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After The Game


Note: All rights reserved. Hope you like this short story.


Friday nights were basically the same for Sam and his best friend Jason. Their over- 30 men's softball game started around 6PM and ended around 9PM. After a few hours drinking beer Sam normally drove his buddy home. Since Sam was now divorced he didn't have to worry about leaving the little wife home on Friday nights. For Jason however his live-in girlfriend of five years was lonely and bored.

"So how does Janie feel about these late Friday nights?" Sam asked after helping his second basemen into his pick-up truck.

"I don't know. I mean she doesn't say anything so I guess she's ok with it. How does Sandra like it?"

Sam sighed. "I know you are drunk but you should remember that Sandra and I split up last year. She didn't like me playing ball all weekend and ultimately found another guy."

"That sucks," Jason grunted. "So what do you do for sex now?"

Sam laughed. "I do without."

"Me too...I mean at home. Since we are buddies I've been meaning to tell you."

Sam pulled the truck over to the curb. "Don't tell me you are cheating on Janie."

"Shit man. All she talks about is you. Blah, blah, blah...Sam this and Sam that. So when this young chic Tina at the office asked me to lunch how could I turn her down?"

"Janie and I have been good friends since the first grade," Sam sighed. "She's like my sister."

"Well she's been like my sister too. When I want to have sex she always has an excuse."

"Shit. How serious is your relationship with this other woman?"

"Really serious. Remember last month when I had a business weekend in Vegas?"

"Yeah the sales convention."

"Tina went with me and we shared a room. We never left the room all weekend."

"You're an idiot. Janie is beautiful and a great person. How old is this other woman?"

"She's not really a woman. I mean she will be twenty in another month. I think I'm going to be sick." Sam hurried out to Jason's door and opened it to let him barf on the sidewalk. He tried but nothing came out.

Jason fell asleep in the truck on the way to his condo. He could barely walk as Sam led him to the door. As he approached the door it opened and Janie stood there. "Again?" She asked as she stood in a red tee shirt and grey sweat pants. "Would you help me get him upstairs?"

"Sure," Sam said noticing that she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were like small pencil erasers pushing out the shirt. He supported Jason as she led the way into the house. After closing the door behind her she led them up the stairs and into the small bedroom. "In here?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, if he sleeps with me I might punch him." She smiled. It was her first smile that evening. "Just put him on the bed. He can sleep in his softball uniform."

Sam did as she asked and turned. "How are you doing?" Now that he knew of Jason's infidelity he worried about her.

"Just great. School is almost out so I'll have a few months of doing nothing before I go back to teaching in the fall. How about you now that you are single again?"

"Same. Nothing really great going on."

"Why aren't you dating again?" She reached up and tried to fix her hair.

"I guess I can't find the right person. I liked Sandra a lot but I married her for the wrong reason."

"You didn't love her."

"And she didn't love me. We got married because our friends were getting married and my mother bugged me to do it."

"Why don't we go downstairs? Unless you have something else to do."

"Lead the way," he grinned. After she turned he checked out her cute round ass in the too tight sweatpants. He didn't see any lines of panties and wondered if she was wearing any. After walking into the den he saw the partially filled glass of wine on the coffee table. "I didn't know you drank wine."

She rolled her eyes. "You've known since the tenth grade party at John Mason's house. Remember you got me drunk and tried to take advantage of me."

"Hey it was you who kissed me," he laughed. She led him to the sofa and they both sat down.

"Yeah, but it was you who kept the kissing going."

"I don't remember," he lied.

"You do too!" she laughed as she lunged forward and pushed him on his back. Her body lay on top of his as their faced lined up only inches apart. Their eyes locked as they felt their bodies warm together. "Are you sure you forgot?"

"Yes," he whispered as he ran his hand up and down her back certifying that she was not wearing a bra.

"Maybe I should remind you?"

When he didn't object she closed her eyes and lowered her lips.

He did remember right away because it had the same effect on him then that it was having on him now. The kiss was fantastic but what he now realized was that it was because of his feelings towards her. They both forgot about the passed out boyfriend upstairs as the kiss became hotter, wetter and deeper. She felt his hardness under her and reached under her stomach to find it and measure it with her fingers.

His mouth moved to her earlobe. "What are we doing?"

"What we wanted to do ten years ago," she answered. Her fingers raised his hardness as his hands found and cupped her soft ass. She was not wearing any panties.

Her kisses moved down his neck as her fingers searched to find the snap on his softball pants. "Janie...we can't. What about Jason?"

"His new girlfriend called me last week and told me about Vegas. She said that he told her that he loved her. He hasn't told me that in a long time." Her fingers opened his pants and dove under his boxers until she found his hard throbbing shaft. "Did you know about her?"

"Not until tonight," he answered as he pushed his bare fingers under her sweatpants to her naked ass. "He's making a big mistake losing you."

"Like you did ten years ago?" She asked as she squeezed his prick harder. "You never called me after that party."

"I was scared," he admitted as she pushed his pants under his hips along with his boxers. "I know now that I was in love with you. I wanted to call you and see you. You were all I could think about."

He heard her start to cry. "And you felt the same way."

"Yes, I always have. When you asked Sandra to marry you I was almost destroyed. We spent so much time together." She sat back onto his thighs and looked down at his hard-on pointing up at her. "After that I started getting serious with Jason. But we have both known it wasn't for love."

"God you are so beautiful," he whispered as her fingers lifted her shirt up over her nicely shaped breasts and hard tips. As she lifted her hips to push off her sweats he reached down and helped her get them down her legs and off her feet. She was naked now sitting finally on the man she had always loved. As she reached under her stomach to guide his hard-on into her need they heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"OH GOD!" She gasped as she grabbed the sweatpants behind her and covered her nakedness. "Jason!"

Mark too was trying to get up in case he needed to protect her and himself.

"Stay there," Jason said as he walked into the room still dressed in his ball clothes. "I heard everything that was said. I pretended to be drunk tonight and knew that Tina had called you," he directed at Janie. It's been a lousy secret that you two were in love. Even you two could not admit it. I hope we don't have any bad feelings and hope someday that we can all be friends again. All I know is that you two need to be together and that I love you both. I'll call you next week to get my stuff out of here."

"Jason wait," Sam said as he tried to get up but Janie pushed him back down. "He knew."

"Everyone knew but us," she smiled as her fingers found his shaft again and quickly got him hard.

"Maybe we should wait," he said grabbing her wrists to keep her fingers away.

"Oh no...I've waited for ten years and I'm not waiting another second." She lifted her ass and aimed her moist hot pussy at his hard crown. "Before we do this I want you to tell me what you should have told me at that party."

He laughed and reached around to cup her butt again. "You got the cutest ass."

She lightly punched him on his shoulder. "SAM?"


Tears rolled from her eyes as her body lowered and they became one. "I love you too Sam Rollins. So much!"

Neither of them was in a rush anymore because they had finally found what was near them for a long time. Sex had always been mechanical and empty for both of them but now the love completed the passion. They put off their climax for hours as they moved and built up to the top and backed off. Neither wanted it to end. The night was perfect. It was around 4AM the next morning when he finally asked. "Are you ready?"

"Yes...yes...yes...Do it to me...give me you. I want all of you."

Sam was able to hold back until she came. Her screams filled the air as the sofa shook and rattled. His neck turned red from the heat and strain as he filled her emptiness with his spunk and his love.

Later as they showered together upstairs she leaned back against his naked body and sighed. "Life has so many twists and turns. Why did we take the wrong turn years ago?"

He kissed her neck and whispered. "Sometimes you have to be ready for what we have now." As he washed her back he lightly smacked the ass that was now his. "I've decided to give up softball."

She turned and looked him eye to eye. "No you're not. We are joining a coed league. I used to be a good first baseman."

He laughed and hugged her close.

The end.


Note from Slick- I haven't been motivated to write for a while. I've started many stories but haven't liked to finish them. Must be a word for that somewhere. Someone wrote me a few years back and said they liked my story so much they skipped over the sex parts to see what happened next. I guess that says something both good and bad. Ha. Anyway I think I may concentrate on the short stories for a while so I can finish them. Take care...Slick

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