tagIncest/TabooAlex & Maggie: The Bet Ch. 02

Alex & Maggie: The Bet Ch. 02


This is a continuation of my first attempt at posting. Thank you very much for the votes and feedback. Please continue to read and I'll keep going with the story.

All characters are 18 or over.


Jennifer began to moan loudly, enjoying Alex's mouth on her clit. She then pulled away and pushed Alex onto his back so she could straddle his face. Maggie moved down Alex's body in order to suck his hard thick cock while he continued to devour Jennifer. Alex moaned into Jennifer's pussy as he felt his sister's hot mouth on him. The three of them carried on for this way for a while until Jennifer began to scream out that she was cumming, her juices squirting all over Alex's face, neck and chest. Jennifer's squirting sent Alex over the edge causing him to flood Maggie's mouth with his semen for a third time that day. Maggie pulled her mouth off of his cock and laid back to get herself off with her own fingers as Alex and Jennifer watched. Maggie's orgasm was a smaller one than she'd had earlier in the day, but still satisfying. The two girls moved quickly to clean Alex up, their tongues licking off the mixture of his leftover cum and Jennifer's juices.

"Well, the tongue bath works ok, but maybe we should all go take a shower?" Suggested Jennifer.

"That's probably a good idea." Agreed Alex standing up and pulling both of the girls up off of the floor.

"Why don't you go get the shower warmed up, Alex? I need to talk to Jennifer about something real quick."

"No problem, Sis. See you in a few."

Alex headed upstairs to Jennifer's room and started the shower. Once the water was warm, he stepped in and enjoyed the feel of the water on his skin.

"What do you need to talk to me about, you little slut?" Jen asked.

"Alex and I made a bet today, but I'm scared to pay up. I was hoping you'd help me out."

"Maggie Warner is scared of something? Oh god, this should be good." Jennifer laughed.

"I bet him if he could hold out longer than my jaw could while blowing him he could fuck my ass."

"Really? That's all? Why are you scared of that? I know my fingers and dildos have been in your ass, as well as his fingers."

"His cock is so damned thick! I'm afraid he'll tear me open!"

"Oh come on, you just have to work up to it. Tell you what, I'll give you guys lessons. The shower will be a good place to start. Let's go." Said Jennifer, pulling Maggie up the stairs.

When they entered her room, she grabbed a medium sized dildo and some lube out of her night stand drawer.

Alex was relaxing under the hot water when he suddenly felt breasts pressed against his back and a hand lightly grip his semi erect penis. He kept his eyes closed enjoying the feeling and not really caring which girl was currently touching him. It wasn't like he could lose either way he thought. As the hand began to grip him tighter, he felt a tongue on his nipples. He groaned a little and both girls began to giggle. He opened his eyes to see his sister licking his nipples and Jennifer's hand lightly stroking his shaft, her nipples poking into his back. Both girls moved in front of him and nudged him back towards the large shower bench. Jennifer turned on the rest of the shower heads to make sure the water kept them warm. Alex sat down on the bench and Jennifer practically bounded onto his lap. She slid his cock between her pussy lips and began to move back and forth teasing him as well as lubing him up. Maggie had also sat down on the bench and spread her legs wide rubbing her hard clit and watching her best friend and brother. Jennifer reached down and grabbed Alex, sliding the head of his cock inside of her and pushing down taking him deep. Maggie grabbed the dildo,turned it on and rammed it into her own pussy, matching Jennifer's movements on her brother's lap. Jennifer grabbed Alex's hand and moved it to her ass. As if reading her mind, Alex wasted no time and began rubbing the outer bits of her asshole with his finger. Alex turned his head and caught a glimpse of his sister with the dildo in her pussy and two fingers buried deep in her ass.

"I guess the sight of your sister playing with her ass gets you going, huh you dirty boy." Teased Jennifer as she felt him get harder inside of her.

All Alex could do was groan in response as he felt Jennifer's pussy tighten up around his cock. Jennifer lifted off of him and turned around, bending over slightly and sliding her own finger into her ass.

"You want to put something in here, dirty boy?" She asked looking back over her shoulder.

Alex just nodded, grabbing his cock and waving it a little.

Jennifer moved backward and let him rub the head of his cock around her sphincter. Before he knew it, she had pushed back taking his entire thick cock into her ass. Both of them groaned loudly from the sensation and Jennifer sat for a moment enjoying being filled up by his cock. The sight and sounds of Alex and Jennifer pushed Maggie over the edge, her orgasm causing her to scream out loudly. Jennifer began to rock up and down on Alex, her tight ass milking him. Alex wanted to hold out, but knew he couldn't. His cock throbbed and spewed a stream of cum deep into Jennifer's ass. Jennifer began to tremble and then let out a low guttural moan as the orgasm ripped through her body. She collapsed back onto Alex's chest, feeling his cum drip out of her ass. Maggie moved so she could lean against Alex's side and kissed her brother deeply.

"That was so fucking hot you guys." She whispered. "I say we rest awhile, then it's my turn. I'm going to text mom and tell her we're staying over."

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