tagGroup SexAfter Class Has Finished

After Class Has Finished

byEnglish Bob©

Nervously, Tom and Sandra waited outside the classroom. It had been Sandra's idea to take an evening class and Tom had readily agreed. Both in their early twenties, they had been married for only two years. Tom had been working away a lot recently and they both thought that the class would be fun and something that they could both enjoy together. The had chosen French Language as their preferred subject, and had thought's of a summer vacation in St. Tropez or Monaco.

They were early for the 8pm class and it was another fifteen minutes before any of the other students arrived. At just before 8pm, a tall handsome man appeared and began to unlock the classroom door. Tom looked at him and guessed that he was in his mid thirties. Slim and good looking with shoulder length brown hair and an engaging smile. Tom looked at his wife and saw that her interest in the lesson had already increased!

As the students filed into the classroom and took their seats, the man introduced himself as Justin. He was to be their tutor for the next ten weeks. The lesson passed quickly and interestingly. Tom and Sandra exchanged notes and attempted difficult pronunciation with laughs and smiles. Justin was a good teacher and made them all feel relaxed. About halfway through he two hour period Sandra nudged her husband and whispered into his ear.

"Have you noticed, Justin seems to be looking at you an awful lot?"

"Oh come on, Sandy," he replied "He's just a friendly guy! He looks at everyone."

"No, really. He is definitely giving you more attention than the rest of us."

"So, what do you mean? Are you saying that he fancies me?"

"I don't know. But he certainly seems to like looking at you!"

Tom now felt a little uneasy. As much as he tried not to, his eyes kept straying to the class tutor. Every now and then Justin caught his stare and returned it with a sparkle in his eye.

As the clock ticked round to 10pm and the lesson finished, the students began to put away their notebooks and clear away their desks. With a light "see you next week!" Justin waved them out of the door. Approaching Tom and Sandra before they left, Justin spoke casually.

"I wonder, would you two like to go for a drink? There's a good bar just up the street"

Tom wasn't sure, and was about to make an excuse when Sandra cut him off.

"Sure. We would love to" she said quickly

"Great. I have to finish up here for a few minutes. See you there in fifteen?"

Sandra again agreed for them both and, a quarter of an hour later, all three were sitting in a quiet booth in the bar drinking cold beer.

The conversation flowed smoothly. Justin was intelligent and interesting. He knew a lot about the area of France the couple wanted to visit. After half an hour the was a brief lull in the conversation.

"Justin, can I ask you a personal question?" said Sandra

"Sure." replied Justin. "I'm very open minded. Ask me anything you like."

"Well..I saw you watching Tom in class..and I wondered..um..are you gay?"

She blurted out the last part.

Justin laughed out loud "I was wondering when you would ask me that. Was I that obvious? Actually I'm bisexual. Does that answer your question?"

"Er .. Yes ..I suppose it does..but you were looking at Tom yes?"

"Actually I find you both very attractive. Tom, does that shock you?"

Tom was still a little surprised at the change in the conversation and found his voice a little strained.

"Er..no..not really..I haven't really thought about it"

"Well, do you find me attractive?" continued Justin.

"Yes..I suppose so..a little..you are a good looking guy!"

"You can say that again!" chimed in Sandra.

All three laughed. The conversation now continued with sex as the main topic. As the dialogue became hotter, Tom could feel his excitement rising. His erection was pushing against the confines of his underwear. He looked at his wife. From the flushed expression on her face, he knew that she was also very excited.

At just after 11pm, Justin cut to the chase.

"Look guys. Let me say it straight. I really like both of you, and I think you feel much the same way about me. What do you say we go somewhere a little more private?"

Tom glanced up at Sandra. She had a pleading, hungry look on her face. He knew she wanted this to happen, and, if he was honest, he was more than a little curious about his first bisexual encounter.

"OK, Justin" he said "lets go back to our place for a drink, OK?"

They drove separately. Tom and Sandra led the way and Justin followed in his own car. Throughout the drive, Sandra became increasingly more excited. She squeezed her husbands thigh as he drove and occasionally brushed her hand over his erection through his jeans. By the time they arrived at the house Tom was sporting a huge bulge.

Once inside, the three relaxed in the large lounge with another beer. Sandra was the first to act. Sitting next to Tom on the sofa she took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply on the lips. Tom felt her tongue urgently probe inside his moth and returned the kiss eagerly. Their tongues entwined and Tom could smell Justin's aftershave as he joined them. Looking down Tom felt a momentary pang of jealousy as he watched Justin's experienced fingers undo the buttons on the front of Sandra's blouse opening it and letting it fall from her shoulders. The feeling turned into a moment of panic, and then lust, as he felt a hand squeeze his erection gently. He knew the hand belonged to Justin even before the older man spoke.

"Just relax Tom." He said "I know all this is new to you, but what I want most in the world right now is to take you. Yes Tom, to fuck you. I want you to experience all the things and sensations that I know you long to feel. Will you let me do that Tom?

Tom was now in a state of pure lust.

"Yes, Justin, You're right. I do want to experience other forms of sex. I do want you. I need you. Need you inside of me. I want you to take me."

Sandra had now stripped off her bra and thrown it on the floor with her blouse exposing her firm round breasts and cherry red nipples. She was looking at her husband with a combination of love, lust and respect. She wanted to experience everything that he did. She needed to feel what he felt

"Oh, Tom" she gasped "I so want to see you two together. I'm so hot! So horny! I want you to take me first though. Like that. I want to feel you in my ass as well."

Justin suggested that they all strip off their clothes. Sandra was the first naked. She was already topless and fairly ripped of her skirt and panties both men looked at her exquisite body and shaved pussy. Justin suggested that they would need some lubricant, and remembering some in the bathroom, Sandra disappeared up the stairs. Tom took this opportunity to study Justin's cock. Unlike his own it was still slack and not too big. It hung four inches down between his legs with a nice mushroom shaped head. Justin could see Tom's curiosity.

"Go ahead Tom, touch it. Get it hard for me."

Nervously, Tom's hand went out and encircled the head. He squeezed gently eliciting a deep sigh from the older man. He could feel Justin's reaction as he squeezed a little more and let his fingers flutter up and down the shaft. The whole length seemed to grow in his hand. The head swelled and the shaft throbbed gently. Just as Tom brought Justin to full attention, Sandra appeared beside them with a bottle of lotion.

Reluctantly disengaging himself from Tom's fingers, Justin took control of the situation. He gently positioned Sandra on her hands and knees on the floor in the doggy' position. He lay on his back and wriggled his head between her spread thighs.

"Just follow my lead OK guys?"

Justin put his arms around Sandra's hips and placed a hand on each rounded butt cheek. Pulling her open and exposing her tight puckered anus, he called to Tom.

"OK Tom, she's here waiting for you man!"

Tom, meanwhile had been using the lotion to grease up his rock hard erection. As he positioned himself behind his wife he heard her gasp. Looking down Tom could see Justin's long pink tongue flick out and slide up and down Sandra's slit. As he sucked her distended clit into his mouth, Tom felt the whole of her body shudder. She lowered her head and hungrily sucked Justin's now hard cock deep in to her mouth as her first orgasm rocked her body. Tom watched her ass open and contract with her pleasure as he gently pressed the head of his cock against the tiny opening. Leaning forward he pushed a little harder seeing her nether hole stretch and dilate. He felt her anal muscle tighten around his shaft as the head popped in. God she was so tight! So Hot! Her grip on him was like a vice and he could hardly move. After waiting a minute for her to become accustom to the feeling he was able to start sliding gently in and out. Justin's tongue was still giving her clit a fantastic workout as she had released his cock from her mouth and was muttering deep in her throat.

"Oh yes..oh baby..fuck me..fuck my ass.. Oh yes Tom deep in my tight little asshole baby...do me ... fuck me..mmm you gotta do this Tom..so good..so hot...oooooooohhhhhh Justin...suck my clit...eat me..ooohhh I'm gonna cum..yes..yes..yes.....YESSSSSSSSSSS"

As the orgasm ripped through her young body Tom saw Justin's face covered with her fluid. He felt trapped as she contracted her anal muscle around his cock...he knew that if he didn't pull out now, he was gonna cum up her ass. Reluctantly Tom withdrew his hard cock from Sandra's twitching ass. Justin was still lashing her clit and Tom complimented this by squeezing and massaging her hard red nipples.

Not wanting to lose the momentum, Justin suggested switching positions. This time it was Tom in the doggy position with his ass in the air and Sandra on her back between his thighs. Tom experienced the exquisite feeling of his young wife's cool fingers wrapping themselves around his still hard cock and guiding it to her hot, open mouth. At the same moment that the head of his cock passed over Sandra's writhing tongue, he felt a stabbing pain from his ass. For the first time in his life, Tom experienced a hard cock being pushed deliberately and confidently into his rectum. The sensations were fantastic. He did not know which end of his body felt better. His erection was now buried to the hilt in his wife's throat and a warm, no hot, sensation was building up in his ass as Justin began a slow, sure rhythm, thrusting himself in and out of Tom's anal passage. Tom knew that he would not be able to hold out for long. The feelings were just too strong, too intense. He wanted Justin to cum at the same time that he did, and said so in a short gasping voice.

Hearing him, and knowing that he would cum soon, Justin started to pump harder. Tom could feel his ass so full now as his cock sank deeply into his wife's throat. Justin was panting for breath now as he fucked Tom's ass harder and deeper. He was so close. Tom sensed Justin's impending climax. He felt him pull out and heard him rip off the condom. As Tom felt for the first time, another man's hot cum splash on to his skin, his own cock erupted in a veritable fountain, flooding Sandra's mouth and face. Tom's hips jerked and convulsed as he came. Spurt after spurt landed on his wife's face streaking her red lipstick with his passion.

The three collapsed on the floor in a heap, catching their breath.

It was Sandra who spoke first. "Well that's what I call a lesson!" she said through a cum soaked smile.

They all laughed and knew that over the next ten weeks they would be enjoying more of each others company.

The End

* * * * *

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