tagBDSMAfter 30 Days, The Wait Ends!

After 30 Days, The Wait Ends!


Per your instructions to do so in a recent phone conversation, I have stopped masturbating. My sexual tension levels are at an all time high, but after a very long 30 days, I will see you, in person, in one hour!!! Unfortunately, our reunion will be in a public place, but I'm hoping that I can convince you that we need privacy and that you will sense my urgency and take pity on my state of horniness since YOU CAUSED IT.

As I finish my preparations (hair, makeup, modest skirt, sheer blouse with a deep V neckline with lacy, sheer bra underneath), I am thinking about how much I have missed you and totally overwhelmed by how horny you can make me with just a few words, much less your actual physical presence. I take one final look at myself, and slide my hands to cup my 40DDD breasts, my nipples immediately harden, my hands continue down my hips, smoothing my skirt. I CANNOT wait to see you and I hope your first look at me is worth the wait. I slip sandals on my feet, apply a final coat of deep red lipstick to my lips and rush out the door to stop the honking of the taxi's horn.

As I'm riding in the taxi towards you, I close my eyes and think about the last time we were together and how turned on I was by giving you a body massage, reaching my hand down between your legs to wrap my fingers around your hardening cock. I felt a tingle between my legs at that memory and my legs spread of their own volition while my right hand crept higher up my thigh. I was so tempted to at least touch myself once and had to bite my lip in frustration. "Fuck!, I just need to get to Charlie!" I hiss between my lips as I force my legs back together and attempt to distract myself by watching the scenery whiz by.

I'm about 5 minutes from the place you directed me to go to. All of sudden I'm nervous, my hands cold, my stomach doing flip flops as I think of seeing you again after what has seemed like an endless time apart. I wonder if you have been missing me the same way. The taxi pulls up ... and I lick my lips and take a deep breath before opening the door and stepping out. I smooth the skirt down my thighs and adjust my blouse and begin walking on suddenly very wooden legs towards the entrance.

You had told me you would be waiting inside and I look around the parking lot and spot your bike. I shake my head, not understanding why you keep on making me go into these places by myself, then I reach the door and taking one more quick breath pull open the door. I scan the interior, looking for you. I panic a little and then finally spot you over by the juke box, putting your dollars in and lining up a string of some good bluesy music. The entire room disappears as I make myself to you. I walk up behind you, and it's all I can do to not grab you and squeeze you tightly.

Instead, I touch your hip lightly with one hand and lean my face into the right side of your head and whisper, "Hi, Charlie."

You grin, but don't turn around and respond, "Hello, Jennifer ... it's about time you got here."

I smile and ask where you are sitting and you point to one corner, I turn and see an empty table with a beer on it, walk over to it and sit down in the chair across from your beer.

You finish making your musical selections and walk towards the table, pausing to exchange a few words with a few people along the way. On the inside, I'm impatient as hell and can already feel my pussy warming up and wonder what the hell is taking you so long!! On the exterior, however, I'm sitting there, looking extremely cool and detached. You walk up and put your hand on my shoulder and squeeze slightly as you pass me to get to your chair. You sit down and I finally see your face. Ahhhh, definitely a sight for weary and highly frustrated eyes! You grin, as do I, and we both begin talking at once. You ask me what I'd like to drink and give the order to the waitress. To anyone who happens to look our way, they would never guess that as my eyes are feasting upon you, my pussy is growing ever warmer and is now very, very wet. I do not want to be in this public place, I would prefer we were somewhere with you ALONE but I think I know why you refused to come to my hotel room. We are chatting about this and that, catching up on how kids and other family members are. I ask about your neck, your doctor visits, etc.

Right in the middle of the idle chatter, you look at me, and say, "Do you have any idea how hard my cock is for you right now, Jennifer?"

My mouth suddenly goes dry and I am at a loss for words. I take a sip of the beer you ordered for me and excuse myself, telling you that I need to go to the restroom.

I stand up and walk towards the restroom, go inside and close and lock the door. I didn't really have to go; just that if I didn't get away from you at that moment in time I think I would have gone crazy. My instinct is to be sitting so close to you, one of my legs crossed over your lap, my hands touching what I can of you, kissing you. I am ACHING to kiss you, but I know that I need to get control of myself. I wash my hands, press a wet paper towel to my face and look at myself in the mirror and say, "Jen, you can do this!" and turn around to unlock the door. I stop and have one of my wild hair ideas and quickly raise my skirt and take off my panties, very sheer, lacy red panties, and wad them up in my hand smoothing my skirt back down. I open the door and walk back towards the table.

I sit back down, this time in one of the chairs adjacent to yours and put my hand, the one holding my panties, on your thigh.

"It's really good to see you, Charlie," I say and lean forward to kiss your cheek at the same time I release the panties so that they are lying on your thigh.

I sit back in my chair, my eyes twinkling and take another drink of my beer. You know with that look in my eyes that I'm up to something and you sit back in your chair to try and figure out what. You hands move to rest on your legs and I giggle as I see your eyes widen in surprise as your left hand feels a texture beneath it so different from the denim it should have felt. You look down in your lap to see my panties lying there. You look back up at me to see the wickedly, innocent smile I have on my face.

You ask me, "What's this?"

I reply, "Oh, I was just feeling a little uptight; my panties were binding me so I took them off."

I take another slow sip of my beer, my eyes never leaving your face – it's almost like I can see the wheels turning in your head. I can't tell what your hands are doing under the table but your fingers have found the crotch of my panties and they are fingering it.

You bring your fingers to your mouth and suck them, "Hmm, yes, I do believe these are yours." as you put your hand back down on your leg.

A moment later, you bring your hand back up above the table and bring your fingers to rest on my lips. Our first real touch of the evening is your pussy juice dampened fingers against my lips. I open my mouth slightly and my tongue flicks out to lick my own wetness off your fingertips. You groan and remove your fingers, taking the panties and shoving them into the pocket of your jacket.

A really good slow, bluesy song starts – the bass notes causing a throbbing in my chest. I instinctively begin to move to the music and you look at me and say, "Do you want to dance with me, Jennifer?"

I nod my head and you take my hand and get up out of your chair; you pull me to my feet and we move to the cramped dance floor area. You put your hands at my waist and pull me close to you as my hands reach up to wrap around your neck. My hips and body are already moving in time to the music and you adjust yours to mine. Your body touching mine is like sending 1,000 shocks through my body; the heat between our bodies is incredible! I place my head against your chest and breath in your scent and know that I have to have you, that I need to feel your naked skin on mine. Your hands have moved down to my ass, pulling me even closer. Mmmmm, I can feel your hard cock up against my belly and begin swaying back and forth, rubbing myself against you. Your head bends down and you are cussing to yourself, then you bite that muscle between my neck and shoulder HARD then lick it. I moan and press myself closer to you. If I can't push my tongue down your throat NOW, I'm going to scream!! Your mouth moves up my neck, kissing and lick and biting, nibbling on my earlobe and then kissing my cheek. I whisper against your face, "Please, Charlie, I need to kiss you!"

You suddenly take my hand and we exit the dance floor moving towards the back of the bar; there is a separate room there used for private parties, etc. You try the doorknob, it is unlocked and you open the door pulling me inside and close the door. The room is pitch black and we immediately are clutching at each other, kissing, licking, sucking, biting whatever skin we can find as our hands are shoving clothes and unbuttoning buttons as fast as we can. You open my blouse and tug it out of my skirt, your other hand reaching to the hem of the skirt and pulling it up. I moan against your lips as I feel your hand on my naked skin ... I have waited SO LONG to feel that again!!!! The palms of your hands are so hot it's like they are branding my skin as you move over one thigh towards my pussy. Your other hand is busy squeezing and twisting my breast, my nipple is so hard it's stabbing your hand. My hands are clutching at your back, my mouth hot on yours as our tongues plunge back and forth.

I pull away from your mouth whispering against your lips, "I need to taste you, baby!" as I slowly drop to my knees in front of you.

You groan and lean back against the wall while my hands fumble at your belt buckle and zipper. "You want to taste Daddy's cock, little girl?" you ask, using our pet names for each other, through gritted teeth.

"Oh yes, Daddy, your nasty little whore has missed Daddy's cock!" I reply as I get your zipper down.

My left hand reaches into your pants and my fingers stroke the hot, hardness I find as I struggle to free your cock from your boxers. Finally!! Your cock pops out of your fly and my fingers automatically wrap around the shaft. I lick my lips and look up at you and smile. You are staring down at my lips and the head of your cock, so close together yet not touching, your pre-cum glazing the tip of your cock. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I can't help myself, I must have a taste. My tongue reaches out and flicks the end of your cock; you gasp as your hands reach for my head. "Do you want me to suck your cock, Daddy?" I ask.

You groan out a long "Yesssssssssssssssssss!!!" as your hands pull my head towards your cock and my mouth opens allowing the head of your cock to slide into my mouth.

"Oh wow, that feels sooo good!!" I'm thinking in my head as I can feel the heat, the hardness and every bump and ridge of your cock as it slides past my lips. I moan against your cock as you keep pressing my face closer and closer, your hips jutting out until my nose is resting against the fabric of your boxers. The head of your cock is pressing against the back of my throat!! Your hands continue to press my face up against your body, your hips start rocking against me resulting in a very slight fucking movement of your cock in my mouth; my mouth stretching with every stroke.

You are cussing me with every movement of your hips, my hands are moving up and down your thighs. I need more of your skin, baby and I strain against your hands. You don't care; you need to cum in my throat. I continue to strain, trying to push myself away from you – that resistance makes you want to fuck my face harder. You grasp my head and literally start stroking your cock with my head, my mouth protesting against your cock. Finally, you take one very long stroke that allows your cock to pop out of my mouth.

I am gasping for breath but manage to say, "Please, Daddy, fuck your whore's sopping pussy!!"

Your eyes are glazed over, your cock seems to be pulsing from it's need to cum. You pull me up and turn me around, pulling my skirt the rest of the way up over my ass. I rest my hands on the table that was behind me and, on very shaky legs push my ass out towards you.

I look over my shoulder at you, "Come on, Daddy, fuck me!"

You take the few steps that separate us, pushing your jeans and boxers down off your hips as you go and put your hands on my hips. One of your hands reaches down and your fingers stroke along the lips of my pussy, feeling how drenched and swollen my pussy is.

"How long has it been since you've touched yourself, Jennifer?" you ask.

My entire body is trembling and jerking from the touch of your fingers on my very sensitive and long neglected pussy. I hiss, "Baby, it's been way too long since you've touched me!"

Your other hand raises off my hip and comes down with a resounding WHACK on my ass. "That's not what I asked you, silly wench! How long has it been since you have pleasured yourself? Answer the question!" you demand as you spank my ass again, harder this time.

I cry out and moan at the same time. I'm going crazy with the need to feel any part of you on, in, or around my pussy. I moan, "Not since you told me to stop, Daddy, I've been a good girl."

You smack my ass again and then very quickly take the other hand and smack the flat of it against my pussy. "Shit, Daddy!" I hiss at the stinging, hot sensation.

You bend over so that your stomach is against my back and whisper close to my ear, "Answer me, Jennifer, or I will not fuck you."

Your hand begins to play with the lips of my pussy again, pulling them, twisting them, causing them to strain where they connect over my clit. I groan and move my hips, trying to grind my ass against you. I need to feel that cock of yours in me!!

"Charlie, please ... I can't even think straight, baby!" I moan and you smack the outside of my ass again.

"Not til you tell me, Jennifer," you respond.

I almost sob in frustration as I blurt out, "It's been 30 fucking days, Charlie!!!"

You take your cock and stroke it up and down against the lips of my pussy, my hips strain back against you, my back arching in my attempts to get your cock in my pussy.

"Is that why your pussy is so wet, Jennifer, or are you a hot, nasty, little slut that gets wet for anyone?" you manage to growl out as you continue to rub the head of your cock against my slit.

My juices are smearing wherever the head of your cock goes, you stroke your cock against my asshole too. I reply, "No, Daddy .. my pussy only gets wet for you!"

Suddenly you stop moving, nothing but your stomach is touching me, pressed down on my back, holding me in place.

"PLEASE, Daddy .. push your hot cock into my needy pussy!" I moan as my hands reach behind me, trying to find your hips to pull you towards me.

All I can hear is your breathing, raspy, gasping as you try to control me and yourself. You stand up using one hand to keep me pressed down on the table.

"Tell me how this feels, my little whore," and then suddenly, you grab my hips and push your cock into my dripping, hot pussy in one deep, powerful stroke, as far as it would go!

The force of your stroke knocks the breath out of me. I'm moaning unintelligibly as you grind your cock into me even deeper.

"OH YES, Daddy, that is what I needed!!" I cry out as my hips push back against you and then they start moving, fucking your cock.

You brace your legs and stand in one place and let my hips do all the work, my pussy moving around your cock. You are looking down, watching your glistening cock disappear and reappear between my ass cheeks. You see my asshole and suck on your finger then push it in my ass; I moan and start moving even more wildly.

"Damn it, Daddy ... you feel so good!!" I scream as your hips start moving now, bucking up to meet my pussy.

We are both groaning and moaning, cussing, saying the nastiest things to each other. You add another finger to the one already in my ass and demand, "Play with your clit for me, Jennifer."

I shake my head but my hand moves between my legs anyway and my fingers begin to circle my clit, pinching it.

You growl something and pull out of me, "Turn around and push your ass on that table."

I'm dazed and confused and my pussy is very empty but, I do as you say. I rock back on my arms, with my ass on the edge of the table; you grab my hips and push your cock back into my pussy and order me to play with myself again. I reach down and start massaging my clit, my eyes watching everything that is going on where we are joined.

You rip at my shirt and bra, growling, "Get your tits out of that, I need to suck on them!"

I don't react fast enough so you take matters into your own hands and pull the cups of my bra off my tits. My breasts are there for you to feast upon and you latch onto them, mauling them, biting them, twisting and sucking and pulling the nipples. You mash them together up towards my face and tell me to suck my own nipples. Your hips are moving even faster as I open my mouth to receive my nipples from your hands. I'm sucking them and look up at you, my fingers furiously stroking my clit. Your cock in my pussy, your strong strokes in and out are too much for me as I begin to cum. My pussy is clenching around your cock, my juices squirting around you, I'm screaming against my nipples; your hands are squeezing my tits so hard as you use them as a "handle" to fuck me even harder. The strokes of your hips are shoving my ass across the table; you are groaning continuously.

You look at me and ask, "Are you Daddy's whore?" "Did Daddy make you cum?" as you continue to fuck me even harder.

The strokes getting shorter, shoving even deeper; we are both grunting. "Daddy's gonna cu-u-u-u-um!!!" you yell and with one final, mighty shove, I can feel your cock swell and then the heat of your cum as it releases against my cervix.

You collapse on top of me, we are both breathing hard, our hearts thudding out of control in our chests. "I missed you, Charlie," I smile against your ear.

"I can tell, baby, I can tell," you mumble as you push yourself up and off of me.

You help me up and we straighten our clothes as I start giggling and look at you. We lost all conscious thought of where we are and now we have to gather ourselves together and try to figure out how we are going to look like nothing has happened when we don't even know how long we have been back here.

You look at me and grin and give me a hug. "You ready?" you ask.

"Always!" I reply and open the door...

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