tagErotic CouplingsAlex and Penelope Ch. 02

Alex and Penelope Ch. 02


Author's Note: This is an erotic novel in many chapters. If you enjoy this chapter, I highly suggest checking my profile and starting from the beginning. This is my first time submitting to Literotica.com, and I appreciate you taking the time to read what I so enjoyed writing. Thank you.


Sunday was a repeat, only they started drinking earlier and played in the pool longer. A net was strung up through the middle of the third section and they batted a ball around. They lounged again, shared dinner on the patio, then spent an hour in the hot tub.

Penelope was getting used to the time change and wasn't as tired as she had been, so she changed upstairs into running shorts and a tee, then met Alex in the living room/movie theatre. They sat on the same couch on opposite sides and settled in for a movie.

Penelope adjusted so her legs were up on the couch as she leaned against the armrest, her toes inches from Alex's legs. Every so often, he'd hold out the popcorn bowl between them so she could grab a handful, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

It was nice to be this casual; it had been a long time since Alex had felt casual. Even on weekends, he was usually too busy to have days like these, attending functions and banquets and golf tournaments and charity auctions. In between he'd always be thinking about work, but he realized it hadn't even crossed his mind until now, and only to note that he hadn't thought about it since he was done for the day Friday.

He also hadn't thought about Claire.

Monday, Alex's assistant called to say she'd managed to get an appointment with a guidance counselor at the university, so they set out to buy books and tour the campus. Alex waited outside while Penelope spent an hour in the office. On the way home, she talked excitedly about the four year plan that had been laid out for her.

That night, things changed, just a little. After dinner, they decided to play some Wii, then settled in for a movie once more. When they sat on the couch, they sat closer to the middle; still not touching, but close enough to share the bowl of popcorn without reaching. Alex kept his arm draped across the back of the couch, also not touching her, but their movie watching was a bit more intimate. It was a comedy, and when Penelope would laugh, her head would fall back and he'd feel her hair touch his arm. What amazed him was that something as simple as this was as exciting as it was. He couldn't understand it.

That night, Penelope slept with her door open, and Alex walked by her bedroom and peered in on her. It was dark, but he could see her asleep, her blond hair strewn across the pillow. When he retired to his room, he imagined that hair on his own pillow, and went to sleep imagining her naked beside him.

Tuesday, it was a given that they'd spend the day by the pool once more. Penelope's bikini today was green and yellow checks, tied with strings at the nape of her neck and across her back. The bottoms were the same. She threw on some shorts and met him for breakfast outside without having ever discussed a plan for it.

The night before, Penelope had been in a state of chaos and had barely slept. While watching the movie, she'd noticed Alex's arm on the couch behind her and spent the entire length willing it to wrap around her. He hadn't, and that had been a disappointment, but that wasn't what was killing her. Alex was her godfather. He was thirty-four. He was married! Penelope was eighteen and a virgin, never a hand between her legs that wasn't her own. But she couldn't stop thinking about him, and she was angry that she was letting herself wonder. There was no way he would ever think of her as more than the little girl he'd pushed on swings, yet here she was with dirty thoughts in her head like a little slut. And honestly! What would she even do if she got him? She'd never had sex, so she sure as hell had nothing to offer there. He was married, which was a big no-no in itself, but he was absolutely experienced.

It was so unrealistic, and still, she could feel the pain of wanting it more than she'd ever wanted anything, knowing it would never happen. And it was pain, sure and true.

When Penelope sat down at the table, Alex could barely get his mind working. Oh yes, bikini shopping was the best idea he'd ever had in his life. Forget his investments or his business savvy. Forget the women, sometimes two or three at a time. Penelope in a string bikini topped them all, and she was still wearing her shorts. The triangles covered her well enough, but were tight to accentuate the curve of her perky breasts. And in the direct center, he could make out the tiniest little nipples.

Today would be hard. Probably literally.

"Is there anything else I can get for you?" Beverly asked when they'd finished eating.

"You know?" Alex began, having difficulty tearing his eyes away from Penelope. "Mix us up some margaritas, then you and your husband take the day off."

Beverly smiled happily, thinking how much she enjoyed working for Alex while he was on vacation. His mood was better than she'd ever seen, and while they had a day or two off every week, this one was unexpected. It was a beautiful day, and she figured maybe Reuben and she could take a nice long walk in the park.

Upon noticing her smile, Alex thought of one better. "In fact, why don't you take tomorrow, too." Reuben and Beverly only ever had vacations when he was out of town for a few days, and if he was happily on vacation, as was Claire, everyone should be.

"Well, you'll call if you need anything," Beverly said.

"I won't," Alex told her, still smiling. "Hit the town, find a B and B if you want to get away for some time alone. I'll see you in two days."

When Beverly left, Penelope tilted her head at Alex with a grin. "That was nice of you."

"They deserve it," he said. So do I, he thought. It had been a long time since he'd had the house to himself, without staff. And even though he wasn't alone, he could think of no one better to share an empty house with than Penelope.

Beverly returned with drinks once they were settled in their chairs, set them up on the table and explained that the rest in the blender was in the fridge. Alex thanked her and told her to enjoy herself, then she left to her little house in the back of the property.

While lotioning up his chest, Alex heard their car start and saw it leave out the back gate. This time he knew he had an ulterior motive. Sure, it was only a tiny part. He'd given them a few days off because he was happy for the first time in a long time, and also because he wanted time alone with Penelope; really alone, without staff in other rooms.

But a small part of him wanted to be sure that—if things escalated, even in the tiniest, slightest bit—that Penelope would feel safe to allow it knowing no one else was around.

But for now, he was content as things were.

"Alright, turn around," Penelope said, swiveling her hand in the air. Alex obeyed; this was the best part of his day. Her hands on his back, his on hers. And when he felt them, his skin jumped to life, as it had before. It was amazing to him that something as simple as applying sunscreen felt so intimate.

When she'd finished, she pulled her hair. "My turn," she said. She was definitely at home now, and Alex made her feel at ease. They were close now, like friends, even though she had been fantasizing about him in inappropriate ways. But her nights didn't matter in the daylight. In the day, they were just two people enjoying each other's company.

While working her shoulders, Alex thought about how easy it would be to remove that tiny top. Just a pull of a string at her neck and it would fall down. Another string mid back and it would cease to exist. The same could be said for the bottoms. A string on each side, and she'd be naked. He took more time than ever before with his task, imagining it over and over again as he rubbed her soft skin. He was a little more brazen this time, but careful about it being too obvious. He let his hands trace down her sides of the tip of his middle fingers could feel the curves to the side of her breasts. He noticed when he did this that her back stiffened slightly and silently chuckled. He added more lotion, working it over her upper back unnecessarily, as she was already well coated, then repeated the action just to feel her stiffen again.

Penelope felt his fingers so close to her breasts that her nipples swelled against the thin fabric. He was just covering her skin, she reminded herself, but god how she wanted him to reach around. Maybe cup her, pull her against his tan chest as he massaged. Rubbed down her stomach. Let a hand dive between her legs.

She felt his hands move down her lower back, then press out to the sides. Once on either side of her waist, his fingers tightened around it before they slid back to the center and she silently giggled, tickled by her sides.

Alex loved how her body jerked when he'd touch certain places; placed he'd have to commit to memory so he could imagine touching them later. But for now, this was enough. Well, almost. Once at the lowest part of her back, he swiveled his hands so his fingers were pointed down, then sent the tips into the top of her bikini. There was a pause as he waited to see if she'd jerk away, but she didn't move, so he traced them, feeling the gentle slope of her cheeks. Finally he removed them, then placed his hands on her waist and leaned in.

"All done," he said quietly, seductively, inches from her ear. This time he felt the shiver in her body as her shoulder shook once, and he wondered if it was out of pleasure or discomfort. When she turned, he figured it must have been pleasure, because the tiniest of smiles played on her delicate lips as she eyed him silently.

Yes, they were actually dancing on that fine line, and they both knew it. What they didn't know was that the other knew it.

Instead of heading straight for the pool, they each laid back and sipped their margaritas, feeling the rays of the sun. Penelope's body was aching for his hands again, her head fighting a war of the ages. She'd repeat all the reasons it was wrong, only to end up wondering what it would be like to kiss him.

Alex's mind was far beyond kissing. His eyes, hidden by sunglasses, freely travelled the length of her body, pausing on the tiny triangles that covered her tits, then slowly moving south, across her flat stomach to the triangle between her legs. He wondered what her sexual past was, only because he was curious what lay beneath the fabric. She obviously shaved her bikini line, but he wasn't sure what else. Of all the things they'd talked about, they'd never talked about any of her boyfriends, though he was sure she'd had plenty, as gorgeous as she was. So what was it, then? A strip? Bare? And if not, did it match the color of her hair?

Their margaritas emptied, his arousal was winning out. It was definitely time to hit the pool. Without asking her to join, he rose and walked to the edge of the deep center section, and dove in head first. The cool water stopped the beginnings of his erection just in time.

His head shot out of the water and he looked over at Penelope, grinning. "Feels good!" he called.

She laughed, and he watched her stand; watched how her body moved as she approached the pool. Watched how her breasts rose as her hands lifted above her head, then watched her perfect form as she dove into the water beside him.

They shared an early dinner, leftovers from the night before so Alex didn't have to waste time away from her by cooking, then remained outside. Penelope was stunned over how much she'd been drinking the past few days, but as long as Alex was on vacation, so was she. It made her smile as she finished off her fourth drink of the day, then looked up and laughed as she asked for one more.

"Coming right up," he said, leaping from the chair. He returned with two more drinks; this time gin and tonics. He sighed contentedly as he leaned back in his chair. "Are you having a good time?"

"You have no idea," Penelope responded happily. "I've never had a life like this. Never knew it existed. It's perfect."

"It's not always like this," Alex said. "Winter will come and you'll be busy with school. I'll be working. But it's nice to enjoy each other's company while we have the time, isn't it."

"Absolutely," Penelope agreed.

Sundown meant hot tub, and they both climbed in anxiously as the air chilled around them. They sat in the same seats, feeling the jets massaging them, heads back on the cushioned rest behind them.

"Are you happy?" Penelope asked out of the blue.

It took Alex by surprise. He knew she didn't mean it as anything deeper than today, as in, are you happy right in this moment. But it was a question he'd never been asked, and it made him think. He wasn't all that happy. He hadn't been happy in a long time.

"I'm happy right now," he said.

"You're not usually?" Penelope asked, bringing her head up to look at him.

Alex pursed his lips, shook his head. "Sometimes," he said. "I like what my life provides. I like that I have power, and that people respect me and want to know me. I work too much, but that's the cost of what I want. I always get what I want." He paused thoughtfully, thinking of the many things he'd wanted. A big house with people at his beck and call. A pool to throw wild parties at. Women. He was sharing more than he had ever shared in his life. "I think I spend a lot of time making other people happy."

"Hmm." Penelope left it at that.

Once dried off, they went into the house. After the hot tub, the air conditioning actually felt really good on Penelope's skin. She watched Alex disappear into a room off of the kitchen, then return wearing a white t-shirt and sweats. She looked down at herself and smiled. "I should probably get a little more decent."

Alex held up a finger and disappeared once more. He returned and tossed her a tee shirt. "Just throw that on," he said.

Penelope eyed it, shrugged, and pulled it over her swimsuit. It hung just low enough to cover her bikini bottoms, and the sleeves felt big and comfy, even though Alex was far from a big guy. She was just that skinny.

"Movie?" he asked, glad to see her in his shirt. He liked that her legs were completely bare of bottoms, and it was fun to imagine that she wore nothing underneath.

"It's a good routine we got down," she responded.

Alex grabbed a bag of popcorn and tossed it to her. She dutifully put it in the microwave while he pulled two beers out of the fridge. Once the popcorn bag was emptied into a metal bowl, they made their way into the living room and plopped down on the couch.

They sat as they had the previous night, with Alex's arm across the back of the couch. While searching through the On Demand menu, they decided on a movie and settled in under a blanket.

The movie was slow and not as entertaining as they'd expected. The beer emptied, the popcorn bowl on the table, Penelope began to nod off half way through. Alex felt her head fall against him and smiled warmly, finally letting his arm fall across her shoulder. He held her to him, her hair lightly dampening his shirt. The blanket had fallen enough that his hand could touch her bare arm, and he was content.

This is enough, he thought. If nothing more happened, it was enough that she had fallen asleep against him. Of course he longed for more; craved it. So maybe it wasn't enough. But it sure was nice. It was so different than what he was used to. Normally he would have initiated something immediately. As he'd said earlier in the hot tub, he always got what he wanted. He liked control. He liked telling a woman what to do and having her comply. And he still hoped they'd get there. But for now, this was nice.

When the movie ended, he adjusted just enough so she'd wake, and she looked up at him sleepily. "Movie's over," he said quietly. "You must have really enjoyed it."

"So much," Penelope said, barely registering her surroundings. It was amazing how a long day of nothing could wear her out like this, but right now she just wanted to fall back asleep. She especially wanted to fall back asleep against him, now that she knew that's what she'd done.

"Alright," he said, helping her to move. "Let's get you to bed."

He got her to her feet, ready to carry her if that was what she needed, but she managed to balance. Barely. So keeping his arm under her, he helped her up the stairs and into her room. He turned on the lamp on the bedside table and pulled the blankets to the very end of the bed while she stripped off her tee. The way she fell down onto the mattress made him chuckle. She'd just collapsed there, in her bikini.

Penelope heard him and rolled onto her back, giving him a sleepy grin. "What are you laughing at?"

"You," he said, then sat down on the bed beside her. He noticed she had goosebumps from the cool house, but he wanted a minute to look down on her. He brushed her hair with his fingers, tracing a line down her cheek until his hand landed on her bare shoulder. "Must have been a good day to leave you this exhausted."

"It was," Penelope agreed, her eyes hooded. She felt his hand squeeze her shoulder. "Mmm, that's nice."

Alex put his hand on her other shoulder. "What, this?" he asked, giving them both a simultaneous squeeze.

"Mmm," she moaned again, her eyes closing. "Yes."

He lifted her slightly so her head fell back, then put his thumbs up on her neck and applied pressure. There was another tiny moan, so she was still awake, though just barely. He massaged her neck, letting his fingers dig into her shoulders.

"You're good at that," Penelope said. Sleepy as she was, she didn't want him to stop. His hands were magic.

"Years of practice," Alex said. He was glad her eyes were closed so he could stare at her chest freely while his hands massaged her shoulders. "I just think about what I'd like, then do it."

Penelope thought for a second about what she liked. She liked his hands massaging her. She liked being touched on her bare skin. She'd liked him lotioning her back every morning, hitting spots that made her body jerk. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was their relationship. Maybe a combination of both, but she no longer wanted to sleep. She wanted this as long as she could have it.

"So what do you like?" she asked.

Alex couldn't believe she'd just asked that. She couldn't possibly mean it the way he'd read it, but at least it meant this could continue. He'd start small. "I like my shoulders massaged," he said as he worked her muscles, his thumbs digging into her tendons.

"Mmm, yes. Me too," Penelope said softly.

He moved his palms down so they rested just above the triangles of her bikini. "I like the pressure of a palm," he said. As his hands made circles, her breasts moved with them just below his wrists. It would be so easy to give them a brush . . .

"That's nice, too," Penelope agreed, loving how the weight pressed her into the mattress. She felt so relaxed, yet not quite as sleepy as she had been. Her body was waking up, and drawing attention to the worst possible areas. The areas she shouldn't even be considering.

Alex slid his fingers to the side so he could grip her upper arms and gave them a squeeze. "People pay way too much attention to the back and shoulders," he said. "It's overrated. Arms need it too."

"They do," Penelope said, melting a little more with his touch.

Alex knew he was pushing it, and there was no stopping it now. He worked down to her elbows, then let his hands slide naturally across her ribcage, inches below her breasts. He noticed her head roll as another moan escaped her lips, and smiled to himself. Yes, he was pushing it. But it was wanted.

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