tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAir Travel Torment

Air Travel Torment

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. In real life, non-consensual sex is illegal and immoral, and not condoned by the author.


Hurry up and wait. That's what airline traveling is these days. I only travel when I really need to. Looking around at all of these other people in the airport security lines this morning, many of these people look to be business travelers that do this quite often. We don't.

My wife Holly and I were flying on my company's account. I won a sales award for last month, and they wanted me to fly to the home office to receive the award, and they invited Holly along for a photo op. We were simply flying in, shaking some hands and having our picture taken, and flying back home the same day. With a same-day round trip, and both locations predicting hot and dry weather, we didn't bring any luggage at all, and no extra carryon luggage to haul around. Holly had her purse, and that's it. I didn't even bring a briefcase.

There weren't a lot of nonstop flights available, and we were lucky to get last-minute tickets on our 9:20 AM flight, so we made sure we got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. The lines at the security checkpoint were backed up more than I had anticipated, but we were still in good shape time-wise. I had time to watch the activity at the security checkpoint. Twice I heard the alarm go off, and I watched two men get pulled aside briefly while a security guard ran a wand over their bodies, before they were allowed to continue. As we finally got to the checkpoint, I put my shoes into a gray bin, along with my wallet, cell phone, keys, and pocket change. Behind me, I watched Holley remove her shoes and put them into the same gray bin, along with her purse.

I didn't anticipate any problem getting either one of us through security. We didn't look like terrorists, did we? We're both thirty years old, white, American citizens, no accents, well-spoken college grads, white collar people.

We're both attractive. I'm attractive, kind of. I was dressed in navy dress slacks, black shoes, and a white shirt. Comfortable, but appropriate for a quick photo.

Holly is attractive. Not a supermodel. To be truthful, she wasn't a supermodel even before she had the baby. She put on a couple of extra pounds, but she's not unattractive for a woman her age. She looks as wholesome as Mom's apple pie, like the small town midwestern mom that she is. Long straight dark-brown hair parted at the side, with cascading bangs. Large brown eyes. Full lips. Smooth skin. Five foot six inches tall, and a decent figure. Again, not a Vegas showgirl, but better than average legs, and a pretty respectable butt. I admit that it was her breasts that first really attracted me to her in college. Back then; they were nice larger B cups, firm and natural. That's pretty big. In porn stories you hear about D and DD busts, but in reality a B cup is pretty large on a young woman, a good handful. And since the baby, she's gone up to a C cup. Holly was dressed in a pink button collared blouse that was tapered to be tight around her waist, and navy skirt. Her smooth seamless pink bra was visible through her blouse, and she wore pantyhose under her skirt. Nothing that would attract a security guard's attention, right?

Right behind Holly stood a couple of guys that looked Arabic or Muslim or something. I saw them hanging back earlier, talking quietly to each other, and then they got in line behind us. If anybody was going to attract security's attention, it was they. Looking around the lines again, there were two pilots in the next line, and otherwise it was mostly male businessmen of various ages. Yep, I'd watch the Arabs guys.

But as soon as I walked through the metal detector and waited to retrieve my gray bin, I heard the alarm go off behind me. Holly had set it off. Her jewelry, perhaps?

A dumpy-looking guy appeared from my right with the electronic wand. "Step over here, please," he said to Holly. My wife obeyed, and stepped out of the line, to my right. I retrieved her purse and shoes from the bin, and stepped to the side, too. "Raise your arms up to your sides," he ordered. As Holly lifted her arms to her sides, making a cross, a large black security guard approached and watched along side of me.

The dumpy guard ran the wand up and down both of Holly's sides, from her knees to her armpits. Then he ran it behind her, starting at her knees and moving it up, close to her body. In fact, he bumped her butt with it, causing Holly to flinch. I looked around, and noticed a number of the passengers in line watching my wife get wanded.

The guard moved the wand to the front of Holly and moved it up, rubbing it against her belly, just above her crotch. Then he ran it up over her chest, near her breasts. The wand made a noise. He moved it around her chest, between her breasts, and under them.

"Are you wearing an underwire bra, maam?" The dumpy guard asked loud enough that anybody within ten feet could have heard.

"Oh... I suppose... um, yes I think," stammered an embarrassed Holley. She looked at me. The dumpy guard looked at the black guard.

I knew just enough about Holley's lingerie that she usually wore lightweight bras with little or no padding, and that there was some kind of wire curved under each cup to give some support. I was hoping that this explanation was enough for the guards, and that they would let us go. As I said, there was nothing unusual about Holly, nothing to attract these men's attention. Except...her breasts? Her tapered blouse did make her breasts stand out, and as I looked at her again, the blouse was really see-through. Would these guards really abuse their position and pick out a busty young woman just for a cheap sexual thrill?

The dumpy guard circled the wand around Holly's breasts some more, clearly making contact with her blouse. He ran it over the tops, the sides, and underneath. Now, I could see her nipples protruding though the fabric of her bra and blouse. She looked at me. There was nothing I could say.

The dumpy guard put the wand down. I caught the little smirk that he gave the black guard. The dumpy guard ran his hands up and down my wife's sides. Then he ran them along the sides of her breasts under her still-upheld arms, over her bra at the sides. Holly gasped.

I said nothing. I was thinking I should, but I didn't want to delay things further. I looked around. There were many passengers, both the ones that had just gone through security and were still gathering their belongings or waiting for others, as well as those that hadn't gone through the metal detector yet. Many were watching my wife getting felt up by a stranger. I could feel my face getting red, out of embarrassment and anger.

The dumpy guard moved both hands to Holly's front, just under her bra. He felt along the bottom of her bra cups, the back of his hands lifting her breasts. He started to turn his hands over and grab the bottom of her bra.

"Um..." I said.

Both guards looked at me, with an irritated expression.

"Is there a female guard that can do that?"

"She's on break," replied the black guard. The dumpy guard dropped his hands to Holly's waist. He rubbed his fingers along the outside of the waistband of her skirt. He ran his hands around to her lower back, and felt along her waist, his fingers grazing the top of her butt.

I stepped forward a foot to talk to the dumpy guard. "Hey..."

The black guard stepped in between us, and put his palm up to my chest. "Don't interfere."

I stepped back for a moment, as the dumpy guard slipped his hand inside of Holly's waistband, and rubbed her stomach. He then slid his hands behind her again, and pulled out her waistband, far enough for me to see the top of Holly's lavender panties.

"C'mon..." I protested.

"That's it, take her in," said the black guard to the dumpy guard. I again saw the dumpy guard smirk at the black guy. He looked at me, and then smiled at Holley.

"Take her where?" I asked.

"To be strip searched," he replied loudly.

The dumpy guard grabbed Holly by the arm. Holly opened her mouth wide, but no words came out. When the dumpy guard pulled her arm, she got dragged along.

I stood in shock for about five seconds, as the guard grabbed Holly's purse from the bin, handed her her shoes. Then as I watched the two guards walk away with my wife in arm, I caught up to them, and asked, "Who's going to do the search?"

The black guard replied, "You're in luck, here's Esther, back from her break." A large broad-shouldered middle-aged blonde woman in uniform approached, and walked along with the others. She seemed to know that her job would be to search Holly.

I prepared for a long walk into the subterranean part of the concourse. Instead, we only walked a few feet, down the main concourse area. There were some temporary partitions up around an indentation in the hallway. The partitions stood six feet high, and left a gap of nearly two feet at the bottom. Between two of the partitions was an entranceway, with a curtain hanging on a rod over it.

Esther led Holly through the entrance. Holly gave me one frightened look before Ester slid the curtain closed. Esther had left a gap in the curtain about three inches wide, and I could see into the room. There was a table against a column near where I stood in the aisle, and the male two guards stood around it, and emptied Holly's purse. They were both facing the curtain. I couldn't hear what Esther was telling Holly, but I could see Holly unbuttoning her blouse.

As my wife removed her pink blouse and handed it to Ester, I looked at the two guards next to me, who were obviously watching Holly disrobe, too. I considered telling the guards to close the curtain tighter, but I figured it would just give them an excuse to get closer to the door and watch Holly close-up.

Holly reached behind herself, unzipped her skirt, and wiggled it off of her hips. She stepped out of it, and handed it to Esther. I couldn't see too much through the small gap, but I could tell that Holly was standing in her pink bra, lavender panties, and pantyhose.

I looked back, and watched people walking down the hallway in both directions. Some were slowing down and looking at the curtain as they walked. They may not have been able to see much through the curtain gap, but at the partition bottom they could certainly see my wife standing shoeless in her pantyhose.

Holly wiggled out of her pantyhose, and bent over to step out of them. She nearly lost her balance, but eventually got them off of her feet and tossed them over to Ester.

I looked back at the two leering guards. They were too busy watching my wife strip to notice that I was looking at them. I saw the dumpy guard whisper to the black guard, "Tape's rolling," and nod his head up toward the ceiling. I looked above the partition, and saw what looked like a security camera attached to the ceiling.

"Are you videotaping this?" I asked them.

The guards looked at me and then replied. "No."

"Didn't you just say something about video?"

"No, I didn't."

"That looks like a camera up there."

"Uh, yeah, but it's not plugged in to anything."

That was a far as I could think to take that inquiry. Holly was pulling her bra straps off of her shoulders. Just as I couldn't believe I had just watched a couple of strangers publicly feel up my wife and couldn't do anything about it, I couldn't believe I was just standing there while the same men, and a woman, were watching her undress. I was angry, and embarrassed for myself as well as my wife. But I also noticed that there was a stirring in my groin, a tingling that gave away some involuntary arousal at watching others watch my wife strip.

Holly lowered her bra cups, swung her bra around until the back clasp was in the front, and unhooked it. It was a move I'd seen countless times, but never when others were watching. She handed Ester her bra. The room had plenty of light in it, and I could tell that Holly's breasts were bobbling naked, with little flashes of her white flesh, and her sizable dark areolas.

The guards were no longer rummaging through Holly's purse belongings. I looked back, and the two airline pilots that had been in the security line had stopped, and stood next to the guards. The older-looking of the two pilots whispered something to the dumpy guard, but all of them kept looking at the gap in the door. The younger pilot picked up Holly's plane ticket from the table, and read it.

Holly slid her panties down her hips. As she bent over to step out of them, I got a glimpse of her breasts hanging down and dangling. As she stood back up, I caught a look of her dark pubic mound. Holly had thick dark-brown pubic hair. For special occasions she trimmed it back severely, but never shaved it since I'd known her. Currently it was a pretty hairy triangle of pubes. It was shaved away from her thighs a bit. But it was still an impressive patch of dark-colored pubes, contrasting with the pale flesh surrounding it. Naturally she had no idea that she would be presenting it to anybody else this day, or maybe she would have trimmed it more.

Several other men had stopped, and a few more slowed to a crawl by the spectacle of the group standing around the curtain. Inside, Holly was turning her back to Esther, giving a glimpse of her bare ass cheeks. She bent at the waist, involuntarily mooning the group of men on the other side of the curtain.

I couldn't believe it. I had a semi-erect dick! It was hanging down my pants leg, and threatening to stand straight out. I was briefly afraid that someone else would notice, but nobody was looking at me. I kept looking at the other men, wondering if they could see as much or more as I was of my nude wife. I was also still wondering about the camera. Was this being videotaped, and if it were, who would later be seeing it, or getting copies of it?

Holly was now facing Esther again, and squatting. I could actually see her bare thighs and the bottom of her butt below the partition. So could everybody else walking by.

As Holly finally started to put her panties back on, the two pilots walked away. As did a couple of the other men, who noticed me giving them a dirty look. Not that they were afraid of me, as they were both smirking as they left. But the guards continued watching Holly as she quickly put on her blouse and button it, and pull up her skirt.

I looked at the time. We were in jeopardy of missing our flight. Damn!


When Esther exited through the curtain, she and the two guards simply walked down the hall back towards the security checkpoint. The curtain was wide open, and Holly had her back to the entrance, tucking her blouse into her skirt, and putting on her shoes. The contents of her purse were still dumped out on the table. I quickly scooped them up and dumped them back into the purse.

Holly walked out into the hallway. She looked like she was going to cry. I looked down, and was shocked to see that she didn't have her bra on under her blouse. The pink tapered blouse was quite transparent, and fit tight on her waist and chest. Anybody within a hundred feet would be able to see my wife's large dark areolas through the thin fabric.

"Where's your bra?" Were my first words to her.

"They wouldn't give it back. They said I couldn't get on the plane with it." Here eyes were vacant. She seemed to still be in a bit of shock over being strip-searched.

"The plane!" I said, looking at my watch. "Dammit! We gotta go now! C'mon!" I handed Holly her purse, and for the first time realized that she was holding her pantyhose in her hand. She quickly unzipped her purse and stuffed them in.

I grabbed Holly's hand, and we walked at an accelerated pace down the crowded tarmac towards the gate. It seemed to me that everybody walking the opposite way, as well as people standing along the sides, were looking at Holly, as if they knew that she'd just been stripped. But then I looked over to my right at her. Her braless breasts were jiggling up and down very noticeably as we walked at a rapid speed. And even from the side, I could see her left areola through her blouse. Shit! Everybody is staring at my wife's boobs! I didn't know what else to do, so we continued walking.

Holly stopped walking. I kept walking, and she broke free from my hand. "What?" I asked.

"I dropped my ticket. I just had it!" Holley looked around at the floor, and then quickly walked the other way, retracing her steps. Fortunately there was a thinning of the crowd. Holly spotted her ticket on the floor about sixty feet behind her, and trotted back to get it. She picked it up, and started running back to me. If I thought her boobs were jiggling before, that was nothing to the way they jumped and bounced as she ran. They were flying up under her blouse, and bouncing back down again. A black guy standing along the side whistled as she bounced by him. I wanted to yell at her to stop bouncing and calling attention to herself, but she quickly caught up to me, and we continued to the gate, amid more stares.

At our gate, I was relieved that the plane had not boarded yet, and all of the passengers were sitting and standing at the gate with their carryon luggage. All of the gate seats were taken, so Holly and I found an empty spot by the windows to stand. I left Holly there and approached the gate, to check on the flight's status. The man at the gate desk told me that we were delayed, but should be boarding in about twenty minutes.

As I looked back at Holly, I could see the outline of her braless boobs through the sunlight behind her. Her breasts may not have been quite as firm as they were pre-pregnancy, but they were still full and round, her nipples pointing straight out. There were several men standing around her, that I caught staring at her breasts. I returned to Holly, and my first words were, "Could you cross your arms or something?"

"Holly looked down at herself, and asked, "There's nothing I can do, I don't have anything to cover with. Does it look that bad?"

"Yes. You're getting stared at." My tone was too angry. Even though I knew my wife's exposure wasn't her fault, I still was mad that she didn't have better coverage. Why did she wear a blouse that was so see-through?

Holly did put her purse on the floor and cross her arms. That covered her nipples, but it pushed her boobs together, and pushed her bare cleavage up, out of the scooping top of her blouse.

I looked over at the gate. The man at the desk had been staring at Holly, but looked away when I caught him. There was now a uniformed woman next to him at the desk. She looked to be at least 60, and was not attractive. She was thin, bespectacled, had her hair up in a bun, and extremely wrinkly. She had a dour demeanor to her. And she was looking my way. I watched her watching in my direction for several minutes. I looked away, at all of the other men around me that were looking at my wife's chest. And each time I looked back at the gate, the uniformed woman was looking toward us. Then she exited the desk area, and walked toward us. She walked right up to Holly.

"You can't board the plane like that," said the stewardess, in a loud voice.

Holly froze for a second. "What?"

"You can't fly on this plane being exposed like that. You have to cover yourself."

Holly blinked a few times. The stewardess' loud voice had drawn even more attention to us. It sunk in to Holly that the stewardess was referring to her braless breasts. I could see her turn visibly red. "I, uh, I don't have anything else."

"You can't fly like that," repeated the bitch stewardess.

"They, they took my bra at security because..."

"What is she hurting?" I broke in.

"She's a distraction. It's not appropriate."

I was angry now. "Why do you care?"

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