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al-Thawra Hijabiyya


Reporters from across the nation, indeed even across the world, had gathered here in Paris for the mayor's press conference. It was a testament as to just how 'hot button' the issue had become. The supporters of banning the hijab, often affiliated with the far right and racist movements in France, claimed that they were "defending" the "values" of "western culture," and that they were standing up for "oppressed women." The detractors saw it for what it really was, though -- the gradual erosion of personal freedoms and liberties.

The members of the press talked amongst themselves, not only debating the issue, but also the very nature of this press conference. Regardless of personal views and biases, all of them were interested in knowing what the mayor's resolution would be. His decision, they all knew, would echo across all of France, and perhaps even all of the European Union! History would be made here tonight...

And few of the reporters were as worried by the potential ramifications of this press conference as Hanan Messaoudi. As a practicing Muslimah and a child of Algerian immigrants, the issue held a particular resonance to her. She saw through all of the posturing and rhetoric that the right wing surrounded it with and knew the truth; what this was really about was prejudice, plain and simple. The politicians could only thinly veil their burning hatred -- hatred for both Islam and for the North African immigrant community.

There were hundreds of people here. Many of them were French, like herself, but others had travelled from as far away as Britain, the United States, Germany, Russia and even Japan. Yet even amongst this international sea of faces, Hanan seemed to be the only Arab woman in the crowd. Perhaps more damningly, she was certainly the only woman wearing a hijab, her white silk scarf elegantly matching the sleek beige business suit that was custom tailored to show off her curvy figure.

Before she had too much more time to think about this contrast, her attraction was drawn to the podium by a loud commotion. Cameras flashed wildly as the current mayor of Paris, one Jean Lefebvre, made his way towards the center of the stage. He was a short, balding and rather corpulent man, his obese little body tucked into a cheap and ill-fitting suit. But he had a very deep voice. He cleared his throat as he approached the speaker, intimidating the various reporters into silence.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press," he said, "No doubt you know why I've called this press meetings. In recent years, it has become an increasingly important issue, both in France and in the European Union in general. That is why I have decided that it is time my government takes a firm stance on the issue once and for all. I won't keep you here long, I promise. I will simply give my government's official position and then answer your questions..."

There was a noticeable tension in the room as all parties waited through his blustery speech to hear the outcome of his decision.

"We have officially decided to ban the hijab from our country, in the interest of preserving our Judaeo-Christian, European heritage from an influx of undesirable foreigners. Hence forth, it shall be illegal in Paris, and hopefully all of France within a year."

Hanan was incensed by the man's arrogance.

"How dare you," she defiantly shouted as she stood up, dropping her microphone to the floor.

"Young woman," he said sternly, "This is for your own good. You can now dress like a proper European woman and..."

"What does that mean," she cut him off, "I was born in France, and excelled at university. And I'm doing quite well economically as well! I'm a reporter at a major news station, for crying out loud, so don't tell me that I'm somehow "oppressed" or "uneducated." I don't even have a husband; I choose to wear the hijab as a sign of my faith!"

The mayor's face grew beet red at this insolence. Never before had anyone dared talk back to him; especially not a woman! The entire crowd of reporters -- some of them representatives of the foreign press even -- grew silent at the drama that was unfolding before them. Lefebvre stammered, trying to think of the next word to say.

"This... this... this sedition," he finally managed, "is an insult to our very way of life! It is spitting upon our proud Judaeo-Christian tradition of decency and free speech! It's sad, but I'm not surprised an outburst of this sort would come from a woman... a woman like this."

There was a noticeable contempt and hatred in the mayor's voice as he got the last few words out.

"Ha," Hanan exclaimed, "You talk about your so-called "Judaeo-Christian tradition of decency and free speech" well you try and take away MY freedoms? And you have the audacity to claim that you, and you alone, have the right to tell me how to lead my life? You disgust me, you fat, arrogant pig!"

"That's it," the mayor said as he slammed his fists, "I've had enough of this! Security! Arrest this woman!"

Two large security guards made their way from the podium, rudely pushing aside the other members of the press, some of whom were still seated. The reporters scattered as they tried to get out of their way, save for Hanan, who boldly stood her ground, not backing down in her iron-clad convictions one bit.

"And once you do," Mayor Lefebvre said snidely, "rip off her hijab as well!"

"How dare you," she exclaimed, "Fine! I'm not going to give your thugs the satisfaction of touching me! If you want this so much, because my faith is so offensive to your way of life, then you can have my hijab!"

She pulled off her white silk scarf and threw it to the ground.

"But I don't care much for your concept of "decency" either," she continued, "So if I must go without my hijab, then I choose to go naked! After all, am I not a free, liberated woman of the west now?"

Hanan threw her jacket onto the floor as well, where it lay with her scarf, and then slipped out of her tight-fitting little skirt as well. She proceeded to roughly yank off her blouse, tearing loose a few buttons in the process. It was an expensive suit, but she really didn't care; right now she was making a point to the entire world. Clad in only her lacey little bra, panties and high heels, Hanan Messaoudi stood defiantly before the press.

"I suppose these have to go too," she said.

Slowly, she slipped out of her bra, exposing her full, ripe breasts to the entire crowd. She was well aware of the fact that she was being photographed -- even filmed -- as she slid out of her panties and stood there nude. Like many reporters, her good looks helped her get her job, and now she stood naked before the entire world, her curvy, dark skinned body exposed to everyone.

She hoped that by tomorrow, this would be broadcast, printed and downloaded by all six and a half billion souls in the world. Partly because it would help to politicize her actions -- and humiliate Lefebvre -- but also because she secretly found this to be a little... well, empowering. Never before had she exerted so much power on the world around here! No, more than that, she found it arousing, using her beauty and charm to make a difference.

Both Mayor Lefebvre and his security were dumb-founded by her actions. They didn't know what to say as she made her way towards the podium, directly challenging the mayor by her very presence.

"What's the matter," she said as she walked towards them, her full breasts gently swaying.

No answer.

"Haven't you boys ever seen a naked woman stand up for her beliefs before? I bet THIS is a real slap in the face for your silly little concepts of decency, no?"

Mayor Lefebvre was outraged. However, even a bigot like him had to admit that Hanan was an extremely beautiful woman. And he'd never seen a fully naked woman in public, let alone one so assertive. He was sporting a full on erection, much like three fourths of the reporters in the crowd. Fortunately, most of them were at least trying to hide it.

"That's it," he said, a bead of sweat pouring down his forehead, "Security! Arrest her! And for God's sake, let's get some clothes on her!"

As the guards made their way towards her, Hanan was laughing and gleefully flaunting her body before all of the assembled cameras. Every reporter in the room tried to get closer to her to capture pictures of her luscious body. Hanan relished this, knowing that there was no way the mayor would be able to spin this story and save face. His political career was sunk.

The security guards shoved their way through the swelling tide of journalists, knocking over a few and even (intentionally) smashing their cameras. Hanan offered no resistance as they roughly tackled her and pushed her to the floor. One of them pulled out a towel and wrapped it around her. The rest of the security were busy trying to get rid of the press and confiscate and destroy as much footage as they could, but even they knew it was a futile effort.

Within mere minutes of the press conference, the story of the brave Muslimah reporter made international headlines. But Hanan found herself in jail...


"So Ms. Messaoudi," the lawyer said as she shook Hanan's hand and sat down with her, "I assume you know who I am?"

"Yeah," Hanan replied, "You're that lawyer my parents hired to try and get me out of this mess, right?"

"Oui," replied the lawyer, "My name is Fardia Jasser. Like you, my family were Arab immigrants who came to this country, so I can sympathize with your situation. That's what attracted me to this case."

"Do you really," Hanan asked, somewhat sarcastically.

"More than you think," she said, putting her hands on top of Hanan's, "By now you should know that your actions had... some interesting repercussions on the outside."

"I wouldn't know," Hanan said, "They don't allow me television, radio or even newspapers in here."

"I see," replied Farida, "So you really don't know then, do you?"

Hanan shook her head.

Farida opened up her briefcase and pulled out several newspapers, some in French but others in English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Urdu and a dozen other languages. She pushed them over towards Hanan, who looked through them. Each one had photos of her -- censored of course -- accompanied by headlines about how she was the sole individual with the courage to stand up for her freedoms and religious beliefs. They talked about how her sex appeal and nudity had helped win many to her side, but also how it had caught on amongst other girls.

"There's even more about you on the internet," Farida said smiling slyly, "As you might imagine..."

"I had no idea it would become so popular," Hanan whispered as the realization of just how powerful she truly was dawned on her.

"And that's not all," her lawyer continued, "You should know that your actions back there made you some powerful enemies, like Monsieur Lefebvre. But, you also have more supporters than you might think. In fact, that's actually what brings me here..."

Hanan raised her eyebrow.

"You see," Farida said, "Your parents didn't want me to represent you; they wanted me to help you break out because they feared for your safety."

"Well that's all very well and good," replied Hanan, "But how do you plan on breaking me out? The guard's aren't just going to let us stroll out of here together! They patrol by here every half hour, in fact."

"And that's exactly how we will get them," Farida said, "Just follow my lead."

Farida slowly slipped off her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. She too was an attractive woman, though taller and thinner than Hanan. As she slipped out of the silky fabric of her blouse, Hanan noticed that she wasn't even wearing a bra! She didn't have to, given how small, but firm, her little breasts were. She took off her glasses, set them on the table and pulled back her long, auburn hair.

"What are you doing," Hanan exclaimed.

"Why the same thing you did back at the press conference."

And then Hanan understood.

"I see," she replied, "But maybe you should come over and help me undress, do you know what I mean?"

"Frankly," Farida said as she crawled over the table, "I thought you'd never ask."

Hanan giggled playfully as her now fully nude lawyer slowly slipped her out of her prison uniform. Their clothes lying in a pile on the floor, the two sexy Arab women began to lovingly stroke and fondle one another. Hanan gasped as the other woman ran her slender fingers over her full, ripe breasts, ever so gently tweaking her nipples.

"Ohhh," she cooed in pleasure, "That feels sooo good..."

Perhaps in response, Hanan began to rub her fingers over Farida's lithe body, slowly stroking her slit. Farida was shaved down there, and already more than a little wet. Hanan suspected that she really was a lesbian after all, but that didn't really phase her. This wasn't Hanan's first time experimenting with lesbian sex (she had already done that a few times back in college) but it was certainly the most liberating -- all the more so because it was in public.

Farida gracefully spread her legs as the reporter began to finger fuck her, exploring the depths of her tight cunt. She threw her head began and closed her eyes, practically screaming in pleasure as she began to reach climax.

Needless to say, with all of this activity, it wasn't long before they attracted the guards' attention. The two men stood there, transfixed as they watched the two sexy Arabic women fondling and groping each other. Their throbbing erections were quite evident as they stood there in disbelief. Farida, who was now busily fingering Hanan's pussy, gazed up at them with a look of pure lust in her eyes.

"Go on boys," she said in a husky voice, "You can join in."

Encouraged by her words, the one guard unzipped his fly and whipped out his fully erect cock. Slowly, he began to jerk his cock as the two women writhed around one another in hot, sweat ecstasy. As Hanan ate out her pussy, Farida reached through the bars of the cell and began to stroke the guard's cock. He pushed himself closer, hoping that she could get a better grip on his member.

"Maybe it would help if I gave you some lubrication," she said seductively," But it's sooo big... I don't even know if I can fit it in my mouth."

It was a lie, obviously. Farida managed to easily fit the entire thing into her mouth, and the guard began to thrust forcefully as she sucked him off. The sensation of her full lips wrapped around his cock proved too much for the virile young guard. She could feel his cock hitting the back of her throat, and combined with the feeling of the other woman licking her cunt, Farida was literally in ecstasy. Soon she felt the cock in her mouth begin to throb and let it slip out from between her lips.

She closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and smiled as spurt after spurt of white hot cum hit her directly in the face. Hanan stopped her vigorous efforts as she felt the man juice hitting her belly and chest, dripping down from her companion.

"Oooo," Farida said, "That was sooo much. Do you think you have any more in you? Maybe you and your friend should come in here and join us..."

The guards shrugged and took out their key, slowly opening the doors and entering the cell with the naked, cum-soaked Arab women. Farida walked over to them, her slender body pressed up against theirs, and then proceeded to slam both of their heads into the iron bars. They hit the floor with a dull thud, and then stayed there, completely motionless.

"Well now," Farida smiled as she turned back to her client, "They should be out for a good couple hours..."

"That was AMAZING," Hanan said breathlessly.

"Merci," the lawyer replied taking a bow, "I put in seven years of training in martial arts."

"No, no, no," Hanan said quickly, "Not that. I mean, that IS pretty impressive too, but I was actually talking about the sex back there..."

"Well," Farida smiled, "Maybe we should try that again some time. But first, I'm going to have to get you out of here..."

Farida went to grab Hanan's hand and lead her out of the cell, but the feisty reporter stopped her.

"No," she exclaimed, "Not just yet! There's something I would like to do first!"


Later that day, on the streets of Paris, an army of women marched upon the city. Brown, white, black and yellow, all of them shared one thing in common -- they were all completely nude! These were the women who had taken up Hanan's example and chosen to wear no clothing at all as a sign of protest against the oppression which now threatened to devour all of France, perhaps even all of Europe.

And at their head, standing as proud and defiantly as ever, was Hanan herself. Her naked body, with her shapely legs, full breasts and round ass, displayed proudly for the entire world to see. A slender young Arab woman from the crowd handed her a megaphone.

"Women of the world," she called out, "For too long the governments of Europe have told us to assimilate, to give up our beliefs and identity, to all become the same!"

A chorus of 'boo' rang out from the assembled crowd.

"Well I say that telling women what they can't wear is JUST as bad as telling them what they have to wear," she continued, "And ladies, if you are with me, take off your clothes in public today!"

A cheer went up from the women.

Meanwhile, film and camera crews from across the world had converged on the scene to record these historic protests. The men tried to hide their raging hard-ons as they filmed some of the most beautiful and sensual women in all of France completely naked and posturing for the cameras. The local men, for their own part, were equally supportive! Some volunteered to serve as security. Others took up Hanan's example and went nude too. A few were even having sex with the female protestors in the parks and streets, much to the dismay of the far right and their "moral crusade."

There were women of all ethnicities amongst Hanan's supporters. A curvy brunette woman of Lebanese extraction did a sensual dance from her homeland while waving a banner that read 'Nudity = Freedom.' A lady from Bangladesh, wearing nothing but a black thong, showed her gigantic melons to the world. And there was an 18 year old Vietnamese girl who lay on her back as a well-endowed Senegalese gentleman fucked her with his massive black cock.

By the end of the week, similar protests were taking place with the Pakistani community in London, the Turks in Berlin, the Moroccans and Indonesians in Amsterdam, and all across Europe. It wasn't much longer before these protests spread into other parts of the world.

And for her part, Hanan Messaoudi knew that she had made history. She changed the world for the better, not through violent conflict, but through peaceful sex and public nudity! Long live the revolution! Liberté, égalité et fraternité!

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