tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlex in Pornoland Ch. 04

Alex in Pornoland Ch. 04


This is filed under Sci-Fi & Fantasy because it's set in an alternate world. It will, though, heavily feature incest, big tits and big dicks like most of my stuff. And, as always, everyone involved is at least 18.

† † † † †

My name is Alex Taylor. I had an accident and I woke up in a world where every woman looks like they've stepped out of an early 90's issue of Score magazine. Am I in a coma? Am I mad? Or have I died and gone to heaven? Whatever the hell has happened, it's like I'm on a different planet. With a bit of luck, if I can work out what the fuck is going on, maybe I can get back to the real world. If I want to, that is.

† † † † †

I was sat in my car again, stuck in traffic, desperate to get to my audition. Seeing a different route, I swung across the empty oncoming lanes and stalled. As I struggled to get the car started, a truck appeared heading straight for me, blaring its horn. I turned the key and pumped the gas pedal but nothing happened. The truck bore down, its huge grill filling my sight - -

I jolted awake from the dream, for a moment wondering where the hell I was. I knew it was less of a dream and more of a memory - - the crash had happened, leaving me in a coma with a broken right arm and severe bruising over my legs and torso. Thing is, when the crash had happened, I was a struggling actor still living with my grossly overweight mother and sister who ridiculed me every chance they got. My agent was next to useless and my love life was non-existent, not helped by my small penis and inability to last more than a couple of minutes when I did get to bed a woman.

That was the Old World, though, as I'd started thinking of it. Because the world I'd emerged into from the coma, the New World, was a whole different ball game. Here I was a porn star with a huge cock; my mother and sister were also porn stars, both of them fitted out with huge, fake tits, and they both loved me. They both also wanted to have sex with me; here incest was legal as long as everyone was at least eighteen and consenting but, for some strange reason, I couldn't bring myself to do it with them.

I looked round myself, realising I was sat on the sofa in my suite of rooms. That's right - - suite of rooms. The tiny house I'd shared with my mother and sister in the Old World was now a mansion paid for by our porn star money. I'd returned from a meeting with my agent, Darla, who'd also turned out to be a sometime porn actress that me - - and my mom - - had fucked on screen more than once, not that I remembered it. My life right now was a weird mixture of the Old and New. Anyway, after getting home, I'd fallen asleep on my sofa and dreamed about my accident, woken up, and here I was.

"Got some soup for you, big brother," my sister Chelsea said as she walked into the room carrying a tray which, sure enough, held a bowl of soup and a spoon.

Have to admit, though, my attention was less on the food and more on what she was wearing. Her big hair had been pulled back and tied into two bunches on top of her head. A tiny, pink, low-cut and cropped T-shirt left her taut belly bare and, I imagined, if she moved her hands over her head, the bottom of the shirt would slip up and over her huge tits which were clearly not held in place with a bra. The shortest shorts I think I'd ever seen tried to cover her round ass but left a lot of her butt cheeks free, a sight I got when she bent over to put the tray on the table in front of the sofa.

"You need to keep your strength up," Chelsea said, holding the bowl and spoon as she knelt beside me, letting me put my left arm around her shoulders so she could get really close. Her smooth belly touched my side, her huge tits squashed against my upper torso, as she spooned some soup from the bowl and held it up to my mouth.

"I think I can manage to eat on my own, Chels," I said with a smile.

"Maybe you can," she said, paying no attention to me and feeding me the soup. "But I like to help you, big brother." I took two or three spoonfuls of chicken soup like this, conscious all the while of her big tits pushed against me, her deep cleavage on display every time I dipped my head to take some food. Not surprisingly, I felt my cock lengthen and thicken in my shorts and, due to my size, there was no way Chelsea didn't notice it, either. Not that she took offence.

"Am I distracting you, Alex?" she asked, pointedly looking at the long lump that ran down the inside of my thigh.

"You know you are," I said, unable to be angry at all.

"Mind if I have some?" She held up a spoonful of soup to her own mouth, sucking it in before letting it dribble from the corner of her mouth, the pale fluid pouring over her chin to fall on to her huge tits, running into her cleavage. "Oops," she said, using a finger to scoop it up, licking it clean as she stared at me.

"God damn it, Chelsea," I said, part exasperated, part turned on. "I wish you'd stop teasing me."

"Do you? Really?" She ran her hand over my thigh until it encountered the obvious lump of my cock, her fingers sliding up and down its length. "Looks like one part of you disagrees, at least."

"I can't help that. Any man would have the same reaction to you dressed like that and sat so close."

"Is that what gets you hard, big brother? Just my clothes and sitting next to you?" She put a finger into the already low cut neck of her T-shirt and pulled it down, revealing her deep cleavage and the inner slopes of her tanned melons. "Not my big tits as well?"

"Jesus, Chelsea," I whispered, swallowing hard as I looked down at my sister's huge fucking tits. Despite all my protests, all my claims of not being able or wanting to commit incest, I couldn't take my eyes of her perfect, round melons. Just that morning she'd helped me get dressed and accidentally on purpose ended up with my half hard dick between her tits. I remembered how they'd felt wrapped around my dick and swear my cock grew another inch in response.

"Mmmm, you do like my big tits, don't you?" Chelsea asked me. She put the soup bowl and spoon down and now ran both her hands along my shorts, folding the material close around the length of my cock. "Such a big dick," she whispered. "You know what my favourite porno is at the moment?" she asked me.

I shook my head. Part of me wanted to ask her to stop this; a large part of me didn't.

"It's your scene in The Best Little Whorehouse in Arkansas. You remember?" Again, I shook my head. "It's the scene where you get to fuck Dolly Partridge because you're threatening to close her down and she doesn't want you to." Chelsea ran her hands along my cock, squeezing it gently. "She goes down on you, then you fuck her, then you fuck her big - - fucking - - tits - - before you cum all over her face."

Chelsea looked up at me, a little breathless as she relayed the scene to me.

"The director wanted you to fuck her ass as well, but she was scared to take your big dick up her butt and you're such a nice guy you wouldn't force her to do it."

"Yeah, that's me," I said quietly. "All round nice guy," I said. Back in the Old World I'd never even had a finger inside a girl's ass - - despite nervously trying once or twice - - and yet here I was, apparently having refused to butt fuck a girl because I'm such a good guy.

"I'd let you," Chelsea said quietly. "I'd love to take this up my ass," she said, still running her hands up and down my now painfully hard cock.

We stared at each other, neither one knowing what to do or say.

"Ahem!" our mother said as she walked into the room. "I sent you up here to feed your brother, Chelsea, not to seduce him." She stood in front of us wearing an old, long T-shirt that was almost transparent, allowing us to see the tiny bikini she wore beneath it, her huge tits covered by basically two triangles of cloth and some string. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail but for all that, my eye was caught by what she was carrying in one hand - - a tube of Saran Wrap and a roll of duct tape.

"You need a shower, Alex," our mother said, taking my good hand from around Chelsea's shoulders and pulling me upright, Chelsea pushing me from behind. Together they walked me into my bathroom - - big, sunken tub on one side, large walk-in shower cubicle on the other, toilet in a separate little room.

Mom led me into the middle of the room and had me lift my plaster covered right arm up and out before she started wrapping it in the clear film.

"Can't have it getting wet while you shower, can we?" she asked. Once covered, she took the duct tape and sealed up the top edge to prevent any water getting under it. "There, all done. Chelsea? Start the shower, sweetheart," she said.

"Thanks, mom," I said, still conscious of my very hard - - and uncomfortable as it was still pointing down my leg - - dick. "I can take it from here, I think."

"Oh no, sweetie," mom said. "Doctor's orders - - we're to help you with dressing and bathing, remember? But to spare your blushes," she grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head in one move, "we're going to wear our bikinis while we wash you."

My mother's bikini, as I mentioned, was tiny - - a little dark blue number that covered her nipples and her pussy and not much else. As she took me by my good hand and led me to the shower, I watched Chelsea take off her shorts revealing an equally small pair of bikini bottoms. She took hold of her cropped shirt and started to lift it up over her head as mom had done.

"Oh no," she said without any real regret. She was half-way done and showing an expanse of underboob that was more than most women had in total. "I forgot my bikini top," she finished, whipping her shirt off, her massive, tanned tits revealed to me and mom.

"Oh Chelsea, shame on you," mom said, half-frowning, half-smiling. She turned to me. "Well, you can't have a shower while you're dressed," she said.

The pair of them carefully pulled my T-shirt off, making sure not to knock my arm, their hands running over my defined abs and pecs. They then knelt down on either side of me and together, as I looked down and watched, undid my shorts and slowly pulled them down. Inch by inch, they revealed my swollen cock until the material cleared the head, letting it bounce up and free, pointing straight ahead.

"Did mean old Chelsea tease you, sweetheart?" mom asked me, licking her lips as she looked at my cock.

"I didn't mean to," Chelsea lied with a smile.

They knelt there for a second or two, both of them just looking at my dick before I cleared my throat to get their attention.

"Ummm - - the shower?" I said, more to break the moment than anything.

They stood and as I tried not to stare too openly at Chelsea's fantastic tits, I let mom lead me into the cubicle and under the warm spray of the water. It felt good to be washed again, the first shower I'd taken since waking up from the coma. It felt even better when first my mom and then my sister followed me into the cubicle. The thing was large, like I said, but it wasn't designed for three people and I had to stop myself from moaning as first mom then Chelsea squashed up against me, their huge tits - - in a bikini in mom's case, naked in Chelsea's - - pressing against my skin.

"Pass the shower gel," mom said to Chelsea who reached out - - running her tits against my arm as she did - - and passed the bottle of gel to our mom who was on the other side of me. In seconds the warm water that splashed and ran down our bodies was joined by the fresh, lemon scent of shower gel foam that mom rubbed all over my chest and shoulders, Chelsea quickly joining in, doing my neck and back.

The foam and bubbles made it easier for them both to rub against me effortlessly as I stood there, my cock still pointing forwards, one hand on the shower wall in front of me to brace myself, the other held to one side. Chelsea took my good hand and covered it in suds, holding it up against herself, her huge tits sliding either side of it.

"Got to get you nice and clean, big brother," she said over the noise of the spray.

"I hope you don't mind, son," my mom said from my other side, "but this just keeps slipping and getting in the way." I turned to look as she took her bikini top off, her enormous tits, covered in soap and water, naked and pressed up against me as she washed my chest.

I couldn't help but stare at my mom's huge, fake tits as they ballooned out to either side as she pushed close to me, water trickling off their slopes. My cock gave a lurch at the sight and rose upward, something which both women noticed.

"We've got to clean everywhere, you know," Chelsea said, winking at me.

"Your sister's right, Alex," our mom said. "This is just us following Doctor's orders. Nothing else."

Together, as if they'd planned it, their hands slid over my chest, down my stomach to the base of my hard on. Both of them watched me as they slowly, oh so slowly, used one hand each to encircle the root of my cock.

I knew I should stop them - - this was my mother and sister, New World or not - - but I just let out a sigh and closed my eyes, not making a move.

Fingers entwined with each other, my mom and sister slowly ran their hands up my big dick, the water and shower gel making it easy for them. As they reached the big, flared knob, they slid their fingers around and across the head, rubbing it softly before travelling back down the length of my cock. Back up to the top they went together, in no rush at all, taking their time to enjoy getting their hands on my dick at last.

I opened my eyes to find they'd leaned forward and, as they continued to slowly stroke my dick, they kissed beneath the spray of water, tongues gently probing each other's mouths. Their hands started to speed up a little, their grip tightening as they made out together while jerking me off, still under the pretence of washing me.

"God, mom," Chelsea muttered, "he's so big."

"I know, baby," mom replied. "But we're just washing him, remember?" She looked up at me, blinking at the water that splashed on her face. "We can't make him cum because that would be wrong," she said before turning back to Chelsea and kissing her deeply.

I groaned in frustration at the thought of not being allowed to cum. I couldn't remember the last time I'd shot my load - - certainly not since waking up from the coma despite all the horny women that seemed to inhabit this world. Now here I was, two busty pornstars slowly jerking me off and they weren't going to let me cum?

"Sorry big bro," Chelsea said looking up at me. "Mom's right. We're just washing you. You wouldn't want us to do anything sexy with you. Would you?"

As she asked, she gripped my cock harder, her and mom speeding up a little, still stroking my cock from the base to the tip on every move.

"Oh God," I groaned, putting my hand against the shower wall again, steadying myself as the pair of them slid their fists up and down my dick.

"Would you like to cum, sweetheart?" mom said. "I know this might feel odd as we're just washing you,"

"Washing your big fucking cock," Chelsea interrupted.

"But if you want us to stop, of course we will," mom continued, looking up at me. "All you have to do is tell us to stop. Tell us to stop - - or tell us to make you cum."

I groaned again - - not the most eloquent of responses, I know but my mind was in a whirl, here. Even before I'd woken up from the coma I'd apparently always resisted the advances of my mom and sister and yet now, after just a couple of days, I was being jerked off by both of them at the same time.

"What do you want us to do, sweetheart?" mom asked me.

I hesitated for just a second, imagining a cartoon angel version of myself on one shoulder piously protesting to get them to stop, while on the other shoulder, a devilish version just stood there, tongue lolling as it jerked itself off.

"Oh God," I said again. "Make me cum. Please."

They both grinned up at me before holding my dick under the water, washing off the suds and soap. Once clean, they bent at the waist and together, one either side, slowly kissed the head of my cock. I gasped as I felt their tongues wrap and play around my knob, their hands still jerking me off. If I had died at that point, I would have died happy. Thankfully I didn't as things got better when my mom eased my thick cock head between her lips and into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down on it for a moment before letting Chelsea have a go.

I watched them taking turns blowing me and, at that moment, wondered why the fuck I'd resisted this.

Chelsea reached up with one hand and turned the shower off, the only noise in the cubicle now my heavy breathing and the slick, sloppy sounds of my mom sucking my cock.

"You going to cum soon, baby?" my mom asked as Chelsea took her place, sucking on my big dick. "You going to cum all over us?"

"Do it, Alex," Chelsea said, the pair of them still jerking on my dick. "I want to feel your cum on my face and tits."

They obviously felt me tense up at that thought as they managed to squeeze together in front of me in the cubicle, both of them holding their tits up, mom using one arm under both of her huge jugs, the other hand still jerking me off.

"Do it, Alex," mom said. "Cum all over us."

I gasped as my dick swelled even more and - - finally - - spat out a huge wad of jism which ran in an unbroken, thick line from my mom's forehead, over her eye and cheek to hang off her jaw line before pooling slightly on one of her tits. My dick bucked and throbbed and shot out more jizz, adding a heavy coating of spunk over my mom's face and tits, then another, and another. Laughing in surprise, mom pointed my cock at my sister, aiming my continuing blasts - - each one as full and heavy as the first - - at Chelsea's face and tits.

"Yeah, do it - - cover us in cum!" Chelsea cried, sticking her tongue out and eagerly sucking in my creamy load, mom deliberately aiming a couple of blasts at her open mouth before turning it back to herself. She opened her own mouth and leaned forward, taking my next few shots straight down her throat.

Eventually, after what seemed like an age, I stopped cumming. My mother and sister still knelt in front of me, covered in my thick cum. Cords of jizz lay crisscrossed over their faces and tits, their huge mounds looking like they'd been glazed there was so much spunk on them; a large pool of jism nestled between my mom's fake tits as she held them up.

"Do you - - do you need the - - shower turned on?" I gasped at them.

"No need," mom said, smiling as Chelsea leaned in and started to lick and suck the cum from our mother's face, mom turning and doing the same for her, the pair of them kissing and swapping my cum between them. Once their faces were relatively clean, they turned their attention to each other's cum-covered tits.

As I watched them eat my cum from their tits, I felt my cock lurch and start to harden again but found myself thinking this was wrong.

"Fuck," I whispered. "What have I done?"

† † † † †

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