tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAfter The Bottle Drops

After The Bottle Drops


I am unable to keep from flinching as I hear the heavy crystal bottle hit the bottom of the chest. Arms crossed, hair wild from the high winds outside, I regain my composure and return my attention to your rapidly reddening face. My eyes have become stormy, their usual cool blue turning colder.

" I sincerely hope you enjoyed that swallow, love.... that carafe was taken from a royal craft, and is probably worth more than the jewel you wear around your neck..."

You involuntarily reach up to the large ruby that rests against your smooth skin. A token from an earlier time, from a time when you were in favor... a time very unlike right now. Your breath quickens, and you begin to wonder what might come of this encounter. You've seen this man order a member of his crew killed for holding back a single silver coin, and you've just drunk the wages of at least five common sailors. I watch the realization light your dark, now fearful eyes and keep my expression cold. I nod my approval at the fact that you do not beg, you don't ask me to forgive you.... you have learned that these things only upset me further. Your eyes travel involuntarily to the hand-woven rope cat o' nine that I wear on my belt and notice that it is still dripping with fresh salt spray. The cat has touched you before and you remember its damp caresses well, the sting so sharp in your memory that you wince at the thought. My eyes follow yours and then meet them, acknowledging your fear. You begin to shuffle past me, to go to the deck and have the shame made public, but I stop you before you reach the door.

" Oh no love... not on deck, this is a private matter... that was my personal property, I'll handle this personally..." I whisper into your ear, enjoying the pause and startled look that you give me.

I turn you around and begin to walk you towards the carved relief that extends directly into my cabin from the gunwales... the intricate patterns making a perfect headboard for my large, plush featherbed. For the first time, you notice that the lanterns that illuminate my quarters at night have a length of chain that binds them. I direct you to climb into my bed on your knees, still facing away from me... facing the wall...and the chain. You try desperately not to look behind you, to keep facing the wall, gritting your teeth as you expect the first lick of the cat. You yelp with surprise as my hand grips your wrist and guides your hands, first one then the other, to grip the chain. Head bowed, you ready yourself once again for the first touch, and once again you are surprised as I bind your wrists together, then to the chain, insuring your grip with the silken red band from my brow.

My hands retain contact with your skin, but with a light and gentle touch...tracing light patterns down your arms to your arched back. With terrible speed I tear the light shift from your startled form, noticing with mild surprise that your body is reacting in unexpected ways, your nipples rock hard and almost burgundy against your white flesh. With deliberate delay, I slowly remove the heavy leather jerkin I wear on deck, and only after I've stripped down to tights, belt and boots do I remove the cat from my belt. The sting of the first strike is announced only by a short swisssh of air before the rope touches tender flesh, cracking loudly and sending a shiver of pain through your entire body, tearing a gasp from your throat. You are almost shocked to discover that the touch was not brutal... more of an angry slap, nothing like the ripping pain brought by the quartermaster's whip. The numb feeling that follows the strike is quickly interrupted by another strike, and then another...each timed so that the dull throb of the previous strike has just faded... making each touch sting as fresh as the first. Your breathing is quicker now, back arching away from every touch, hands gripping the chain, bare breasts touching the cold and unyielding headboard then quickly pulling away from it just in time to take another kiss from the cat. The rhythm of your breathing is echoed in the movement of your body and the crack of the cat. The sting almost a warmth now, spreading from your reddening back down through your legs and centering in your rapidly moistening sex, drawing your hips into the rhythm of your romance with the cat.

The exquisite sting of each lick of the cat is complimented by the warmth of the brandy that has spread slowly and intimately from your taut belly down, adding to the heat that continues to rise. The liquor has stretched a gently warm and caressing hand across your entire body, and the lessening strokes of the cat are the only reminder that this was supposed to be a punishment. As the final lash kisses you almost gently, you are surprised to feel a gentle wave of disappointment course through you. You hear my boots begin to ring out on the inlayed floor of my quarters, and the warmth that previously overwhelmed you is now coupled with a desperate hope that something else may now happen... some other... punishment. A gentle moan escapes your lips as your shift falls gently across your striped and reddened back... it's cool silk almost like the icy waters in which we sail.

I place it across the cat's playground, making sure that nowhere was the skin broken... not one raised and angry area will last the night. I continue my gentle inspection, lightly tracing where the cat didn't touch, allowing that extra sensitive skin to experience a different type of kiss. My lips touch you, bringing a shocked cry from your trembling mouth. My hands travel down your shoulders, around to slide a gentle caress beneath the curve of each breast, a single nail gently flicking each rock hard nipple. My hands change direction, up each shuddering arm to your bound hands, releasing the upper portion of the binding. You realize that your wrists are still bound together, but you need no longer hold the chain, or face the wall. I slowly and gently turn you away from the wall, my lips touching your body in light, silken kisses as I turn you to face me. Your breathing and bodily reactions give away the hunger I know to be behind your closed eyes, and I pause, holding my open, warm mouth just over your perfect breast. I know you can feel my moist lips hovering just above your straining body, keeping the same distance from your breast as it rises and falls with your short, sharp breathing. Your thighs press against one another as you begin to squirm, hips pushing first forward in an involuntary thrust, then withdrawing, making love to the thoughts racing through your mind.

In an almost imperceptible change, the moist air from my open mouth becomes a moist touch as I descend lightly, gently enveloping your aching nipple with a kiss. My mouth continues to lower, opening to take in more and more of you, tongue beginning to participate in a gentle and continuous swirl around your sensitive flesh. You begin to moan perceptively as your body begins to rock rhythmically, hands beginning their first struggle against their bonds. I move slowly, savoring your sweet flesh, enjoying the clean, fresh scent of your now saturated sex. My kisses are open-mouthed now, traveling freely back and forth, kissing, licking, tugging. My teeth close around one hardened, pouting nipple, eliciting a delicious gasp-hiss from you...followed by a shudder and almost guttural groan. Your legs part and wrap around my body, almost against your will, and your hot, wet mound begins to grind against me slowly, heavily pressing forward with each thrust of your powerful hips. I trace a trail slowly, kissing every inch of your body gently and fully. My hands slide constantly, exploring every curve, making their way up as my mouth makes its way down, my long blond hair tickling your smooth stomach as my kisses gently touch your inner thighs. You push your hips forward, silently begging me to kiss you there, just there. My hands languidly travel down your breasts, nails lightly dragging across the tender flesh as they join my lips in pressing against yours. The cry of pleasure that escapes you makes me all the more eager to take my time. I kiss you slowly and fully, as though I was pressing my mouth against yours in a slow, passionate kiss. My hands continue to move... to caress... as my tongue slips free and makes its first contact with your swollen, hooded clit, lightly brushing it back and forth. The sensations are almost more than you can stand and I feel you building to climax....

I whisper, " Don't you dare...unless you want this to end so soon..."

I smile as you nod your acquiescence, and begin to slide two fingers in gentle swirling patterns around your darkening wet lips, pulling them gently apart and darting my tongue quickly between them. You strain heavily against your bonds as your back arches, driving my tongue deeply into your sex. As you push forward, you feel the silk scarf beginning to give...

You begin to push forward, then back... making love to my mouth. My tongue fills you, drawing a moan from you that slowly becomes my name, the roughness of it countered by the soft, silken warmth of my lips. I continue to draw your lips apart with my strong, slender fingers as my tongue quits its deep lovemaking and begins to concentrate on the small but swollen nub of your highest pleasure point. The slow gentle strokes have begun to increase in tempo, the pressure you were grinding yourself against lessening as I begin to lightly flick my tongue back and forth across your glistening clit. My constantly moving fingers begin to play at entering your sex, lightly teasing your lips apart, then withdrawing, while, with my other hand I explore your quivering stomach, your perfect breasts, tracing my nails down and around your swollen nipples. I quickly force the tip of my tongue up under the hood that protects your most sensitive flesh, enjoying the way your body bucks beneath my arms...I slide the hand that has been caressing your breasts down and use it to gently draw the protective flesh away from your clit, exposing it more fully to my warm, waiting mouth. I descend upon you hungrily, a low growl escaping my closing mouth as I draw the swollen nub into my mouth, suckling at it as my tongue continues its dance back and forth, now inside my mouth. You can barely contain the deep shuddering waves of pleasure, trying desperately to keep them from sweeping you up and taking you. Your back arches even higher as you strain to drive your sex even harder against my mouth, finally forcing the silken band to give way. Your hands scramble desperately down into my thick mane, begging me not to stop...never to stop.

As you pull my head harder against you, I finally slip two fingers into your tight and pouting sex. A low, long, drawn out moan escapes you as I slowly, oh so slowly, continue to push my long, slender fingers deep within you. Slipping into you is like slipping into a warm exotic oil, fuelling my passion and causing me to release your sweet clit only after sucking it deep within my mouth. I resume my rapid tonguing, flicking up and down as my fingers begin to find a slow rhythm of their own, arching in and towards my mouth... touching your deepest, secret spot with my fingertips as my tongue continues to push you closer and closer to climax. I slip my thumb up to apply pressure to the base of your withdrawn hood, allowing my other hand to slide back up and around your perfect body, exploring you, touching you, experiencing you. Your hands escape my tangle of hair and begin scrabbling wildly across my back, nails digging in and causing a hiss to escape my lips, never pausing in the slow, deliberate penetration and withdraw of my fingers, nor in the rapid butterfly- light kiss of my tongue. Your hands and nails find purchase once again in my hair as the waves of pleasure begin to tear through your frame, forcing you to shake and beg me to let you climax. I nod slightly, in rhythm to the driving thrust of your hips as you make love to my mouth and hand, and begin to increase the power and speed behind my probing hand. Surrendering yourself to the orgasm, a cry begins deep within you as my mouth, my tongue, my hands draw the climax from you... my name almost imperceptible within the deep and shuddering moan. Your body bucks heavily, the orgasm peaking, then subsiding, then climbing to another peak before finally releasing you from its gentle and delicious grasp. I withdraw my fingers and pull my mouth away, for the moment, with a long and gentle kiss, as deep and passionate as I would if I were kissing your mouth. I look to your eyes and you know that we have only just begun...

Only after the waves of pleasure stop washing you against their shore and your body slows in its quaking do you begin to wonder why I have stopped in my punishment and so obviously given over to pleasuring you. A slight smile plays about my lips as I watch these thoughts light your eyes with apprehension. Your fears begin to help quell the passion that previously filled your mind and body, your eyes lowering once again, pausing only briefly on the swell below the silver ring that resides at the front of my belt. You jump slightly as I step forward, quivering as I bring my hand up to trace your delicate jaw line lightly with one extended finger. I turn my hand back and brush your cheek with the back of my hand, my touch feather-light as I push my hand into your tangled hair. My nails gently draw across your skin as my hand flexes and takes hold of the thick hair at the base of your neck.

The fear that lit your eyes now flares, and then gives way to the more powerful flames of passion as you see only desire and love reflected in mine. You lean forward and, still looking up and into my eyes, kiss my stomach once...gently. The lids of my eyes lower slightly and you kiss me there again, more passionately, eyes breaking away and closing in the strength of the kiss. My other hand finds purchase in your hair, and a low moan escapes us both as you begin to kiss higher, your mouth beginning an exploration of my chest. You slip my nipple into your mouth gently, smiling around it as my eyes finally close and my head rocks back. The warmth in your body and in your sex makes you playfully nip at the flesh in your mouth, and a hiss escapes my lips as my eyes snap open. My hands do a quarter turn within the mass of hair caught in them and a low growl purrs up and around my hard nipple. My hands slip free and begin alternating between gentle caresses on your still-stinging back and the dragging of my nails down your breasts and sides. Your mouth begins its journey back down my chest and stomach, my hands being forced back to your shoulders, the back of your neck, your fragrant and luscious hair. Your hands find my rising sex beginning to strain against the fabric of my tights, the tie-on codpiece starting to pull away from its parent material. Your gentle fingers tease me, slowly tracing patterns up and around the lacing that holds the tights closed, your mouth hot against my lower stomach. You finally close your fingers around the lace, pulling at it gently. My sex, uncoiled fully and pressing urgently against the fabric of the codpiece, does the work for you and slips free of my tights. I shudder involuntarily as my most sensitive flesh makes contact with your soft hair, and caresses your cheek as gently as I had recently done with my hand.

Still you take your time, one hand making its way around to gently caress my backside, as your other hand pulls the rest of the fabric away, making contact with and lightly teasing my balls before sliding up to slowly grip the base of my straining shaft. It seems to leap at your intentional touch, and you take pleasure in slowly drawing it along your cheek, pausing to kiss softly along the shaft before finally reaching the head with your soft, warm lips. You kiss me there, fully and passionately, your gentle attentions causing me to arch my back, plunge both hands into your hair and whisper words of passion. My whispered words become a guttural moan as your tongue escapes your mouth and slides once around the underside of the swollen head. Mercifully, you finally open your lips and slide your hot, wet mouth down, tongue swirling around the length of my shaft as it fills your mouth. You continue your way down, taking me fully into your mouth and throat, the incredible wet velvet feel of the inside of your mouth countered by the slight rasp of your tongue. The hand that was about the base slides down to caress me there. Your lips meet the base of my shaft, and you pause, tightening your lips and allowing your teeth to press ever so gently against the tender flesh. Then, just as slowly as you descended, you begin to pull back, tongue never stopping its movements inside your perfect mouth. You continue to slide slowly to the base, and then draw back until just the head is within your mouth, then back, in a rhythm that mimics the sea outside. My knees buckle once, slightly, and you lower yourself onto the floor of the cabin, allowing me access to my bed, never breaking your slow, deliberate rhythm. My pleasure is made evident by the light, but almost constant moaning escaping my lips, and the light skriiiitch of my nails digging impossibly into the hardwood of my headboard.

As we shift fluidly onto the bed, moving you up from the floor and my shifting to the center of my huge featherbed, your body comes, once again, within my reach. My hands stop their dangerous clawing, and find their way to your body, beginning once again their ceaseless exploration of your tender flesh. I begin to pull you up to me; you fight for just a moment, until you realize I do not want you to stop your pleasuring me, but simply wish to return the favor. Your sex immediately pouts slightly, your sweet moisture beginning to flow again at the mere thought of my caressing, teasing tongue. I kiss you fully again, savoring how wet you already are, repositioning of your mouth has filled me with an exquisite sensation, and I feel myself sliding more comfortably, arching perfectly into your silken mouth and throat. My hands gently play about your breasts and hardened nipples, then slide up and around to assist my mouth in its exploring you. Two of my fingers slip inside you and begin applying pressure again to your secret spot, drawing a long moan of pleasure from you.

I am unable to keep from murmuring my own pleasure as your moan around a mouthful of my sex vibrates the shaft to its base. I continue touching you, tonguing you, savoring the pure flavor of your passion as you are doing the same, bodies meshed and unable to tell where one ends and the other begins. Your slow slide has become faster, more urgent, and I know you are climbing back atop another climax. Your hips, gently pushing back and forth earlier, begin pressing against my hand and face more urgently as I slip another finger into your tightening sex. My other hand has found its way back around, and the fingertips have become wet by teasing about your sweet lips, withdrawing the hood to your clit to allow me clear access to it. I press my tongue against it forcefully, then return to its rapid flicking, holding off your climax so that we may experience it together. The slow build that has drawn my body taut is much more urgent now, I can feel my body begging for release from the exquisite torture of your perfect mouth, never wanting it to end and unable to wait any longer. Your near frantic pumping against my face, the building cry of pleasure around my sex, the free flow of moisture from you... all these things bring me right to the brink. At the moment I feel your body start its climax, I slip a moistened finger into your other, tighter hole and enjoy a moment of pure ecstasy as you scream your pleasure, your body bucking uncontrollably against mine, collapsing onto my locked frame as I respond with a loud, animalistic growl of my own as my own orgasm overtakes me...

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