tagInterracial LoveAin't Budging Ch. 03

Ain't Budging Ch. 03


Rhett lazily weaved across the wide stretch of road, his dirty overalls still on, and an even dirtier smile written across his face. It was evening, and he could hear the crickets strum their twittering chorus in the background, as he considered Theresa. He figured that whilst the sun sunk and left darkness in its place, then there was little chance that Theresa would want to catch the night bus to San Francisco, which meant there was a good chance of them fooling around together more. In the back part of his mind that was actually the front of his mind he imagined Theresa tied up, blind folded, with her legs spread as she smiled in anticipation....his heart beat fast, and his dick stirred like a lazy snake.

He revved up the accelerator, tailgating his thoughts.


When Rhett arrived home he hesitated, remembering that there was a good probability that Theresa wouldn't appreciate being told that he was going to pick up groceries for only twenty minutes, only to leave her for half a day. He hoped she wasn't angry. He couldn't see her throwing anything too heavy at him, but he couldn't forget her stabbing that trucker with a comb.

"Theresa baby, I'm home. Sorry-"

Then he caught a glimpse of the hastily scrawled note on his table, in Curly's own chaotic handwriting.

"Gone Fishing!"

Rhett picked up the note, and irately screwed the paper up into a small ball.

"Gone Fishing" was the brothers code for picking up girls to sleep with. With Theresa being absent and the brothers having visited while he had been at work, he put two and two together quicker than Brer Rabbit with his ass on fire.


Earlier that morning Theresa had found herself stuck to the door in fright as five bikers parked round the front of the house, confidently swinging off their bikes. Theresa hugged herself and blinking, forced herself to smile a strained smile and straighten her back. Her Aunty Cecilia always told her that if ever she was in a troublesome situation with men, to straighten her back and be bold. The men were well-built, and like Rhett, they had beards and hair; lots of it. They wore similar jackets to Rhett. She guessed in a split second these were the biker brothers he referred to.

Sensing that a verbal offense was the best form of defense, she cocked her head back and croaked out, "Hey, you here for Rhett?"

One of the bikers had blond hair with dirty curls. He looked at her oddly and grinned, exposing a broken mosaic of teeth, "So you the one Rhett's been hiding? Some shame." He drawled lecherously.

Theresa's heart hitched up the pace and ran, she took some deep breaths through her nostrils, "Rhett's gone out to get some groceries from the store, apparently."

She turned round, and nearly had a heart attack when she felt her wrist being grabbed, "Oh we know where Rhett is alright baby. But the thing is, we hear that there is a free and easy colored chick in town. Want some milk and sugar in your coffee baby?"

Theresa nearly retched and her anger superseded her fear, "I'm bullshit intolerant, so won't be having anything you have to offer." She snapped.

The guy pulled her towards him roughly, Theresa cried in surprise, "Now you listen here-"

The other guys who had been watching silently approached. A chubby one with a sad looking face and bright blond frizzy hair put a hand on his shoulder, "That's enough Curly, Billy told you she was Rhett's guest, not a sheep or easy broad. Don't think Rhett will much like to hear you manhandling his guest. Now Theresa we thought we'd show you around, especially with Rhett being busy. Sometimes it's nice to keep the company of someone who's a little, uh, different. Right Curly?"

Curly and Theresa shot each other mutually disdainful glares, "Sometimes a little different needs to know when to step into line Fritz old boy."

"Curly dude, listen to you, talking like a cop. No one needs to step into line, just need to stop getting so worked up over nothing. Let's just take the girl down to Moe's, and show her a good time.", Fritz said grinning, "and you know Marlene's on the pole tonight Curly, she was pretty wild last week, bet she's gonna show us some hot stuff tonight too."

"Yeah come on guys, let's hit the road."

"Hey where you going Curly?"

"Leaving Rhett a note, so he knows where we're at.", Curly swung open the door that Theresa had left opened and sauntered into Rhett's living room.

Theresa really didn't want to go anywhere with the bikers, Curly made her particularly weary. In her heart the seed of dread and foreboding grew. Fuck knew what these guys wanted from her, she only hoped that they didn't know what they wanted from her either.


Theresa should have been having great old time, she was in a bar that resembled a hunting lodge on acid, a jukebox was kicking out some rock music. Distorted guitar hummed in the air and there were some seriously intoxicated bikers and their girlfriends or hangers-on slouched about the place. In front of her there was a circular platform with a pole, a barely-dressed stripper sat slouched on the edge of the platform, drinking a cocktail and swinging her legs.

It was a new scene and therefore a new experience, she just wished she could enjoy it, except for a variety of reasons, she could not. This was because somewhere along the line the repulsive Curly had picked her up and placed her on his lap, snatching every moment to unashamedly attempt to stuff his hands down her pants. She tried to fidget away from the grasping pair of hands, but apparently, he had developed the art of evading a woman's evasions. Whilst engaging in his annoying form of torment, he chatted casually with the other biker brethren, mostly telling them about some pathetic broad who would spend three hours daily cleaning his bike whilst he slept through the afternoon.

"That's the way to do it partner. Too many women round here are damn useless, can't cook, can't do nothing much. Shoot, the least they can do is polish up the Harley nice.", Billy said in agreement.

The chubby blond guy named Fritz shook his head slowly in disagreement, "No, who wants a woman like that, without a head on her shoulders, I want my woman like for like, who can make me feel excitement. Not just some sheep, or puppet. Pass me the ash tray, thanks."

Curly leant in towards her, the whiskers of his moustache scratching her cheek. Theresa felt horror well up all over as Curly licked her earlobe like a thirsty gecko, "Now can you believe this Theresa? Fritz here, wants himself a bold fiery girl with a good head on her shoulders. Fritz, listen Fritz, who was that Chinese gal you had in Vietnam?"

Fritz visibly gnashed his teeth, "She was not a Chinese girl in Vietnam, she was a Vietnamese girl in Vietnam."

"Yeah whatever, they're all the same right? Now listen, what was her job again? You can whisper it if you like.", Curly drawled mockingly.

"She was a bar girl."

"Yeah, that's right, she was a whore."

"No, she weren't no whore. She was a bar girl, and you had better stop that because you knew nothing 'bout La'nh. For a start, if anyone dared call her a whore-", Fritz bit his lip, like he was self-censoring something, and then his shoulders slumped, "Fuck it. Just fuck it. Hey Marlene, when's the show gonna start?"

The stripper on the stage, a stony-eyed blond, threw Fritz a disregarding look, and unenthusiastically shrugged, "Gimme time folks, gimme time. I ain't even finished this here iced tea."

"Oh come on Marlene! Put down that drink now girl and get those titties swinging baby! You're keeping your fans waiting.", Billy barked. He grinned like an idiot then turned to look at Theresa like she was a sympathetic fan who had been kept waiting. Theresa smiled back politely.

Marlene replied gruffly, "I ain't on for another seven minutes, and I ain't showing nothing any sooner than I need to. Anyway, where's Rhett? He never misses a show.", Marlene's scouted the room. Theresa felt a sting of jealousy, wandering what Marlene and Rhett shared.

"Rhett? Rhett will be down from work soon baby. But see here, why don't you get things a little warmed up for him on this here stage? Show us some of your sass.", Billy suggested, patting his crotch.

"Hey, Marlene, you met Theresa? She's come all the way from the city.", Fritz nodded to indicate at Theresa.

"You come all the way from the city? For what?", Marlene looked at her suspiciously.

"Mardi Gras, kind of got stuck here."

"And how come you're fraternizing with these here gentleman?", Marlene screwed her lips up.

"Oh hey now, I don't think anyone can accuse us of being gentleman.", Billy interjected.

"Was hitchhiking, nearly got attacked by some trucker.", Theresa responded, sensing Marlene's naked hostility.

"Oh yeah? Which white knight gone saved you're behind?", Marlene enquired roughly.

Billy responded, "Rhett picked her up, she stayed with him last night Marlene."

Marlene looked at Theresa so hard that her blue eyes nearly turned green from envy, "Mighty good for you. Excuse me.", Marlene slid off the stage and then quickly stampeded towards what Theresa guessed was the bathroom.

"What you have to go and say something like that to her Billy? You know Marlene has the hots for Rhett? Man! I hope she'll still come out and dance tonight." a biker called Luke said anxiously.

Curly smiled heartily, "Oh she will, and I bet if anything, she'll swing her titties extra hard tonight. Knock you out of the ring with 'em Theresa. Yeah, knock you out with her titties real good."

Theresa looked at Curly disdainfully, "Never thought a dancer's bosom could be compared to Muhammed Ali's left hook."

Some of the bikers chuckled, Curly didn't, "A stripper like Muhammed Ali? Shoot! I ain't no faggot, specially not for some negro man, I ain't no faggot."

Theresa finally caved into her disgust for Curly, "Excuse me, I need the bathroom, real bad."

Curly smiled about as sleazily as they come, and let his arms slide off, "Well, come back to papa sugar, my laps already feeling cold."

Theresa smiled and nodded politely, she looked at the clock on the wall; time was running slower than molasses.


Theresa opened the door to the ladies bathroom, and no sooner had it swung behind her, she came face to face with displeasure of Marlene the stripper.

Hands on hips, Marlene, her face streaked with tears stomped out of nowhere, "You sleeping with him?"

Theresa looked at Marlene, dumbfounded, "You mean Rhett? No, no. Anyway, I'm leaving this place tomorrow. "

Theresa tried to nudge past Marlene. Marlene grabbed her upper arm, her hands were strong.

Wow, maybe Muhammed Ali and Marlene the stripper do have something in common.

"Well good, because I am sure you're a nice gal and everything, but I know Rhett. I know him more than any girl will ever know Rhett, maybe even more than Rhett himself knows himself."

Theresa shot back, "That's quite some insight you have there, bordering omniscient. Can you loosen your grip please?"

Marlene scowled so meanly that Theresa could almost see the hoodoo storm clouds gathering, "There you are throwing some college words around, smug, real smug. But you know what honey, sure you're pretty for what you are, sure you've got yourself some education, but you're colored. No white man in his right mind will ever take you seriously, except to sleep with you. And I know Rhett, he sure do like novelty, especially fucking it, as do all these bikers when they get bored or playing their silly ol' games."

That stung, but Theresa was not going to lose her cool, "Some chicks, though evidentially, not all, can tell the difference between getting laid and getting married. But thank you for tip."

Marlene's frowned and pursed her lips, "No such thing as a woman who just wants sex from a guy. Most women want to be taken something serious."

Theresa coolly shrugged, "I like to be liberated and free, just, let my hair down."

"Or up! Let your hair up with that big ol' afro of yours, hahaha! Ha ha ha!"

Theresa sighed as Marlene doubled over in mirth at her own joke, "Yeah that's great, anyway, why you lecturing me about being taken seriously? I ain't the one who likes to boogie on down without clothes on."

Tension crackled in the air. Marlene's fingers dug into Theresa a little deeper, but then looking at her sternly, she let go.

Marlene said gruffly, "I been dancing naked long before Rhett came on the scene. Enjoy it too, like the attention, and money. Men never used to pay much attention to me before I danced, my mamma always said I was too rough otherwise."

Marlene visually appraised Theresa's skimpy attire with new approval, "I know you screwed Rhett, can just tell it, but that's okay, as long as we all know where we stand. Rhett screws a lot of girls, a lot of girls, but he always comes back to me."

A regular carousel of love. Theresa grimaced to herself at the thought , and then slid towards one of the cubicles, feeling it would be safe to do so without setting off the volatile Marlene.

As Theresa locked herself in, she could hear Marlene leaving, "Hey we should dance together, the guys would go crazy and all cream themselves."

Theresa muttered sardonically, "Nice."

"Yeah it sure would be, I'll even split the tips, man, the tips will really be something special if we dance together. Anyway see ya in their baby, gotta get grooving.", Marlene uncouthly banged the door to a close.

Theresa grimaced to herself as the door slammed. She looked down at her white platform shoes, wishing they were red slippers and she could click them together to get home pronto.


Rhett took some deep breaths, letting the anger drain out of him like steam. He bet his bottom dollar that it was Curly who came up with this plan to take Theresa. Curly had turned into the world's biggest asshole since being elected group leader for the year, something that the group, with a silent concurrence, had done really out of sympathy for Curly landing his own sorry ass in jail for two years when he got caught dealing methamphetamine. Curly before he had been in prison had been a reckless dare-devil, but good to his brethren, since being in jail, and been given the remotest degree of power within the gang, he cut the sad figure of someone who even got a rise from causing his own friends trouble.

Rhett adjusted his jacket, and squaring his shoulders a little, strode towards the bar, greeting some bikers that were sitting outside sharing a joint together.

"How you Rhett? You know Marlene's about to dance inside. Bet you'd like that huh?", Lashley said, wrapping his arms round his girlfriend, Polly, who, dressed in a black beret and polo-neck looked like a loved-up beat poet.

She looked at her boyfriend and chastised him sweetly, "Oh Lashley, you don't ever seem to listen to me when I talk about the subjugation of women as a form of phalliocentric capitalist oppression, that's just what her dancing is, wish you'd listen."

"Oh I hear you alright, ain't phalliocentric mean penis?"

Rhett laughed.

Polly shot Lashley a weary look, before turning her attentions to Rhett,"Uh huh. Rhett, there is the most beautiful black chick in there, though not that it matters to you cause I guess she ain't your type. Anyway Curly's taken some weird liking to her, so she's probably off limits unless he plans to pass her around."

Rhett grimaced visibly, Lashley looked at Rhett with playful interest, "Yeah, Polly, the negro chick is staying with Rhett."

Polly nodded in approval, and gazed at Rhett with newfound admiration, "Cool, I didn't realize you were open-minded like that Rhett, you always seemed, you know, I wouldn't say an out-and-out racist, like card carrying or anything but uh...well, never mind. Don't take this personal, but kind of makes me like you, I mean, like you more."

"Thanks.", Rhett mumbled unconvincingly.

Lashley elbowed Polly playfully, "So if I bought home a colored gal, you'd like me more?"

Polly shot Lashley an evil look and shook her head with deliberate slowness.

Lashley chuckled, "Damn well, can't blame a guy for trying."

Rhett muttered, "Great to see you guys, I better go inside catch up with the brothers, make sure Theresa is alright."

Lashley's relationship with Polly hit a good note, even though the two of them barely had anything in common, they had an enviable spark between them. He once nearly had something like that before he went to Vietnam, but it hadn't lasted through the war. Theresa flashed into his head, he felt a sudden pang, the kind you get when you're thirsty.

He weren't going to dwell on it, it was all just thoughts and feelings, and sometimes thoughts and feelings could be a man's worst enemy.


Theresa was sat next to Fritz's side as they watched Curly induce Billy to do something stupid, just as Rhett was striding towards them from the far end of the bar. Fritz shot a raised eyebrow at Theresa. Theresa shot one back.

"Hey Billy....you drink this-" Curly pushed out his glass with beer, tipped the ash tray into it, and then got some old gum stuck to the surface of the table and threw that in too, ", "drink that my friend, I will buy you all the rounds you want for tonight.'

Billy licked his lips greedily, he looked round at the brothers for support, a few of them grimaced, but one of them growled enthusiastically, "Do it Bro! Get all that there drink down your pipe. "

Billy like a puppy dog wagged his head stupidly then grabbing the glass, tipped the disgusting concoction down his throat. Glug, glug, glug it went down. Down, then back up.

Billy coughed it all over the table and then ran to the toilets, with howls of laughter dogging him. Theresa pursed her lips together; she really didn't understand how they could find what they were seeing fun.

Rhett wove between the bikers, greeting old friends casually, and having small banter with their old ladies or mammas.

Billy returned, his face a certain shade of green. He brushed past Rhett.

Curly said smugly, "Now Billy boy, that was just a dumb ass thing to do. You still want beer? All night? I bet my bottom dollar that's a no."

Billy shook his head meekly, "Naw. I think I'm gonna rest a minute. That hurt my stomach, think the gum's lodged down my throat still. Can't get it out." To demonstrate he shoved his finger down his throat, allowing everyone to see his rotting teeth and diseased gums.

Fritz sighed, "Billy, my brother,' bout time you saw the dentist."

"Don't believe in dentists and all that bull. Any money I'm paying going straight into the chopper."

"Hey, guys, how you all keeping?"

Theresa turned towards Rhett's voice; then her body did something weird; just looking at him made her heart beat faster and her skin heat up. He looked at her too, his eyes crinkled in concern, but his face relaxed into an assured smile, "Good to see you here Theresa, hope these guys been treating you fine. You been treating her fine, boys, Curly?"

Curly shrugged, "why you single me out?"

"'Cause, I got your note Curly, and listen, come here.", Rhett beckoned Curly outside the circle, so they were a little secluded. Rhett could see Theresa giving them a funny look.

"Don't think I don't know what you're thinking Curly. And the answer is 'no', you freaking touch her, I will break your arms off. Both of 'em. You hear me?"

"I hear you. I hear you alright, how you been pussy whipped by a negro chick into threatening your leader. Now as you're the treasurer, and the guys like and respect you, I am going to let it slide. Just this time though, just this time."

Rhett could just about feel his fists itching at the sight of Curly when he heard some of the kinds roar in approval. He turned round.

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