tagRomanceAfter Class in His Office

After Class in His Office


He was losing control of the situation quickly, which unsettled him. He had been teaching for the last 13 years and of course he had been attracted to students before, but he had always managed to keep himself in check and under control. During this semester however he was having quite the struggle. If 19 year old Victoria Lewis hadn't been his student it would have been like any other class, but the damn girl wasn't just attractive she had to be intelligent and slightly outspoken too. To him it was a lethal combination.

She walked in to class this morning heels clicking announcing her arrival before she reached the door. She was the only student of his to wear heels everyday, he assumed to compensate for her tiny stature. After all she couldn't have been more than 5 foot and weighing no more than 110 lbs. She walked in this morning wearing a tight skirt and a loose button up shirt with the top three buttons left open. Her black bra was slightly visible through the crisp white shirt. Her hair fell down her shoulders in dark ringlets framing her face and perfectly complimenting her red lipstick.

The class was mostly men since it was a criminal justice course, but judging by the looks the few other females gave her, Victoria intimidated most. She quietly took her seat just as he began taking role. Professor Gilbert tried not to, but hesitated for a second before calling out Miss Lewis's name. He hoped in vain his hesitation had not been noticed, but when he looked up and saw her quirk her lips just the tiniest bit he realized she noticed.

Class went by as usual that morning. He lectured and taught them what to do in various scenarios while Miss Lewis would occasionally interrupt with her own supposedly hypothetical situations. Although to him it sounded as though she had had a few spots of trouble herself and was using those incidents as examples. If his answer to her questions or scenarios weren't satisfying she would then engage him in a debate to try and justify her own argument and twist the meaning and nature of the laws. On this particular day however she wouldn't give in so he simply told her to stay after class to finish their discussion.

After the last of the students had left Professor Gilbert began to realize his mistake in having her stay after in a room where they would be alone, but it was too late now to change that.

"Miss Lewis, is there something you're just not understanding about this?"

"Well yes, I don't get how only a prosecuting attorney can make a deal with a suspect because I know several officers who have privately done so themselves without a PA."

"Well officers may do that, but it doesn't mean they are supposed to."

"So when I was cut a deal and let go for streaking when my neighbor caught me in exchange for information about an old friend who sold guns, he shouldn't have done that? Because I was under the impression that what he did was ok."

Well now his suspicions were confirmed she really had been a troublemaker, and apparently a very scandalous one at that. Now he couldn't stop picturing her running around naked. Unfortunately for him she had caught him daydreaming.

"Professor Gilbert, sir?"

"Oh um yes, yes you're neighbor didn't really have the power to do that although that was nice of him to do since you would have received a felony."

"Multiple charges actually professor..."

"How did he even catch you?"

"Well I was a little drunk so I couldn't really run very well and I had been dared to streak down the road in front of his house, so I did of course. I didn't think he was outside, but turns out he was sitting by the road in his cop car when I ran by and on my way back he flipped on his lights. Naturally I stopped to see what he wanted and he started lecturing me for running around naked and being drunk underage. After he asked about the guns that were being sold by this guy I knew he told me to get the fuck out of his sight. So at that point I just ran back home. "

Victoria's professor couldn't help but fall in to his own fantasies of what he would have done had he been her neighbor. In the midst of his thoughts his eyes had wandered down and had been staring at her tits while she rambled on. He was truly thankful he had worn a looser fitting pair of trousers today although he wasn't too sure just how much they would help cover his growing erection. After a long silence he realized she had finished her story and he ought to say something. Glancing up he met her eyes and realized she had caught him staring. Blushing a bit he scrambled to think of something to say.

"Well uh hmhmm yes, that was against general protocol. Do you have any other questions?"

"Yes, I need you to review my schedule for next semester and sign it as one of the classes I'd like to take is already full."

"Oh, alright follow me to my office and we'll see what we can do."

As they left he held open the door for her and as the doorway was only meant for one person at a time she turned slightly to get through and brushed up against him. She smirked a bit as she looked up at him through her dark lashes and he knew he had been caught; even if she happened not to see it before there was no way she couldn't feel his raging hard-on with the way she was pressed up against him. As she lead the way up the stairs to his office he had a nice view of the thin lace thong she was wearing that day. He knew this girl was going to be the death of him. He unlocked his office and remembering the last time he held the door open he simply let her walk in first.

Unlike most of the faculty who had bookshelves and the like in their offices his was sparsely furnished with a large oak desk, a chair, a small couch, and a duffle bag in which he kept his handcuffs, mace, gun, and police reserves uniform in case he was ever called in at the last minute for duty.

She took a seat on the chair in front of his desk as he quickly sat across from her thankful the desk would conceal just what she was doing to him.

"Professor, I was really hoping we could work something out because I really need to take your 104 class next semester, but its already full!"

She was really laying it on thick pouting and everything.

"Miss Lewis you know if I make an exception for you then everyone would expect the same treatment."

"But how would they know you made an exception? I wouldn't say anything... I prefer to keep.. certain matters... private..."

"Miss Lewis??"

At this point she got up and slowly like a predator walked behind him.

"Don't play dumb professor, I know you want me. You and I both know you have great self control, but its time to just give in now" she whispered leaning down and running her hands down his arms.

He struggled to control his breathing and racing thoughts. Finally he just did as she said and gave in to the lust he felt. Moving quickly he got up and spun her around pushing her back on to his desk and dominated her mouth with his. He heard her moan in surprise and pleasure and became more aggressive, sucking and biting along her neck and down her throat.

"You've been such a little tease all semester."

"Well I'm glad I finally got your attention sir."

He turned and grabbed his handcuffs from his bag and roughly flipped her around so her ass was in the air. Not so gently he tightened the cuffs around her wrists as she ground herself against his crotch. He yanked her up by her hair and nipped at her neck some more as her hands started to fumble with the button of his pants. Carelessly he ripped open her shirt sending tiny buttons flying and revealing her black lacy bra. His guesses were close but he had underestimated her a bit, she had to have been at least a D. He spun her around to face him and unhooked the meddlesome bra that was in his way to reveal her gorgeous tits. After pausing a moment to admire just how beautiful she really was he attacked them taking one of her nipples in to his mouth and sucking before slightly biting her. While giving the same treatment to her other tit he ran his hands down her back lightly scratching her.

As he guided her back on to the couch he slipped her skirt down off of her along with her soaked panties. Victoria laid back on the couch with one of her knees in the air staring at him with heavily lidded eyes as he quickly slipped off his trousers and boxers. He climbed on top of her and claimed her mouth once again before she pulled away.

"Please professor!" She begged.

He teased her a bit and just barely slipped the tip of his cock in to her before pulling out. She was dripping wet and practically ready to scream from anticipation. Without hesitation he plunged himself deep in to her waiting pussy as she let out a quiet gasp. She was very tight and couldn't have been with more than a handful of people. He was definitely the largest she had ever been with before and he definitely knew how to fuck.

He slowly pumped in and out of her at a steady rhythm tilting his hips just enough to hit her most sensitive areas. He could feel her tits bouncing against his chest in rhythm to his thrusts. As she began to moan he picked up the pace and started sucking and nipping at her neck again. Before long her breathing became more erratic, she was moaning and he could feel her walls clenching his cock. After she finished coming he pulled out a bit and flipped her on to her stomach and on to her knees holding her up by the handcuffs.

This time he didn't start out gently he pumped himself in to her hard and quickly. He couldn't help but marvel at the fact that here he was fucking his gorgeous student in his office after class, pounding in to her hard and claiming her as his own. At this thought he started to get closer to his own release. He began pounding in to her waiting pussy relentlessly and soon his thrusts became more sporadic. He noticed his student was close to coming again too, so he reached around and started rubbing her clit in circles. Within a minute she started to yell out and her pussy clenched him like a vice. He quickly slapped his hand over her mouth and thrust in to her again. He felt himself lose control and he began to come as she milked every bit of cum out of him.

When he was finished he collapsed half on top of her and half beside her. After taking a moment to recover he realized she was still cuffed, so he retrieved the key to take of the handcuffs. Victoria turned to him and simply grinned, she had got what she had wanted.

"Miss Lewis, you belong to me now... I've made sure of that, but when you come to class tomorrow please be sure to cover up all these marks. Can't have people asking questions now."

She just sized him up and smirked before saying "Of course professor. I assume you'll sign for me to enroll in that class next semester?"

"Oh uh yes I had nearly forgot." She's going to be a difficult one to keep under control, he thought.

After he signed her paper she got dressed and left his office. Leaving him to realize that now classes were going to become even more difficult for him than they were before if that was even possible.

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