tagErotic CouplingsAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 78

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 78


"I was right!"

It was all the cryptic message from Laura Austin said.

The party at Gary Mackas' home had ended with a Police raid looking for illegal activities of the invited guests. It netted the arrest of, among others, former Artists Unlimited agent Scott Jackson on possession of illegal narcotics, on top of the resisting arrest charges (supposedly it took a Taser gun and about a dozen of the LAPD's finest to hold him down). But the authorities missed getting several ladies (among them my friend Laura Austin) who'd been hired by Gary for "entertainment" along with their driver, me. I'd had my own encounter with Scott that night, I caught him in the midst of an assault on Rita, one of Laura's friends, and our battle was worthy of a WWE match. Once we were safely home, I told them all that I knew about Scott, it turned out Rita and Laura knew Scott as well. Their information was sketchy, but Laura seemed determined to find out all she could. And she had more extensive resources than I did.

That's why her text message made me curious, what had she found?

Chuck Tyler, the head of Artists Unlimited, was understandably livid about my getting mixed up in the case as he had just engineered a merger with Talent Associates in New York and made a clean break from Scott, his longtime east coast rival, and hoped to keep that distance in the newly expanded company. His legal team assured him that this was only a bump in the road, there'd be no legal consequences for me or the company.

There was still that text message, though.

I'd kept Chuck in the dark as to the full extent of my activities at the party, not to mention the battle Scott and I had. And especially Laura's mysterious text message.

What did she mean?

I got my answer Thursday night when she called me at home.

"Hey, babe!" she said in that effortlessly sexy voice "What would you say to a weekend in Palm Springs?"

The offer perked me up.

"I'd say...what hotel?"

"No hotel...gorgeous place that I'm house-sitting." she said before adding "For a friend."

I thought for a minute.

"Oh, come on! It's gets lonely in the desert, you know." she said before adding in a sexier voice "And for the price of driving me home you get to play with me all weekend."

That got my attention!

"OK, what's the address?"

As my Mercedes convertible smoothly navigated south on California's Highway 10, I still wondered about that text message.

"What could it mean?" I thought

Any questions I had disappeared when I pulled onto the private road where the address was located. The desert was all around me and few houses could be seen. The further into the desert I drove the more remote I felt. Finally I spotted what looked like a group of flying saucers atop a distant hill.

This was the place.

The SLK roared up the steep, winding, driveway. I slowly got out of my car and looked around. I saw no other cars and there was a stillness all around me. I finally heard a door open and a diminutive, yet powerful figure, stood in the doorway in a black tank top, denim cutoffs and black sheepskin boots.

"Hollywood!" she said happily "You made it!"

Knowing I was in the presence of Laura Austin, I smiled.

"Look at you..." she giggled as I met her at the door "Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts and Converse sneakers...you look like a college kid on spring break."

"Yeah, where's the wet t-shirt contest?"

"Oh, here baby!" she laughed as she shook her body, making her beautifully large tits sway "Mmmm...so good to see you again!"

"So this is the place?" I said looking around.

"Uh-huh! You are gonna LOVE this place!" she said as she took my hand "Lemme show you around!"

The heat of the desert quickly disappeared as we went inside, the floors were highly polished gray stone that instantly felt cool on on my feet, even in sneakers. Even though the amount of furniture was small inside the vast home it had an ultra-modern look nonetheless.

"Check this out!" Laura said enthusiastically in the huge kitchen with its gleaming appliances "I'm gonna cook you an Italian feast in here!"

She opened the huge refrigerator and tossed me a bottle of water.

"Keep this nearby, it gets really hot out here." she said as she opened one for herself "You've gotta see this!" she said as she grabbed my arm again.

Laura led me into the huge round living room which had no windows but instead opened out onto the desert landscape. With its high ceilings, I felt like I was inside Madison Square Garden. At what seemed like the edge of the floor, it suddenly dropped out and reveled a huge half-circle shaped swimming pool which stretched out further, giving the impression of infinity.

"Doesn't that pool look awesome?" she said excitedly

"Damn!" was all I could say as I looked around "I get the feeling I've seen this house somewhere before."

"I do too, I was hoping you knew where."

"I guarantee it'll come to me at like three in the morning. Who owns this place anyway?"

"Now, now, you know my rule..."

"Right, a good escort never tells her secrets. I guess that applies to houses too?"

"Especially to houses."

Laura led me down a winding staircase to long hallway covered with framed posters for classic Italian, French, American, even Japanese films into a large, somewhat dim, screening room with a row of overstuffed leather theater chairs. There was a wonderfully cool and quiet feeling down here.

"We can watch a movie in here later."

"Man, I hope I don't fall asleep in those chairs."

"Oh, that reminds me! Let me show you the bedroom."

"You can leave your bag in here." she said as she opened the door to one room before adding "I'll show you where you'll be sleeping."

I did a double-take, she gave me that sexy smile in return.

Laura led me into a master bedroom with huge curving windows that looked out onto the desert. The bed appeared to be 2 king-size beds pushed together and it was covered with a fur bedspread.

"What do you think?" she said as she draped herself seductively on the bed.

I looked at her beautiful form.

"I think I'll, I mean, we'll be rather comfortable."

"Come here." she said with a slow beckoning of her finger.

I slowly joined her on the bed and she sat up on her knees.

"I forgot to tell you the best part of this place..." she said in a softer voice as she began to unbutton my shirt "We're out in the desert...it's very hot...we're alone...and this is a clothing optional residence."

My shirt was open and she softly traced her fingers around my chest.

"So the neighbors don't mind, huh?"

"There are no neighbors." she said with a smile and a softer voice as we kissed.

"Undress me..." she whispered in my ear "I wanna be naked with you...want you to see my hot body..."

I reached for the bottom of her tank top and began to slowly pull it upward. Laura raised her arms and as her beautifully large tits were revealed she began to smile widely, then stretched her arms out.

"Ohhhh...so nice!" she said as she cupped her tits while looking at me "Mmmm...I know you love my boobs...give 'em some loving, babe."

I leaned in and kissed her nipples, instantly making them diamond hard. They smelled of a wonderfully fragrant perfume. My kisses turned to sucks on her nipples. Laura was already moaning and holding my head close to her.

"Let's get those pants off you, hon." she said with a giggle "Gotta take advantage of that option, you know."

Laura quickly unzipped my shorts and pulled them and my underwear off. My dick, already semi-hard, popped out making her smile widely. She started to unsnap her cutoffs but I stopped her, I wanted to have my fun with her.

"No, no...don't take them off...I wanna do that." I said

"Oh, yeah?"


Laura stood up on her knees. Her big beautiful tits looked so nice this way. I unsnapped her cutoffs and slowly slid my hand inside. I could feel silky panties underneath. I slowly caressed the material and felt a beautiful warmth that became a moist warmth the more I caressed.

"What are you doing?"

"Feeling you up...you like that?"

"Oh, I love being felt up."

Laura's eyes were closed and she was softly moaning. Her mouth slowly opened and she sounded even sexier.

"Oh, you naughty boy!" she said in a gasping tone.

"Oh, am I?"

"Yessss..." she purred.

"I can be even naughtier, you know."

"Oh, yes...be naughty...be a naughty boy..."

I moved my hand inside her panties, she felt very wet.

"That makes you a naughty girl..."

"Oh yesss..."

Her tits heaved upward the more my hand fondled her pussy.

"Like that?"

"I love it...my god, you're making me so wet..." she moaned

I took my finger out and fed it to her, she eagerly licked it, tasting her sweet pussy.

"Oh god...Jim...you're gonna make me cum..."

"Good...I wanna make you cum..." I said as my fingers penetrated her again.

"OH GODDDD!" she cried

"Cum for me babe...cum for me..."

I felt so lascivious, she brought it out in me somehow.

"Oh god...oh god...oh god...YESSSSS!" she cried as she climaxed.

Laura fell forward into my arms and we fell backwards onto the bed. She was breathing heavily, but in a happy way.

"Wow!" she laughed "That felt good!"

"First of many, I guess."

"Oh, yeah, you got that right!" she gasped "Can I take these off now?"

I nodded.

Laura's cutoffs fell to the floor and she proudly showed me the wet spot on her panties before slowly removing them. She looked great nude, as usual.

"My turn now." she said.

"Let's do it outside." I said

"Ohhhh, kinky!" she giggled "I know just the spot!"

We were both nude now, I still had on my sneakers and Laura her fuzzy fur boots. Laura took my hand and showed me a large room off the master bedroom.

"Check out the bathroom here!" she said

It was huge with big windows like in the bedroom. The shower had transparent glass walls and multiple shower heads and looked big enough for a football team to use. In the center was a marble bathtub whose design reminded me of something else.

"It looks like a salad bowl." I said

Laura looked at it and laughed.

"Oh my god, you're right! Well, you know I'll toss your salad." she said as she held my arm and gave me a lusty look.

"Better that than tossing my cookies."

Laura threw her head back and laughed all the more.

She led me outside by the pool, the sun was like an inferno, but on our bodies it felt good. Laura and I kissed deeply and her hands were fondling my dick and balls which grew in excitement. She slowly knelt down and softly kissed around the head, then her mouth began to inhale the full length of my dick. She looked up at me as she slowly licked up the full length of my now fully erect dick.

"Like that, babe?" she said in a giggly voice.

As usual, I could only nod.

Laura resumed her oral project on me, adding her hands as they moved up and down my dick along with her lips and tongue. What she did felt so hot, literally and figuratively. I tried not to be one of those guys who thought pushing the girls head as she sucked was sexy. But it wasn't easy.

Gonna...gonna cum, babe..." I groaned before exploding into her mouth, Laura gave me a happy "humming" sound as she took all of my climax. Then let some of it dribble out of her mouth onto my dick, looking up at me with a sexy smile as she showed me her tongue, which she wiggled at me.

"W-wow..." was all I could say.

"Like that?" she said as she stood up.

"Oh, yeah..." I said with a slightly hoarse voice.

"I knew you would." she said as she stood up and elbowed me into the pool. The water shocked me back to reality. I surfaced and she stood over me, hands on her hips like Wonder Woman, her super smooth pussy looking nice and her tits like free-standing mountains in the sky. She knelt down and kissed me, then whispered in my ear;

"Lick my pussy, babe."

Laura kicked off her fur boots, sat down and opened her legs, slowly and delicately running a finger through her pussy. I pulled her closer to me and kissed my way up her legs. I softly kissed her pussy lips and began touching them with the tip of my tongue, I could feel her shudder as I did this. I continued to tease her like this before plunging my tongue deep inside her. She let out a loud gasp as my tongue continued to probe inside her. I started using my finger as I looked up at her, she was lying back on the ground, touching her nipples and moaning loudly. I inserted a second, then a third finger in her pussy. She was practically screaming now as I finger fucked her. Her body convulsed upward and she let out a long, loud cry of pleasure before she "returned to earth" as it were. She sat up and looked at me, a satisfied smile on her face.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into the pool. I knew she wasn't a good swimmer so I held her carefully. The water was deep enough that I could stand and she could wrap her legs around me. We floated over to a more shallow part of the pool. I was still standing, her legs were wrapped around my waist. The water splashed and rippled around us and her arms were around my neck, she loved being held this way and I playfully twirled her around in the water. Her naked body looked so nice in the water.

The pool seemed stocked for leisure and she pulled an inflatable lounge chair over and got on it. At the other end of the pool was a matching one that I swum over and grabbed.

"So, whaddya think Hollywood?" she said as she put on a stylish pair of mirrored sunglasses.

"You were right, I'm gonna love this place." I said as I put on my own pair.

The desert sun was doing its job on us and we frequently slipped into the water to cool off. In the shallow end of the pool, she was on my lap as we sat in the water, gently kissing one another. I was hard again and she could tell. With a naughty smile, I felt her hand slip down and guide my dick into her pussy. The water splashed around us as we fucked, her small body making for easy access to those big tits of hers. With a loud groan from me, I exploded into her pussy, much to her satisfaction.

As I watched her gently floating in the pool, her skin a golden brown, almost Latina in tone, I noticed something I'd never seen before.

"You know, in all the times we've been together, I don't think I've ever seen any tan lines on your body."

"Of course." she said idly "Some people find it a distraction...I agree."

In looking at the contrasting tone of my body, I agreed too.

In the silence of the desert, and the quiet rippling of the water, we both dozed off.

"OK, I should get dinner going." she said as she headed inside, her cute ass looking so nice. She turned to look at me with a big smile on her face as I slowly awoke.

"You got my sneakers wet!" I yelled jokingly "Do you know what sneakers this ratty cost?"

"Send me the bill." she said over her shoulder as she went inside.

I stood on the bottom of the pool and looked around. This was the start of another adventure for me, and it looked to be a fun one.

The squishing sound of my sneakers told Laura I was coming. Already there were several pots going on the big stove. And other than an apron, she was still nude.

"You're not mad at me are you? You know, for pushing you in the pool?"

"Nah." I said as I held her from behind and softly kissed her neck "How could I ever be mad at you?"

"Good...I'll give you some sage advice, Hollywood." she said without even looking away from her cooking "Never get an Italian girl mad when she's at the stove."

I released me hands and stepped back.

"These hands never touched your body."

Laura wasn't kidding about her culinary talents, she really could cook. For an east coast kid whose knowledge of Italian cooking didn't go much beyond pizza and spaghetti, this was an eye opener, for sure. So was eating dinner and sipping wine in the nude. She was proud of her cooking, that's for sure, and sat to my right the whole time.

"It's not often I get to cook for someone, you know." she said with pride.

"Where'd you learn all this anyway?"

"Different places. My mama, obviously..." she began "I picked up some things from people I've met along the way."

"People, uh, would that be, uh..." my voice trailed off as I tried to not come out and say clients.

"No, no, not those people." Laura quickly replied with a little smile. She seemed to also have a bit of esp when it came to naïve goofballs like me, and what they might say, or try to say "Those people would just buy me dinner. I've met other people along the way, you know."

"They taught you well." I said as I raised my wine glass in tribute.

"Awww, thanks, babe." she said with a smile as she gripped my hand.

I had to ask something serious now.

"Uh, c-could I ask about that text you sent me."

"Mmm, that!" she said through a sip of wine "Right, I figured out where I knew Scott from. He has a rare badge of dishonor."


"Uh-huh, Elizabeth banned him from ever contacting her. He's persona non grata with her and everyone else in town."


"Well, Scott was a real pervert, to put it mildly." she began "He wanted his own porn films made and he paid Gary to provide the girls..."

"From Elizabeth?"

"Among others. Anyway..." she said as she took another sip "Gary was acting as a pimp for Scott. Gary got some girls to be in his film and he got pretty rough with some of them."

"Were you one of them?"

"I'm getting to that." she continued "Rita was one of the girls in the film, and after it was done he wanted to hire her again for another film."

She took another sip of wine, then her voice became more serious.

"But he wanted her and two other girls to fuck him. And...he asked if Rita could find them."

"What kind of girls?"

"Younger girls."

I was confused.

"What do you mean? How much younger?"

She gave me a deadly serious look.

"Younger." she said in a tone that matched her look. Suddenly, I realized exactly what she meant.

Scott Jackson wanted an underage girl. Make that 2 underage girls.

"Whoa..." was all I could say.

Laura slowly nodded in agreement as she refilled my glass.

"She told Elizabeth, said she'd never work with him again, Elizabeth banned him and that was the end of it, until that night."

"At Gary's party?"

"Right, Scott saw Rita and...well, you know the rest."

I sat back in my chair and took another drink. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, this was a man who'd charmed me, made me think I was on my way to big things within the company. I had to wonder if Chuck knew about this. But I also knew there was someone else who'd been there that night, and in a manner of speaking, I'd saved her life.

"How's she doing anyway?" I asked, thinking that might change the mood.

"Rita? Oh, she's fine, she's down in Cabo with Vicky."

"Business or pleasure?"

"Oh! Strictly pleasure this time." she replied with a reassuring smile.

"So when you sent that text, you were just confirming that you knew him from the films?"


"Then, what's your involvement with the films?"

Laura thought for a minute, then took another sip of wine.

"Perhaps it's better if I show you." she said as she stood and took my hand.

Laura led me back downstairs to the screening room and we sat down in the front row of seats. In between the seats was a table that pulled out, much like a folding classroom desk. She pulled out the table and a laptop computer popped open.

"What the hell is that?" I asked excitedly.

"A little gadget the owner installed, it accesses his movie library." she said as she showed me an extensive list of films on its screen. I was spellbound.

"Damn, I gotta get one of those!" I said.

"Good luck trying to, it was custom made for him." she said without looking at me as she studied the list. She kept scrolling through titles until she found one that just had a series of numbers and letters.

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