tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAfter The Party

After The Party

byEnglish Bob©

Robert Jansen waved his guests off on the doorstep as he continued to smile in response to their laughed and, slightly inebriated, goodbyes. He was always the genial host. He closed the door with a fatigue-laden sigh and glanced at his writs watch. The dial told him that it was nearly a quarter past midnight. He rubbed his eyes with the backs of each hand and crossed back to the lounge, yawning deeply.

It had been a good party – quite small and select, but successful. The dozen or so guests had all remarked on the good time they'd had and, as Jansen flopped down onto the sofa and drained his wine glass, he was satisfied that his reputation within the local community still held firm.

Of course, the one extra guest had thrown him and his wife Clara a little. David and Sheila Newbold had been on the point of cancelling earlier. Their Son, Anthony, had descended on them in a surprise return from university earlier that day.

"Don't worry about it!" Jansen had explained to his friend on the telephone, "bring him along too!"

In retrospect, Jansen wasn't sure how good an idea inviting Tony had been. The twenty year old had developed into a good-looking young man with a personality to match. His manner had been easy and friendly and it had been clear that the lad had been a big hit with most of the female guests. Jansen smiled to himself as he recalled the deathly look that Phil Davis had given Tony as the young man expertly twirled Phil's wife Mary around the makeshift dance floor. But Mary had by no means been the sole recipient of Tony's interest. In fact, as usual, Tony's attention had been fixed on Clara.

Fortunately, Robert Jansen wasn't a jealous man and actually enjoyed showing off his attractive blonde wife – it always gave him a thrill to know that other men found her as sexy as he did. He knew that Tony Newbold was attracted to her; he always had been. Jansen chuckled to himself as he remembered how, as a teenager, Tony would lose no opportunity to see or get close to Clara. It had been quite cute really, the way the youngster would moon about after her; following her around as she completed her daily chores and trying to find something – anything – to say to instigate a conversation with her. Robert Jansen guessed that his wife had also been the focus of many a teenage masturbation session!

Robert looked over at the half finished wine bottle on the table and contemplated another drink. He frowned. It was late and his head already felt quite fuzzy. Besides, he thought, if he didn't go and help Clara in the utility kitchen downstairs there would be hell to pay!

The voices from the kitchen drifted up to Robert as he silently padded down the stairs and stopped him dead in his tracks.

"No!" Clara giggled, "Bob might hear us. He's only just upstairs!"

"He's had a lot to drink. Maybe he fell asleep?"

Jansen listened. The second voice belonged to Tony Newbold. Now he thought about it, he remembered that the young man hadn't left with his parents. He'd explained that he was going to help with the clearing-up process. Robert had gestured this generous offer away with a dismissive wave of his hand, but Tony had been adamant. From what Jansen could hear now, it seemed that clearing up was not the only thing on Tony's mind!

Robert swallowed hard and crept closer to the slightly open kitchen door. He peered through carefully. Tony was sitting on the counter, his jean-clad legs swinging as Clara busied herself at the sink.

"You know I've always liked you Mrs. J, and I've grown up a lot since you last saw me."

"Oh Tony, I'm flattered, honestly. But you're only twenty and I'm…well…older! Wouldn't you prefer a nice lady your own age? You know, some girl to settle down with?"

Jansen continued to listen and watch through the crack in the door. He smiled. This was starting to get interesting!

"I'm not ready to be settling down yet," Tony continued as he edged himself along the counter neared towards Clara, "and a "nice" girl is the furthest thing from my mind right now – see?"

Jansen's eyes bulged with surprise as the young man took Clara's hand and placed it directly on the crotch of his jeans. He saw Clara whirl around quickly and pull her hand away – but not very swiftly, he noted. Her fingers just seemed to linger a little longer than perhaps they should have.

"Tony!" Clara said in mock anger. "Bob might come down at any moment. How would it look if he saw me squeezing your cock?"

Tony shuffled himself forward and slid off the counter, sidling up behind Clara. Jansen watched as his hand stroked gently up the back of her leg and then rested on her behind.

Jansen watched fascinated as the young man pressed his body up against Clara. His head dropped, lips nuzzling into her neck and pecking gently at the skin.

"Sure you want me to stop now?"

"Oh, Tony!" Clara gasped, she was aware that her fingers were trembling and put down the dish she was washing. "But Bob…He might come down…He might…."

"I told you. He's asleep. We're alone together."

Jansen could see the obvious bulge in the front of Tony's jeans and realised that he was in a highly excited state. He guessed he would have said anything to get into Clara's panties!

"Really?" Clara asked. Her voice was a harsh whisper.

"We'll be fine. Honestly. I know you want me Clara. And I want you so much!"

Things started to happen quickly then. Tony's hands moved to Clara's hips and turned her around to face him. Jansen looked on as, for a brief moment, the two simply stared at each other. Then, quickly, their lips met in a passionate embrace. Tony's hands roamed Clara's body feverishly plucking at the buttons on her white blouse until the garment lay open and exposed her naked breasts. He pulled back from the embrace and began to kiss down her body; planting light but excited pecks on her swan-like neck and smooth shoulders. And then he was at her breast. His lips plucked urgently at the already stiffened nipples while his hands lifted and massaged the heavy orbs.

Jansen heard his wife gasp and saw her head roll back as she pulled her lovers head to her chest.

But Tony was again traversing her body downwards. Lower he kissed. Her stomach, her navel; swirling his tongue deliciously into the small indent. His fingers fumbled with the belt and zipper of her jeans until he had them open and was kissing just above the waistband of her bikini panties.

Tony's teeth gripped the thin fabric of the briefs and Jansen could hear him breathing hard as he fought to pull the jeans over the swell of her buttocks and tug them down her legs.

"Oh God, Tony!" Clara gasped. "I want you! I NEED you!"

Jansen looked on as the young man, spurred on by Clara's clear approval, pulled her jeans off and virtually ripped the panties in his haste for them to follow. Clara's pussy was, as usual, completely shaved and he heard the kneeling Tony groan as he buried his face into the soft folds of her sex lips.

Tony's exclamation of lust was quickly followed by a deep groan from Clara as she steadied herself against the counter and spread her legs open allowing her young lover clear and unrestricted access to her most private of areas.

Jansen watched as Tony's tongue begin flicking casually up and down the length of Clara's moist slit. Every swipe of the tongue was met with a moan from Clara that intensified each time until she was practically crying with joyful passion. Her legs began to tremble. She was barefoot and Jansen could see the way that her toes curled up as the heat from an impending climax emanated through her lithe frame.

"Oh yes!" Clara cried, repeating herself over and over. "There…just there…yes…yes…oh YESSSSS".

With his face sticky from Clara's juices, Tony began again to kiss up her body until he was back nibbling on her swollen, turgid nipples. It was clear to Jansen that his wife was not at all steady on her feet now; her knees had buckled and she was gripping the edge of the counter for support.

Tony was also aware of Clara's trembling body and quickly lifted her up with strong arms and sat the naked woman on the counter with her legs still open and draped over the edge.

"I'm going to fuck you Mrs. J!" He said simply.

Jansen found the use of formal salutation quite amusing and grinned reminding himself that his wife's lover was so much younger and obviously still respectful of her.

Clara smiled up at Tony as she lay back on the counter. She giggled as her body came into contact with the cool surface and spread her legs wider in an obscenely inviting pose. Jansen could see that his wife's pussy lips were wet with a mixture of saliva and sex-fluid. He could feel his own erection straining almost painfully against his zipper.

Robert watched as Tony arranged his lover in the position he required her. Grabbing hold of her ankles he pulled her – almost violently – towards him so that he was standing between her open legs. He looked directly at her and began to strip his jeans off quickly. Jansen watched his unfaithful wife lick her lips in anticipation and then saw her eyes bulge as, finally, Tony stood naked and erect before her.

Tony wasted little time. With his swollen tool gripped tightly in his hand he manoeuvred himself towards his goal. The couple groaned in unison as they experienced the first few inches of Tony's cock slide in. Tony stopped for a moment. Jansen could see that he was very well endowed and, as a considerate lover, he was obviously giving Clara an opportunity to get accustomed to his size.

But Clara wanted more. Her cries of lust seemed to echo around the small room as she begged the young man to fuck her harder and harder. Tony was clearly willing to oblige and with a violent buck of his hips he rammed the entire length of his large penis deep into Clara's wet pussy.

Jansen squeezed and pressed his own erection through his pants as he watched his wife and her lover get into a rhythm. Tony began to saw himself in and out of Clara's body, muttering under his breath about how good she felt and how he had been waiting for this moment for so long. But Clara didn't seem to be paying much attention to his words – just to his cock as it rubbed against her g-spot over and over. Her cries as she erupted into her second orgasm was easily as vocal as they had been for her first and Jansen saw the young man smile as he continued to fuck her right through the climax.

Clara took a few minutes to come down from what Jansen had seen was a massive orgasm and, while she basked breathless in the afterglow, Tony continued to slide in and out of her body slowly.

"I'm holding back, baby!" He said, breathing hard, "but I'm going to blow real soon!"

Jansen could see that his wife's body was now virtually covered in a sheen of perspiration. She propped herself up on the counter.

"Let me get down from here, Tony." She gasped. "I'm about to make you very happy!"

A little reluctantly, but with the prospect of even greater things to come, Tony withdrew from Clara's gaping pussy and helped her down to the floor. Both he and Jansen watched as her bare feet padded unsteadily across the tiled floor. Her breasts were flushed and the nipples still protruded hard and swollen.

Clara sat down at the kitchen table and smiled at Tony. Her finger crooked and beckoned him over. Jansen watched as the young man followed his instructions, his solid member jutting out from his body like a flagpole. As he neared Clara she gently placed her fingers around his shaft and guided him towards her mouth.

Jansen was still manipulating his own hard penis from inside his pocket as he watched his wife eagerly swallow the other mans cock. Her mouth closed tightly around the swollen cock head and her fingers cupped his balls, lightly tickling and teasing the sensitive sac.

Tony was breathing harder and harder as he was so expertly fellated. His fingers slid gracefully into the blonde tresses of his lover hair and his eyes closed as he gently pulled her head towards him. He gasped as he felt the head of his cock enter her throat and knew that he was unlikely to be able to contain himself for much longer.

Jansen felt the warm moisture from his ejaculation begin to trickle down the inside of his leg. He had cum just as Clara had taken her young lover into her throat. He knew only too well the most glorious sensations that his counterpart was at that moment experiencing and, unlike the younger man, had been unable to stop his balls contracting and releasing his semen.

But as Jansen now watched Tony rocking his hips back and forth; his heavy balls slapping noisily against Clara's chin, he knew that the son of one of his best friends would soon be shooting his cum into his wife's mouth.

Tony's hips continued to buck as he thrust his solid weapon deep into Clara's throat. She gagged slightly at the bottom of each penetration but managed to control her breathing well.

"Oh shit, baby! I'm gonna cum!"

Even if Tony had expected Clara to heed his warning, Jansen knew that she would keep sucking. Clara adored the taste of cum and he knew that the moment before ejaculation – just as the penis swells – was a moment that she loved to savour.

And then, suddenly, Tony was cumming. His head flung back and the veins on the side of his neck bulged. Clara's hands gripped him in a vice-like embrace, keeping his twitching and spasming manhood firmly between her lips. She had formed a tight seal around the head as she had sucked him off, but now there were trickles of sperm that ran from the corners of her mouth before she had a chance to swallow them.

Jansen was relieved that he had worn dark pants that night. Had he dressed in light colours the stain at his crotch would surely have noticed. He needed to make a fast exit and clean up but, as he began to silently climb back up the stairs, his thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell.

"I hope I didn't interrupt anything!" David Newbold said with a sly grin as he stood in the now open doorway.

"Er..no…but what….?

"Sorry, buddy. My car broke down just along the road." Newbold looked past Robert and inside the house. "I just wondered if my son is still here? He might be able to fix the problem."

"I'm here dad." Tony said as he got to the top of the stairs. "I've just been helping Mrs. Jansen in the kitchen."

Newbold turned to Robert with a smile.

"I hope he's been useful, Bob?"

"Oh yes." Robert Jansen replied with a lopsided grin, "I don't think Clara could have managed without him tonight!"

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