tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAfter The Date

After The Date


It was a first date for Paul and Brenda. They were relative strangers to each other, but Paul had been attracted to Brenda on first sight, and had pestered her to go out with him.

They had gone to a restaurant and then on to the theatre to catch a show. Brenda was feeling pleased that while Paul had been attentive he hadn't turned into all hands once they were in the dark of the theatre.

Now they were heading home, and Brenda was anticipating a bit of innocent kissing and maybe, just maybe she'd permit a bit of not so innocent necking.

Approaching her house, Brenda was slightly surprised when Paul pulled up outside the park just down the road. Not overly surprised, as the park was a reasonable place for a little bit of slap and tickle. Paul hopped out, crossed round to her side and opened the door, suggesting a stroll in the park on a nice moonlit night wouldn't go amiss.

Brenda smiled and agreed, and let Paul take her hand and lead her into the park. As soon as they were in the shadows of the first group of trees, Paul stopped and turned to her.

"Right," he said, in a matter of fact voice. "This spot'll do. Take off your panties."

"I beg your pardon," returned Brenda, slightly shocked.

"I said this spot will do. Take off your panties," said Paul clearly.

"I'll do no such thing," protested Brenda. "What on earth makes you think I would?"

"I paid for dinner and I paid for the show. Now you pay me back with sex," said Paul, apparently seeing no problem with this.

"I'll do no such thing," said Brenda. "I think you'd better see me home now. On second thoughts, don't bother. I'm nearly there and can walk from here."

She turned to stalk off, but before she'd taken more than a couple of steps she felt a jolt and then she was falling. She lay on the ground confused and weak. "What had happened," she wondered.

While she lay there she could see Paul walking towards her, holding something in his hand. He grinned down at her.

"Taser," he said, holding it up. "Wonderful for calming bad tempers and people who don't pay their dues."

Paul crouched down next to her, lifting her dress up around her waist. Taking her panties, he carefully worked them down over her bottom before sliding them down and off.

Brenda was twitching slightly, but couldn't seem to gather the energy to do anything to stop him.

Paul idly ran his hand over her pussy. Brenda felt herself flinching but didn't have the strength to stop him.

"You know," said Paul, "Seeing I'm having to do the work I might as well remove all your clothes."

To Brenda's fury she could feel him running his hand over the back of her dress, feeling for the zip. His fingers nimbly ran it down and then he helped her to sit up while lifted the dress off.

"You'll thank me," he told her. "This way there won't be any grass stains on your dress when we get down to serious fucking."

Brenda blinked and mumbled. She could feel strength stealing back into her limbs but was still far too weak to resist. She groaned slightly as Paul reached around and unclipped her bra and slid it off.

Paul carefully spread Brenda out on the grass, legs nicely separated. He slipped of his own trousers and settled to the grass, sitting between Brenda's spread thighs.

Brenda could feel panic starting to overwhelm her. Paul was going to rape her, and there was nothing she could do. Hell, he'd probably be able to take his time and still finish before she was capable of moving again.

Paul meanwhile was playing with her. He would stroke her breasts and then shift his attention, stroking her pussy and slipping a finger inside to feel her internally.

"Don't worry," he told her. "I won't actually start until you've come around enough to properly enjoy it. I enjoy an active partner and I'm sure you'll co-operate now that you have no choice. Or alternatively, I'm sure you'll wriggle nicely trying to stop me from entering you. In future you need to remember that when I want you, you should hasten to obey." He smiled at her, confident in his rightness. Women just needed a firm hand.

Brenda lay there, thinking frantically. She could feel strength gathering but not enough and not fast enough. She tried to stall by laying still, trying not to react as Paul's fingers continued to dance around her body.

After a few minutes Paul frowned. "You should have recovered enough by now to start paying attention to my needs," he told her. His hand darted down and into her, roughly moving between her labia and feeling inside her.

"I thought so," he snapped. "You're getting wet so you must be recovering nicely. You're stalling. Well, time's up, sweetheart, and you have to pay your dues."

Paul started stroking her pussy with more intent now, getting ready to take her. Brenda panicked.

"Please," she wept. "Not without a condom." Her hand waved weakly at her bag.

Paul frowned. "I don't like condoms," he said. "You don't need one."

"Please," came the reply. "I'm not on the pill. You don't want me pregnant do you?"

Paul glared down at her. "This is nonsense. I don't have any on me."

Brenda managed a blush, and looked away. "I keep some in my purse," she admitted. I dropped it when you zapped me. I can put it on for you," she offered.

Paul fretted. She was obviously going to need some strict training. "All right," he snapped. "Hurry it up."

Brenda groped for her purse and took out the little box inside it. Nervously reaching for Paul's erection she touched it, and then pulled the trigger.

Paul gave a frantic scream before collapsing and lying on the ground, quivering and whimpering. Brenda held up her hand.

"Taser," she said. "For those creeps who won't take no for an answer."

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