tagLoving WivesAimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 03

Aimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 03


Chapter Three – The Cruise Continues!

With a liquid lunch!

How many men and women would I have for lunch? I left the cabin, anxious to get my mission completed so I could get some rest. I'll get the pictures and find something good to eat other than cock, which is all I'd eaten so far today. Semen isn't too filling, but what a concept for a "Fad Diet"..

The girls had all dressed in skimpy outfits and followed behind with the camera. The tequila wasn't shy about whom I was to approach first, so I went to the dining room and got a table. As soon as I sat down, a pair of guys came over to my table and asked if they could join me. The tequila and my oozing lips said, "YES".

I squirmed at the thought of my first pictures and smiled to them as they sat down. My knees were opening and I had to fight not to start to run my fingers over my sexy smooth lips as I made small talk with the two pairs of "shorts".

*"Hi, I'm Robbie and this is Tom. We're down here from Minneapolis, where you from?"

"I'm from Gary, Indiana and I sure am pleased you two would like to join me for something to eat." I eyed them both, lustily as I imagined having both their cocks in me. I wondered how long it would take me to make them both hard. Robbie was a California beach boy hunk. Chiseled muscles, six pack, blond hair, bright blue eyes and cutoffs that barely contained his bulging crotch. I guessed to myself; eight inches, hard. Now Tom was the opposite, average looking, dark straight hair, brown eyes, not sloppy, not a hard body and deeply tanned, like he worked outdoors. But he wasn't average between his legs and I smiled at him hungrily as I slipped around the table and sat on his knee, making sure my short skirt wasn't between my wet pussy and his bare thigh.

"Hope you don't mind if I get acquainted with Tom first; do you Robbie? I just had to see what he has in that front pocket!" I reached down between his legs and tried to cup his massive bulge.

"Well, I know what I want to have for dessert" I said as I kissed Tom on the cheek.

I whispered in his ear, "Can you guess what I want you to have for dessert?

Tom slid his rough, tanned hands up under my little skirt and slid a finger into my pussy, licked his lips with a very long tongue and smiled at me. My honey was really flowing onto his thigh as his finger danced on my clit. I returned to my seat and carefully adjusted my linen napkin between my legs to soak up my wetness; I couldn't wait to have Tom.

Robbie took the cue and moved around so I was between the two of them and accessible to both of their hands under the tablecloth. They seemed to have done this before; they both were stroking my thighs under the table and teasing my pussy. I was really aching for hard cock.

"I've heard they have great room service on the ship, should we try it from your room?" I asked, almost breathless. "All I want is something to quench my thirst right now, then I'll need something to soothing to suck on in your room, any suggestions". I couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth. I couldn't wait to get them both in my mouth, my pussy, everywhere I could.

We ordered 3 bottles of champagne, some fruit and cheese, bottled water (all to be sent to the room) and a double round of tequila to the table. When the shots arrived, I picked up the first one and climbed onto Tom's lap facing him and grabbed his hair and jerked his head back and poured the shot into his mouth. As soon as he swallowed it his hands were on my bare ass under my skirt as I kissed him deeply. He teased my pussy with all eight fingers, sending me into contractions as he pulled at my tight bud too! It was Robbie's turn and as I straddled him, to repeat with him, I sat down on a hard cock. Robbie had slipped his cock out under the tablecloth so that when I sat down on him, his hard cock slid right into my wet, gaping pussy. I gasped as I poured the shot into his mouth and sat down as far as I could.

Another first for the innocent girl from Gary! I was getting fucked in a public dining room, sitting with two men I had met just 15 minutes ago and now I was coming! The situation was so overwhelming I came and came. I had to sit still and pretend we were playing a drinking game as Robbie's cock pulsed in my contracting pussy. He was good, slowly rotating his hips making his cock move in and out no more than an inch, but it felt so good.

Tom leaned over and handed me my shot, I downed it and asked for the other one too. As he handed it to me, he reached over and started rubbing my ass and tickling my tight bud. It was too much and I came again.

"Let's get to the room guys; I really need to have dessert". I stood up and forgot about how wet I was, my juices were all over Robbie's crotch, and he was soaked.

"Hey Aimee, where you off to?" It was the girls, all smiling and eyeing up my latest conquests. "You want your camera, you forgot in the room?" I suddenly realized they had been taking pictures of me as I fulfilled my orders.

"No, but maybe Robbie and Tom would like you three to join us?" I looked at Tom, then Robbie, they both seemed confused. "Would you guys like a few more helping of dessert?"

Confusion turned to two huge grins and a unanimous "Yeah, sure". WE all headed off to their room. I was about to have my first un-blindfolded orgy; I could feel my honey running down my thighs.

I leaned into Tom and whispered, "Tom I need your help with my zipper in the bathroom before we go to the room please." I grabbed his elbow as we passed the ladies head and the rest of them turned and went down the stairs to the cabin.

"In here, Tom." I pulled him into the head and closed the door. I lifted my ass up onto the counter (the same one I had Tricia on) and spread my legs as wide open as I could and slowly spread my lips open with my fingers and said, "I really need a tongue lashing for the way I behaved in the dining room, would you punish me?"

Tom was undoing his shorts as he moved in between my legs. His shorts and boxers dropped together, revealing an absolutely huge cock. It was at least twelve inched long; so long it looked too heavy to stand up erect! I was aching for it in me, but I really wanted his tongue on my gooey pussy.

"Lick me clean, then stuff that monster in me!", I nearly screamed. I was beside myself with excitement at the thought of his cock and watching it go into my little pussy.

Tom got down on his knees and starting licking my honey off my glazed thighs and worked his way up to my swollen, red lips. He ran his tongue so slowly around my erect clit; I thought I would scream again. Finally he was focused on my aching sex button, tonguing it side to side, making it flick and my hips buck each time he flicked. Then he slid two thick fingers into my convulsing pussy and sucked on my clit.

"I'm Fuuuuuuuuuuuucking Commmmmmmmmmmmmmmming! Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me! " I screamed as Tom sucked harder on my clit, it felt incredible. I bucked hard against his fingers as I continued coming. I was having an incredible multiple orgasm and about to explode. Tom had turned his fingers over and was rubbing the front of my vaginas, oh that felt incredible, I felt something I'd never felt before, I grabbed two handfuls of his hair and started jerking uncontrollably. Was it the tequila, was it Tom's tongue or was it his fingers? I was coming like I'd never come before.

"OH OH OH OH OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD", I was screaming uncontrollably as I started squirting honey all over Tom's face and into his mouth. I couldn't stop shaking and coming. I reached for the counter=top and held on and humped Tom's face for all I was worth. I was shaking, convulsing and whimpering. It was so intense!

Tom stood up, soaked with my come, and took his huge cock in put it into my soaked pussy. It hurt, it was so big but I reached behind and grabbed his ass and pulled hard. Tom's cock impaled me as I screamed. I couldn't take it all sitting on the counter so I locked my legs around his hips and pulled my weak body up onto the remaining 4 inches of his huge pole.

Tom held my ass as I bucked up and down on his pink, veined telephone pole. I could feel it completely filling me, it seemed to be in the back of my throat, it was in so far. Tom turned around so I could see myself fucking him in the vanity mirror. What an erotic sight, seeing my ass going up and down on that obscenely huge cock. I came again, the rush was incredible and.....

"Aimee, are you okay? Aimee wake up! AIMEE!" Tom was holding a cold cloth on my face as my eyes opened. I had passed out when I came. "The Ultimate Rush". I felt great as my eyes cleared, all I saw has Tom's huge cock hanging between his legs. I sat up and realized I was still in the head, I was very drunk and I was still completely obsessed with getting that cock in me.

"Help me up, let's get to the room and I'll be fine". I said as I realized my insatiable pussy wanted that cock again. Could I ever be satisfied with Saul's cock again?

We opened the door, to cheers from a couple lounging on cots by the rail, and went off to Tom's cabin.

*Tequila is amazing liquor, it removes my inhibitions (I'm drunk as shit) but my mind is very clear (I'm horny as hell) and my body is numb (except my pussy, it's on fire). I couldn't walk very well so Tom helped me along to his cabin. When he opened the door I was expecting to everyone having wild sex. Instead it was an empty room. I looked at Tom puzzled about it.

"They went to Robbie's room; we both have private suites for situations like this. Do you want to go to Robbie's and join the orgy?" Tom was turning towards me as I gave it some thought.

"No, bring that telephone pole over here; I want it in my mouth, right now." Tom had yet to have an orgasm and I was going to blow his mind.

"Get your clothes off and get on the bed." I ordered Tom. He quickly stripped, what a cock, even when it hung flaccid it was huge. "Does it get small in cold water?" I laughingly asked.

"Yup, it shrinks to 7 inches". He retorted as I gripped it by the veined base and licked the drip of ooze from the tip. I'd never seen a cock this big, ever! I couldn't get my hand around it and it was growing. The dark purple head looked almost evil as it glistened in my saliva. I slid it into my mouth, so to speak. I could only get the first three inches in and my lips felt like they were splitting and I started to gag.

"How fucking big is this stallion? I couldn't believe its size.

"When it's fully hard, its fourteen inches long", Tom replied. "I've never had a woman take it like you did in the head. That's only the second time a woman got me completely in".

I was tearing off my top and skirt as he was stroking his pole. I got on my hands and knees and buried my face in a pillow and spread my cheeks and pussy lips. Tom knew exactly what I wanted. He mounted me like a stallion mounts a mare and slowly stuffed his cock into me. I felt like I was splitting, but god it felt as good as it hurt! We were side ways on the bed; I turned my face toward the mirror and watched the spectacle of Tom's cock in my little pussy. I came almost instantly. I wanted a video of this and the girls had the camera, SHIT! I'll get that later. For now, get my pussy slammed, hard! Tom's cock was still getting harder and longer. It was now almost completely in me, it really hurt and it really turned me on, I was having multiple orgasms now. My honey was everywhere; we were both slippery wet and the bed soaked. I slipped out from under him before he could come.

I rolled him on his back and mounted that pole and watched it disappear in my slurping pussy. The mirror provided an erotic view of me riding his cock as I came again. I climbed off and gripped his pole with both hands and started stroking it and sucking the huge head. His head was comfortable in my mouth, no more. I sucked for all I was worth and pumped his piston with my honey-covered hands.

Tom started groaning as his testicles tightened and his stomach went taut. He was coming and I wanted to see how much would come out of this enormous shaft and balls. The first load hit the back of my throat like a garden hose nozzle. I tried to swallow it all, but couldn't. The second spurt blew out around his cock and down the shaft onto his stomach. There had to be half a cup of come in that load. It tasted fabulous and I sucked it off his stomach and balls. I was full now and needed some champagne.

I sat up and pulled on my skirt and tied my top. "Tom, get that cock in your shorts, we're going to get a drink and a six pack of orgasms." We headed off to Robbie's room.

All I could think was "ORGY ORGY ORGY!" I was so fucking horny, I was desirable, insatiable and I loved it.

*We didn't bother knocking. As we entered the room, the scent of sex was thick in the air. I love the scent of fresh semen, and my mouth started to salivate at the very smell of fresh come. I peeled off my top and kicked my sandals off as I climbed on the heap of naked flesh on the bed. I could see Robbie's cock sliding in and out of Tricia's shaved lips and I wanted to get some of that. Robbie was fucking her from behind, so I slid in front of Tricia and starting kissing her and caressing her full breasts. I slowly moved my pussy up against her slippery mound and reached down between our legs and started caressing Robbie's balls. Robbie seemed turned on by this and slipped his cock out and ran across both our pairs of pussy lips into my hand. He was now fucking two pussies and my hand. I rolled onto my back, pulling Tricia on top and Robbie realized what I was doing. He now had both pussies spread open before him. He kneeled between our legs and started licking and sucking our pussies as we ground each other in a sexually charged humping session. His tongue and fingers were everywhere. I could feel two fingers in my pussy, one in my ass and his tongue on my swollen clit. I started coming! Tricia rolled off and started sucking my breasts while Robbie's fingers worked their magic on my aching pussy. I squirted my juices all over his face as all the others were watching me come. I realized I was screaming at the top of my lungs for Robbie to "Make my pussy cream", over and over.

The girls were now all around me, licking my come off Robbie's face and my thighs. The three tongues felt incredible; I started the orgasm climb again. Once he was clean, Robbie slipped out and we girls started a daisy chain of pussies and tongues.

I had wanted to taste Lisa's red muff and trace her sexy freckled breasts since I set eyes on her. I kissed my way down her tummy and she spread her thighs for my hot breath and hungry mouth. I could taste her sweet honey and salty sweat as I ran my tongue slowly around her inner lips. Her clit was long and swollen. It protruded like a little cock. I kissed it softly and Lisa shuddered with pleasure.

"Oh god, suck it Aimee, please!" Lisa thrust her hips up and into my waiting mouth. I sucked gently at first; Lisa's clit seemed to grow in my mouth like Saul's could do. As I sucked a little harder Lisa bucked against my mouth and started to really fuck my face as she headed off on a series of orgasms. I was in heaven, redhead heaven. Her small tuft of pubic hair gleamed like a small fire on her high fleshy mound. Her tan lines were noticeable as her milky skin was alabaster white around her pubic area. She tanned well and the contrast was erotic to look at. Her long pink nipples were hard and stood up on her firm breasts. They jiggled slightly as she heaved in the throes of orgasm. What a sexy woman!

As I looked up to see who was fucking whom, I noticed Robbie had Tricia's camera and was getting everything recorded. Tom had a video camera set up on a tripod and was sitting, resting, playing with his huge cock. He was ear-to-ear smile watching four women fuck each other.

I winked at him and motioned him to come over. I turned Lisa over and got her on her hands and knees. I laid down in front of her and spread my legs. She lowered her mouth on my waiting pussy. What she didn't know was that Tom was about to slide his huge cock into her tiny little pussy. I propped myself up on my elbows to watch her suck my pussy and to see her reaction when Tom's cock entered that tight orifice.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD! What it that in my cunt? Tom had her by the hips and was slowly pushing all fourteen inches into her. I could see her face, tight with pleasure, just like her pussy. She now had the whole cock in her and Tom started to slide in and out. She was arching her hips and pushing back, fucking him now! I sat up and watched her as Tom started to really drive into pussy. She started groaning, very low at first. Then it got louder, she was coming, and so was Tom. This would be something to watch. She was now screaming, "HARDER, HARDER, HARDER, Fuck me harder, and pound that rod into my tight cunt."

Tom came first and came a lot. The semen was pouring out of Lisa's pussy as she screamed into the mattress. Tom kept pounding her until she fell, exhausted, come running out of her in a pool on the sheets.

"Let me help you with that mess, sweetie." Donna rolled Lisa over and began cleaning her come covered pussy hungrily. When she was done cleaning Lisa she took Tom's cock in her hands and gasped at the sheer size of it as she licked the come off his long, thick shaft.

* "I've always wanted a horse-cock to play with, now I can finally take one for a ride." Donna rolled over and grabbed her purse and fumbled around in it. She looked up smiling as she pulled out a couple of condoms and a small bottle of lubricant. She rolled a condom on Tom's half-hard cock and started stroking it with both hands like she was greasing a pole. When he was hard, she took the lube and slathered it on his pole and then inserted the bottle in her rosebud and squirted hard.

"OOOOHHHHH, I love the feel of cool lubricant in my ass just before I get fucked, it makes my clit hard and my nipples erect." (I remembered the first time I lubed myself and slid my 8-inch dildo into my ass as I fingered my pussy some five years ago.)

"Tom, I want that schlong in my ass, I want to get fucked, fucked really hard. My man has a little 5-inch long trainer and it never feels like my ass or pussy ever gets a real workout. I love anal sex and I love your huge cock, now get it in my ass!" Donna rolled onto her hands and knees and looked back hungrily at Tom as he kneeled behind her and slipped the huge red head into her tight little rosebud.

"OOOOOHHHHH GOD, that feels good, get it all in me and mount me like a mare, fuck me like a stallion would!" Donna pushed back as Tom's huge cock disappeared in between her cheeks, hers eyes bulged and her face reddened as she realized how big his cock really was. Before he could get ten inches in her, she started coming, screaming and drooling like a crazed woman having her first multiple orgasms. She started shaking and convulsing as she pushed back and forth on Tom's horse cock. He now had over twelve inches in her and was starting to really slam his meat into her. Donna buried her face in a pillow and screamed non-stop as she continued to come. Suddenly she pulled away and turned, grabbing Tom's swollen meat. She rolled off the condom and rolled on a second one and pulled Tom down on top of her, sliding his meat into her oozing pussy. Once she had half of his cocking in her, Donna grabbed her legs and pulled her ankles back behind her head and held her legs there. Tom slid all the way into her, she screamed as she came. He hadn't even pumped her once and she was coming like a banshee. Tom continued to pump her as she screamed and writhed on his huge pole. Tom started groaning and pulled out his cock, rolled off the condom and pumped his cock with both hands as he shot come all over Donna's tummy, breasts and face. I've never seen a man come that much, hell; I've never seen a cock like that either. I quickly joined in to help with the cleanup.

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