tagLoving WivesAfter the Company Christmas Party

After the Company Christmas Party


Annie and I both walked into the glass elevator from the ballroom, and she hit the button for the 13th floor. I was wearing my tuxedo, and she was wearing a sequined black dress. She is a petite fireball; at the time she had an alternative look - her brown hair cut almost boyishly short in a spiky pixie cut, with fair skin, and hazel eyes. She has B-cup breasts, and an amazingly round, perky ass.

My annual company Christmas party was winding down in the ballroom, and it was time for us to head upstairs.

She opened the door with the keycard.

I'm just going to "freshen up" a bit... she said, "and slip into something a bit more comfortable". She grabbed her train case, and sauntered into the bathroom. "Be sure you're ready for me."

I unbuttoned the shirt of my tux and stripped down to those boxer-type briefs that she loved to see me wear, and lay down on my side on the bed, turning off all the lights except one.

After a few minutes, I heard the door click on the bathroom.

I've got a little surprise for you, she said. She slowly stepped out of the bathroom, wearing a lacy bra, black panties, and a very realistic strap-on cock.

"I was such a good, demure, girlfriend all night at that party, wasn't I? Meeting your co-workers and managers, hanging on your arm all night, like some sort of trophy. Oh..., if only they all knew!"

"If only they knew that once that door locks, tonight I'm going to be the one with the cock. *You* are going to be *my* bitch, tonight, sweetheart."

"And tonight, I think I want to start with 'The mirror.' Get on your knees."

I got off the bed, and got down on my knees in front of her, with the full length mirror next to me.

Close your eyes, she said. She stroked her cock, and then began to rub it all over my face, finally placing the tip at my lips.

"Now suck my cock," she said. "Bitch."

I imagined what she must have seen, looking down at me, with her cock sticking in my face, ordering me to suck her off, and felt a faint satisfaction that she was getting a taste of what I loved to experience all the times she was on her knees looking up at me with a mouthful of hard cock for my pleasure. For all the pleasure she had given me, I was going to my very best for her.

I opened my mouth and she pushed her cock into my mouth. I began to bob my head up and down on her cock as she gently thrusted into my mouth.

"Oh, my goodness, this is awesome" she said, as she looked down at me, doing my best to service her cock. I felt some of the self-consciousness that she must have become accustomed to, being watched from above, with your mouth stuffed full of cock.

She pushed her cock back into my throat, and I lovingly sucked and bobbed on it, coating it with my saliva. Every now and then she pulled it out of my mouth and rubbed it on my face, or told me to lick her balls, and drag my tongue from the base of her balls all the way up to the tip of her cock, just like she did to me.

My mouth was starting to ache when she said, "You've done quite the job of pleasuring me, sweetie. If I didn't know better, I'd think you might like to try the real thing someday. Now it's time for the main event. Get up on the bed, my little suck-slut," she said. She scooched me to the edge of the bed, on my hands and knees. She leaned over, and pushed my head down into the pillow.

I was in an exposed, very vulnerable position.

Annie got down on her knees behind me, with her face very close to me. I could feel her breath on my most private places, completely exposed for her. "Ooh. Shaved! So nice and smooth! Spread yourself nice and wide so I can see everything." She said.

She traced her fingernails down my shaved balls, and then drew one fingernail very lightly up the crack of my ass, stopping momentarily on my anus, causing me to shudder involuntarily.

"I think we need to get you warmed up," she said. She gently cupped my balls, and then wrapped one hand around my hard cock, and began to firmly stroke me. While she did this, she began to gently kiss and lick my balls, slowly, steadily covering my balls in her warm saliva, and moving upwards, slowly but surely to my ass.

Kneeling behind me, she began to concentrate her attention on my asshole, kissing, licking and gently blowing on my ass and my taint as she continued to stroke my cock, feeling my cock get harder and harder.

"Well," she whispered, feeling my cock grow even larger in her hand "I think we've found your secret spot" before starting again. I was in absolute heaven. I never wanted it to end.

She lavished me with attention for a long, long time, knowing how much I was enjoying this, but eventually, she began to slow down her attentions.

"My Goddess this is fun!" she said between kisses, "Now I can see why you like doing to this to me so much. I know you're loving this... but I've got this problem. I've got this great big cock between my legs, and it really wants to be balls deep in a warm, wet hole. I just don't feel like I can ignore it any more. Have you ever had that feeling?"

"You are going to take my cock up your ass tonight, aren't you, sweetie?"

"Yes" I replied.

"I can hardly believe your little ass is going to be able to take what I want to give you, but I guess there's only one way to find out, huh? We'll just have to see what happens!"

She gently pushed one finger inside me. "Has anyone ever fucked you up the ass before?" she questioned.

"Yes..." I whispered.

"Oh, do tell! She said. "Who did you give it up to, you little butt-slut?"

"You" I whispered again.

"Hmmm, now that you mention it, maybe I do remember that now..." she teased. "Anyone else? Has anyone else ever fucked you up the ass?"

"No. Only you." I responded "You are the only one who's ever fucked my ass."

"Who fucks your ass, sweetie," she said, "say it out loud."

"Annie fucks my ass."

"That's right. Annie fucks your ass. Only Annie."

She gently inserted as second finger, and as she felt me relax, she began to move them slowly in and out of me. "It's good to be relaxed and ready, she said, but I don't have all night to wait around. If you're the bottom, sometimes you just have to *take* it."

She took her position behind me, squirted some astroglide onto her cock, and gently pressed the slippery head of her cock against my entrance.

"Push back, honey," she said. "Push yourself back onto my cock." I did as she told me to, and felt the head of her cock slowly entering me. I stopped for a moment, and took a breath, as I adjusted to her thickness.

Then I slowly began to push myself back, slowly impaling myself on my girlfriend's cock, until I couldn't take any more. It was an uncomfortable sensation at first, but I could tell she was enjoying herself, and it was a turn-on to be doing something so transgressive with her.

"Oh, Goddess... she said. "No wonder you love taking me from behind. You get to watch your cock sliding in and out of me. I've never gotten to see this before! I love being a girl, but this is *fucking awesome*. You get to watch your cock sliding into me every time we do this?" she hissed, "Watching your cock slide in and out of me, and disappear into my ass."

"Very impressive, sweetie!" she encouraged. "You're doing very well." Then she gently began to fuck me, sliding her cock slowly in and out of my ass.

"Just think. five floors down, your friends and co-workers are still toasting each other over another good year. And where are you?"

"Upstairs," I whispered.

"And what's happening to you?" She asked playfully.

"I'm getting fucked up the ass," I continued.

"By your cute little girlfriend with the big cock." She added.

"By my cute little girlfriend with the big cock," I repeated.

"If only your co-workers could see you now" she said. "My big, strong boyfriend, on all fours, taking it from behind from his perky little girlfriend! What would they think if they knew the truth? It just turns me on thinking about it!"

As she slid her cock in and out of me, and I slowly began to adjust to the sensation. She caressed my back, and teased my balls and my cock to keep me erect as she fucked me.

Then, I could feel her begin to masturbate herself with her hands as she fucked me, as she looked down and watching her cock sliding in and out of me.

It wasn't long before she brought herself to a shuddering orgasm, and momentarily stopped her motion.

"Whew. That was a new one!" she said. "You've been a very good sport tonight, taking one for the team, but I think you've had enough for tonight." She slowly began to draw her cock out of me.

I felt a bit of relief as she pulled the head all the way out of my body. Partly because I could adjust to normal again, and I was not used to that kind of treatment, and partly because I knew that soon it would be my turn.

Annie padded over to the hotel bathroom, took off her harness and rinsed off her cock. I rolled over in bed, and lay down on my side, stroking myself, and thinking about what I had just let her do to me.

In a couple of minutes, she walked back out into the bedroom, wearing only her black panties. Something about the experience of being fucked by her, even lovingly as she had done, made me want to give it to her harder time than I usually do; a feeling I was not accustomed to.

She playfully pushed me back and got on top of me, and started kissing me, but after only a few moments, I flipped her over on her back, rather forcefully. I could see she was a little surprised and excited to be manhandled a bit.

She stretched her arms over her head, spread her thighs wide open, and looked up at me. I looked up and down her beautiful, curvy body, finally stopping at her smooth pussy, still sopping wet and oozing from her excitement earlier.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" She asked, "Please stick that big dick inside me."

I slid the head of my cock up and down her slit to tease her a little bit, and get the tip wet, and then pushed myself inside her. She was sloppy wet. I slid into almost to the hilt, and when I looked down and watched myself slide back out again, my cock was glistening with her come.

She spread her thighs wider, loving the feeling of me so deep inside her, and reached down and circled her fingers around the base of my cock. I loved feeling her hands encircling my cock as I slid in and out of her.

I knifed my cock in and out of her and she closed her eyes and leaned her head back. I loved how much she was enjoying this, but I wanted to make her work for it, too. After a few thrusts, I flipped her over, and slid my cock into her pussy from behind, spreading her wide open, and looking down at her pink asshole.

I rammed my cock deeply into her again and again. Just as she had, I loved watching my cock, wet and glistening with her come sliding in and out of her pussy, and admiring her pretty pink asshole. Her wet lips gripped my cock as I slid in and out of her.

I couldn't believe how wet she was. If I didn't stop soon, I was going to come deep inside her, and I didn't want this to end.

I pushed her forward off of my cock, and she whimpered a bit, empty all of a sudden .

"It's your turn, my little cumslut," I said. "Now turn around and clean off my cock," I ordered.

I leaned back She crawled towards me on her hands and knees. She lowered herself down to my cock, slippery and glistening with her come, and took my cock deeply into her mouth.

"You like the taste of pussy, don't you?" I asked her.

"Yes," She said.

"Even if it's your own. Lick your come off my cock so I can fuck you again." I ordered.

She licked and sucked and kissed my cock like a woman possessed, until I decided to spin her around and stick my cock back into her sopping wet hole.

Again and again I fucked her and then took a break as she loving cleaned her own slime off of my cock, smearing it all over her face.

She seemed to love being made to clean up her own mess.

She got closer and closer to orgasm every time I slid my cock into her, until she finally went over the edge, and came again.

Then it was my turn.

She knew exactly what I wanted.

She got down on her knees on the edge of the bed, masturbating herself frantically, and I knelt on the bed over her, stroking my cock, still shiny slick from her saliva and come.

She looked directly up at me, trying desperately to beat me to another orgasm.

I looked down at her, wantonly looking up at me, her face smeared with her own slime.

Please give it to me in my mouth," she pleaded.

"Tonight I want to make a mess." I said. "I want you to wear it."

She smiled. As I looked down at the satisfied and expectant smile on her face, I felt my orgasm building. I aimed the head of my cock down at her, and trembled as I began to orgasm.

She had kept me on aroused and on the edge all night, and it sure showed. I felt the intense waves of pleasure overcome me as I ejaculated splort after thick, generous splort of hot pearly semen down on her and covering her pretty face and tits.

The sensation of my hot, thick semen hitting her face seemed to push her over the edge to yet another orgasm.

We were both spent. She leaned her head back, as strings of cum still fell from my slick, twitching cock, now too sensitive to be touched.

Annie slowly rose to her feet, eyes closed, until we were face to face.

She opened her eyes, looking right at me, and smiled a broad, wicked smile, her face still covered in my warm semen.

"Give me a kiss..." She said.

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