tagInterracial LoveAdventures of Sarah Ch. 08

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 08


Hank opened his eyes and was startled to realize he had been fast asleep. He popped up on the couch and looked around. Jesse was leaning back in his chair, fast asleep. Hank looked back and Tyshawn was not in the room. He panicked, how long had he been asleep? Where were the girls? Where was Tyshawn? How could he have fallen asleep? Hank jumped up and moved into the hallway. He heard a toilet flush and Tyshawn came out of the bathroom door, snapping his jeans.

"Where are the girls?" Hank asked, trying to stay calm.

"I think they're in the bedroom changing." Tyshawn responded.

Hank walked to the end of the hall and opened the door. As he stepped into the room he saw Karen in front of the mirror, brushing her long, blonde hair. She was wearing her denim skirt but no shirt. Her young, full breasts were sitting proudly on her chest. Hank shook his head, amazed again at how perfect they were.

"Hi, Mr. Jackson." Karen said in a sweet voice.

"Did you have a nice nap?" she asked.

Hank was stunned. That was the first time he had heard her speak for the last several hours and she was talking to him like it was normal for him to see her standing there topless.

"Yeah, baby, I did. Where's teach?" he said.

"Oh, she's in her closet looking for a shirt for me. Mine was a little messed up." She said with a laugh.

"Yeah, sorry about that. We'll get you another one." Hank responded.

"That's ok, it was old anyway." She said and turned back to brush her long hair.

Hank looked at her. She was gorgeous. Her hair was full and bright blonde. Her legs were long and tan and looked incredible in her little denim skirt. Her ass was perfect as it filled out the skirt. She was barefoot and he loved seeing barefoot women. There was something natural and erotic about it. But what still blew him away were those tits. They looked almost too big for her little body. He watched them move in the mirror and found himself almost hypnotized.

"Karen, how's this one?" Hank heard the teacher's voice before he saw her emerge from the closet.

She was wearing a white camisole that hugged her tits perfectly, her little nipples poking through the material. She also had on a light blue pleated skirt that swished around her pretty legs when she walked. Her dark hair was in a ponytail and Hank thought she could have easily passed for a student.

"Well, good morning, Mr. Jackson." She said and walked past him to hand Karen a white cotton button up shirt.

"You were snoring." Sarah said with a giggle.

Hank watched as Karen took the shirt and slipped it on. She started buttoning from the bottom and continued until she reached the second button from the top. There was no way that one was going to button as her tits were stretching the shirt tight already. Her nipples were covered but there was a lot of cleavage pouring over the top of the stressed-out third button. He could also make out her nipples starting to poke out the soft material.

"Miss Johnson, I don't know. My dad might freak if he sees me like this." Karen said and turned around.

Hank saw Sarah laugh out loud and reach out to grab Karen's huge tits. She squeezed them and massaged them, pushing them together, forcing more over the top of the poor button.

"Karen, these monsters are impossible. I am so jealous. I'll have to give you a sweatshirt, but you are going to be so hot in this weather." Hank heard the teacher say.

He was struggling to figure out what was going on. He was standing there watching as these two were openly affectionate with each other like they were lifetime lovers and doing it right in front of him. He shook his head to try and understand.

"Miss Johnson, you should not be jealous. At least you won't have back problems and I think you are beautiful." He heard Karen say and watched her feel up her teacher's tits through her shirt and lean forward to kiss each nipple. Hank felt his cock tingle and start to fill up his pants.

"Stop it girl. We have to find something for you to wear and get you home. Come with me." Sarah said and pulled Karen with her by the arm into the closet.

Hank turned and left the room to walk down the hall. He came into the living room and Tyshawn was watching TV.

"Son, what happened here?" Hank said.

"What do you mean, Hank?" Tyshawn said, looking up.

"I mean what happened after I fell asleep?" Hank responded.

"Well, let's see, the teacher came all over Jesse's dick and then Jesse blew a load up in her. She just collapsed on him and lay there. The cheerleader gave me the best blowjob in history and swallowed every drop. It was incredible. After she finished she got up and grabbed the teacher and they went into the bedroom. I sat here for a few minutes recovering and then I had to go to the bathroom bad. I came out and ran into you." Tyshawn said and turned back to the TV.

Hank started to say something else but he couldn't think of how to ask the question. He closed his mouth and stood there.

"Mr. Jackson, it's 4:30, we have to get Karen home before her parents get worried. We called them and said she was staying late with me but we need to get her back soon." Sarah said as she bounced into the room.

Hank turned to see she had put a light pink button shirt over her camisole. She had the bottom couple of buttons done up but most of the white camisole was still visible. He noticed that her nipples however were now covered by the shirt. Karen had on a sweatshirt that was obviously too small for her. Her tits were pushing it out but the bottom did reach the top of her skirt so it didn't look as bad as the white shirt.

"We can take my car." Sarah said and grabbed her keys and purse.

Sarah and Karen walked to the door and turned to face Hank.

"You coming, Mr. Jackson?" Karen said and giggled at the double meaning.

Hank walked over and followed them out the door. He watched their beautiful asses sway in front of him as they descended the stairs. They walked over to the car and stopped.

"Do you want to drive, Mr. Jackson?" Sarah asked.

'No, that's fine. It might look better if you drove, he said.

Hank crawled into the back seat and Karen slid in the front. Sarah pulled out of the parking lot and started to make her way to Karen's house, guided by Karen's directions. Hank sat and tried to make sense of what he had here. The two girls were obviously back to normal as far as their mental state was concerned. They also seemed to still be accepting of their new roles as they were treating him almost as their father. He couldn't believe this could be happening so easily but he wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth. He would have to watch closely and make sure they weren't trying to pull one over on him though. His momma didn't raise no fool.

"It's the white one there with the big tree in front, Miss Johnson." Karen said and Sarah pulled into a wide driveway in front of what Hank thought looked like a mansion.

He got out of the car and followed the girls to the door, admiring the perfectly trimmed lawn and expensive landscaping. He hesitated a little when he realized he didn't know how he was going to explain his presence. What would a janitor be doing escorting a teacher and her student? He cursed himself under his breath for being so confused by the girls' behavior to not prepare for this situation. He was trying to think quickly when Karen opened the door.

"Mom, Dad, I'm home." He heard her yell into the house.

Hank saw a beautiful woman appear from the left and hug Karen. She looked exactly like Karen but obviously older. Her age had done nothing to alter her stunning looks and Hank thought it might have even made her even prettier than her daughter.

"Mom, this is my teacher, Miss Johnson." Karen said and turned her Mom to face Sarah.

Sarah reached out and shook the mom's hand.

"Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Smith. You have a lovely home." Sarah said.

"And Mom, this is Mr. Jackson. He is one of the administrators at school. He saved us today. Miss Johnson's car wouldn't start so he drove us here." Karen said, smiling at Hank.

Mrs. Smith reached out and took Hank's hand. Hank felt a little electricity when he touched the woman's hand. He glanced at Karen and she winked at him.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Jackson, for helping my little girl." She said and flashed a perfect white smile at Hank.

Hank pulled his attention back to the mom and saw her beautiful face and eyes right in front of him. She was perfect, he began to wonder if there had been any "artificial help" but if there was he had to get the name of that doctor because she looked absolutely natural.

"Mom, I had an accident at school and ripped my shirt really bad, it was so bad I had to toss it out. Miss Johnson luckily had this sweatshirt she let me borrow." Karen said.

"Honey, did you get hurt? What happened?" Mrs. Smith turned back towards her daughter.

"No, Mom, I fell and caught my shirt on a locker. I did land funny on my hand and it is swollen." Karen said and held out her hand.

"Oh my, come in here and let's get some ice on that right away." She said and whisked Karen down the hall.

"Miss Johnson, Mr. Jackson, please come in." she said over her shoulder as she brought Karen into the kitchen.

She sat Karen down at the table and reached into the freezer and pulled out a small blue ice pack. She put it on Karen's hand.

"You leave it on for about 15 minutes, young lady." Mrs. Smith said in a mockingly serious tone.

Hank did not hear anything that was said after he entered the kitchen. He was taken aback by the size of the room. There was a huge sitting area directly in front of him with a beautiful table. To the right was an expansive kitchen. It looked immaculate and everything shined. To his left there was a humongous open room that was carpeted and had two couches, a fireplace and a gigantic TV set stuck to the far wall. Directly in front of him, past the table was a set of sliding glass doors that opened to a huge deck. Hank could see a pool down past the deck. He had never seen anything so beautiful and clean.

"Miss Johnson, Mr. Jackson, would you like anything to drink." Mrs. Smith said.

"No, I am fine." Sarah answered.

Hank was about to say no also but he was struck hard by the feeling that he needed to snap out of his trance and regain control and a white woman waiting on him seemed to be a good start.

"Maam, I had a really rough day and I would love a beer if you don't mind." Hank said.

"Absolutely." Mrs. Smith said.

"I can't imagine how you guys handle all of those kids every day. You need more than a beer, you need a medal." She said as she opened the refrigerator and pulled out a foreign beer.

"Is this brand ok with you?" she asked.

"Yes, that would be fine." He said.

She popped the top off and handed it to him.

"Thank you so much." Hank responded.

Mrs. Smith smiled and turned back to Karen.

"Honey, the twins are in from college. They got back this morning." Mrs. Smith said.

"Really, where are they?" Karen said and jumped out of her seat.

"Sit down, young lady, they are out by the pool, I'll call them. You stay here." Mrs. Smith said, pushing Karen back down in her seat and walking towards the sliding glass doors.

Mrs. Smith opened the door and walked out onto the deck. Hank noticed for the first time how well her ass filled out her jeans. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, he thought. He heard her yell something from the edge of the deck and heard screams. He saw her step aside and two blonde girls came bounding up the steps. Hank thought his eyes would pop out and his cock was now at full mast.

They were exact duplicates of each other and even had on the same red bathing suit. The first thing Hank saw were their tits jiggling wildly in their small tops. He then moved down to their flat stomachs and their perfect thighs and legs barely covered by small bikini bottoms tied at the sides. They ran through the door and Karen stood up to meet them. All three girls screamed and then embraced into a three-way hug. Hank saw their asses as they hugged their sister, they were also perfect. He was trying very hard to control the urge to just bend both of them over the table immediately.

The girls hugged for at least 30 seconds before they let go. The twins turned to face them and Hank noticed then how absolutely identical they were. He was amazed at not just that but their amazing bodies. They were taller than Karen and their legs were longer but those tits were just as large as Karen's. Hank just stared as they stood there. "Girls, this is Miss Johnson. She is one of Karen's teachers." Mrs. Smith said.

The two girls both walked over and shook Sarah's hand.

"Miss Johnson, this is Nicole and Jennifer." She said.

The twins finished shaking Sarah's hand and turned to face Hank. They were even more beautiful up close.

"And this is Mr. Jackson. He saved our little Karen today by bringing her home." Mrs. Smith said.

The first twin, Nicole, Hank thought, reached out and took his hand. She squeezed it hard and Hank was amazed at the strength and yet the softness of her grip. He looked into her eyes and she smiled.

The second twin, Jennifer, he thought he remembered also took his hand. Her grip was the same and she also smiled wide when he gazed into her eyes. Hank felt like he could stare at them forever but eventually released her hand.

Jennifer continued to look at Hank and he could see something different in her gaze. It almost looked like she suspected something was not right. He continued to look into her pretty blue eyes as she tilted her head.

"Karen, go get your suit on and join us at the pool." Nicole said.

"She can't come yet, she has to ice her hand for a few more minutes." Mrs. Smith said.

"What happened sweetie." Nicole said and bent over to look at Karen's hand and Jennifer turned to look.

Hank was treated to a wonderful view of Nicole's massive tits hanging down in front of her as she looked at her sister's hand.

"Oh, it will be fine. I just fell at school." Karen said.

"Ok, join us when you can." Nicole said and turned back to the slider.

"Nice to meet you Miss Johnson, Mr. Jackson." Nicole said and bounded out the door, her pretty little ass shaking as she skipped onto the deck.

"Come on Jen, I need help getting lotion on my back." Nicole yelled as she hit the stairs.

"Yes, very nice to meet you Miss Johnson and Mr. Jackson." Jennifer said and Hank saw her gaze back at him and stare.

He watched her walk out the door and wink just before she turned to go onto the deck. She walked very slow as she crossed the deck and her ass swayed softly back and forth beneath the small bottoms. Hank stared until she went down the stairs and out of view.

Hank was suddenly struck by the fact that he was surrounded on all sides by grade A pussy. He had already tasted his two girls and he knew Mrs. Smith would be incredibly tasty. But the twins were special. His mind was flying with the possibility of having those two beauties on the end of his cock. His pants were incredibly tight and he had to get out of her soon before he lost control and fucked the first thing in front of him.

"Mom, where's daddy?" Karen asked.

"Oh, baby, he had to go out of town this morning on an emergency. He won't be home until next week." Mrs. Smith said.

"Where did he go and why didn't he tell me goodbye." Karen said with a pouty lip.

"Honey, it was an emergency. He was called out to California and he had to leave right away. He was very sad he didn't get to tell you goodbye and he is going to be incredibly sad when he finds out he missed the twins by only an hour. He is going to call tonight and you can talk to him then." Mrs. Smith explained.

"Mrs. Smith, I think we will have to be going. I have to get Miss Johnson home and get back to my family." Hank said with a smile.

"Oh, certainly, thank you so much for bringing little Karen home. We will have to think of a way to repay you two for your kindness." Mrs. Smith said and held out her hand.

"Oh, it was nothing, maam, it comes with the job. When you look after them all day you feel like they are part of your family. It was not a problem." Hank said in his most professional voice.

"Karen, escort your heroes to the door. I have to run downstairs and finish a load of laundry I had started. It was wonderful meeting you two." Mrs. Smith said and walked through the kitchen and into the next room.

Karen got up and put the ice pack back in the freezer. She grabbed Hank's and Sarah's hands and led them back down the hall to the door. Hank heard another door closing and figured it was the mom going downstairs. They got to the door and Karen stepped up on the second step of the stairs so she was eye level with Hank.

"Mr. Jackson, I want to apologize for my behavior earlier today. I also want to thank you for what you have done for me today. I can't seem to get you and the boys out of my mind. I was wondering if it would be ok if I came to visit you during school? I mean if you're not too busy?" Karen asked him and looked into his eyes with a pleading look.

Hank felt her pulling his hand towards her. He let her guide his hand and she pushed it up under her little denim skirt. Hank felt her soft, warm thighs and then he felt her moist pussy. She had no panties on and her little slit was wet. Hank ran his finger up and down her wet slit and she moaned and closed her eyes. He ran his finger into her hot little hole and it slid in easily. He buried the full length of his fat finger in her little twat.

"Baby girl, you can come visit ole Hank any time you would like. I am never too busy for you." Hank said as he fucked her little pussy with his finger. Karen was pushing her hips into him, trying to pull his finger deeper.

Hank smiled as he looked at the young girl. She was definitely hooked now. He had himself a little slut on his hands and it looked like all the sweet young pussy he would be able to handle.

He pulled his finger out of her, dripping with her juices. He put it up to her lips and she sucked it completely in her mouth, swallowing her own juices. He popped it out of her mouth.

"Now, little girl, you go upstairs and change into your swimsuit and go spend time with your sisters. I will see you tomorrow." Hank said and turned her around on the stairs. He popped her little ass with his hand and she scooted up a couple of steps.

"Bye Miss Johnson, see you tomorrow." Karen said and turned back to face them. Hank watched her pull the sweatshirt up over her head and her young, firm tits bounce out. "Thanks for letting me use the sweatshirt." She said and tossed it to Karen.

Hank found himself staring again at her beautiful tits. She grabbed them and pushed them together. She smiled a mischievious smile at Hank.

"Bye, Mr. Jackson." She said softly as she manipulated her huge tits.

"Girl, get up those stairs now." Hank said in a menacing tone and took a step up on the stairs.

Karen squealed and turned to run up the stairs. Hank watched those young breasts bounce freely as she scampered up the stairs and down the hall. He turned and took Sarah's hand and leaned to whisper in her ear.

"Teach, let's get on home. I need to fuck something hard and I think you will do just fine." Hank said in her ear.

Sarah smiled wide and led Hank out the door. They walked to the car and Sarah got in the driver's seat. Hank got in the front seat and noticed immediately how her little skirt pulled up high on her pretty thighs as she reached for her seatbelt. He reached over and slid her skirt up to her waist and he was treated with a view of her bare pussy. She also didn't have on any panties. He smiled at the wanton behavior of his two little sluts. He sat back in his seat as she pulled out of the driveway.

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