tagBDSMAfter Class Punishment

After Class Punishment


Alyce smiled brightly as she entered the empty classroom, and took a seat on top of my desk. She brushed a loose strand of her honey wheat hair from her face, and stared at me with bright sapphire eyes that seemed to swallow me whole. She reached forward with a well-manicured hand, touched my cheek gently, and then pulled me closer. She leaned inward, allowing me an excellent view of her ample cleavage, and whispered, "Professor Wright, are you really going to punish me for missing your class today?"

I backed away from her hand, and studied her briefly. She was a beautifully breathtaking young woman in her mid-twenties, and had only attended three of my classes this semester. However, every time she missed my class, she would visit me like she had now, and would seduce me into marking her as present for my class or marking that she had attended a make-up class. I never really minded her games since she was beyond anything I could have ever hoped to obtain for myself.

She stood around six foot tall, three inches shorter than myself, and was rather thin for her height, but not unhealthily so. She carried a size 38C chest which was plenty for me, and had a delicate waistline. She normally wore simple attire, but wore it in such a manner, that I couldn't help but notice the curvature of her body. Her honey wheat hair and sapphire eyes only served to enhance her appearance, and helped to keep me enthralled.

"Mr. Wright, are you listening to me?" She purred as she brought her body closer, "I asked if you were going to really punish me today?"

I smiled at her as I stood up and circled my desk. "Alyce, you know that I will. Haven't I punished you every time previously for missing my classes?"

"Yes, you have, but today it just seemed like you wouldn't." She complained with a cute pout of her lip.

"Of course, I will. I am merely thinking of a new way to punish you, my dear Alyce." I replied honestly. Every other time, it had been the same punishment of spanking her and then making love to her until we both came. While it was a fun and exciting way to punish her, I felt like doing more with her, since she was so willing. "I think that today we will bring a whole new level of punishment to our little games."

"Oh?" Her eyes lit up expectantly, "What exactly did you have in mind, Mr. Wright?"

I began to slowly unbutton her blouse, and revealed her lacey white bra beneath. I had her remove her blouse, while I massaged her breasts with both hands. I used my thumbs to rub her tender nipples that stood and swelled temptingly. I unfastened her bra, let it fall to the ground, and pinched her rosy nipples between my thumb and forefingers. I grinned at her as she began to softly moan. I twisted them sharply, and she let out a gasp of surprise. I continued to twist them between my fingers, drawing her skin taught and her moaning became increasingly louder.

I released one of her nipples, moved my hand downward, and pulled up her short skirt. I uncovered her white lace panties, and felt my cock shift happily inside my pants. I ran my thumb over her pussy lips through the thin sheer fabric with my thumb, and felt her moisten. I pressed harder, rubbed from top to bottom of her slit, and noticed how wet she became. I felt my cock throb wildly, and I groaned.

"Alyce, you evil seductress," I growled as I yanked her to her feet, "I think I shall really teach you the value of your skills, today!"

I spun her around, so that her back was to me, bent her over the desk, and pulled her arms behind her back. I used my tie to bind her wrists together, and wrapped it up her arms to end at her elbows. Her arms were securely bound now. I left her momentarily so that I could grab the broom. I undid the head of the broom from the handle, and used the handle to assist me in keeping her legs spread wide. I used my shoelaces to fasten her ankles to the broom handle. I cut her panties with a pair of scissors and ran my hands over her creamy delicate skin. I drew my hands downward from her breasts to her wet womanhood, then round to the back where I massaged her firm tight ass.

"Oh, Mr. Wright, exposed like this, I feel..." Before she could finish speaking, I shoved her ruined panties into her mouth, and told her to keep it in.

"Your ... moaning, your voice... makes it hard to control myself, Alyce. Be a good little slut, and keep your noises to yourself for now." I scolded her. I grabbed two alligator paperclips from my desk, and attached them to her nipples. They pinched them firmly and Alyce attempted to protest through her panties, and by shaking her head. I grabbed her ponytail, forced her head backwards, and hissed, "Good little girls don't complain when their masters are training them! Do you understand, my sweet good little girl?"

She nodded, and made no further attempts to protest.

I used a third clip on her small clit, and watched her shutter as the pressure and pleasure soared through her slight frame. I flicked the clit clip, and her knees almost buckled from the intensity of her pleasure. Her pussy was soaking wet now, and dripped onto my desk. I knelt behind her, used my fingers to spread her lips, and watched as the juices slid down the sides of her wet hole. I leaned inward, ran my tongue across her gaping entrance, and tasted her sweetly sour juices. I drove my tongue deep inside her and lapped up her nectar.

As I savored her, I reached into my pants, withdrew my rock solid cock, and rubbed my thumb over the tip. My body convulsed with intense desire, and I had severe difficulty maintaining my self-control and composure. I moved from her while I struggled to regain myself, and as I was recovering, I thought about new ways to tantalize her. I couldn't be the only one enjoying this.

I opened the glass cabinet that securely held the supplies needed for my class, and removed several items from within. I set the items on the desk beside her, and re-locked the cabinet. I pour some cold oil down over her puckered anus and let it flow across her opened pussy. I set the bottle aside before I picked up two of the thicker test tubes, and rubbed one against her anus. Her rosy bud twitched happily as I teasingly massaged it, and when I pushed the test tube inside, it greedily tugged at the rest of it. I shoved the remaining length in, and then grinned when her asshole tried to devour the small bit remaining.

"Alyce, your naughty ass is greedy! You should see how it devoured the test tube that I put in you!" I commented as I brushed the other test tube against her wet gaping pussy. "Do you think your pussy is hungry as well? Do you think it'll take all of this?"

She wiggled her bottom and pleaded at me with her sparkling eyes.

I rammed the test tube forcefully into her hole, and groaned. Her sensational pussy easily consumed it, and I wanted it to do the same with my cock. I had to walk around to the front of her in order to keep myself in check. I removed her panties, jammed my hard-on into her mouth, and began to rock back and forth. Her surprise only added to my enjoyment, and I found myself unable to stop. I grabbed her head, pulled her closer, and pushed my cock deeper. I could hear her gagging but I couldn't do anything to slow myself. After a moment, she managed to take me without gagging, and soon she was working her tongue skillfully over my cock. I quickened my pace as she increased her skill, and suddenly, I filled her mouth with my hot sticky semen. I grabbed her chin, and demanded that she swallow all of it. "No wasting anything," I told her. When she had faithfully obeyed me, I removed my cock, and kissed her passionately. She tasted like salty cherry chap-stick.

"Good girl, Alyce."

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