tagChain StoriesAH Fantasies Ch. 22

AH Fantasies Ch. 22


Magica heard them before she saw them.

"Those directions that guy gave us were all wrong."

"What was his name?"


"Was it just me or did he seem a little neurotic?"

"With that many kids running around, I bet you would be too."

As she rounded the corner of the house with DL right next to her, they came into view. A group of people stood in the sun-dappled shade by a dusty orange VW bus on the corner, where the dirt road met the tar pavement. She studied them as she approached. Several people were looking at the engine as one person appeared to be tinkering with it. She thought she could see a couple people on the other side of the hood as well.

There was at least one couple amongst them but they were clearly so friendly with one another that it was hard to tell who might be together. As she approached the group, a broad-shouldered man with dark brown hair going white at the temples popped out from under the hood of the van. He put on his aviator style glasses and looked up the sloping yard as Magica approached.

"Good Evening," he called. With that, everyone in the group turned to look at Magica.

"Good Evening," she replied graciously. "Having a bit of trouble?"

"We appear to be dead in the water," the man replied.

"Well, I don't think my truck is up to towing that and you wouldn't get anybody around here to look at it this late on a Saturday night anyway. If you'd like, I can probably put you up for the night, if a couple people don't mind sleeping in the bunk room out in the barn?"

A thin brown-haired woman squealed and clutched the muscular arm of a man with a goatee. "Oooo, let's sleep out there Des."

A tall woman wearing a gothic dress that appeared a little too warm for the 90-degree humid weather they were having pointed at DL and asked, "Is that a real Lynx?"

"Yes, his name is Deathlynx, DL for short. He's very friendly," Magica replied as DL took it upon himself to wind between the legs of all the women in the group, collecting a group of admirers and being patted as he went.

Introductions were made as the group collected their bags from the van. The man who had been looking at the engine was Remec. The woman who had squealed over the bunkroom was Kiten and her male friend was Des. The tall slender woman who had asked about DL was Ungie.

Odd names, Magica thought. But then again, what right do I have to criticize?

A girl of medium build with curly hair was introduced as Rosie, a muscular guy with short black hair as Slyc Willie, and an Asian looking girl with thick framed black glasses was Fat Dino.

Hmph, Magica thought as she shook Fat Dino's hand, anybody called me fat and I'd make sure they regretted it.

A voluptuous woman with curly red hair was Crimson Maiden, while a short woman with a very fair complexion and short curly red hair was simply called Red. She seemed very friendly though.

Then Rob Graham and Elizabeth West were introduced. Finally, some real names, Magica thought. The remaining three were McKenna, who looked fit to be in an Irish Spring Soap advertisement, Dampy and Trom. Magica's hand lingered in his as she looked into Trom's eyes and shivered. I always did have a thing for dark brown eyes, she thought. She shook hands with the lovely Asian girl, Dampy. I hope they're not together.

Magica led them up to a big white farmhouse with dark green trim. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as they stepped into the cool backroom.

"Thank God you have air conditioning," Rob commented. "We don't often get weather like this up in Canada."

"Oh, it's not air conditioned," Magica said as she ushered everyone into the big ivy decorated farm kitchen. "The attic fan just helps it stay reasonably cool during the day as it pulls air up through the house."

"Well, it's certainly a welcome difference," Ungie replied.

Magica gave everyone a short tour as she showed them the available rooms "There are four bedrooms that can sleep seven people with the roll away bed," she said. "Then someone can take the couch in the living room and two people can have the air mattress in the parlor. I'll let you decide who's sleeping where while I show Des and Kiten out to the bunk room."

Magica took them out the back door and across to the barn, past a wooden door set into a tall stone wall that appeared to wrap around in a huge circle.

"What's in there?" Kiten asked.

Magica stopped and opened the door to let Kiten look in. "I call it my secret garden."

Kiten oohed and ah'd as she looked in at the pathways running between huge rose and lilac bushes, lilies, poppies, iris, and night blooming tobacco. A pool of water stood off to one side, halfway between a pond and a swimming pool. Just large enough to relax in but not muddy brown like your usual pond. It wasn't your typical pool either.

"You're welcome to spend time in the garden while you're here," Magica said as she shut the door then led them on to the stable.

Horses whinnied as Magica rolled back a sliding door and led them in. A woman of medium height and slim as a whisper stepped out from behind a buckskin mare.

"Does it look like she's going to be alright Falling?" Magica asked.

"Oh yes, she just needs a bit of rest. I'll be over to check on her in a day or two. I've got to run. I'll catch up with you next time I'm here." Falling smiled at the small group and strode out the door at the far end.

"That's Jasmine over there, she took a little step in a woodchuck hole yesterday, and that's Niko." Magica pointed out the horses as they walked down the center of the stable to the doors at the other end. She showed Kiten and Des into a sparsely furnished room that was clearly used as an office and outfitted to look like a log cabin. It even smelled of cedar. There was a small bathroom off it with a shower stall.

"It's not big but I think you'll be comfortable. The couch pulls out into a full size bed."

"I'm sure we'll be very comfortable," Des replied as Kiten looked around.

"I'll let you get settled. Just come over to the house as soon as you're ready. I'll be getting a meal ready for everyone."

Magica walked back over to the house, trying to think of what she had on hand that would serve a crowd. She caught DL walking around on the kitchen counter. "Get down off that counter," she hissed. "Lord only knows what you're tracking up there." DL looked at her then turned and showed her his butt before jumping gracefully down. Magica rolled her eyes and turned to the fridge. "Sometimes your a very, very baaaaaad putty-tat."

She stuck her head in the fridge to see what was on hand. She'd just harvested a fair number of small zucchini and red peppers from the garden. She pulled them out along with a few cloves of garlic and some onions then opened the freezer. Yes! She'd just stocked up on whole-wheat four-cheese tortellini. Magica set to work and soon had her Kahlua Chocolate Fudge Cake in the oven, a pot of water bubbling for the tortellini and the vegetables sautéing in a pan, almost ready for the tomato sauce to be added. She pulled out a loaf of multigrain bread, sliced that and was tossing together a salad just as Rob and Elizabeth West came downstairs.

"Mmmm, it smells delicious. Is there anything we can do to help?" Elizabeth asked as she watched Magica drain the pasta.

"You could grab the salad dressings out of the fridge and the parm too. Rob, here's the silverware if you want to set it around," Magica said as she handed him a couple fistfuls of mismatched silverware.

"No problem," he replied.

People quickly joined them as the smell of food wafted upstairs. Rosie went out to tell Des and Kiten that dinner was ready but returned alone with a grin on her face.

"They'll be right over," she said, unable to contain the grin. It seemed to flow around the room and touch the lips of everyone, as if they shared a secret.

"Everybody, please, dig in," Magica said, waving her hands toward the table. People settled in and started passing dishes and chatting. Magica learned a bit more about her guests but she had the feeling they were refraining from saying some things in front of her. A few times people started to say something then looked at her and stopped.

She also caught Trom looking at her a few times but she didn't get the feeling it was because he was hiding something. She watched for something between him and one of the other females but caught nothing. It didn't look like he was with anyone else as a couple. She caught his eye and smiled. He smiled back shyly. Mmm, lovely, Magica heard the whisper of AngelicMinx in her ear. Her defective conscience was flitting around somewhere.


Magica sat in the living room after everyone had gone their separate ways, some to read, some to bed and some just to chat. DL sprawled across her lap as she slowly stroked his fur.

"There's something a little unusual about this group. I get a strong sexual vibe from them. It's not unusual to get that from one or two people in a group, but this is all of them." She paused in her petting of DL and he turned and butted her hand with his head. She resumed her slow stroke down his silky back.

"Maybe it's just the hot muggy night messing with my perceptions. I think I'll go for a swim." DL jumped down and went to sit by the door, slipping through when Magica opened it.

Magica walked out across the driveway to her private garden, stripped down and eased into the pool. She relaxed with her back against the side. The muggy heat was oppressive but she could feel the change in the air, the rustle in the leaves. There was a storm blowing in. A faint rumble of thunder sounded in the far distance. She soaked it in. Storms are wonderful things, she thought, so raw and powerful, especially up here on the hill where the thunder and lightning always seem so close.

Suddenly, she realized that she wasn't alone anymore. Someone was approaching. Magica smiled as Trom came into view. It was dark so she couldn't see him well but she recognized the silhouette and pictured his features as she'd seen him earlier. He was a cute boy with a shy and sweet nature. She thought of the looks she'd caught from him all through dinner and smiled again.

"Good evening. Restless?" she asked.

"A little bit," he replied. "It's so hot and muggy. I didn't expect that in New York."

"Join me, the water takes the edge off the heat," she invited.

He hesitated. "I don't have a swimsuit with me."

"I'm not wearing one either," she replied, reaching up an arm to gesture to her pile of clothes on a stone bench nearby. "It's dark and private out here. Join me."

Trom seemed to consider for a moment then started pulling off his shirt. Magica watched the motions, wishing she could see more in the dark. Trom slid his shorts down and kicked them off then eased into the pool. He made his way over to Magica, shyly stopping well away from her and putting his back up against the side of the pool.

"It's a beautiful place you have out here," he said.

"Thank you, I find it very relaxing. And I value my privacy." Magica closed the distance between her and Trom so that they were side by side. She lowered her voice to a murmur.

"It's so much nicer to be able to come out to the pool and enjoy it this way, don't you think?" She reached out and slid her left hand down the outside of his thigh, silky in the water. She heard his sharp intake of breath.

Having turned so that she was facing him, she let her right hand slide up the inside of his thigh a few inches before stopping.

"Are you enjoying the water?" she asked softly. He turned to face her as well, pressing closer until their bodies met.

"Very much," he said as he leaned in and kissed her.

She let the force of his kiss, and body pressing into her own, push her back against the side of the pool. His tongue dipped into her mouth and slid her tongue under and around his. She reached a hand around his ass and pulled him gently toward her, rubbing her body against his. His erection already pressed against her. His right hand reached up to cup her breast and she felt his thumb rub back and forth across her nipple. Her back arched in response. Now this was the way to relax.

Magica felt Trom's hands reach down to her ass, guiding her up into position as the tip of his cock probed her slit and parted her nether lips, pushing in. Magica let her legs float up and wrap around his waist, opening herself to him completely. As he thrust into her, the thunder grew louder, reverberating around them. A flash of lightning illuminated his features for a moment as she watched his lips shaped the moan that called to her.

She kissed him again, swirling her tongue around his as she rolled her hips, urging him on. She felt her muscles tense and tighten as rain started to fall in the water around them. A clap of thunder drowned out her moans as she came. She felt him thrust more urgently into her and then the spasm as he released himself into her.

The rain intruded as they came back to their senses. Trom helped her out of the water as the rain pounded down and they struggled into their wet clothes. They dashed for the house and slipped inside only to be met by Rosie and Ungie in the kitchen playing cards. Slyc Willie with his shirt raised, showed Crim and Dino the tattoos on his lower left abs. Crim was biting her lip and Dino was running her fingers over the tattoo.

Ungie raised an eyebrow, "Out in the rain?"

"Yes," Magica replied. "How come you guys are up?"

"The storm," Ungie replied.

"I miss Evan." Rosie said.

Magica found a couple towels for Trom and herself to dry off then said goodnight to the group and headed up to her room alone. Rats, would have been fun to have him in my bed all night.


Magica woke to sunshine streaming in her window and a huge lynx standing on her chest staring at her face unblinkingly.

"Off," she managed to gasp out.

The cat jumped down and stretched but as he reached out his muscles, the movement did not stop where it should have. Instead, the body elongated and grew, shifting until the form became a man, his long black hair pulled back and sporting several peircings and tattoos. He was dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and a long black trench coat which he folded around himself as he turned and sat down on the foot of Magica's bed, crossing his legs and leaning back on his arms. His luminous blue eyes stared at her, unblinking. "Good morning."

"Good Morning DL." Magica kicked back her covers and stretched.

"We have a problem."

"What?" Magica yawned.

"There's a body in the top of the barn."

"What? You mean a mouse or a rat?"

"No, a human, one of the males who arrived last night. The one you were in the pool with."

Trom. Magica's mind reeled.

"What happened to him?" Magica sprang up and began opening drawers, grabbing clothes to throw on, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She grabbed up her boots.

"Looks like he was shot."

Magica wrenched open her bedroom door, grabbed her cell phone off the table and dashed past Rob in the hallway.

"Is something wrong?" he asked but she didn't stop to respond.

Magica was out of the house in a second, picking up a few people along the way. DL had transformed and followed, catching up. Rob had followed from upstairs and they'd picked up Slyc Willie and Rosie in the kitchen. Magica ran across the yard and skirted the stone wall and went up the incline to the big sliding barn doors. She shoved with both hands to push one back and let the light in. DL led her across the barn to Trom's still form behind one of the hay chutes.

Magica knelt beside him, taking in his pale skin and the dark liquid that peaked from beneath his back. She felt for a pulse at his neck.

Rosie let out a little scream as the people following joined her. Rob put an arm around her while Slyc knelt beside Trom, swearing lightly under his breath.

"He has a pulse," Magica announced and flipped open her cell phone, dialing 911. She gave the directions to the barn and said that someone had been seriously wounded but neglected to say that she thought it was a gunshot wound. Best not to give too much information.

"How did you know he was up here?" Slyc looked curiously at Magica and asked the one question Magica was sure would be a problem. She evaded his gaze and looked at Rosie.

"The rescue squad should be here in minutes, would you go out to the main road and flag them down and bring them up here?"

Rosie nodded and took off.

Magica checked the gunshot wound but it had not really bled very much. It must have been a small caliber bullet to really not do too much damage.

"I don't know if we should treat him for shock or not move him at all," she murmured aloud to herself.

"Probably better to leave him for the paramedics if they'll be here as quick as you say," Slyc offered.

Magica nodded. Already, she could hear a siren in the distance. She took Trom's hand and smoothed her hand over his forehead. Magica concentrated on holding Trom there, calling him back into his body. She tried to shut everything out but him.

"Just hold on, don't go anywhere on us."

She thought she saw a slight flicker of muscle contractions, a small squeezing of her hand but she couldn't be sure.

"I think they're here," Slyc announced.

A couple paramedics hurried in with a stretcher followed by the sheriff and Magica stepped back to let them work. The sheriff stepped up next to Magica.

"Hey Magica, what happened here?"

"I don't know Sev, I really don't know. It looks like he was shot." Magica wrapped her arms around herself. She'd known Sev for a long time, as one does in a small community, but she'd never really confided everything that went on around the farm to him. She figured someone working in law enforcement might be a little too reality oriented to deal well with it.

"His pulse is strong." An older military looking volunteer paramedic directed his younger partner. "Let's get him on a stretcher Trinique."

"You got it Skip!" She was a head shorter than her partner but Magica could tell she was very capable.

They quickly had Trom loaded on the stretcher and moving out.

Magica followed them out of the barn and found the rest of the group had materialized to watch over the proceedings. How was she going to explain this? A thought struck. She stopped and looked at them anew. Here she was, worried about explaining how she'd found him up there when one of them had probably shot him. It seemed damned unlikely that someone from outside the group had shown up on the same night and shot one of them.

Sev was standing right next to Magica, looking the group over.

"So, who are all these people?" he asked.

"That's a very good question Sev. They showed up here last night with a broken down van and I let them stay the night. This morning, I found one of them shot in the barn. I don't know squat about them."

Sev sighed. "Alright, we're going to need to interview people. Kevin, let's get everyone inside."

"Sev, this young lady would like to go to the hospital with the wounded man." Magica noticed that Kevin was there for the first time. Tall, dark and handsome was using his devilish smile on Red at the moment. He had an incurable fetish for redheads, Magica remembered. Incorrigible. Magica fought the desire to roll her eyes.

"Let's get everybody interviewed then we'll make sure you get there right away miss." Sev nodded in the direction of the house. "Let's gather inside. Kevin, radio in for CSI then secure the top of the barn."

Kevin headed off to the car and Sev turned to Magica. He spoke in a low voice.

"Magica, I'll want you to get everyone in the kitchen and keep them there while I interview them one at a time in your parlor."

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