tagIncest/TabooAffair with Aunt

Affair with Aunt


Let me start by saying this is a true story, all people involved are above the age of 18.

My story is a culmination of a fantasy coming true. Let me tell you a bit about me, I am 22 years old I think I'm a good looking guy but one thing for sure just like any other 22 year old male I have high sex drive.

Every guy has millions of fantasy's of the woman they would like to have sex with and more ways of how they would like to pleasure them, well this was one of my fantasy's and now its a reality!!!

A few years ago I started down the road of a sexual fantasy but unlike my other sexual dreams this was a littlie different. It involved a married woman, an affair that had potential to be a disaster and betrayal of people that are close to me. You see this was the fantasy that people call incest it was my dream of making love to my uncle's wife, Aunt Vanessa.

Aunt Vanessa who celebrated her 40th birthday just a few months ago is not the worlds most sexiest woman but even after 2 children the assets that she has will make most guys melt, she has massive boobs that make you want to take them in your mouth and suck on them like a kid would suck on a sweet, legs that is as smooth as silk, She has a naughty smile that makes you want to kiss those lush lips and dreamy eyes that you can get lost in. Well you can see why I dreamed of a chance to be with this woman.

My uncle & aunt lived in a distant town from me so I did not see them much when I was growing up in fact until I was around 16 I didn't know them very well. A few years ago my family relocated to the same town as my uncle (he is my father's cousin so I regard him as our uncle). The moment I laid eyes on my aunt all those years ago my fantasies of making love to her started even the fact that she had a child that was a year older than me did not stop my desire of been with her. Actually the fact that she had her first child when she was only around 17 showed that she had a bit of a wild side and made me want her more.

Well after years of dreaming about this woman a few months ago it happened.......

My uncle was out of the country on a business trip, he had been gone for around 2 months already at the time this happened. My aunt's 23 year old child stays at the university campus which meant she would have had to stay home with just her 10 year old daughter if my parents didn't persuade her to move in with us while my uncle was away on his trip which was going to be for just under 3 months.

In the first month that my aunt was there it was a bit uncomfortable because I was constantly horny when she was around me and my cock felt like it was on fire most days from been hard so often. I would see her in her tight body fit cloths the one day by mistake she even left her room door a little open just enough for me to get a look at her naked ass as she pulled her panties and then her jeans up, I just wanted to walk in the room bend her over the bed and fuck her ass hard but I decided to control myself and not do anything stupid. After all what if she didn't want it, what if she told my parents and my uncle that I tried to have sex with her they would surely hate me.

I decided that I would not let my crazy dreams of fucking my aunt get the better of me until around about 3 weeks later when my dad came home from work that Friday and says that because he finished a project ahead of time at work they gave him a gift of a week away for 3 people but they would have to leave the next day as that was the date booked already. As I had to work the next week they decided to take my aunties daughter which meant for 1 week it would just be my aunt and me.

The next day my aunt and I drop them of at the airport and said our good byes. On the drive back home my aunt said something to me that made me jump out of my skin she said "looks like we are going to be living like husband and wife for the next week". All the way back I couldn't stop thinking was this my chance to make my dreams come true? Did my aunt want to live like a true married couple for this week? I knew I would love to do this but what about my aunt?

Well when we got home things became much more clear as we entered the door my aunt gave me a long kiss and said " as my husband that's what is in store for you" I could not believe it this was it now I knew aunt Vanessa wanted the same thing I did.

I pulled her back to me and kissed her long and deep with my tongue in her mouth and said as "as my wife this is just the start of what you will be getting" Then she said that this was going to be a week I never forget but made me promise that what happened during the week stayed between us, I promised hey not like I wanted anyone to know I was doing my 40 year old auntie anyway.

With me saying I promise we both locked into a deep passionate kiss the type you give your husband or wife, this was it I was going to make love to aunty Vanessa. we locked in that kiss in what seemed like forever before I picked her up and took her to the room I decided that for my first time with her after dreaming about this for all this years I was going to make it something to remember.

I put her down on the bed I was going to make sweet love to her. I kissed her neck as I un-did her buttons of her top. I slowly moved it of her sexy boobs and of her body before I tossed it to the floor gently kiss her boobs as she let out slight moans "uhmmmm uhhhhh" she took of my t-shirt and tossed it next to her top we locked in one of our passionate kisses again.

As I pulled away from her lips I worked my kisses down her body until I reached the button of her jeans I looked up at her face and she flashed me one of those smiles as if to say take it of me and with that her jeans was gone to the floor. We made our way back to each others lips and she un-did the button on my jeans I helped her get it of and toss it with the rest of our cloths.

She looked amazing in her bra and panties but I had those of in a few minutes also just like she got rid of my boxers. I couldn't believe it my naked skin was rubbing against hers the woman I was dreaming about all these years. Then she said to me "do you know how horny I've been the last 2 months seeing you around the house with that incredible bulge in your pants" as she took a hold of my cock "uhmmm yeah yours is defiantly bigger" I was stunned she knew this entire time how horny I was getting for her.

I got over the shock of her knowing and went in for her tits I have been dreaming about sucking on them for years and I was getting my chance and she tasted better than any other girl that I had. I slipped a finger into her wet pussy and started fingering her.

She pulled my head up and we locked into our kiss again when we pulled apart she said "go on be the second man to enter my pussy" This made me more hot for this woman "today I am your wife make love to me" WOW!!! I was going to make love to my aunt and even better I was only the second guy to get his cock into her pussy.

The moment had come it was time for me to give my aunts pussy its second cock, the first half of my cock slid in with no problem. I was surprised I thought I would get all the way in with no problem. She moaned out loud "ahhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh!!" I pushed a bit more of my cock in "take it slow from here that's as far as he opened it for you the rest of my pussy is feeling cock for the first time" I couldn't believe it my aunt was 40 years old and I was stretching her pussy to a new levels that my uncle had never been to, that no man had ever been.

After a while of slowly inching my way into her pussy I finally got all the way in and after a few seconds of doing that she reached her first climax " ohhhhhh ahhhhhh I'mmmmm cummmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnn" she came with such a force it was amazing and I wasn't long away my self her cum lubricated her pussy so my cock was moving a bit faster now a few minutes later she climaxed again up until that moment I was conserving myself trying to last as long as I could.

Her moans filled my head "ooooohhhh ahhhhhh" and it was building up until the moment was close I was going to explode and then I remembered and said out loud "shit I forgot the condom" but still I didn't want to pull my cock out I wanted my cum in her her moans got louder "ahhhhhhh oooooo yeahh cummmmm innnnn my pussssy cum in your wife's pussy" that was all I could take and I shot a load of cum deep into her pussy it felt like I was opening the flood gates my cum even found its way out of her pussy and dripped on the bed.

After that we just stayed like that me on top of her until my dick went limp inside of her pussy. My cum had stopped dripping out of her but I knew that there was still a flood of it inside her pussy. I rolled of her we just looked at each other and said nothing after a few minutes I was getting hard again she looked at my cock "looks like someone wants more " and sure I did.

I grabbed a condom and put it on. "no need for that now you have already pumped me full of your cum" was my aunts slightly out of breath comments. My reply was "well we can't let your pussy get all the attention and forget about the ass" my aunt looked shocked "well my nephew please be gentle as you take my virgin ass"

What? No way! My uncle never fucked my aunties ass "your uncle is not as adventurous as you" with those words she turned and put her ass in the air. Remembering my fantasy of the time I saw her when she left the door open I told to get of the bed and put on her panties and jeans. She was a little confused.

So explained that I saw her do it the once and I had a little fantasy. She got of the bed and started to slip on her panties then her jeans but as she was going to do the button I came in and pulled them back down and ripped of her panties bent her over the edge of the bed and inched my dick into her tight ass she screamed " AHHHH " as I took her virgin ass.

She climaxed 3 more times as I pounded her ass, then I was ready to cum but she whispered " I want you cum in my ass just like my pussy" with those words I pulled out and tossed the condom away and plated my cock back in her ass just in time to flood it with my cum. My cum dripped out of her ass and down her legs.

After my dick recovered it was back in her pussy 3 more times before we were totally exhausted and fell asleep. The Sunday was more of the same we made love multiple times and during the week we would do it in the morning before I went to work and every day when I got home. I filled her pussy with my love juice the whole week. We spent the week just like a married couple; we made love all the time and never used a condom.

The time that we didn't spend making love we spent talking. My aunt kept calling me her husband and I even called her my wife a few times, she kept saying "your uncle has never satisfied me like you can not even when he was your age back then he was to busy with his other woman" I couldn't believe my uncle would cheat on such a hot woman.

A few times that week I would be busy fucking my aunt while she spoke to my uncle on the phone. you could see she loved to have my cock filling her pussy it made her feel good and the fact that my uncle cheated on her made me feel good that my cock was now deep in his wife's pussy filling her with my cum while he sat on the other side of the phone talking to her.

Then it was time for my parents to come back my aunt made me promise that we will not do anything while they are there and told me to act normal. My aunt said although she loved having me as her husband for the week it will have to stop now because she can't let her 2 children down and needs to be a good example to them.

I agreed and we made love for the last time before going to fetch my family from the airport. The next 2 weeks went by and I kept my word my auntie was treated like an aunt and my parents didn't know that anything had happened.

My uncle was due to come back and my time with my aunt was almost out, but the day before he arrived my aunt told my parents she would like to go home to get the house sorted before my uncle returns. She asked them if it was fine if they watched her child for the night as she wanted to move a few things around, and asked me to come over and help her.

I was so happy I knew my aunt wanted to make love one last time before my uncle gets back so I got my things and we went to her house, but what she was about to tell me was a huge surprise.

When we got to her house she told me that she took a test and she was pregnant. I was in shock then she said "don't worry tomorrow when your uncle is back I will have sex with him no one will notice a few weeks difference " This was beyond any dream I could have had not only did I make love to my aunt but now I made her pregnant and she was going to have my child, our child.

That night I made the most passionate love to my uncle's wife, the soon to be mother of my child and I made her promise me that would not be the last time we made love and she told me "This will not be the last from now on in my heart you are my husband, when I am with your uncle it will just be sex it will mean nothing, but with you my husband I will be making love and if I could I would only have you in my pussy, but your uncle needs to be there one more time"

Hey guys if you loved this story.... hold on because there is a lot more as things are on going so I will be back with more.

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