tagIncest/TabooAirport Ch. 01

Airport Ch. 01


My name is Jessica. I have been out of college for three years and working for a marketing firm. I travel a lot for my work. This is a story of one of my business trips where i was held up at the airport for a couple hours.

I was waiting for my flight when the announcer came online and informed us that the flight was going to be delayed by two hours. I was exhausted from the whole week of work and was ready to go home. My ipod was almost out of juice and I did not have the charger with me. What a bum luck. I saw an older gentleman sitting near a wall socket using his computer and charging his ipod. He looked very respectable in his business suit. He must have been in his late 50's but, for his age, he looked good.

I am 5.6 about 125 lbs, straight cut, light brown-golden-ish hair that reach my shoulders. I have 36 D which are pretty sensitive to touch or even a gentle rub. I am totally shaved down there and I love, absolutely love it clean shaven. My lips are sensitive and at the slightest touch or even a naughty thought they become puffy, engorged, swollen and wet. The shaving part is something that my college roommate turned me on to during my junior year. Ever since I had that discussion with her about girls shaving their front and their butt totally and, later on, when she showed me what it looked like and how it is done, I keep both my pussy and my ass area waxed. I absolutely love the feeling of silk panties or silk nighties against my bare skin. Back to the airport scene. I was wearing a black skirt low cut from the top and which fell above my knees and it had a small 2" cut on either side. I had a pair of white lacy panties on. Very classy. I was wearing a white button down silk shirt not tucked inside my skirt and I had a white bra on.

Anyway, if I was going to be stuck at the airport for another two hours, I would die without my ipod. So I walked up to this gentleman, gave him a nice big smile and asked if I could use his cord to charge my ipod. He said yes and said he can do one better. He pulled out a portable extension strip and I took the seat next to him and plugged in my laptop and my ipod. His smile was very nice and I guess he liked my smile too because he kept returning my smile back with even bigger smile. After a few minutes of typical chit-chat of 'where you off to' and 'who do you work for' we fell silent for a few minutes. He went back to working on his computer and I started listening to music on my ipod.

A couple minutes later his cell phone rang. I don't know why but I quickly hit the pause button on my ipod. Was I curious? Yes - but why I didn't know. I have never been this spontaneous specially with total strangers. The telephone conversation was very interesting to say the least. I heard him say:

"Hi sweetie, how are you darling?"

"Miss you too honey we don't get to talk as often as we used to. Now that your graduated and working for a big firm like a big girl, who cares about this old man." He laugh

"Well darling your boss is a jerk. You are smart, sweet, charming, good looking and very level headed. You have turned that place around in less than a year honey. He is a fool for not recognizing your talents."

"So why don't you join my firm and be part of our marketing team. We can use a highly energetic fire-cracker girl like yourself. How about if I arrange so you get a 10% pay raise?

"Well think about it sweetie and I will see you in a couple days and you can let me know if you want to come work for your old man."

"Okay baby girl, take care sweetheart and I will see you soon. Love you sweetie. Bye"

He caught me looking in his direction but I had a zoned out look on my face. He probably didn't realize that I heard the whole conversation but I am sure he picked up on the fact that I saw he was on the phone. About 30 seconds later I smiled big and asked:

Me: "So who was that your girlfriend? He smiled back and said:

Him: "No that was my daughter. She is probably a couple years younger than you."

Me: "You two close?"

Him: "She is my favorite girl" *Smile* "She is having boss issues" *Smile*

Me: "Well she is lucky to have a daddy ...................... like you"

Him: "So are you and your dad close too?"

Me: "A ... no .... my dad died two years ago. We were never close."

Him: "I am so sorry to hear that. It must be hard not having a daddy around"

Before I could control myself, I said:

Me: "Well yes that is true. I don't have a father but I am sure I will find a daddy one of these days"

He kind of looked at me with deep eyes, gave me a big smile but didn't say anything. I returned his smile with one of my own killer smiles and then we went back to doing our thing. Even though I was listening to the music my mind was replaying his conversation with his daughter. How sweet was it the way he was talking to her. Gosh, there was so much love in his voice. I wonder if she called him 'daddy' or something like that. While I was busy in my thoughts my eyes rolled over in his direction and I caught him looking at me. We both smiled at each other and went back to doing our thing again. A minute later I tried to look from the corner of my eyes and I found him looking at me again. His eyes were slowly and discretely moving from my face to my chest to my legs and back up to my face. He had a very interesting glow on his face - as if he had seen the holly grail. I checked up on him a couple times after that and caught him starring at me just the same way. To save him the embarrassment of getting caught by me while starring or by somebody else, I slowly turned and started talking to him.

I asked him more about his work and talked about my work. I asked him if he ever been a mentor to junior level managers and I was happy to hear that he has been one. I asked him if he would be willing to mentor one more person and he indicated that he would be more than happy to. Since our offices were no more than 30 minutes apart it would be very convenient to meet up for lunch or drinks after work. So we exchanged business cards and decided to send each other emails when we got back home. I had a real good feeling about this man. However I could not get my mind away from the conversation I heard and how he was checking me out. It was making me feel all warm and happy.

Then I did something I have never done before but only read it in online stories. I got up and asked him to watch my stuff and that I will be right back. I went to the ladies room and un-buttoned top two of my shirt buttons, just enough that the upper part of my lacy white bra and my 34 D cleavage would show. I felt so naughty doing that. While I looked myself in the mirror, a voice inside my head said 'You are smart, sweet, charming, good looking baby girl.' I smiled at my view and went back to my seat.

I walked right up to my seat and pretended to be doing something with my ipod connection while softly bent forward, standing at a slight angle from him. So it did not look that I was deliberately showing myself yet making sure that he get a good view. At first I was nervous and did not look up. After 30 seconds I rolled my eyes up and caught him starring at my large milky cleavage and my sexy french lacy bra. I was all happy inside and went back to fiddling with my ipod connection. I wanted to let him know that I have caught him starring at my breasts and that I am okay with it. So another 30 seconds later I lifted my head slightly up and caught him looking at my breasts. As soon as our eyes met he looked away. He seemed nervous. After a few seconds he looked in my direction and I was still holding my pose of bent forward, showing him my cleavage and I had a big naughty grin on my face. He relaxed a bit and gave me a big smile. He asked me if there is anything wrong with my ipod and I said no nothing is wrong. I continued to fiddle with my ipod and he continued to look at my gorgeous breasts and my bra and my hot body. After a few minutes, I sat back down in my chair next to him. However this time I know he had a clear shot of looking at my heaving breasts from the side. He could probably see a quarter of my breast and my lacy bra. For the next 5 minutes I caught him several times looking towards me. I was feeling very naughty and very happy that things were going so well. Several times I gave him my best smiles and he responded with slight nervousness and with smiles. A few minutes later, I decided to take this one step further. So I excused myself and said I will be right back. He looked a bit sad. Perhaps he thought that I did not appreciate him starring at my breasts like this and was going back to button my shirt up. Little did he know my secret.

I went back into the ladies room and this time I pulled my skirt down about an inch. I also made sure that my short white silky top was not tucked in from anywhere. I then stood in front of the mirror and turned around facing my back to the mirror. I lifted both of my hands up. I noticed that when I did that the top of my small of my back was nicely visible and the top of my panties could be seen to a keen eye. Damn, I turned myself on by looking at my own butt. I smiled to myself and started walking back to my seat. I realized that I did not button my shirt up. Gosh I am becoming a very naughty girl. When I reached my seat, I quickly bent forward in front of him so he can see that I liked him starring at my breasts and that I did not button my shirt up. I quickly checked that my ipod was still charging. I then pretended to look for something in my computer roll-on bag and I turned around got on my one knee, bent over and started playing with things in my bag. I know if he looked in my direction he would be able to see the small of my back and my white lacy panty top. I am also very sure that he would be checking out the curve smooth roundness of my sexy ass. I moved my hand around in my bag making my butt move and sway just oh so gently. For a second I turned my head around and caught him starring at my ass. I smiled and went back to playing with my bag for a few more seconds. I repeated the 'checking him out' motion a couple times until he figured out that I have caught him playing the peep show with me. We both smiled at each other and looked at each other's eyes. I was in heat. I did not know what to do about it and I certainly wanted to make sure that I play it cool so I can see him more often as my mentor once we return home.

The naughty devil took over me and I got up, turned around, leaned into him so as my breasts were very close to him. My mouth was a few inches away from his ear when I whispered to him and 'I will be right back in a few minutes if he would not mind watching my stuff again' He gulped a big nod and watched me as I wiggled my butt away from him, walking towards the ladies room again. I had a different plan this time. I went into one of the stalls and locked myself up. I lifted my skirt up over my waist and slid my panties around my ankles. I put the toilet seat cover down and sat on it spreading my legs wide. I could feel the moisture seeping through between my legs. I put one hand on my heaving breasts and touched my steaming hot pussy with the other hand. I slowly started to rub my clit and massaging and rubbing my swollen pussy lips. With my gentle touch my pussy lips became very engorged soft wet and puffy. I closed my eyes, thought about my new potential daddy and felt my nipple through my shirt and slid a finger inside my sopping wet pussy. It went in rather easily as it was so wet already. In a matter of a few seconds I had two of my fingers moving in and out of my hungry pussy and my thumb was rubbing my hard clit.

This position was not comfortable so I turned around and put my knees on top of the toilet cover. I was facing the wall. So I was kinda doggie style on top of the toilet seat cover. with one hand holding myself against the wall and the other hand shoved inside my pussy I started finger fucking my horny pussy and in a few seconds I shuddered and came. It was such an intense orgasm that it took me nearly two minutes to regain my sense. I had a big smile one my face. It was the best cum I have had in a long time. I slowly got up, turned around and slid my panties back up covering my wet pussy. I put my skirt down, readjusted my shirt so my cleavage was showing again and readjusted my skirt so the small of my back was showing as well. I reached out to turn the faucet on so I could watch my hands but a very dirty thought came to me. I did not wash my fingers and walked back to my seat.

I stood in front of this man and asked him if the flight was further delayed. Before he could answer it I leaned forward into him again and pretended to look at his cheek. I then moved my cummy fingers close to his left cheek and pretended to pick up a broken eye lash. I took my time making sure that he could smell what was on my fingers. I noticed a gulp and a quiet jump he made in his seat when I think he figured out what he was smelling. After almost 30 seconds of letting this nice daddy man smell my pussy cum covered fingers I removed my hand, kissed the man on his cheek and sat back down in my own chair. For the next five minutes he had a dumbstruck look on his face and I had a big fat smile on mine. I turned around and asked him:

"What is your seat number?"

"Its 34B what is yours"

"Its 20C. That is kinda far from 34B right?"

"Yes it is kinda far." I could see the sadness in his eyes.

I got up, gave him a big smile and walked over to the counter. After almost 15 minutes of talking to the attendant I returned very proud of myself. I told the man that I was now sitting in 36C. He seemed shocked but did not say anything. He then smiled and told me that 36 is a good row.

After we boarded the five hour flight to Chicago started. All lights were out and most of the people were asleep. What happens next I guess will be covered in the next chapter.

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