tagInterracial LoveAdventures of Sarah Ch. 09

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 09


(Please read Chapters 1-8, you will enjoy the series much more)


Hank sat in front of the screen and tried to watch the basketball game but he could not concentrate. His mind waffled between being pissed off at the situations these two young boys were in and trying to keep those fucking twins out of his thoughts. He didn't know if he had ever seen finer white women and there were two of them! He felt his cock hardening again as the images of them in their red bikinis went through his brain.

Sarah went into the bathroom and pulled off her shirt and skirt. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her breasts were so small compared to Karen's but I guess they were ok, Hank seemed to like them. She grabbed one and squeezed, it filled up her hand easily. What did they say, more than a handful is a waste? She also noticed that her nipples were still hard. They had been hard all afternoon. She flicked one of them and felt a little surge of excitement flow through her body.

What was happening to her? She had now been fucked 5 times in the last 4 or so hours and she was still in a state of arousal. What had she become? She felt a little glimmer of embarrassment and shame when she thought of herself just bending over and letting Hank plow her pussy while Tyshawn just sat there and watched. She was his teacher! How could she have changed so drastically, so fast? She glanced down at her pussy and saw the streams of cum on her legs. She reached down and wiped it off her left leg. She looked at her hand and there was a large glob of cum in it. She instinctively rubbed it into her chest like it was suntan lotion. She reached down and scooped the cum off of her right leg and rubbed that into her chest. Her breasts were now glistening with the liquid spread over them.

Sarah lifted her right leg up and put her foot on the counter. She noticed that her little pussy opened up right away. It was red and swollen. She touched the lips and they were very sensitive but they didn't hurt. She ran her finger across her little clit and moaned as her body responded. She felt like her whole body was one big nerve and she could not help reacting to anything that stimulated it, including her own fingers.

Sarah put her foot down and turned on the shower. She had to rinse the cum off of her body before she could get started on dinner. She hopped into the shower and felt the warm water re-energizing her body. She did feel a little tired but she also still felt the adrenaline pumping through her. Hank's huge black cock popped into her mind.

She loved the way it just hung there between his legs. It never seemed to get completely soft and when it was hard, oh my! She closed her eyes and felt it sliding into her again. She needed to finish to get back out there. If she finished dinner quickly maybe he would fuck her again. She needed to feel him inside her body. She finished rinsing off and jumped out.

Sarah dried off and then walked into her bedroom to get something to wear. She grabbed a pair of pink lace panties and slipped them on. She then grabbed a white tshirt and pulled it over her head. It was a little tight and hugged her breasts nicely. Her nipples were very obvious and the shirt only came within a couple of inches from her panties so a little of her tummy was showing.

She smiled and thought Hank would like that. Maybe he would fuck her before dinner?

Hank was still thinking when he noticed the teacher walk back into the room. Holy shit! She only had on a tshirt and a pair of panties. Her nipples were poking out of the tshirt and her little ass looked so fine in the panties. His cock rustled again in his pants. This girl was going to drive him crazy. What did she have over him? Why did he find her so fucking hot? She was very cute but not beautiful. Her body was not fantastic but very functional. She just had something about her that made him want to bury his cock in her every chance he got.

"Mr. Jackson, what would you guys like for dinner?" Sarah asked.

Tyshawn looked up and saw her and his cock reacted very similar to Hank's. Sarah obviously affected Tyshawn in the same way as he just stared at her nipples. She blushed a little when she noticed and giggled like a teenager. She also noticed Jesse was still sleeping in the chair.

"What have you got sweet cheeks? We wouldn't want you to have to go to the store dressed like that?" Hank said with a chuckle.

Sarah thought for a moment and then realized that she really didn't have much in the house. She was used to only cooking for herself and wasn't prepared to make dinner for three men.

"Well, now that I think of it, I don't have very much here. I may have to go to the store." Sarah said with a frown.

Hank smiled at her. She was so damn cute and to think earlier today she was just an unknown substitute teacher and now she was his little fucktoy. Life was good.

"Baby girl, you go get some more clothes on and I will take you to the store." Hank said.

"Ok" Sarah said and bounced back into her bedroom.

Hank got up and looked over at Jesse. He was sound asleep. Hank felt a pang of sympathy for the boy. What was he going to do with him? He didn't really want to send him back home but he didn't have anywhere to put him yet and he did still have a family of sorts.

"Ty, what do you want for dinner?" Hank asked.

"I don't know, I do have a hankering for a thick, juicy steak. I haven't had one of those in like forever." Tyshawn said.

"Ooh, that does sound good." Hank said.

Sarah popped back into the room and Hank glanced over at her. She still had on the same tshirt but she had slipped on a small pink cotton skirt. The skirt was pleated and came about to the middle of her thighs. It looked very soft and light and Hank figured if there was any wind his little teacher would be flashing the world. He chuckled and wondered if she would have dressed like this yesterday.

"I'm ready." Sarah said.

"Ok, sweet cheeks, let's get going. I'm hungry." Hank said.

Sarah grabbed her purse and car keys. She slipped on a pair of sandals near the door and opened it. She skipped out into the hallway and turned to see if Hank would follow. Hank walked out and joined her, closing the door behind him. Sarah ran down the stairs, her little breasts bouncing behind her shirt. Hank noticed her skirt was dancing also as she flew down the stairs.

They got to the car and Sarah jumped behind the wheel. Hank slid into the passenger seat. He looked over and saw her skirt had bunched up and most of her thighs were on display. He shook his head and buckled his seat belt. Sarah pulled out of the parking lot and started down the street. Hank stared straight ahead and was going into deep thought when her voice startled him.

"Mr. Jackson, where do we go from here?" he heard her say.

Hank looked over at the teacher and she was staring at the road. He did notice she was not smiling like before. She seemed to be sad.

"Baby, what do you mean?" Hank asked.

"I mean, like tonight when you leave, are you going to remember me or is today just a little fun thing and when it's over you just move on." She said and Hank thought he say her eyes getting a little glassy.

He thought about what she said. He realized he had been thinking about the boys and to an extent Karen but he hadn't really thought about her. What was his plan for his little teacher? He felt bad as he realized he had just thought of her as a receptacle for his cock and not much beyond that. He wanted to say something but he didn't really have anything to say.

"I am sorry, Hank, I didn't mean to say that. I will be fine. You don't owe me anything." She said and Hank noticed she was wiping tears out of her eyes.

She turned to him and smiled a teary smile. Hank felt his heart break and he reached over and put his hand on her soft thigh.

"Baby girl, there is no way ole Hank will ever be able to forget you. I don't know what the future will hold but I am pretty sure you are going to be in it." He said and squeezed her thigh.

She looked at him and Hank noticed the glimmer was back in her eyes and she was smiling. She turned back and looked at the road. She reached down and pushed his hand up her leg. Hank rubbed her warm thigh up and down and brushed his finger across the front of her panties. She moaned and opened her legs a little wider. They pulled up into the supermarket parking lot and she parked.

Hank saw her pull out the keys, drop them into her purse, and look right at him.

"I also don't know what the future will hold but I want to tell you that I am very happy and I will do anything you want me to for as long as you want me around." She said and squeezed his hand.

Hank shook his head and was again floored by his little teacher. She was special and he was indeed going to have to "keep her around".

Sarah opened the car door and jumped out. Hank got out of his side and they started walking toward the store.

"Baby girl, you grab a basket and I will follow." Hank said.

"Ok" Sarah said and she walked over to the carts and pulled one out.

"I think we would like steaks tonight and what ever you want to make with it." Hank said.

"Oh good, I love steak. That will be fun." She said and pushed the cart ahead.

Hank watched her little skirt flick back and forth across the backs of her smooth thighs. He followed a little behind. He watched as she went into the produce area and stopped in front of the potatoes. He stopped and watched her from a distance. She was leaning over and reaching for the top of the bin. Her skirt pulled up and showed even more of her pretty thighs. Hank then noticed that a produce worker had also noticed. The boy looked to be around 16 or so and he was staring at Sarah's legs.

Hank walked a little closer but not too close to spook him. He saw the teenager was locked into her. He was pushing a cart of onions and he maneuvered the cart so he would pass right behind her. He stopped as he got next to her and just stared down at her legs as she bent over the bin. Sarah grabbed a potato and stood up quickly. She turned to the cart and bumped right into the boy. Hank saw her grab the boy's arm and say something to him. He saw the boy nod and then lock onto her nipples as they were still sticking out of her tshirt. Hank laughed. This little boy is going to be a mess.

Hank watched Sarah pick a couple more potatoes and put them in a bag and into her cart. She pushed her cart past the boy and touched his arm again. Hank heard her saying goodbye and the boy watched her walk away. Hank followed her out of the department and as he passed the boy he noticed he had a massive erection behind his jeans. Hank chuckled again.

Sarah made it to the meat counter and started looking over the steaks. Hank walked up and she asked him what kind he liked. Hank pointed to the ribeyes and Sarah grabbed four of them and threw them into the cart. She smiled at him and pushed the cart ahead. Hank followed her through the store like a puppy as she picked up more things.

She finished and picked out a checkout aisle. Hank walked up and helped her unload the cart. As he was placing items on the belt Hank noticed the cashier was now staring at them. He was also a young boy but looked a little older than the produce boy. He was staring at Sarah's chest as she reached down into the cart.

Hank stopped unloading and watched the boy. The cashier started to run some items across the scanner but never took his eyes off her breasts. Sarah finished and stood up. She faced the cashier and told him hello. He responded and continued to stare at her tits. Sarah leaned forward to place her purse on the counter and started to dig through it. Hank saw the boy fill up a bag and then bend down to place it under the cart. Hank smiled as this movement brought his head very near her chest and then down to the ground where he was now only inches from her legs and thighs. The cashier stood back up and slowly continued to scan the groceries.

Sarah pulled out her money and held it out to him. He reached for it and a couple of bills slipped out of his hand and fell to the ground. Sarah and the cashier quickly knelt down to retrieve the money. Sarah was now squatting as she grabbed one of the bills. The young boy knelt down to get the other and Hank knew he now had a great view right up her skirt as it bunched a little as she knelt. Hank saw the boy look between her legs and then Hank saw Sarah spread her legs just a little. The boys eyes lit up as he stared. She stayed in the position for a few more seconds and then stood up.

The cashier stood up rather painfully, Hank noticed. He took her money and gave her the change. She took it from him and touched his arm as she thanked him and smiled. He just stood there dumbstruck as Sarah pushed the cart out and Hank followed. Hank smiled at the boy as he walked by.

Hank followed Sarah out to the car and helped her load them into the trunk. He slid back into the passenger seat and watched her slide in. He looked at her as she closed the door.

"That was fun." She said.

"You are a little tease." Hank said.

"I have always wanted to do stuff like that but I never had the nerve. All of a sudden I feel so comfortable and it just happens. It is exciting." Sarah said.

"You are a special girl, baby, and we are going to have a lot of fun together." Hank said.

Sarah looked over at him and she had a big smile on her face. She pulled the car out of the parking lot and started home.

Tyshawn noticed some movement and looked to see Jesse stretching in the chair and yawning.

"Well, it's about time. You have been sleeping for a couple of hours." Tyshawn said.

Jesse sat up and looked confused. He looked around the apartment and seemed not to know where he was.

"Where the fuck are we?" Jesse said.

"What are you talking about. You lose your memory or something? We are at the teacher's apartment. You mean to tell me you don't remember the afternoon?" Tyshawn said.

Jesse looked at him.

"I thought all of that was a dream. You mean it really happened? We fucked a teacher and now we are at her apartment?" Jesse said.

Just as Jesse got the last word out, the door burst open and Sarah came through carrying bags of groceries. Jesse looked up and saw her dressed totally different than he remembered. He looked at her short skirt and then her shirt with her nipples sticking out. He looked back at Tyshawn with a big smile on his face.

"Good morning, Jesse. You have a nice nap?" Sarah asked as she bounced past into the kitchen.

"Yeah, I did." Jesse answered softly, still absorbing everything.

Hank came through the door carrying more bags and walked through into the kitchen. Jesse rubbed his eyes and struggled to remember everything that had happened in the afternoon. He started to remember the cheerleader and then he remembered the teacher bouncing on his dick on this very chair. He rubbed his crotch and realized he was hard again. The memories flooding back to him had him getting even harder.

"Hank, you go sit down, I'll get everything going." Jesse heard from the kitchen.

Hank walked out of the kitchen and sat on the couch.

"Hank, what are we doing now?" Jesse asked.

"Well, teach is making us steaks for dinner and after that I figure they'll be some dessert. After that, we'll have to see how it goes." Hank answered.

Jesse went to ask something and then closed his mouth.

"Do you have to get home by a certain time, Jesse?" Hank asked.

"Not really, my Dad doesn't get home until 11:00 and my Mom is probably passed out on the couch. I don't know that they would miss me." He said.

Hank saw the way he said that and decided he was going to change that as fast as he could. He started thinking of a plan.

Sarah cut up all the onions and mushrooms and had them cooking on the stove. The smell swept through the apartment. She had already put the potatoes in the oven to bake and they had another 40 minutes. She pulled steaks out to start seasoning them. She spread them on a platter and was reaching for the salt and pepper when she felt hands on her hips. She started to sprinkle the steaks and the hands went under her skirt and rubbed her soft ass. She pushed back into the hands and the slipped around the front and rubbed the front of her panties. Sarah felt her pussy getting moist again.

She felt lips kiss her neck and then a tongue lick her ear softly. She moaned and leaned back. One of the hands slipped out from under her skirt and slipped under her shirt. It went up and caressed her right breast. It pinched her nipple softly and Sarah moaned again. The other hand was now slipping into her panties and sliding down towards her slick pussy. She felt a finger slip between her lips and slide up and down her slit. It tickled her clit and Sarah moaned again and tried to spread her legs.

The hand left her shirt and moved back to her ass. It rubbed all over and then slipped under her panties in the back. The hand slid down to her crotch and pulled her panties aside. Sarah spread her legs more. She felt something hard and warm land against her back and knew immediately what it was. She spread her legs even more and the hand pulled her panties more, exposing her pussy. Sarah felt the hard cock touch her soft pussy and then slide in slowly. It took only a few seconds until her pussy was again full of cock. She sighed and leaned back against the warm body behind her.

The hands moved back to her waist and held her while the cock moved in and out. She moaned and grabbed the counter to steady herself. The cock started to move a little faster and Sarah felt her feet leave the floor as the cock buried itself in her. The hands lifted her slightly and held her up while the cock pistoned in and out of her wet pussy. Sarah could hear the soft sounds of her pussy accepting the cock. She felt a surge of electricity in her toes and it slowly started to move up her long legs. She tried to relax and feel the cock's power as it hammered her from behind.

The surge of electricity quickly hit her in the crotch and her body exploded with an orgasm. Sarah had not cum in a few days so this one hit her with a force she didn't expect. She screamed as the orgasm ripped through her. Her legs started to twitch as they hung in midair. She tried to hold onto the counter so she wouldn't fall but it was getting tough. Sarah tried to breathe slowly but the orgasm continued to wrack her body. Her tits were on fire and her nipples rock hard. She wanted to grab them but she couldn't let go of the counter.

Sarah felt the hands leave her waist and her feet touched the floor for a second until the cock lifted her again. The hands slipped under her shirt and grabbed a nipple each. Sarah moaned loudly as the orgasm increased again with her nipples being twisted. How did he know, she wondered and she screamed again as another wave of pleasure hit her. The cock was now pummeling her fast and she could hear skin slapping on her ass. She held onto the counter and the cock continued. Sarah felt her pussy warming up even more as the friction of the cock heated up her canal. The cock kept going and Sarah held on. The sounds and smell of sex now swept through the kitchen. She heard the onions and mushrooms cooking but she couldn't get to them. Her feet were now off the ground permanently as the cock was going so fast she didn't have time to fall between thrusts.

Finally, she felt the cock slide deep within her and stop. She felt the twitch and knew her womb was getting bathed in black cum again. Her feet slowly met the ground as the cock kept twitching. Sarah hoped she could stand when he left as her legs were a little numb. She would get her answer soon as she felt the cock sliding out of her. It left an empty hole in her as she felt it leave. The hands pulled her panties back in place and the cock was gone.

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