cat, I let curiosity get the better of me and opened my eyes for only a moment.

Bad idea, "Hollywood".

It was but only a moment.

And it was all too much.

With a groan and shudder I exploded.

Demi screeched a little as she saw the result of her handiwork.

"Oh, my god...I'm so sorry...oh, man what a mess..." I gasped

"It's OK, hon...oh my...um, let me get cleaned up." She said

Demi left the room and I was left with only my humiliation.

How stupid of me!

I get a gorgeous lady here, and I let the nerves of a geek control me.

If I wasn't in my own home, I would've gathered my things and left, not even saying goodbye, I can't do that now.

I felt so embarrassed, so utterly humiliated.

How fucking stupid!

"It's OK, hon..." she said "besides, I've heard that if a guy, you know, does that, it means he'll last, um, longer. If you know what I mean." She said shyly.

I finally mustered up the courage to ask a big question.

"Do-do you wanna see the upstairs?"

Demi bit her lip, as if unsure of her response, then gave me a naughty smile as she nodded.

Once in my bedroom, we lay on the bed and kissed endlessly. The dim lights of the bedroom only relaxed us more. My hands went to Demi's full tits and hearing her soft breaths was so beautiful. Demi slowly released her lips from mine and smiled.

"You should get undressed. We've both had a long day, why don't we get some sleep?"

"But, I, I just feel so bad and..."

Demi softly touched my cheek.

"It's OK, hon, it's OK." She said softly "please, let me sleep with you."

It felt a little weird having her say that, after all, it's my bed, right?

"I'll be right back." She said and left the bedroom

Okay, I thought, I've got a beautiful starlet spending the night here. Not the first time but always a nerve-wracking experience for me.

I better do as she says!

I had my shirt off and was undoing my pants when Demi appeared in the doorway, the dim light making her naked body even sexier.

"Wow...you look beautiful..." I said in a voice barely above a whisper

Demi smiled.

"So do you." She said in an equally soft voice.

Her tits were nice and full, just as I remembered them in Vegas and her pussy totally smooth, just as I remembered it.

I pulled back the covers of the bed and before I knew it, we were both naked under the covers, wrapped in each others' arms, the dark and silent bedroom relaxing us even further as we fell asleep.

Soft kisses from Demi woke me, it was light out now.

"Hi, sleepy one." She whispered

"Did you sleep OK?" I asked

She nodded

"Good, I've been told I snore so I hope I didn't..."

"No way! You snore? My Mom says I do too!" she giggled

"Well, if we did we didn't wake each other so I guess that's good."

Demi sat up and stretched her arms way up and out, man her tits looked nice! She got out of bed and headed for the bathroom, but looked over her shoulder at me.

"I'm gonna take a shower...you wanna join me?" she said with a sexy eyebrow raised.

She didn't have to ask twice!

Demi's thick brown hair was beautifully mussed as she checked herself in the mirror, then she checked me out. Her smile told me she liked what she saw. I adjusted the water and we both stepped in. Demi let the hot water cascade through her hair, her eyes were closed and a look of ecstasy was on her face. I held her gently around her waist. I could feel my dick twitch as it came to life being so close to her under the hot water. I didn't know what to say, but Demi obviously did.

"Oh baby...this is nice...so nice..." she said "Let's get clean before we get dirty."

Demi took the liquid soap I had and poured generous amount onto a shower buff and then got a good lather going. All the while she was looking at me, like she was keeping me in suspense.

"Wash me, Jim." She said with a giggly smile

I took the buff and began to soap her generous tits. The scent from the soap made things even more erotic as I slowly lathered her tits in a circular motion. Even with the thick lather, I could tell her nipples were rock hard.

"That feels good..." she moaned "...keep doing that...sooo good..."

Demi's hand now went down and softly grasped my dick, it was getting even harder now.

"Feel good, baby...you're getting hard aren't you?" she said "I like getting you hard...you like what I'm doing, huh?"

"Do you like what I'm doing?" I asked her

"Ohhhhhyesssss...I love it..." she moaned "Go further down..."

I moved my soapy hand to her pussy and she was already super warm and wet. I immediately slid a finger inside her and she let out a slow, sexy moan in response. The more my finger probed her pussy, the more she moaned and her body began to shudder.

"Ohhhhhhhbaby...so good...oh so good..."

Demi no longer held my dick but rested her hands on my shoulders. Her eyes were closed and mouth opened, but no sound came out.

"Like that, Demetria?" I said, recalling the last time we were together and how she had me use her full name, saying it was sexier than just "Demi".

"Oh, you remembered...yes...I love it." She said adding a kiss "My turn now."

Demi slowly ran her hands down my chest and my waist until she got to where she really wanted to be. She gave me one more look of love before slowly going down on her knees. I breathed sharply inward as I felt her lips and tongue encircle my dick before it disappeared into her mouth. From then on she was licking and sucking me to an even greater erection, her hand also jerking back and forth on it. At one point I looked down and saw she had the entire length of my dick in her mouth and was gripping my ass to get even more in. Once she let it out of her mouth she coughed a little.

"Guess I can't do it like the porno stars yet!" she said with a giggle

"Y-you're doing fine..." I said as I knelt down with her and we embraced "my turn now..." I whispered.

Demi knew what I meant and stood with one leg on the side of the bathtub. Her pussy was beautifully smooth and she elegantly ran her middle finger through it before it was replaced by my tongue.

"Ohhhhhhyesssssss....Huh god...oh god...like that..." she moaned urgently.

My tongue was fully inside her pussy now and I could feel her clit on my tongue, making her moan and gasp even more. I felt her hand on my head, pushing me even further inside her hot pussy. Finally I heard a deep moan and her body began to buckle. I quickly stood and held her as she shuddered in my arms.

"Are you okay?" I asked

"D-do you really wanna know?" she said breathlessly

"I think I got my answer." I said as I kissed her

Our kisses were long and loving. When we parted she smiled and nodded at me

"I want it...I'm ready..." she said

I tried to get inside her standing up but in the shower, it wasn't as easy as I thought.

"Let's do it out there." I said

Demi and I exited the shower and I quickly turned her around.

"Bend over Demetria...bend over the sink..."

Demi did so and I rubbed my dick around her ass. Then felt it with my hand. Though it felt wet and soapy, it was ready and waiting for me.

"Ready, Demi? Ready to get fucked, huh?"

"Oh yes...fuck me Jim..." she replied while bending over more so her cute ass was waiting for me.

My dick slid into her pussy from behind, she let out a long moan as it went further and further inside her.

"Uhhhhhhhhyeahhhhh..." she moaned

I held onto her hips and started fucking her. I looked up slightly and saw our reflection in the mirror.

"Look in the mirror, Demi....watch yourself get fucked..." I said

Demi looked up and I saw an excited look on her face in the mirror's reflection.

"Oh god yes!" she said in a mix of ecstasy and lust

"You're getting' fucked Demetria..."

"Yes! I'm getting' FUCKED!" she laughed as she swung her head around playfully.

This only made me fuck her harder and the smacking sound of water and skin smacking each other could be heard. Her moans and gasps sounded so erotic. I slowed down and held her close. In the mirror I could see she had a wonderful smile, I knew she was loving every minute of all this.

"Oh God, Jim....gonna cum...oh god I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she cried out over and over until she relaxed. I held her again.

"Turn around...I wanna see your tits."

Demi turned round and held up her generous tits for me.

"Is this what you wanted, babe?" she asked in breathy tone "You wanted my tits? My boobs? Huh?"

"Oh yeah..." I said as I held and caressed them "I wanna fuck 'em too."

"Oh yeah? How you gonna do that?"

"Sit up here." I said as I moved her up onto the sink, her legs wide open.

"Oh, gonna do that, huh?" she said


I slid my dick into her pussy and she moaned again as I fucked her again. I could see my dick slide in and out of her, Demi's moans sounding so hot.

"Oh, fuck me Jim...god, fuck me!"

I kept a steady pace going and she kept up with the moans and gasps. I loved seeing her tits bounce up and down as I pounded into her.

"Come with me..." I said

I led her back into the bedroom and playfully tossed her on the bed, then climbed up and straddled her belly. Instinctively she pushed her tits together and my dick now slid in between them.

"Oh yessss...mmmmm so fucking hot...you like my big boobs, Jim"

"Oh yeah...you like my dick, Demetria?"

"Yessss...yes, I do...love watching it like this...I want you to cum, Jim...cum on my boobs..."

She didn't have to wait long. I could feel my explosion building around the time she climaxed, but I'd been able to hold on, not anymore.

"Gonna cum...oh, yeah gonna cum...ohhhhhhyeahhhh!" I yelled as I exploded onto her tits.

"Yeah! Oh yeah, Jim! Oh yeah!" she yelled excitedly as she jerked every last bit out of me.

I collapsed onto the bed. We were both still wet from the shower but Demi crawled up and lay on my chest.

"That was fun!" she giggled.

I just rolled my eyes and breathed out.

"So, did I...did I prove that theory you told me about?"

"Hmmmm...I don't know, maybe we should do it again and find out."

"Demetria Lovato...you'll be the death of me yet!"

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