tagChain StoriesAH Fantasies Ch. 05

AH Fantasies Ch. 05

byAnonymous Author©

"Don't forget the wine!" Femininity said to Nirvana, just before she flipped her mobile phone shut. She grinned, leaned forward and kissed Scheherazade gently on the forehead.

"There are some benefits to having a best friend whose family is in the winemaking business!" Zade winked at Fem. "I especially enjoyed the dry red wines she brought to our dinner party last month.

"You mean the bottle that you had one glass of and then proceeded to giggle uncontrollably for an hour?" Fem smiled impishly at her lover.

"Excuse me . . . It could not be helped! Abstruse it positively the funniest person I know! I would have giggled anyway!" Zade laughed at the memory. "They make a lovely couple, don't they?"

"As do we" Fem said, and pulled Zade closer for a kiss. "I remember that dinner party with very fond memories . . . very fond memories indeed . . . "

"Vana's black dress? Zade grinned. "That dress is unforgettable. Remember how Abs couldn't keep her hands off of Vana? Not that Vana seemed to mind."

"Vana is a beautiful woman, and so is Abs. I'm so happy that the two of them are finally together. They're both ecstatically happy, and it's been months since they moved in together! I love seeing my friends happy." Fem picked up the two backpacks and carried it out the door.

Zade grabbed the remaining backpack, and the stack of warm, fluffy blankets. "And I love seeing you happy, Darling. You make me happy… I know it's so sentimental but I just can't help it. "

"It seems as if 2006 really did turn into a year to remember. Only good things for 2007." Fem crossed her fingers.

"Only good things, Babe. You lock up the house. I'll meet you in the car"

~ ~ ~

Abstruse's hand moved up underneath Nirvana's skirt. Vana had to concentrate hard not to moan lustily into the phone. Abs was standing so close behind her, their bodies pushed together, whispering into her ear that didn't have the phone pushed to it.

"This is what you get for wearing a skirt like that, Baby." her hot breath on the spot just below Vana's ear made her melt. Abs pulled Vana's panties aside roughly. Wetness greeted her fingertips. A shiver ran through Vana's body. She concentrated hard on not dropping the phone. Abs's deft fingers were playing through her wetness, and she needed to come so badly.

"I have the wine packed." she said to Femininity over the phone in a very shaky voice.

"Packed..." Abs snickered into her ear. "Is that what you want?"

Vana dropped the phone from her ear for a few moments as she felt Abs's fingers enter her urgently. "Oh God, Baby." She whispered. She opened her legs a little further as Abs slowly moved in and out of her, her fingers coated with wetness.

"Now tell her goodbye. I need enough time to ravage you before we go. "

Vana managed to say something that made sense into the phone. That was all the invitation Abs needed to turn her around, and push her down onto the couch.

"I love what you feel like on top of me" Vana breathed, as she kissed her lover passionately.

"It feels so right, Baby." Abs said as she pulled Vana's skirt up, her panties down, and entered her again with two fingers. She buried her face in Vana's neck and unruly blonde curls. " Fuck . . . you feel so . . . . good."

~ ~ ~

Femininity took the time to steal glances at her lover, as Zade drove. This woman, who had crept firstly into her heart, and then into her bed over the past few months. Whoever would have thought … Fem looked at Zade's facial expression. She had such innocence to her - a natural innocence, which she found incredibly appealing. She let her eyes roam longingly over Zade's body, and stopped at her artistic hands which gripped the steering wheel comfortably, in a relaxed manner. Those hands, those long fingers and what they were capable of…

Fem thought back to so many nights of passion. She imagined herself laying back as Zade crept down her belly and came to rest between her thighs, opening her up and sliding her fingers inside.

"Earth to Fem …"Zade joked, as she pulled over to the side of the road. "They're late. Again. I wonder why." She rolled her eyes.

Those eyes . . . Fem continued to stare. Deep, dark blue eyes stared back at her. She leaned closer to Zade, and ran her fingers through her just above the shoulder, unruly hair. "I think you forgot to brush your hair this morning, Darling." she winked.

"I didn't forget. It just wasn't priority."

Their moment of intimacy was interrupted by a sexy American accent. "So I'm spending this weekend with three blondes?" Abstruse said as she opened Fem's door, and pulled her out of the car for a hug.

"Nambiotch! I missed you!" They hugged for a moment. Fem laughed, remembering Abs's nickname for her.

"You know, Abs, I can say so many things about you, but I'd rather not spoil your reputation.

"You have no proof for any of it!" Abs lit a cigarette, as she spoke. "and Zade, you're blonder every time I see you!"

Zade leaned over the seat next to her "No proof? Nirvana has turned you into a sentimental, love-sick lesbian, and we have no proof? You two are like teenagers together!"

Nirvana walked up to Fem, and kissed her on both cheeks. "Hey, Sweet." she smiled gently. Abs watched the two best friends hug. "Hands to yourself, Nambioth! She's mine."

They all laughed at her little joke. But there was a seriousness to Abstruse's words. They all knew the obstacles that had to be overcome before Nirvana and Abstruse could finally be together as a couple.

"I take no responsibility for Abs's condition. Nirvana bit her bottom lip before she spoke again. "I did not do anything to her that she did not want done. Well, maybe a few things … "She smiled coyly.

Zade opened the car door, and walked up to Vana and pulled her closer for a hug.

"You know, Vana, not all things can be explained by psychology. Being in love falls into the category of unexplainable. You can try and psych your way around it and try and analyse it, but it can't be. We watched you two for months online, and it was clear from the start that you two were meant to be together."

Abs grinned at their friend's approval. "Despite Vana's need to understand, what attracted me to her from the start was her ability to just feel, and let it flow over her, and be in that moment. To let go … It's something I have been trying to do, but it's not easy when you've spent years keeping your emotions to yourself. "

Nirvana took her hand, and their fingers entwined. "I love you, Baby." She kissed Abs gently on the lips.

Zade and Fem watched the happy couple for a moment before Fem sighed. "Right, enough teenage behaviour. It's getting colder and I want to get to the cottage before dark."

"Wuss!" Zade said, as the two couples got into their respective cars, and drove North West towards Aberystwyth.

Three hours later, they arrived at the cottage in Devil's Bridge Falls, situated on the West coast of Wales.

"It is incredibly beautiful" Nirvana said breathlessly. She looked around her. To her right, was high mountains, and falling water could be heard clearly. "Is that a waterfall?" she asked excitedly.

"There are a few falls around here" Zade answered. "I'll take you to the nearest one tomorrow if you're willing the hike up?"

"I'd love to see it. And the woods, please." Vana gestured to her right, where acres of tall trees could be seen.

"It's hard to believe I'm in a different country!" Abs said as Zade unlocked the cottage door, and let them all inside.

"Got to warm up." Fem started building a fire in the ancient fireplace immediately.

Twenty minutes later, they were all four relaxing in front of a roaring wood fire.

"This wine is good, Vana. I like the red more than the white." Zade nodded.

"Let's make a toast" Fem suggested. "To Zade. I'm so proud of you for being the home owner of such a cosy little cottage. "

"To us – all of us, and a good weekend." Zade winked at Fem.

"To Abs and the three blondes!" Abs laughed.

Vana raised her right eyebrow as she glanced over at her lover. "To love and Light." Vana said.

"To Love and Light" they all repeated.

Fem's thoughts went back to the conversation she and Zade had two weeks ago.

When Zade's plans to buy the cottage in Aberystwyth started taking shape, she and Fem had asked their two best friends, to spend the New Year's weekend in Wales.

"It will be fun" Zade said. "We'll have loads of laughing and we have some catching up to do"

"What are we going to do up there? There's no internet connection, no TV, no radio even, no cell phone reception. And as much as Vana has the earth mother reputation to keep up, she's a yuppie if I've ever met one." Fem rolled her eyes to emphasise the point.

"We can hike."

"Yeah, I can see Abs climbing a mountain."

"I think all four of us need to get away. Life has been incredibly hectic and sometimes a change of scenery is all we need; Besides, Vana loves the mountains. And Abs loves what Vana loves."

"We all need to get away from the kids for a few days. I'm a teacher but I still get tired of kids. I need some adult time only."

"I just want to be with you, Zade. It would be fun to get together with them too."

"So we take some nurturing food, good wine and hope for snow. The fireplace is perfect for sitting in front of and enjoying some hot chocolate. A few good books, a deck of cards, warm oversized sweaters, and we're all set."

"Warm oversized sweaters? You're obviously blissfully unaware of Nirvana's obsession with sexy lingerie." Fem pictured black, lacy lingerie, showing off Vana's perfect figure. She shook her head twice to erase the image.

Her thoughts we interrupted by Abstruse getting up to pour some more wine.

"We love that you two invited us with. We needed to get out of London for a weekend." She took a sip of her wine. "And I hope our bedrooms are on opposite sides of the house, because Vana and I . . . we need some … um… time alone. "she smirked.

Zade chuckled. "Oh come on! You ladies have been inseparable for months now. Surely you have enough time for sex? "

Abs put her hands in her pockets and looked accusingly at Nirvana. "It's her! She can't get enough of me."

Vana's fingertips played on Abs's shoulders, as she lifted her hair slightly and kissed the nape of her neck.

"Is that so?" she asked in an almost whisper. Abs turned her head slightly, and cupped the back of Vana's head, fingers entwined in her unruly curls. Their lips merged. Vana moaned softly into her mouth as their tongues met. The other couple stared for a moment. Seeing this sexy display of affection made them ache. Sexy energy radiated from them whenever they were together, but this was even more intimate.

Zade watched them kiss for a few more seconds, and then got up and walked into the kitchen, mumbling something about more wine. Fem followed, glancing back just long enough to see a glimpse of soft, sexy skin, as Abs's hands disappeared under Vana's sweater.

Fem walked up to where Zade was opening another bottle of wine and kissed Zade's cheek, her nose, then her mouth. "Come have a shower with me. It's cold and I want your warm body next to mine.

Zade and Fem walked hand in hand to the bathroom, and as the door closed behind them, Vana pushed Abs down in front of the fireplace, and straddled her.

"Now it's my turn . . . "Vana whispered as she pulled Abs's jeans down.

" For?" Abs asked breathlessly. Gentle kisses on the inside of her thigh were driving her insane.

"This." Vana said, her fingers deep inside her lover and her mouth settling over her clit.

"Thank Goddess you're a switch!" Abs said with laboured breath.

~ ~ ~

Hours later, both couples had been allocated bedrooms. Each couple had their own space, but the cottage being quaint, they still had to respect each other's privacy to a certain extent.

Vana had made mouth-watering seafood paella and Zade and Abs were sitting around the kitchen, giving directions as Fem made the salad. The soft, sultry sounds of Sarah Vaughn was playing in the background – Vana's choice of music.

"I love this song!" Zade said, as she popped a sliver of cheese into her mouth.

Vana hummed with. "Admit it; you only like me for my taste in music, and wine."

"And women" Femininity added quickly.

Abs sighed dramatically "Can we not have a fragment of a conversation that doesn't turn sexual?" she asked as she dipped a finger into her wine glass. Vana watched her closely, walked over in her natural seductive way, slithered up closely behind her, took Abs's hand in hers, took her finger into her mouth and sucked the wine drops off.

Abs melted. When Vana eventually pulled Abs's finger from her mouth, she blushed slightly, and said in a sultry, sexy voice "No … "

Vana asked Abs for a kiss. Leaning into her, Abs snaked her tongue between Vana's lips hungrily. They could have kissed for hours, but eventually Vana pulled away reluctantly, and excused herself for a moment.

Abs sighed from a combination of satisfaction and frustration, as she watched Vana walk away.

"You two are so natural together and so comfortable with your sexuality. It's amazing, really. "Fem said, as she pulled Zade closer to her.

Abs smiled. "I never thought I would have with anyone what I have with her. You're right, it's incredible.

"And hot. You two are very hot together. And sexy. "

Zade nodded her agreement as Abs blushed, and shifted slightly in her seat.

Fem thought for a moment. "I have to ask …" she said, taking another sip of her wine. She paused for a moment before she continued. "What's it like ... you know … being with her?"

Abs knew she wasn't talking about "being" with Vana as a couple. She blushed again, this time a little more than before, took a long drag from her cigarette, and slowly blew out the smoke, before answering. "She's insatiable … "

Femininity groaned. "I thought so. I mean, I never doubted … "she stumbled over her words and eventually decided to let the moment dissolve into silence.

Dinner was incredible. Good food, more wine, excellent company, and soon, they were all seated in front of the fire. Zade was sitting in between Fem's legs with Fem's arms wrapped around her tightly.

Abs and Vana were entwined in a heap of legs, and arms.

Zade leaned forward pulled the curtain back slightly. It's snowing!! She said.

Vana untangled herself from Abs's warm, soft embrace. "Snow . . . A perfect end to a perfect evening." She smiled, and stretched. Then took Abs's hand and pulled Abs to her feet. "Good night, you two. Vana said.

"Fresh dreams" Abs whispered. A smile formed on Fem's lips as she saw Abs place her hand gently, yet possessively on the small of Vana's back, and walk with her to their bedroom. "No guesses over what they will be doing as soon as that door is closed behind them."

Zade took Fem's face between her hands and kissed her passionately. " They'll be doing what we will be doing."

"What did you have in mind, Beautiful?" She asked.

Zade answered by leaning back into her, and kissing her deeply. With Fem's arms around her body, she felt hard nipples piercing into her back. "I love feeling you against me like that." Zade whispered. Fem replied with a slight groan as she started rubbing Zade through her pants. She could feel her moistness, and it turned her on even more. She rubbed harder with the palm of her hand as they kissed, their mouths teasing each other, and taking greedily what they both wanted. "Bedroom. Now." Fem said hungrily.

~ ~ ~

Abs emerged from the bedroom muttering " Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee" as if it was a Gregorian chant. Zade held a steaming mug out to her. " Drink up. I'm sure you need your strength after last night" Abs nearly spat out her first sip, but then realised she needed the caffeine more. She swallowed hard, took another five huge gulps, handed the mug back to Zade for more. "What do you mean?" She asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow.

Fem and Zade looked at each other, and smiled knowingly. "I'm not saying a word" Zade said.

"Well then neither am I." Abs smiled smugly.

"Oh, I think we heard more than enough last night." Fem said. Abs was about to answer her, when Vana walked out of their bedroom in a dreamy sleepy way. Her long, blonde curls tumbled down her back and over her shoulders.

"Good morning, Lovelies." she said with a smile as she leaned over, and kissed Abs's mouth, letting her lips linger for a few second longer than for an ordinary kiss. The other three grinned at Vana as she poured herself some coffee and took a sip.

"What?" Vana asked quizzically as the other three watched her with a smile.

"What??" She asked again in an amused manner.

Zade licked her lips before she spoke. "Vana, you have bite marks all over your throat and neck. Did Abs turn into a Vampire last night? "

Abs moved her eyes over Vana's bruised skin, as she recalled the night before. She felt herself grow increasingly wet as she remembered the sensation of her teeth sinking into Vana's skin. A visible shiver ran through her body, and as she shivered, she felt the scratch marks on her back, make contact with her sweater. Ouch, it hurts! she thought. She didn't say anything, because the evidence in Vana's neck was already enough to show that they had some seriously rough sex the night before.

Vana's hand moved gently over her throat as she felt the bite marks. Her mind also went back to their passionate night before. How Abs had driven her to orgasm so many times, how she had matched her own orgasms by returning the favour, and the pleasure. How was it possible for sex to be so driven, and passionate, but at the same time gentle, intense and loving?

"It was … it is … always … heavenly …" Vana replied eventually in a dreamy voice. "We're all four very passionate and sexual beings. Let's just admit it."

All four friends agreed wordlessly, lost in thought, each with their own fantasies, as they went about making breakfast.

~ ~ ~

Zade and Vana went for a long morning walk in the snow, while Abs stayed in, playing cards with Fem. Zade showed Vana the surrounding beauty of the waterfalls and the forest.

"It's so beautiful here. I don't like the cold weather, but Abs has given me an appreciation of snow and its beauty."

"I love it too. The crispness of the air and the sound it makes under my feet when I walk on a snow covered landscape."

They found themselves staring into a small creek being fed by the waterfall. The water looked black against the backdrop of the snowy banks. Standing in silence they watched as the water cascaded down the side of the mountain into the pool below sending the water over the rocks into a rolling tempest.

"I feel like Alice and I should be sprinkling Dana's ashes into the water." Zade said as she dropped a ball of snow into the calmer water that lie on the edges of the bank.

"Fem calls me the blonde Helena." Nirvana laughed.

"We're the L Word UK." Zade frowned "What do you think they're talking about?"


" Abs and Fem."

"Us more than likely."

"Should we be worried?"

"No. We can talk about them on the walk back."

Zade threw one more snowball into the water below. "Bye Dana."


Abs discarded her cards into the pile. "I'll take two."

Fem dealt out two more cards and surveyed her own. "What are we playing again?"

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