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After School


I was finishing up some work at school when the principal came in.?

"What are you doing here still? Don't you have a life or anything?" He asked.?

How could I explain to the man I idolized when I was his student that I needed to be as good a teacher as he. Even 11 years later, my school crush on him hadn't diminished. His dark brown eyes exhilarated me. The grey in his hair only highlighted his young face.

"I'm sorry Mr. D." How could I tell him that I just wanted to impress him? "I just want to finish grading these papers and set up the lab equipment for Monday." Hands on the tall, black table at which I was sitting, I twisted around in the metal stool. My back cracked loudly. A gentle un-tightening of muscles followed the sharp pain.

"You know, too much work makes a girl boring. Go, we're the last two here. I want to lock up and turn on the alarm."

Damn, I disappointed him; I wanted to show him that I could handle my first teaching job without a problem. The shock of obtaining this job right out of college still left me reeling two weeks into the school year.

"If you would turn on the air conditioning, then everyone would be more productive and I wouldn't have to be here so late. Studies have shown that cooler air stimulates the brain. It's 90 degrees out and nearly 100 inside." I tried to make a joke, hoping that Mr. D. would laugh. Although I exaggerated a little about the temperature, for September, the weather was?exceedingly warm.

Those wonderful laugh lines appeared around his eyes.?? "Ms. Harris, if the weather bothers you so much, then you CAN wear short sleeves and needn't wear woolen suits everyday." I wanted to appear professional and older. My high school students weren't much younger than I. I kept my hair in a severe bun and frankly looked very school marm-ish. My neck popped loudly as I stretched it.

? "You wouldn't need to keep cracking your bones if you were just a little more comfortable. Here let me..." Mr. D. came up behind me and began rubbing my shoulders.

The oddness of the situation, my former fifth grade teacher and now my boss rubbing my shoulders, was mitigated by the fact that his hands felt good on my linen shirt. The wool jacket I normally wore sat on the edge of the table. His strong fingers pushed into my knotted muscles.

"Since I've graduated, I haven't had a good massage," I told Mr. D, "In college, whenever I needed a knot rubbed out, I was always able to find someone willing to help me out. Since rejoining the real world though, I haven't been comfortable asking anyone. Thanks, Mr. D."? His hands pressed into my flesh. I felt a heat creep though my body that had nothing to do with the weather.

"Anything for my staff, Ms. Harris." The eternal tension held just beneath my angel bones began to leave.

"Why don't you call me Emily any more? You call the other teachers by their first names. Mmmmm, a little harder, please." His two hands nearly covered my entire back. My shirt moved softly under his ministrations. I felt the heat of his body against my back. I shifted in my seat so that I could squeeze my clitoris with my thighs.

"Why don't you call me Tony like the rest of the staff," he spoke into my ear. I tried to breath regularly, but gasped as my clitoris swelled and I grew wet. He was leaning against me. His cock pressed against my lower back. Although I hoped he meant to move against me, I didn't say anything, just in case he was still just being friendly. I rocked slowly in my chair.

"Do you want me to stop?" he breathed in my ear again. The few stray hairs from my bun caught on his mouth. Not wanting to speak, I grunted. "What's that? You want me to stop?" He began rubbing himself against my back. I could feel?him becoming hard. Pressing against him, I barely shook my head no.?? He gently flicked my ear with his tongue. I felt fire travel down my spine.

"Why, Ms. Harris, you seem a bit warm," he murmured as he licked a bead of sweat that ran down my neck. His hands moved from my back. I pushed against him, gasping as he reached around me to rub my hard nipples. As his hands moved from my breasts downward to my stomach, he nibbled my?tight shoulder muscles.

"We'll have to find a way to relax you," he teased.?

Biting my lip, I tried not to call out as his hand reached between my legs. Pressing gently through my clothing, he nearly made me come then and there! The rough fabric of my skirt teased my clit. I pushed myself toward his hand. His other hand found my breasts again.

"What beautiful breasts you have, Ms. Harris." I hated my breasts for being so small, but his hands danced on them and ignited my passion. When he ferociously pinched my nipple, I cried, not so much in pain, but in anticipation.

"Please, Mr. D. fuck me." What in the world did I say? Oh lord, I was going to be fired for saying that?

He stopped playing with my breast and pulled his hand from my lap. Gripping my shoulders with both hands, he pulled me up and then kicked the stool away.?

"Such language, Ms. Harris. How ever should you be punished for such inappropriate language?" He leaned me against the table. He forced my cheek against the cold hard surface then pulled my skirt up to my hips.

"Ms. Harris, a G-String. I do not think that that is part of the dress code." My ass stung from the first slap. I never thought ... By the fifth slap, my right cheek was hot, but the rest of my body felt like an exploding. When I tried to stimulate my clitoris, Mr. D. pulled my hand away.

"Uh-uh, naughty girls don't deserve to play. But good boys can..." I heard him open his pants. His cock felt huge as it entered me from behind. He rammed himself hard into me.

I had never had sex without a condom before. I could feel his hot skin move inside of me. The tip of his penis seemed to tickle and rub. As he pushed himself further and further inside of me, I could feel him growing. The soft, spongy tip of him hit my cervix painfully. "Oh... Oh... I nev..." I couldn't think straight. I just wanted more.

"You're a virgin," he huffed in my ear.

Screaming "Oh, God! Yes!" I orgasmed; my hot juices flowed down my leg.

"Let's make it last then..." Even if I could think straight enough to enlighten him about the truth, I don't think that I would have. Laughing, he pulled his magnificent member from me.

"Don't worry," he crooned as I whimpered at my emptiness, "I'll fill you back up." At first he only put one finger inside of me. I could hear the squish of myself as he played. "Not enough? Let's see what will fit."

I could only lay panting with my face against the table as one by one he added all of his fingers. Moving them independently of each other, Mr. D. found THE spot. Without any control of myself, my entire body began spasming. My jaw shivered and I couldn't keep still.

My back arched as alternating torrents of fire and ice ravished my body. I heard laughing and was surprised to find that I was laughing. After an eternity that did not last long enough, Mr. D. stopped.

"Should I practice my technique?" he asked petulantly. When I tried to turn to look at him and explain that I had no control over myself, I nearly fell. My legs felt like the cafeteria Jell-O.

Mr. D. grabbed me, turned me around and held me up. "None of that now. I wouldn't want to explain this to worker's compensation."

For the first time since we began, I could look into his face. The creases that showed how much he enjoyed life were chiseled more deeply beside his eyes than normal. His twinkling eyes captured my own.

Despite the recent roughness, he kissed my lips softly and gently. He grabbed my waist and lifted me onto the table. He ran his wet fingers down my cheek. I could smell myself on him. Normally I think that I smell nasty, but smelling myself on his hands became an aphrodisiac.

Slyly, I looked at his hard cock. It was enormous. I thought that I was imagining things! Tentatively, I touched it. He dick was sticky with my fluids. I couldn't reach around him with one hand and he was long.

"So THAT is your ruler for bad girls," I teased.

He smiled at me.

"Do you want it?" he asked. When I nodded he said, "Then call me Tony, Ms. Harris."

Stunned, I couldn't say anything. I just blinked. Spreading my legs open, he rubbed my labia with his magnificent beast.

"Say it." The imp in me made me refuse. He gently pulled my soft folds open. My swollen clitoris leapt out of its hiding place like a hungry nestling. He actually put my clitoris into the hole at the end of his penis!

"So, this is what it feels like to be the woman?" I bit my lips shut as he rubbed my clit. My bottom lip bled as waves of pleasure nearly overwhelmed me.

He slowly and gently put the tip of his cock into my opening. Moaning, I closed my eyes. I tried to press him into me, but he pulled away. Teasingly, he pressed shallowly into me. I could feel him opening me; then he stopped.

"Say it." Again, I refused his simple request. How he kept just the tip inside of me, I don't know. The man must have the patience of a monk. The movement of his little head as it teased and stretched at my wet recesses nearly made me come again. When I was about to climax he stopped.

"What do you need to say," he laughed.

"Please..." I whimpered. I thrust my hips toward him, pulled him into me with my legs. To forestall my movements, he gabbed my hips and just held me so I could feel him throbbing inside of me, but couldn't move.

"Please, what?" He laughed. I saw desire in his eyes, but he refused to give in. My blouse stuck to my skin. The beads of sweat that ran between my breasts gave me pleasure, but not the release I desired.

"...Tony." My voice was husky and full. The screams torn from it earlier made my throat feel like it was roughed with sandpaper. He pulled away from me and thrust himself deeply once. I could barely breathe; he held me closely.

"Say it louder," he breathed in my ear. Each time I said "Tony" he pulled out and thrust one single time. Our bodies clapped together again and again. Soon all I could get out was "T-ohhh..." before he pounded himself back into me. He began to breath raggedly and I could see the muscles of his stomach contract and relax quickly.

"Where do you want it?" He moaned at me. Where? I was enjoying it where it was. "Tell me before it's too late." My only answer was to fall back on the table and drag him with me. My legs trapped him on top of me. My hips ground into his. We couldn't contain our moans and I heard my voice echo through the empty hallway. He tried to pull away from me, but I held him tightly while rotating my hips to enjoy myself better. A moment before I felt the wonderful little death, Mr. D. ... Tony gasped and his eyes glazed over.

I felt his hot semen invade me. It burned and itched. Despite his ejaculation, he didn't immediately shrink. I was able to move myself left and right until I felt something I never had before. I felt like I was doused in warm water. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and ... I just cannot describe it.

Few women are blessed with the ability to have female ejaculation. I always thought that I was not one of them. That evening, I was proven wrong. Afterwards I couldn't move. I felt more than just the "little death" after sex; I no longer inhabited my own body. Mr. D. collapsed on top of me. I breathed in his breath. I could still feel my slick walls gripping and releasing his cock, which still nestled in my dark nether area. He looked at me with surprise,

"I've never felt anything like that," he said as he nuzzled my neck.

I couldn't reply. I needed to concentrate just to breath. Mr. D. pulled himself off me and stood by the table. Gazing at me, he redressed.

Pointing at a small bloodstain on his once crisp, white shirt, I tried to ask what happened, but my tongue was too heavy to move.

"You did that. Don't you remember biting me?" I honestly hadn't. "Emily, it seems that you've drenched a few of your students' papers." He picked up the sodden papers. "You can't give them back to your students like this. Tell them that you gave them to me to look over." Those sparkling eyes belied his stern tone.

"Yes, Mr. D.," I gasped as my leaden hands tried to straighten my clothing.

As he bent to kiss my lips, he scolded "Tony."

Pulling him down for a deeper kiss, I murmured into his mouth, "Yes, Tony."

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