tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 82

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 82


I still had wildly mixed emotions about being thrown into the power struggle for control of Artists Unlimited. At the moment, the case was in the hands of an arbitrator. And from what Jeff had told me, this guy was in no rush to make a judgment. I hadn't even met the guy yet, so I couldn't even make a judgment of my own on what the outcome could be.

For now all I could do was to take things day to day.

Back when I was still partnered with my friend Chris Foster we had a photo agency called East Coast Image. And we got a lucky break when we were hired to photograph the "Triple Threat Tour" Tigress had done with Rihanna & Beyonce`. We barely knew what Artists Unlimited was back then. Chris and I just knew that at the end of the tour we were each presented a check with lots of zeroes on it. And Chris thought it was high time I drove a car that reflected my stature. So he dropped me off at a Mercedes dealership, giving strict instructions to the first salesperson he saw to not let me leave without buying a car from them. I left there the owner of silver Mercedes-Benz SLK convertible.

And I had to admit Chris was right, driving a car that reflected my stature was a fitting reward for our work.

Now I was back at the same dealership for an oil change and general service. Sure, I could get the same service much cheaper at any number of places, but I liked the dealership better for some reason. Like the classic obsessive/compulsive I probably was, every piece of paperwork related to the car was kept in a black leather folder embossed with the Mercedes logo. The service department rep checked me in, then did a double take when she saw the business card that was still inside the folder from when I first bought the car.

"Melanie Reed?" she said dumbfounded.

"Yes, I think she sold me the car."

"Wow, this is a trip!" she said "She's the sales manager here now. She was the top salesperson last year."

"No kidding! She certainly moved up in the world."

"You bet, best boss I've ever worked for...there she is now, Melanie!"

Melanie Reed turned to see me.

"You sold this guy his car."

"No way..." she said as she walked over and looked at my paperwork "Oh, I remember you! You came in with some pal of yours, I think."

"Right, my late great partner."

"So, what would you say to...an upgrade in your wheels?" she asked conspiratorially.

"An upgrade?"

"Sure, come with me." she said as she took me out to the sales floor.

In the middle of the huge sales floor sat the newest Mercedes SLK, slowly rotating on a low platform. The exterior was a deep black, the interior was lipstick red. And I'll admit, it sure looked nice.

"Brand new model...just arrived yesterday." Melanie casually said "The engine's been upgraded...you'll love the electronics system."

"I'm sure I will..." I said as I slowly ran my fingers across the body's curves. It was hard to tell whose curves it reminded me of, Julianne? Lindsay? Kate or Kim's? It was all of those rolled into one.

"I think you're in love." Melanie said.

I looked over at her with a smile of embarrassment.

"Looks that way, huh?" I finally said.

She nodded.

"Tell you what, give it some thought. You know where to find me." she said as she handed me her card and went off to greet a pretty woman who just arrived. I heard her say the name "Chrissy" and give her a hug. She looked familiar as they came closer.

"Jim here is interested in the same car as you." Melanie said

"Oh, it's not for me!" the new girl giggled "I'm looking for a gift for my husband."

"That's right! John's birthday is coming soon isn't it?" Melanie said before turning to me "Chrissy is married to John Legend."

That's where I knew her!

"Oh, so you're..."

"Chrissy Teigen, hi Jim." she said as she shook my hand with a big smile "I'm trying to find a neat car for John. I know he likes Mercedes cars but he loves Porsche's too. Melanie's been trying to find one for me."

"Really? Well, uh, I know of one for sale."

"You do?" both girls said simultaneously.

"Yes, uh, long story but I own it and have been trying to figure out if I want to sell it or keep it. No offense to you Melanie, I love my Benz."

"No offense taken, I'll gladly handle the paperwork if you want to sell it to Chrissy."

"I think we might have a deal here."

"Uh, it would help if I got to SEE the car, you know." Chrissy added, like it was a detail we'd conveniently forgotten.

"Yes, good idea." I said "How 'bout I take you to where it is?"

"Awesome!" she said excitedly "Lemme get my bag."

The Porsche in question was a white 911 Turbo Carrera that had been the pride and joy of my late partner Chris Foster. When he died, he left the car to me and since then, other than a few joyrides, it sat under a tarp in the garage of Joey Cortez, a friend who ran a body shop next door to Baba Louie's, his take-out Mexican restaurant. I often wondered from which establishment he recycled the grease and oil his employees used.

A snarling pit bull and equally snarling Mastiff dashed out as we pulled up to the garage.

"The car is here?" Chrissy asked fearfully.

"Yes, it might not look like much, but the owner takes good care of it, he's completely legit." I said before mumbling "Or so he tells me."

"Daisy! Butterscotch!" I heard someone yell.

Standing in the doorway to the garage was their owner and Cheech Marin lookalike, Joey Cortez. Both dogs immediately sat at attention as we slowly got out of my car.

"Ayyyy, Hollywood! How you been, man?"

"'Bout the same, might have a buyer for the Porsche." I said as Chrissy stepped up.

"Hi, Chrissy Teigen."

"Yeah! I know you, wow!" he suddenly became a stumbling schoolboy in her presence "Don't mind the dogs, they're homeless, I mean harmless!"

Chrissy laughed and knelt down to greet each dog who eagerly sniffed and licked her face, making her laugh.

"Let's see the car." I said.

Joey led us into the garage, past other workers whose tongues were practically dragging on the grease and oil stained floor as Chrissy walked by. He pulled the tarp off and revealed the still gleaming Porsche.

"This is it!" she screamed in delight "He's got a picture of this car on his computer!"

"I think you just made a sale." Joey said to me.

"There's still the test drive, you know."

"Here's the keys, amigo." he said as they jingled in his hands.

"You drive, Jim...I know I'll only be a passenger if John's driving." she said to me as she got in the passenger seat "Besides...I can't drive a stick shift."

Soon, we were roaring down the freeway, Chrissy had a mile-wide grin every time I accelerated.

"Oh..my...GOD!" she said excitedly "This is awesome!!"

"Thanks, Joey takes good care of it."

"You drive it good too!" she said with a flirty look.

I could only shrug my shoulders and try not look at the very tanned and smooth legs she casually revealed.

After roaring around the streets, we returned to Joey's Garage, where he stood outside the entrance.

"Get a deal, amigo?" he asked as he took a sip of some fruity-looking concoction.

"Oh yeah! I think we've got a deal here." she said "What's the price gonna be?" she asked as she took out her phone.

Suddenly my mind went blank.

"Um...I honestly don't know."

In all the excitement, I never thought of an asking price. The car had lots of sentimental value for sure, but that doesn't pay the taxes or upkeep. Even though Joey had been storing it free of charge, I knew his good might eventually run out.

"OK, I'll tell you what. I'll call Melanie and see what she can find out and she'll do the negotiating, how 'bout that?"

"Yes, that sounds good to me." I said, relieved.

"Great, let's go back and get my car."

I turned to Joey and his eyes and those of his co-workers were glued on Chrissy as she walked back to my car.

"Stop gawking at her Joey, she's married, remember?"

"She's sure lookin' at you, pal." he replied with a wiseguy look on his face.

"C'mon! Get real!" I said dismissively.

"Hey, they don't call you 'Hollywood Jim' for nothin' you know." he chuckled as he went back inside the garage.

"Awww, what does a grease monkey like him know?" I thought to myself as I walked back to my car.

Back at the Mercedes dealer, Chrissy and I met with Melanie and she clicked out a price on her Ipad, showed it to Chrissy, who nodded her approval and then showed it to me.

"How's this look, Jim?" she asked

Not to brag, but there were more zeroes in the price than I ever expected, or dreamed for that matter. I suddenly realized the last time I'd seen that many zeroes. It was when Chris and I had just gotten our paychecks for the Triple Threat Tour. I was putting a price on sentimentality.

I took a deep breath.

"Well, Chris...I hope you understand." I thought.

"OK, it's a deal."

"Great!" Chrissy said excitedly

"Can you arrange to have the car delivered?" Melanie asked

"Sure, I'll call Joey now, he can deliver it wherever you like, how's that?"

"Wow, Jim! You are the coolest! Anyone ever tell you that?"

"Not in so many words but, I'll accept the compliment." I replied with a bashful smile.

"I'll get the paperwork started." Melanie said as she went back to her office.

"Joey! I got a buyer for the Porsche."

"Alright, man!" he said excitedly "Chrissy bought it?"

"Uh-huh." I said as I looked at Chrissy, who smile widely "How soon can you deliver it to her place?"

"Not 'til tomorrow afternoon, man. I'm backed up here now"

"He's got a lot of work at the garage, can he bring it over tomorrow afternoon?" I said to her.

"Perfect! That gives me time for my business manager to get a check ready for you" she said as she got out her phone.

"Pack it and ship it, pal."

I turned to Chrissy and she was just finishing her call.

"All set! Here's my address, call me when you're on the way."

"You got a deal."

"Great!" she said as she gave me a quick kiss "See you then."

Chrissy put on her stylish sunglasses and left in a Jaguar convertible that looked a lot more luxurious than my Benz.

I called Joey back and with address in hand (and Porsche on truck) we made our way to her home the next day. It turned out she lived in an exclusive beach community.

"So this is how the other side lives." Joey said as he climbed out of his truck upon our arrival.

"I guess so..." I mused as I looked at the outside, which was straight out of Architectural Digest magazine. Chrissy appeared at the door.

"Hi guys!" she said happily as she came outside wearing a floor length white sundress "Wow! You got it here!"

She was followed by an assistant who carried an envelope.

"A little something for your trouble." she said as she gave the envelope to Joey "Can you put the car in the garage over there?"

"Sure, you got it!" he said eagerly after looking at the check inside the envelope, he quickly busied himself with unloading the car from the truck. Chrissy was beaming as the car slowly came down from the flatbed truck and I helped Joey push it into the garage.

"OK, all set." I said to Chrissy.

"Melanie faxed over the paperwork, I've got it inside, follow me."

"You gonna need me for anything else, Jimmy?" Joey asked "With a check like this I better get it to the bank quickly."

"I guess we're all set, I think I need to sign some stuff here."

Joey watched Chrissy walk back into the house.

"Have fun signing, amigo." he chuckled as he got back in his truck and started it up.

"Smart-ass punk..." I muttered to myself as he drove away.

Chrissy's beach house was decorated beautifully inside, the hardwood floors seemed like they were from the deck of an old sailboat and large Oriental rugs were on them. Huge windows gave an unsurpassed view of the ocean. But what caught my attention was the black grand piano in a corner and what was on top of it, a golden statuette that seemed to glow thanks to the sunlight streaming in from outside. Chrissy sat on the large couch and was assembling papers with her assistant when she looked up at me.

"Oh, you like the souvenir?" she asked.

I was awestruck looking at it, it was an Oscar. The real thing, complete with its recipients' name, John Legend, engraved on it.

"All these years...watching it on TV...I-I've never seen a real one." I replied.

"That's what John said too, you wanna hold it?"

"No way!" I said holding up hands up "I turn into Mr. Butterfingers at the worst possible times."

Chrissy and her assistant laughed boisterously.

"I marked where he needs to sign, will you need anything else?"

"No, I'm cool, see you tomorrow." Chrissy replied.

Her assistant walked out leaving me alone with Chrissy.

"OK, Jim the moment we've all been waiting for." she said looking up from the paperwork.

"Sign on the dotted lines, huh?"


I joined her on the couch and she produced the paperwork.

"OK, the red marks are where you sign and the green are where I sign." she said.

"Alright...this is pretty big for me."


"Well, the car belonged to my old business partner. He really loved it and left it to me when he died."

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

"No, no, I loved it too but having two cars...I don't know...it's gets expensive and I guess I'm a cheapskate at heart."

"I get it, sentimental value, right?"

"Right, someone once said two cars is company, three is a business."

Chrissy giggled and held her hand to her mouth.

"That's very funny."

"Anyway, it's going to someone who'll appreciate it more." I said as I signed the last document.

"John's really gonna love this." she said as she signed in the right places. I could see she had an elegant signature, and from where I sat she had beautiful tits not encumbered by a bra.

"OK...now for the best part." she said with a big smile as she reached for an envelope and handed it to me. Inside was a check, a rather large one.

"W-wow..." I said "All this time out here and some things still amaze me."

"I know what you mean. I'm the same way, let's celebrate. Want a glass of wine?" she said as she stood and went to a small bar near the windows.

"Sure, why not?" I replied as I saw the sunlight revealed the body beneath the dress, very nice.

Chrissy returned with 2 glasses of Chardonnay and sat beside me again.

"Here's to..." she began.

"...a very memorable birthday present." I added, making her giggle again as our glasses clinked together.

"Yes, exactly!"

Chrissy's arm was on the back of the sofa and she sat with her legs tucked under her, her head tilted to one side as she looked at me.

"You know, it was very lucky you were in that dealership, you know."

"I guess so, and it all started with an oil change."

Chrissy smiled again.

"Melanie said you work for some management company."

"Uh-huh, Artists Unlimited."

"Oh, I know that place! There's some big power struggle going on there."

"How did you know about that?

"I hear things, people talk."

"Sounds about right."

"What about you? You haven't told me much about yourself, how'd you come to work there?"

"Well, the guy who owned the Porsche started a photo business and he needed help with it, I came out here for the summer to help him and wound up staying for good. That was a couple of years ago now that I think about it."

"You like it out here?"

I nodded.

"I guess if I didn't I wouldn't be here, would I?"

Chrissy took a sip of her wine and gave me a sly, flirty smile in response.

"I can tell you like it here." she said

"How so?"

"Because you look good sitting there...glass of wine in hand...it makes you look good."

"Well, I uh, guess that's a first."

"You something else that would be a first?" Chrissy said as she inched closer to me "...If I kissed you."

Chrissy leaned in and our lips met. We kissed again, deeper this time. When we separated, she had a beaming smile.

"I like that." she said.

I could only smile in response. Chrissy gently loosened the tie in her hair and let her thick dark hair cascade down, her eyes on me the whole time. She leaned in to kiss me again and I felt her hand on my crotch, slowly rubbing it, and getting the desired reaction from me.

"Like that, babe?" she softly asked.

"F-feels nice..."

She kissed me cheek then whispered in my ear;

"You can touch me too...it's OK."

My hand nervously went to her breast and she arched her back slightly as I began to caress it. Her hand found the zipper on my pants and somehow worked it down. I felt her hand slide inside my pants and rub my dick through my underwear.

"Mmmm...nice..." she purred "...let's see what you've got..."

I could see through the thin material of her dress that her nipples were clearly erect. She continued to feel around through my pants until she freed my dick, she held it in her hand and looked very pleased with it. She looked at me with a sweet smile on her face;

"I'll make you feel good, babe."

Chrissy's head slowly went down into my lap and I felt her lips surround my dick, softly licking and teasing it before feeling the warmth of her mouth as she swallowed it. Her thick brown hair felt nice against my skin as her head slowly bobbed up and down.

"Wow, you've got a nice one!" she giggled.

"T-thank you..." I somehow stammered.

Chrissy continued to suck my dick before she came up and softly kissed my neck.

"Your turn..." she whispered in my ear.

Chrissy moved back slightly and slowly slid the straps down her shoulders, exposing her tits, they were nice! Very full with tan colored nipples. She gave me an electric smile that seemed to say she was proud to show them off to me.

"C'mon...you can touch me." she said.

I got close and gingerly felt her breasts, caressing her nipples and making her breathe in deeply and exhale a soft "oh" the more I felt them. I kissed her lips then began to kiss down her neck until I got to those beautiful tits of hers, I kissed and licked them eagerly. I could feel Chrissy running her fingers through my hair as I did this, especially when I sucked on her nipples.

"Oh my GOD! Uh-huh...uh-huh...oh god YES!" she moaned "Suck on 'em! Oh god yeah! Suck 'em!"

I sat up and we kissed deeply, our tongues meeting. Chrissy began to pull up my polo shirt until it was off, then lay back on the couch and pulled her dress up, revealing the absence of panties, and a gorgeous pussy.

"Man, you've been naked the whole time?" I asked as I took in the sight before me.

(I know, dumb thing to say)

"I never wear clothes inside." she giggled before looking at me with a more serious expression and opening her legs wide "...neither should you..."

I took her suggestion and stood up to remove my jeans as quickly as I could. Once I was naked, I caressed her smooth legs until I reached her pussy, then I kissed it and softly licked around it, the same way she'd been around my dick. Chrissy began to moan and gasp again. My tongue penetrated her and soon found her clit, which sent her into orbit. I could hear her scream out "YESSSS!" and gasp even more before she bolted upright and held my head tightly.

"Gonna cum! OHHHHHHHHGODDDDDD!!" she yelled as she climaxed.

She soon lay back on the couch but still sounded like she'd run a marathon. I came up from between her legs and kissed her softly on her cheek.

"Oh god that was incredible..." she whispered "...incredible..."

Chrissy looked down at my dick and smiled.

"Let's make it even better."

I moved my dick into position and pushed slowly into her pussy, she was super-wet so it felt so good going in. Chrissy closed her eyes and a beautiful smile came over her face the further it went in.

I began fucking Chrissy Teigen.

Her beautifully full tits shook as I fucked her and she sounded so sexy with her little gasps and moans the more I did it. I slowed down and kissed her softly, which made her moan all the more at the feeling.

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