tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 73

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 73


Hollywood certainly had its share of secrets and secret keepers. Being one of them wasn't something I aspired to, I just lucked into it. Eventually though, someone talks and secrets are no more. Gossip columnists and bloggers can often control a town more than the politicians can, so their work was certainly made for the small screen. Lindsay Lohan had been a friend for some time, but we never saw ourselves as a couple and our meetings were never planned. I actually liked it that way, and I think she did too. She liked knowing someone who wasn't all that "connected" as it were, respected her as a person, and seemed to know what being a friend meant. Her road had been a bumpy and well-documented one as we all know. But she'd managed to skillfully reinvent herself for the TV series "Blind Item" playing a New York gossip columnist.

After 3 seasons in New York, the producers decided to move production to Los Angeles, something she was against. She liked living in New York and was nervous about her old demons resurfacing if she returned to LA. Plus she had some big movie offers coming her way as a result of the show's success. So she boldly decided to leave the series, her character of Paula Mallory would leave the gossip world of New York City for the relative anonymity of upstate New York. That part was her idea. When the show filmed its season finale in Las Vegas and introduced its spinoff series "Lady Vegas" that starred Eva Longoria, she tearfully broke the news to me of her departure from the series.

As a way of keeping things interesting, the producers' (who'd also had some big offers come their way) crafted a unique deal from the network to keep the show going. "Blind Item" would continue as a series of made for TV movies, and be a revival of the "mystery movie of the week" concept that had been popular back in the 1970's. The idea here was that they could attract an equally popular star to the part and not tie them down to a weekly series. Various names were tossed around that included Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kaley Cuoco, Ashley Tisdale and at one point, Paris Hilton (the theory there being why not have someone who was a staple of the gossip pages play a gossip columnist? It worked once, right? Good sense prevailed and the casting department moved on, no offense to Paris but in this case I was sorta glad about that. I think she was too). Instead, the producers went in an unexpected direction, they ditched the idea of occasional movies and kept the series going in New York City, choosing a relative unknown for the part, ex-Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon.

Artists Unlimited's chief (and my boss) Chuck Tyler, was at his chest-thumping best when he heard a client of the agency got the part. Her career had been stalled while at Famous Artists and he thought she was due for some kind of boost. So a lead role in a series was perfect. but his second in command Jeff Murphy was a little wary. Even though the merger of Artists Unlimited with its New York counterpart, Famous Artists, had just gone through, there were still question marks. One of them was the status of Scott Jackson, our top agent in the New York office. As a result of the merger, Scott was out at Artists Unlimited. I had only met him once before so I really hadn't formed an opinion of him yet, all I knew was his name created a kind of ripple effect of uncertainty within the office, I don't know why, it just did. Even more so now that he was a "free agent" as it were. To Chuck, it didn't matter. He was just glad to be rid of his East Coast nemesis, merger or no merger.

"Don't ask me why, but I just think that guy is bad news." Jeff said to me as I prepared to return to New York to work on episodes of the series that would introduce Adrienne's character; gossip columnist Veronica "Ronnie" Rivera.

"You really think so?"

"Hell, yeah I think so!" he said in an urgent tone of voice "All he needs is the pencil-thin mustache and greasy hair to complete the look. You saw the way Chuck acted when we left the meeting and he was just arriving."

"Wasn't he supposed to get some kind of production deal through Famous Artists? I thought that was their plan."

"Nothing's been announced yet, there's not even a rumor of his future plans" he added.

"I wouldn't worry about it, he's probably just, uh, more ambitious than the rest of us." I said, trying to sound confident.

Jeff just stared at me now.

"Oh, boy do you have a lot to learn." He said with a chuckle as he left my office.

The New York set of "Blind Item" was a hubbub of activity when I arrived a few days later. The show's PR rep was nowhere to be found so at least I got the chance to wander a little around the set until I heard a gruff sounding woman behind me.

"Who the fuck are you? How'd you get in here?" she yelled

I quickly explained where I was from.

"Great..." she groaned "this is all I need right now...OK, uh, we're doing a set-up over there." She said pointing to a group of cameramen "Try to stay out of the way."

As she stalked off, I gave her my best military salute.

The camera guys on the truck were friendly enough and gave me a perfect spot for photos. It was from here I saw Adrienne come on the set, she looked great in a black leather trench coat and matching boots. But I'd forgotten how short she was! She was met by someone who appeared to be the director along with the PR rep I'd met earlier. They conversed for a second before the director left and the PR rep pointed to the camera rig I was on, Adrienne's eyes lit up as she spotted me.

"Hey, what're you doing up there?" she yelled

"My job." I yelled back.

"Get down here!" she said happily.

As I climbed down, the camera guys looked at me with a mix of envy and confusion, who was this guy?

"Oh, so good to see you again." she said happily as we hugged.

"You, too...how long has it been?"

"Too long, babe." she said with that cool voice of hers.

The last time we'd seen one another had been when her friend Kim Kardashian rescued me at LAX and she just happened to be along for the ride. It led to us seeking refuge at my place from a torrential rainstorm that hit L.A.

"So how do you like being a TV star?" I asked

"Hey, I'm not a star just yet" she said before adding "that's your department."

"Oh, really? I'm the star...that's rich."

"Of course you are!" she said with a laugh "OK, I've got a scene to do...you'll be around, right?"

"Sure, I'm a star remember?" I said sarcastically

Adrienne smiled widely as she went to meet with the director.

One drawback of my job was that I never got to see scripts so I had no idea what was going on in the shows or movies I photographed. I usually had to guess by what the director set up with camera crews, or maybe catch a bit of dialogue, and then hope for the best.

For this scene, Adrienne's character would be deep in conversation with a NYPD Detective at the scene of a traffic accident that was somehow connected to a story she was working on. Like I said, not seeing scripts made it tough to figure out what was going on. Maybe it was for the better, I wouldn't be accosted for inside dirt on story lines.

"OK, everybody that's a wrap for today!" I heard the director say over a bullhorn.

There was some clapping and then the quick activity of breaking down equipment. I'd gotten some good shots of Adrienne but hated the angle I'd been forced to shoot from.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

The production coordinator found me just as I got off the camera truck.

"Jim! Glad I found you." she began "Sorry I was a little rude to you earlier, Adrienne wants to meet you in her bus."

"Her bus?" I said, with surprise.

"Yes, you heard that right." she replied in a seen-it-all tone "It's more of an RV but it's around the corner, number 77."

Sure enough, around the corner from where we'd been shooting were several RV's and #77 was just where I'd been told it would be.

I knocked on the door and it quickly opened, revealing a burly bodyguard.

"Yeah?" he grunted

"I was told to meet Adrienne here." I said meekly

"He's cool, Andre!" I heard from inside.

Andre looked me up and down and stepped outside.

Adrienne's RV was a mix of scattered clothing, makeup, coffee cups and take-out food containers.

"Be out in a sec!" I heard her say from the back.

Adrienne came out carrying two shirts.

"Which one's better?" she asked

One was a silky blue blouse, the other a vintage Kiss t-shirt.

"Well, I was never a Kiss fan so, go with the blouse." I said

Adrienne looked at both, then frowned.

"Lemme show you one other shirt." she said as she quickly went into the back of the RV "I'm trying to find something that goes with the pants." she said from the back.

"What kind of pants are we talking about?"

She poked her head around the corner of the door frame.

"Leather, of course!" she giggled

"Oh, right...how silly of me."

I could hear her laughing.

She returned wearing a vintage Police shirt with the blue, yellow and red stripes from the "Synchronicity" tour that accentuated her curves.

"Hey...now we're talking!" I said

"Cool!" she said happily as she grabbed a matching leather jacket "Let's go, I'm buying you dinner, babe."

"Lead on, senorita."

A quick cab ride and we were outside the Empire Bar & Grill. It looked like a very blue collar bar from what I could see. Inside it was a rowdy rock and roll joint.

"I love this place!" Adrienne shouted over the music "They make the best burgers!"

She was right.

We quickly chowed down on their specialty burger that was loaded with everything imaginable.

"How can you stay so thin after all that?" I asked as we walked out an hour later, feeling stuffed from the burgers.

"Oh, it's easy for me...it's a reward to myself."

"So you starve yourself the rest of the week?"

Adrienne laughed

"No! It's like portion control, I guess. I picked it up from my Cheetah Girl days."

"Ah! The lasting souvenir, huh?"

"Almost!" she laughed again as she clutched my arm and held it close to her.

We walked along the New York streets, now gradually dying down as the hour drew late.

"It's so good to see you again, Jim. We really should stay in touch more." she said in a softer tone.

"Where to from here?" I asked

Adrienne turned and wrapped her arms around me.

"Maybe...my place?" she said

"Maybe...we should."

I leaned down and we kissed.

Her key unlocked a studio apartment, comfortable but sparsely furnished.

"Want a glass of wine?"

"Sure." I replied "This is a cool little place."

"Thanks, I share it with another friend. She's out in LA now."

"Kinda small for two people." I said as I looked around the cramped space.

"Not really, she's out in LA most of the time, I'm traveling a lot too. So we're hardly ever here at the same time." she said "And even if we were, I can always crash with my sister or my Mom. Or she'll be with her parents."

"That's a good arrangement."

Adrienne returned with glasses of wine.

"Might not last, you know. If the series gets a full go I might get a place of my own." she said as she sat down on a large brown suede couch and I joined her.

"Well, then...here's to TV success." I said as we clinked our glasses.

She smiled widely at me as she sipped her drink, then loosened a bow holding her thick brown hair and shook it free.

"Y-you look a lot prettier with your hair loose."

"Think so?"

I nodded.

Adrienne responded by gathering her hair up in a clump and playfully tossing it for my amusement.

"Still look good?" she asked

"Still looks good." I replied, not missing a beat.

Adrienne smiled and playfully rested her head on the back of the couch while looking at me.

"It's been too long, Jim. You know that?" she said with a sense of longing "How come you're not out here more? We'd have fun!"

"I guess my work takes me where it takes me, don't get me wrong I love New York too."

Adrienne put down her glass and leaned in close to me.

"And I love you too...you know, the way you make me feel. Kim was so right about you."

I was trying to find the right words.

"Well...what did she say about me?"

Adrienne softly kissed my lips.

"She said you were a sweet guy...who made her feel special..."

"I guess that describes me...pretty well."

Adrienne leaned in close to my ear.

"She said you were a good lover too." she whispered "I agree..."

I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed deeply.

"Would you like to see...the bedroom?"

I nodded.

We both stood and she led me to her bedroom. It wasn't very "Hollywood" by any means. The room was lit by a single lamp and the bed was covered with a store bought fleece blanket with a zebra stripe design, a few clothes were scattered on it and a nearby chair. In the corner was a small flat screen TV. In short, it looked like a single girls' bedroom.

"I hope you don't mind the clutter." she said as she held me gently.

"Nah, you can always blame it on your roommate."

She giggled in response.

Adrienne and I kissed deeply and my hands went down to her hips, I gingerly reached for the sides of her t-shirt. Her eyes closed slightly and she let out an erotic sigh as it went up and over her head, showing a black satin bra. As I looked into her brown eyes, I slipped the straps down and reached around her back for whatever clasp was there, but she stopped me.

"It's in the front." she said with a smile.

Her bra unsnapped in the front, just like in a porn film. I didn't think those were for real.

The "snap" of the clasp seemed to echo in the room, even the sirens outside seemed distant.

"I won't say where I've seen a bra like this before."

"Oh, I can guess..." she said with a smile.

Again, she let out a very erotic sigh as her 34C breasts were freed and thrust them out slightly. I immediately began to caress them, her nipples felt so good in my fingers.

"Mmmm...so good, baby...ohhh..." she sighed "Let me put something else on, I'll be right back."

"No..." I said "Stay here...undress for me."

Adrienne looked a little confused, then gave me a sly smile, like she knew this would be fun.

"I will if you will..." she said with that same smile

For once, I didn't hesitate in answering.

"If you insist..."

Just as my shirt came off, I saw Adrienne unsnap her leather pants and slide them down her legs, revealing black thong panties. She slowly slid those down as I slid my underwear down.

We were both naked in front of each other.

Even though it had been some time, Adrienne's naturally tanned skin looked as beautiful as I remembered. She took a few steps toward me and we embraced.

"Ohhh...you feel so nice, Jim..." she whispered.

"You do too." I replied as my hand went down her back and felt her smooth, soft ass, she let out a soft moan as I felt it. We kissed, our tongues touching. My dick was quickly getting hard the more it touched her body. I felt her hand gripping it as we kissed.

"Mmmmm...this feels nice." she said looking up at me "Wonder what I should do with it?"

"Maybe give it a kiss?"

"Thought you'd never ask." she said as she slowly knelt down.

I felt her kiss my balls, then slowly begin to kiss and lick up the length of my dick before giving extra attention to the head. She looked up at me the whole time before letting it slowly enter her mouth. Seeing her cherry-red lips around my dick only heightened the sensation. She began to move up and down, her tongue swirling around inside. She then stood and began to stroke my dick as she kissed me again.

"Ready for more?" she whispered.

"Are you?"

Adrienne's eyes closed slightly.

"Oh, yes...I want you so much, Jim..."

We moved onto her bed, I stretched out and Adrienne moved between my legs and resumed her oral artistry on me. She gave me little looks throughout, even gently rubbing my dick on her tits.

"This feels nice." she said with a flirty smile.

"My turn." I said.

"Oooh, what do you have in mind?"

"Only fair I should return the favor." I said as I sat up.

Now it was Adrienne's turn to stretch out on the bed, her legs spread and a beautifully smooth pussy presenting itself to me in the slightly dim light. It didn't matter, I kissed all around her pussy before teasing her with a finger. She gave out a series of moans and gasps.

"Uh-huh...oh...oh...oh...oh..." she moaned "Oh baby...oh yesss..."

Now my tongue entered her love nest, I swirled it around inside her, her pussy juices tasted so nice. Her moans were non-stop now, and getting more impassioned.

"Oh yes...uh-huh...oh yes...oh yes...OH YES...OHHHHHHHHHGODDDDDD!"

Her body suddenly jerked upward as she climaxed.

I looked up from between her legs and she was sitting up on her elbows, looking at me, a satisfied smile on her face. Make that a very satisfied smile that dissolved into giggles as I slowly crept up and we kissed.

As our lips parted, she looked at me, a little nod of her head said it all. She leaned over to a bedside table and pulled out a small package.

"I'm on the pill and all, but I want to play it safe." she said softly as she took out a condom.

I nodded.

"I also like putting it on." she added with a little smile.

My dick was soon wrapped and ready to go, so was Adrienne.

I was on top of her and my dick slid effortlessly into her pussy. Her mouth opened slightly and a long slow moan came out.

I started to fuck her slowly, her legs soon wrapped around me, my arms around her and we were joined as one. Every few seconds we kissed before another thrust into her. I was pulling her closer and closer to me as we fucked.

"Yes...yes...yes...oh god yes...oh...oh...oh..oh yeah...oh yes..." she said quickly and passionately.

I pulled her up and we were in a sitting position, her legs still wrapped around me, she was one flexible little girl I'll say that! I kissed her deeply, our tongues merging. I went down to her tits and eagerly sucked and caressed them as best I could. She was still keeping up steady series of moans and gasps the more I fucked her. She finally pushed me down on the bed and was on top of me. She began to rock and grind herself on my dick, running her hands down my chest. Her tits were bouncing freely as she did this and she was loving it. The more she did, the more she laughed as wave after wave of pleasure came over her.

"Come on, babe...fuck me doggie style." she said as she climbed off and showed her cute ass to me.

She let out a low grunt as I entered her.

"Oh yeah...fuck me baby!"

I remembered the little Puerto Rico flag tattoo on her ass cheek.

"Still got that tattoo, huh, senorita?" I said.

"Uh-huh...fuck me Jim...just fuck me!"

I rammed into her again, making her gasp loudly. She sat up a little and looked over her shoulder at me.

"Like that, babe?" she asked

I leaned down and whispered in her ear;

"Do you...need to ask?"

Adrienne gave me another moan and slowly slid down onto her side. I held her this way and continued to slowly fuck her, holding her tits and kissing her neck. It felt more romantic being this way.

"Soooo goood..." she moaned

I could feel an explosion building inside me.

"Gonna cum babe..."

"Yes...oh do it...oh do it..." she moaned.

I climaxed with her.

Adrienne and I lay in bed, I continued to hold her close.

"Ohhh...that felt beautiful." she said softly.

We soon dozed off.

A phone awakened me. I barely felt Adrienne get out of bed to answer it.

"Hello? Hey! Hi!" she said cheerfully "Uh-huh...right...Oh my God! Thank you so much!"

She dashed back into the bedroom and leaped onto the bed.

"Babe! Guess what! The show got picked up for a full season!" she said excitedly.

"Whoa...that's great!" I said sleepily as I rubbed my eyes.

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