tagErotic CouplingsAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 69

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 69


Author's note; Thanks again for your patience! This story is a semi-sequel to "Just a Small Town Girl".

Living as I did deep in the bosom of la-la land, the perception is that one parties all night when they're not enjoying the glitter by day.

Far from it!

Beneath the glitter is the every day world that people like me live in. You know, the world where your trip to the grocery store to please your cat, or your stomach, is the big event of the week.

Now granted, I'd recently moved away from that, to a new humble abode called Metro West, but I did have some memories of that time that would stay with me forever. There were more than a few times when I wasn't Hollywood Jim, but everyday, normal geeky, Jim.

And on one particular night that's where I was, coupons in hand, large canvas bag over the shoulder. Looking not like Hollywood Jim, but your average, every day, eco-friendly consumer who does his shopping late at night.

With that done, I heaved all the bags from the car into my condo, trying not to step on Smokie the cat in the process.

"I do it all for you..." I mumbled to the cat as he stared at me from his favorite chair.

Though it was late I wasn't eager to go to bed just yet, plus I was hungry. A quick call to a pizza place that delivered late and my dinner was on its way. Sure it'll probably incur a longer than normal stretch at the gym, but like I said, I was hungry! And I figured there must be something buried on my DVR that would slow me down while I ate. There's gotta be an old movie on there somewhere.

And there was, wish I could remember the title though because just after I settled in and the opening credits rolled, I fell asleep.

When I awoke suddenly and looked at my watch, I realized my pizza hadn't arrived yet.

"So much for speedy delivery." I mumbled to myself

Outside I heard the rumble of a car, this somehow got Smokie's attention and he was on the windowsill looking outside.

"What's out there, Kitty?" I said

(OK, so I talk to my cat, is that a problem?)

Looking outside I could just make out the form of a pickup truck as it parked just beyond my driveway near a streetlamp. But it's color or make I wasn't sure of. Then I saw headlamps disappear into the body of a car nearby, might be an old Corvette. A tiny light went on inside as a door opened but couldn't tell if the driver was male or female.

I dismissed it and returned to my easy chair to get the phone, but Smokie was still fascinated.

Meanwhile I was trying to figure out if I should restart the movie or scrap it for another night and go to bed.

Then the doorbell rang.

"Pizza Guy..." said a low voice, with a trace of the south in it.

"Well, it's about time..." I said as I opened the door.

"Hollywood!" a female voice said joyously as she nearly knocked me to the floor.

Laura Austin was making her usual low-key entrance. Only the somewhat demure navy blue skirt and matching blazer held back the body within.

I've had several encounters with Laura lately, never planned, always unique.

Ostensibly she worked for Gary Mackas at VCX Productions, doing god knows what. I knew that she really worked for a mysterious employer known only as "Elizabeth" and her work was for a price. A very high price from what I gathered. It had enabled her to mingle with and provide "companionship" to the rich, the famous and the powerful. With me though, she'd found somebody she could hang out with and be herself. She seemed to like my personality, my naivete', and most importantly my sense of discretion. That last part had saved both our reputations more than once.

In a roundabout way she also saved my life.

"You don't look like the usual pizza guy, you know." I said.

"Pizza, right...you mean this one?" she said as she produced the house special I'd ordered.

"That's the one...how'd you know?"

"I saw his truck by your driveway and put 2 and 2 together."

"I can only wonder what you gave him for a tip." I said as I bit into a slice.

"Very clever, Mister Hollywood." she said as she took one for herself "This stuff's for amateurs. One of these days I gotta take you to a real pizzeria."

"Oh, and where would that be?" I said as I got a beer for both of us.

"Maybe here..." she said as I turned around and saw she'd pulled her skirt up to reveal an absence of underwear and a beautifully smooth pussy.

"Oh, NOW I see what you gave him for a tip."

"Very clever, Mister Hollywood." she said in that sexy Texas drawl of hers before grabbing me in an embrace and rubbing my crotch

"How 'bout showing me your... Cannelloni?"

"Mama Mia, my cannelloni?"

She nodded.

"I showed you my...stuffed calzone." she added.



"I guess it's only fair..."

Laura began to slowly pull the zipper on my jeans down, and I felt her exquisitely soft hand go inside my underwear.

"Mmmmmm baby...oh yessss...." she softly moaned as she found my dick and pulled it out from my pants. It grew more and more erect the longer she held it in her hand and kissed me deeply.

My hand now moved up under her skirt, she instantly breathed in sharply as my fingers touched her pussy. A finger inside her pussy made her breathe slowly and erotically. Her eyes were closed and mouth open just slightly, I kept my eyes on her and when she opened them, she smiled, then licked her lips very seductively, with just enough leer to make it sexy.

"That feels good, babe..." she purred "...how 'bout what I'm doing?"

"Nice....real nice...."

My dick was fully out now and she gave a satisfied "oooh" when she saw it fully. She gripped it and began slowly stroking it. My hand continued to softly rub her pussy, occasionally letting a finger penetrate her, the more I did this, the wetter she got.

"Uhhhh...so nice..." she moaned

I touched my finger to her lips and she licked them in the same seductive way she did before.

"Mmmmm...nice!" she giggled.

My hands now moved up to her beautiful tits, covered by a simple white silk blouse. She instinctively let her blazer fall to the floor and my hands were caressing her beautifully full tits. Almost the instant my hand touched her nipples, I could feel they were diamond hard.

"My, my...someone forget to put a bra on today..." I said

"I did, but the pizza guy took it as a tip..." she giggled in response.

"Lucky guy." I said

"Oh, you're the lucky guy, Hollywood." she said softly "...don't you know that?"

I could only smile at my good fortune as I began to unbutton her blouse.

"Let me help you, babe."

With that, she ripped it open, exposing those beauties to me. I never got tired of her tits!

"Go for it, hon..." she said with a generous dash of naughtiness in her voice.

I spun her around and lifted her diminutive body up onto the kitchen counter.

Her tits felt so soft as I caressed them, teasing the nipples with my fingers, then making them even harder once I licked and sucked on them. Laura's breathing grew heavier the more I pleasured her. She finally pulled me up and we kissed deeply.

"I can't wait any longer, babe..." she said "Let's go to the bedroom."

I nodded and she led the way, shedding her blouse and skirt as we went up the stairs. She had such a cute ass!

By the time we fell onto my bed, we were both naked, our hands eagerly went for each others' bodies. I was on top of Laura, licking and sucking her tits, to her growing delight.

"Oh babe...oh yeah!" she said excitedly as my tongue went all around her tits. Then I began to kiss down to her flat belly, teasing her around her belly button, making her giggle, until I got to her pussy. It was just as I remembered it, beautifully smooth and beautifully wet!

"Ohhhhhhhyesssssss...." she moaned as I licked around her pussy lips, she tasted just as I remembered. Then she let out an erotic gasp as my tongue penetrated her pussy and swirled around inside her.

"Oh god...oh my fucking GOD!" she cried out.

I looked up at her from between her legs, and licked my lips as she did before, probably not as erotically as she did, but she got the point and gave me a satisfied smile once she caught her breath and slowly sat up.

"You're too good, babe...it's my turn now." she purred as she had me lay back on the bed.

"Mmmmm...I've been waiting for this." she giggled as she held my dick in its straight up, fully erect glory.

It quickly disappeared into her mouth as she took it all the way down. Now I was the one breathing heavily as her mouth slid up and down my dick, and her tongue elegantly licked about the head.

"Like that, babe?"

I was feeling too good to respond! All I heard was her giggle, then I felt more of her wet lips and tongue on my dick.

Damn, this felt good!

I don't know if it was her surprising me or her oral abilities (probably both) but I felt an explosion building inside.

"Laura baby...oh god gonna cum...!"

"Cum on my boobies, Jim! Cum on my boobs!" she said eagerly.

I groaned and my cum shot onto her tits.

"Oh yeah baby!" Laura yelled "Wow!"

I was now gasping as she had jerked every last bit out of me. I looked down and saw her tits with a nice glaze of my cum on them, which she was lightly swirling around with her fingers before touching them to her lips.

"Nice!" she said happily as she slowly crawled up and kissed me on the cheek "That was fun!"

Her reaction was reassuring to me.

"I wasn't sure if that was-"

"Don't worry about it, hon...I know there's always more where that came from."

"Okay." I said after a deep breath.

"Why don't you clean me up?"

"Sure, okay."

I wonder what she had in mind as she led me into the bathroom?

"Turn the shower on, we can clean up a little." she said as she tied her thick brunette hair up.

I did as she directed and we stepped in, letting the hot water cascade all over our bodies.

Laura took the liquid soap and quickly got a good lather going, she raised the shower buff to her face and inhaled deeply.

"Mmmmm, this is good stuff. When did you become a connoisseur of soap?"

"Uh, when the coupons were good?" I said sheepishly as she slowly washed my body.

"That's so like you!" she laughed "You're such a guy, Jim!"

"I guess it would be hard to be anyone else." I replied

"Turn around."

Laura began to slowly rub her body against my back, I knew it was her tits that were working their magic.

"Mmmm...you've got nice ass, hon." she said as she held me from behind "This always works for me."

"Me too."

"Let's see...turn around."

I did and my dick was slowly coming to life again, which made her smile.

"Like I said...always works for me."

Laura handed me the shower buff.

"Your turn."

Her eyes closed and she began to sway back and forth the more I worked the soapy lather all over her body.

"Feel good?" I asked as I kissed her.

"Soooo good..." she smiled as she turned around.

I soaped up her ass and she gave me a beautiful sigh as my hands moved up and grasped her tits from behind.

"So good...feel my ass, hon."

I made soft circles around each cheek.

"Mmmmm...yessss...that's it babe." she moaned "Someday I'll let you fuck me in the ass. Only special guys get to do that."

"Really? Special guys?"

"Uh-huh...special girls too."

That provoked several images in my mind.

"Special girls? That must be something to see."

She looked over her shoulder.

"Oh, it is..." she giggled.

She turned around to face me again and held my dick.

"I think we're clean enough now."

"Time to get dirty?"

"What do you think?"

"I think I should turn the water off, you've never seen my water bill."

Laura let out that distinctive laugh I heard whenever a witticism of mine hit its target.

Laura and I dried each other off, then she led me back into the bedroom and lay back on the bed, her legs spread wide.

"Come on, Hollywood..." she said in a sultry voice.

I got on top of her and my dick slid effortlessly into her pussy, it felt super warm and super wet. "Ahhhhhhhh...so good...oh so good!" she said happily as I started to fuck her. Her arms were wrapped around me, and mine around her as I pumped into her pussy. I sat up a little so I could see her tits move back and forth. Laura knew how I loved this and eagerly held them, sometimes trying to lick them herself. Now she sat up and I lay back.

"Oh yeah, baby!" she yelled "God! Fuck me!"

Laura eagerly bounced up and down on my dick, her tits bouncing freely now when she wasn't reaching between her legs to furiously rub her pussy, making her moan even more. She leaned back and erotically moaned.

"AHHHHHHHHHHYEAAAAAAH!" she moaned "Oh god...I'm cumming...oh god oh god...oh god...YES!

Once that wave subsided she leaned forward and we deeply kissed.

I surprised her by pushing her back onto the bed, pulling my dick out of her pussy and practically folding her in half. The big surprise was for her as my tongue dove into her pussy again, making her scream out in pleasure. She tasted even better the second time!

"You naughty boy!" she giggled once she regained her composure.

"Am I?"

"Yes you are!" she laughed as she kissed me before whispering in my ear "Baby, I'm still horny...how 'bout you?"


"Good...take some pictures of me."


"Take some pictures of me...I wanna be your centerfold girl."

I didn't have to think long.

"OK...uh, lemme get the camera."

"No, just use your phone...this is for fun."

Once again, she had the right idea. I'd just downloaded a new photo app and had been playing around with it, this would be a good, albeit unusual, test of it.

"Okay, honey...let's have some fun." I said somewhat apprehensively.

"Oh, I'm ready!" she said excitedly.

Laura began to softly rub her big tits, tweaking the nipples.


Her face had a look of sensuality as she did this.

"Baby...love how you fuck me..." she said slowly and erotically.


As she slowly lay back, her hands moved slowly down to her pussy, then a middle finger softly moved around her lips before sliding inside, I zoomed in on her pussy and her fingers as they moved in and out.


Laura's face had a look of extreme ecstasy.


"So good...mmmmmyessss...."


She looked up at me an sensuously licked her lips.


I could wait no more.

I changed the setting to "video" and placed the phone on a shelf behind me, hoping the angle I had it pointed would work. Laura watched, then smiled as I joined her on the bed.

"Wanna be a porn star, babe?" I asked her

"You bet!" she giggled as we kissed.

I got behind her and felt up her beautiful tits while kissing her neck, making her moan even more, she probably exaggerated her reactions for the camera, I didn't care. She turned back to face me.

"Let me suck your dick, hon." she said softly.

We changed places and Laura's head went into my lap, it looked like she was making sure she looked at the camera while she sucked me. Finally, she looked up at me.

"How am I doing, Hollywood?" she slowly said in a sexy voice

"You're gonna be a star, babe..." I said like the bad actor I was trying to be

"I've always wanted to be a star." she said, making to sure to look at the camera.

"I must admit...you filmed this pretty good, Jim." Laura said as we watched the video on my laptop "Oh! Here comes my favorite part!"

Laura climbed onto my dick gain, this time facing the camera and leaned back so I could feel her tits and talk dirty into her ear.

"Like how I'm fucking you babe? Fucking and feeling your big tits?"

"Yessss....oh keep doing that...feel my big boobs..."

"Like riding your cowboy?"

"Oh yeah...riding my cowboy's dick...riding his...big...fuckin'...dick!"

Her moans and gasps were even louder this time. It looked pretty hot seeing my dick go in and out of her perfectly smooth pussy.

"Gonna cum babe..." I gasped

We both screamed as I exploded inside her. Laura let out several loud yells as her body relaxed and slid off me. She made her way down to lick my dick.

"THAT'S why he's called Hollywood Jim." she said sensuously as she looked into the camera.

We both laughed at that shot as we watched it.

"This is so cheesy!" I laughed.

"I know! I love it!" she laughed.

We were sitting in what I considered my office, the condo's spare bedroom drinking wine and watching our homemade porn film.

"Next time we should have a script." I said.

"I'll do my hair better too."

"Gotta get a makeup artist too!"

"Yeah, you can only do so much on a buck ninety-eight budget, huh?"

I gave her an amused look.

"When did you get so witty?" I asked

"Hang around with a guy named Hollywood, you learn things." she said adding a kiss on my cheek.

"You want a copy of this?" I asked as I hunted around for a flash drive.

"Sure, something for my archives." she said casually as she started to check her own phone.

"Just out of curiosity, what brings you back to town? I think you sent me a photo of you on a beach somewhere."

Some time back I received a camera phone photo of her on a "clothing-optional" beach somewhere, probably with the message "wish you were here" included now that I thought about it.

"Oh..." she said as she sipped her drink "I was overseas with a client."

"Um, anyone I might know?" I knew asking was futile with her, but you never know!

"Nah, just some big shot with a private jet and business overseas. Nine times out of 10 it's guys you'd never know anyway." she casually replied.

"True...but it never hurts to ask." I said before adding "I know guys with private jets too."

"And you've ridden in a few too, right?"

"Yes, but to be honest...it feels weird."

Laura's face seemed to suggest she agreed with me.

"You're right, you seem more like a guy who'd prefer to drive himself places."

"Yeah, it's how I got out here to begin with."

"Probably meeting strange women along the way, right?"

I thought for a minute, she was right. There was one I met when I was on the way out here. Seems like a million years and miles ago.

"Well...there was an overnight stopover I made in Vegas..."

Suddenly Laura's eyes widened like I'd never seen before.

"Wait a minute! Vegas?"

"Yeah, little town in Nevada, perhaps you've heard of it?"

"That's not what I meant, when was your overnight stop?" she asked quizzically.

"Geez, couple of years ago...it was when I first arrived here, what are you getting at?"

Laura had been listening intently before looking like she was about to choose her words carefully.

"OK, this is so crazy..." she began, looking like she knew what she was about to say was strange "But I was working there at the time..."

"...Before you hit the big time here?"

She cocked her head as if to say "oh come on!"

"Not THAT kind of work, this was when I was on my way out here, remember I came from Texas, you know."

"Everybody out here usually comes from somewhere else."

"Right...anyway, at one point my boyfriend needed to get his van fixed and he had this idea for me to enter an amateur night stripper contest in Vegas."

Whoa! The younger version of Laura Austin, oh, the vision that provoked!

"So...I entered the contest."

"Just like that?"

"Hell, yeah! I'm proud of my body!"

"OK, go on..."

"I didn't win, only came in second place."


"But the manager liked me and offered me a job there waiting tables and dancing if I wanted to."

"Go on."

"You can guess I wasn't waiting tables long."

"The thought did occur to me."

"So, I stayed on and danced."

"OK, not to be rude, but where does this amazement over my overnight stay in Vegas come in?"

"Oh, I'm getting to that." she said with a sneaky smile before taking a sip of her drink "Back then, we always did private dances and I remember a guy telling me he was from Connecticut and how he was going out to Hollywood."

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