tagBDSMAlex Tests Sarah Ch. 07

Alex Tests Sarah Ch. 07


Chapter Seven

- From the perspective of Alex

"Three, Two, One. Marco, that's enough." He hadn't finished as he ran out of time.

Sarah lay next to Marco on the bed panting. Her pussy still pulsating a little on the outside, and still slightly opened so her pink was visible for Jess and I to see. She was soaked with her own cum from her pussy down to her asshole.

Jess, looked at me, shocked. The woman, who, up to an hour ago was supposed to be her sub, just received a fucking from her boyfriend, the likes of which she had never enjoyed.

"I don't understand," said Jess. "All I ever got was a few minutes. He just gave her 30 minutes and she looks like she has passed out from the orgasm!"

Indeed, Sarah did appear to be asleep, one hand still lying on Marco's stomach.

"Jess," I began. "You came here for a lesson in how to be a Dom. How to own your Sub. And you have received one. You were not ready to take on Sarah. You see that by her reaction to your commands, and the revenge she took on your boy. I told you my money was on her. I warned you before didn't I?"

"You did, I get it. But Marco. A sub just dominated my sub better than I ever have. He performed for her, like he never bothered for me." She was almost in tears.

"That's because he respected Sarah. She broke him. Not just with words, but with her mind and with her beating. Do you see what Marco needs now? You can be a bitch and insult him. It will get him hard. We saw that. But to make him your sub, you need to break him. He needs to respect you, not hate you."

She nodded, looking at her boy, lifeless on the table next to another woman.

"Jess. You and Marco will have plenty of time to explore this together. You understand what you have to do. But now you see how the dynamic should really be tonight, don't you? You and Marco, both belong to Sarah and I."

Jess nodded.

"Jess, go make amends to Sarah and ask for her forgiveness"

Jess walked slowly to the bed. As she stood next to Sarah and Marco in their post-coital bliss, she was stuck for works. Sarah turned her head slightly, nodding just a little to Jess. She was willing to forgive the girl, but obviously wanted little to do with her.

"You'll get there one day. But for now, just clean me up," and she reached into Jess's hair, forcing Jess's face hard against her pubic hair. Jess obediently began lapping up Sarah's soaking pussy.

I walked over to the bed and lay a soft kiss on Sarah's lips. She grabbed my face hard and pressed the kiss deep. Her eyes watered and her lips pouted. I could feel the violent connection between us, something almost tangible. The man who's cock was drenched in her cum next to her was nothing. The woman between her legs was nothing. It was just us in that moment.

"So did I pass your test, Alex?" She said with a concerned look on her face. "Did you want to see me fight for my spot? Was that it?"

"Yes, you passed. I put you in a position lower than you deserved. You fought your way back to my side. But you never broke from my control and you never disobeyed. Yes, you passed."

"What now?" Sarah asked.

"Time to play with our new toys. I brought them here for our enjoyment. Lets enjoy... Are you ready to play?"

"Yes I am," and she kissed me hard one last time.

Walking over the bed I observed my work bench.

"Jess, go to the bed and lie down on your back, ass on the foot of the bead, legs hanging off. Marco, so sorry to wake you." He smiled, "Move to the head of the bed. Sit up straight, back against the head board."

The both assumed their positions

"Sarah, roll over and straddle Jess's face, facing Marco. Take these scissors. Release Marco and bring his balls back to life. Jess will finish cleaning you up." I said this loud enough for all of them to hear.

Sarah approached the bed. She climbed up and reached her leg over Jess's face, assuming her position, pussy over mouth. More cum began to leak out from Sarah's hole. Jess gripped Sarah's ass checks and began lapping the warm liquid eagerly. Sarah took her time, enjoying the servicing from Jess. Then she got down on all fourns and looked at Marco's package. His flaccid cock hung to the left, all 8 inches of soft meat. He might not be as thick as Alex, but she had really enjoyed that long cock deep inside her. She still felt such a deep ache at her cervix, which had been pounded by Marco's length. She took his big balls in her hand. The sack was now a bluish red color. His flinch revealed that he was tender. She bent down and slowly licked his testicles. He didn't react. Softly she sucked the left ball, into her mouth until she reached the bind. She ran her tongue around it and increased the pressure. Marco began to whimper. Releasing the ball from her mouth she took the scissors and placed the cold metal under his balls. Lifting them slightly so they sat on the blade of the scissor.

"Careful, Marco. I wouldn't move." He looked down, petrified. But his cock was beginning to come to life.

Sarah took the balls in her left hand. She slid the blade under the center tie and lifted the blade clear of his scrotum skin. Snip!

The bind fell away and his balls were free. Marco gasped as his big balls fell out and blood began rushing back to his scrotum. Sarah began kneading them in her hands. Massaging each individually. Pulling a little on each testicle and stretching the sack as long as it would go.

She observed his hard cock. Long and thin, with a nice circumcised bell head on it. Holding his balls in one hand she gripped his cock in the other and began to pump his long shaft, still wet from her pussy earlier. Sarah ran her tongue from under his big balls, splitting them as she slid her tongue over his sack, then slowly all the way up the underside of his cock. She savored the precum at the head, pursing her lips over the eye of his cock and sucking it out. Then she engulfed the cock with her lips and went to work.

As I watched Sarah happily sucking her new toy, and Jess feeding on Sarah, my cock felt like it would burst. Rock hard I climbed onto the bed and straddled Jess, behind Sarah, and began rubbing the head of my cock up and down Sarah's slit.

"Jess, take my balls in your mouth". She stretched her neck up and sucked my left testicle into her mouth. "No matter what, you need to keep one in your mouth at all times, Jess".

I pushed my cock head into the parted lips of Sarah. I kept it there, on the edge, for a long time while I watched her head bob up and down. Without warning I thrust my full length into her pussy. She groaned. I felt my ball stretched out as Jess didn't let go with her mouth. I pulled Sarah's body back on to my cock, as I sat backwards on Jess's face. Her tongue darted around my balls as I make Sarah's body rise and fall on my cock. She is sopping wet from her and Marco's session earlier. Sarah held on tight to Marco's cock, now stretched out in front of him, with the bulbous end still in Sarah's mouth.

I ran my finger around my hammering shaft and dragged some juices to her asshole. Lubricating it and pushing two fingers into her quicker than is usually advisable. Sarah's back arched away from the penetration.

"Sarah, bear down. Take it all"

Sarah began to rock forcefully backwards, as my fingers moved in and out of her ass. I began

spreading them wider and wider. Inserted a third finger and she hardly noticed. She was building to an orgasm. She had let go of Marcos cock from her mouth and was pumping it vigorously with her hand. But it wasn't time for her or him to cum yet.

I withdrew my cock from her shivering pussy and with one quick motion plunged it into her asshole. Jess released my ball from her mouth. Sarah dropped Marco's cock and let out a loud deep groan. Her hand flew backwards in a vain effort to stop the force but I grabbed it and held it down.

"Take the pain Sarah. Take the pain."

Sarah whimpered as I moved my thick cock in and out of her ass. All 8 inches disappeared into her body.

"Jess, go to work on her pussy. Start with two fingers and work up."

Jess inserted two fingers easily into Sarah's pussy, as I slid in and out of her ass.

Jess could feel Alex's cock sliding in and out next to her entombed fingers. Sarah had begun to relax. She was taking Alex's cock and had her face buried in Marco's lap. Her hand held his giant cock, but it didn't move. She was clearly concentrating.

Jess slid a third finger in and then a fourth. Her fingers were squeezed in a triangle. In time with my strokes she began to widen them. Stroke after stroke her finger spread. Sarah's moans became louder. Sarah had begun to stroke Marco's cock again. Finally Jess's fingers were four in a line. She pushed them in and out together, in time with my strokes, until she had worked her way to her palm. With her fingers pointing up the direction of Sarah's back Jess began to press against my cock as it went in and out.

I was riding Sarah's ass like never before. It had opened wide and there was little resistance now. It felt like Jess's hand was massaging my cock from inside Sarah's body. It felt amazing. Sarah was moaning like some sort of animal. She had given in. She was full and had lost control of her voice, of all her body. She pumped on Marco's cock unconsciously, like a woman possessed. I had to see this beautiful woman's face.

I pulled my cock out of her ass and stood up. I leaned down and picked Sarah up like a rag doll. She released Marco's cock and Jess's hand slid out of her pussy. Holding her over my shoulder, limp, I said, "Marco, slide down the bed and hold your cock up straight."

He did so, like a batter lining up his hit. I slid my arms under Sarah's legs so she was facing me. Positioned myself over Marco and lowered her in one accurate move onto his long cock. It slid in easily and Sarah's eyes widened, then closed, as the monster hit her cervix. She sat in reverse cow girl, impaled on his rod. I pushed her onto her back, lying flat on Marco's chest. I positioned myself over them both and placed the head of my cock at the lips of her already full pussy.

Sarah realized what was about to happen. She raised her legs a little as I pressed my cock into Marcos, and began to insert myself into her pussy as well. There was so much pressure, Sarah yelled out a long "Ohhhhh Goooooddddddd", and I forced myself into her. Marco stayed still. His long cock massaging her cervix, while I slowly thrust in and out.

Sarah looked at me, her eyes half crazed. She grabbed my hair and bore down on our cocks with a scream. Marco began to thrust, and I found his rhythm. In and out like two tandem pistons we hammered Sarah's defenseless pussy. Giving her no reprieve, we slammed back and forth, picking up speed. Sarah arched her back upwards, pressing down to take in even more cock. Her body began to shake; she stopped breathing for a moment. Marco's hands came around her body and roughly grabbed her big tits. I dropped my hips and slammed my cock in as deep as I could. Marco withdrew and a fraction of a second later came slamming back in, yelling that he is cumming. I felt his cum squirt onto the head of my cock inside Sarah. Sarah screamed as she came violently. Her body convulsed and she pushed down again. I let go, exploding inside her. We all lay together pulsating and twitching, in a pile of sweaty flesh, as the last ribbon of come was deposited inside Sarah's soft pink pussy.

Sarah opened her eyes and saw me lying over her. She pulled my head down and kissed me deeply. Sarah slid herself up our bodies, releasing our cocks from her pussy. With a squelch they slopped out of her and the pile of bodies rolled onto the bed.

"Jess," said Sarah from her daze, "Clean us up."

And as Jess dutifully began to lick at Sarah's gaping hole, and drinking mine and Marco's deposits as they poured from her body. Sarah and I kissed, making out like teenagers, ignoring the two human toys next to us.

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