tagInterracial LoveAfter the Game

After the Game


After the strip poker game Laura and Darren went upstairs, leaving Josh and Tricia in the basement. Looking up at him through her eyelashes, Tricia thought about how he'd looked naked. She thought it was odd that he was the first black guy that she'd seen totally naked. Not that odd she supposed, since she lived in a mostly black and Hispanic neighborhood, but it was interesting that both she and Laura were white while Josh and Darren were black. Well, actually Tricia was half-white, half-Asian racially but she didn't know anything about the Asian half so she thought it somewhat disrespectful to claim it.

Sitting there, trying to think of something to say, Tricia could hear the TV turning on upstairs.

"So, what do you think they're doing?" she asked Josh with a smile. It was a little uncomfortable for her, only 18 years old herself, his 21 years kinda intimidated her. Big college man and all and she'd just graduated high school.

Looking at her a little nervously himself Josh shrugged. She was awfully pretty. "Can I feel you up?" he blurted out, before thinking about it. Tricia could tell but she thought he might be blushing, she definitely was. Josh really hadn't meant to just blurt out like that, but Tricia had been the first girl to have to take off her bra and he felt like she had the most perfect breasts; round and perky, probably about a C-cup.

Since they were always hidden under slightly baggy shirts he hadn't known how gorgeous her breasts were, and the rest of her was just so silky smooth. She was pale, but with golden undertones, and her dark brown hair seemed to glint in the sunlight that was filtering in through the closed drapes.

"I'm sorry," he said at the same time that she said, "I guess so."

Tricia blushed ever deeper as his eyes widened. "Really?" he asked, surprise in his voice.

Shrugging she looked away, unable to meet his eyes, "Sure..."

"Are you just saying that because..." he couldn't quite figure out how to phrase it, but she knew what he meant.

"No..." she blushed even deeper, "I've had a crush on you for awhile... even last summer when we first met..."

"Really?" he was starting to feel like a broken record but he really hadn't known that she'd had a crush on him. Tricia nodded, still not looking at him. Scooting forward he put two fingers under her chin and turned her head to face him; her cheeks were beet red. Grinning, he leaned forward and kissed her. Hesitating a moment she kissed back, letting her lips part as he scooted even closer to her. They kissed for a few moments, and then his hands were around her waist, sliding under her shirt and caressing the smooth skin of her back.

For a moment she almost felt a little panicked, but then logic kicked in and she remembered that she had not only been almost naked in front of this guy, but that she wanted him to touch her anyway. It was just startling to have something that she'd occasionally day-dreamed about actually come true, she felt very awkward. Most of her anxiety was due to the fear that he wouldn't like her body, although he'd already seen it, or that she'd be bad at this. Although she'd had sex before, it was on prom night with her date and it hadn't been that much of a roaring success... especially when they'd broken up the next day. Her self-confidence had suffered during that, and so she was feeling particularly worried now.

It seemed that she didn't need to have any nervous feelings as Josh's arm went around her waist and his other hand began to slide up her front. His fingers slipped under her bra and squeezed gently, she moaned into his mouth with excitement... the gentle touch was making her very horny and wet. As their kiss deepened, the touch on her breast became more firm, he massaged her boob, squeezing and caressing. When his fingers touched her hard nipple she gasped, the intense pleasure rocketing through her.

The night she'd lost her virginity, there had been very little foreplay. In fact, her boyfriend had never seemed interested in foreplay or in her enjoyment; the way Josh was playing with her body was making Tricia feel weak in the knees. It was probably a good thing she was already sitting. The hand behind her back slid up and he popped open the clasp to her bra single-handed; she was slightly startled and rather impressed. Sliding her shirt up over her head, Josh smiled at her blush as she bared herself to him again... somehow it was so much more embarrassing now, but the way that he looked at her exposed breasts made it a lot easier on her. Leaning forward to kiss her again, he put a hand on each breast and began to knead them, making her moan into his mouth as his tongue quested.

He'd never put his shirt back on, and as he pressed her down towards the floor she felt his bare naked chest against hers, it was very soft and nice. When he began to move his mouth down her neck and to her shoulders she opened her eyes and watched him... suddenly she understood what turned people on so much about racially mixed sex. The contrast of their bodies was both intense and erotic... she wondered if his dick would look any different too. With his dark face practically buried in her breasts as he sucked on her nipple, she decided she liked the way they looked together. Running her hands up and down his arms, up to his shoulders and back to his elbows, she arched her back to press her breasts up, begging for more attention.

It felt like her pussy was soaking, almost uncomfortably wet in her underwear as he played with her breasts. Although she'd just intended to fool around a little bit, she suddenly had the intense urge to actually have sex with him. After all, why not? She was single, they were both interested... and he was already paying more attention to her pleasure than any other guy had. Sex with him could possibly actually be pleasurable... and besides, with his teeth biting into her nipples she was hornier than ever.

So she didn't stop him as he began to work his way down her belly, fiery kisses making a burning path that just ignited her even more. When he got to the waistband of her jeans he looked up at her and she nodded.

"Yes... please..." it was enough. Within seconds her jeans were off and he was running his hands up and down her smooth thighs, admiring her shaved pussy. Everything about her was cream and pink, and he liked the way he looked dark and rather intimidating against her body. Lowering his mouth to her wetness, Josh licked a long swipe up the inside of her slit; Tricia moaned and her hips jerked in response, eliciting a short cry from her. Moaning wildly, she humped her hips against his face as he sucked on her pussy lips, nibbling at her clit. He didn't know it, but it was the first time that any guy had actually taken the time to eat her out, and she was in heaven. As his hands ran up to grab hold of her breasts, she shook with pleasure, his fingers pinching and tugging on her nipples as he sucked her clit into his mouth and bit down.

Tricia was on the very edge of an orgasm when he pulled away. Crying out her disappointment, she looked down between her legs where he was pulling off his pants, and realized that it was time. He was very big, his dick was even more swollen than it had been during the game... she reached a hand down and gripped it as he moved up towards her; her hand looked small and pale against him. Leaning down, he kissed her and their hips pressed together, her breasts being crushed against him. Her hand still wrapped around his dick, it rubbed against her inner thigh and pulsed in her grip; she moved her legs even wider in eager response, her instincts telling her what was coming.

Sitting back up, Josh moved her hand and used his own to place his dark piece of meat at the entrance to her pink pussy. It looked very imposing against the creaminess of her thighs and pussy lips and the delicate pink of her inner folds. He groaned with pleasure at her tightness as he began to push in, liking the way his dick disappeared into her body... so dark and glistening against her pale coloring. Moving back and forth slowly, he went gently, seeing the grimace on her face. Although she had been very close to orgasm and was very wet, she also wasn't exactly very sexually active for the most part and so wasn't very stretched out.

It hurt just a little as he went it, opening up her hole more than it had ever been stretched before; and even though it hurt in a good way she was grateful that he was moving slowly. Finally his groin was pressed up against hers, and she looked down at their conjoined hips; black meeting white in erotic harmony.

Looking up at him, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him down for a kiss as he began to move in and out of her body. At first his thrusts were slow and gentle, carefully making sure that her body had adjusted to their activity. When she began to move back against him, he started to press harder, moving up and down against her pussy every time he hit home and rubbing against her clit. Moaning she humped back, loving the way his hands felt on her body, the way her pussy felt when she gripped him with her muscles. He felt so big inside her, and so good...

Josh watched her face contort with passion, as her body arched. Looking down he watched his dick moving in and out of her white pussy, rubbing against it and sliding inside... Holding himself inside of her he humped against her body, making her scream with pleasure as she came, the friction against her clit and the way his dick bounced inside her body gave her an especially intense orgasm. Feeling her tight walls convulse around him, he groaned and thrust a few more times, holding himself deep inside her as his dick throbbed and he spurted cum into her body.

They lay there for a few moments, completely satisfied... enjoying the feel of the other's bodies. Tricia was a little worried about what might happen now, but she vowed that she would just be content with this being an incredible experience if that was all that happened.

"Wanna go to dinner with me?" asked Josh into her ear.

Tricia smiled, her arms hugging him tighter and closer to her, "That sounds wonderful." and his lips brushed against her neck as they held each other close.

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