tagNovels and NovellasAlexandros: Ch. 06-07

Alexandros: Ch. 06-07


This is incredible Malcolm. We have writings of Alexandros' time in Egypt, but never anything before he arrived there."

"Yes, I know. With this we can fully and accurately teach the beginnings of the Black List."

Sternigan stands from the table and begins to pace around the table and Furloft. Excitement pulses through his veins. "Could he have been the first to have second sight?" he questions excitedly. "He obviously didn't know these beasts were actually demons."

"Well if you look at ancient Greece and its culture, the people attributed strange acts to their gods. Alexandros knew what he faced wasn't some act by the gods, but something else." Sternigan pauses and begins scanning the books lining the wall. This catches Furloft's attention. "What is it?"

"Vectivus," Sternigan says absently. His attention is focused more on his search than Furloft. "I have seen that name somewhere before."

"Where?" Furloft asks. "If he is mentioned than it is in reference to him since Alexandros killed him."

"No, no. This was definitely a reference to him but not after Alexandros but before." He places his hand to his chin and rolls his eyes up thinking heavily and trying to conjure a memory. "Atlantis!"

"Atlantis?" Furloft questions.

"Yes, Atlantis," he answers ardently. "We have evidence that the Atlanteans knew of and kept record of demons of their time as well as a list of Demons Lords."

"We have a historical account of Atlantis?" Furloft asks springing from his seat now fully interested in what Sternigan has to say.

"In a sort," he starts explaining. "Here it is." He pulls down an ancient looking book from the shelf and walks it to the table. Furloft's hands begin to sweat from the excitement at seeing this new text. Like Sternigan, he is excited with learning something new about history. The fact that here is not only evidence that Atlantis existed but here is an actual account from someone living in the city. "This is a copy of the original text," Sternigan says placing the book gently on the table. "Unfortunately the original did not survive the transportation process. Luckily I had enough sense to have it recorded in this book before it was moved."

"The book looks too old to have been written in only years before," Furloft comments.

Sternigan gives a slight chuckle at the comment. "The book was brand new when it was written in. I had it custom made to look this way for two reasons. The first was to match the other texts we have in here and the second was to keep it from standing out."

"Of course. Having a text of this mannerism would be highly valuable," Furloft says finishing Sternigan's explanation.

"Exactly," he confirms. "A man named Emre wrote his account of events taking place in the region. The account, however, ends leaving one to speculate the outcome."

The Demon Lord Vectivus has forced his army through the lands to the north overtaking many of the peoples. We have offered our aid to our neighbors causing havoc upon Vectivus' forces and thus brought his attention down upon us. Using his power, our city Atlantis has already suffered a great quake, but I fear there is more to come. I fear our time upon the Earth is drawing near.

"This was the final entry of the text. We can only speculate that Vectivus caused the large flood that destroyed the city."

"What's the date of the text?" Furloft inquires.

"Late 9600 BCE and you have to remember the Atlanteans were an advanced race of people, so having the ability to write wouldn't be too uncommon," he answers anticipating Furloft's next question.

"That has to be the oldest record of anything about demons," Furloft speculates.

"The oldest so far," Sternigan answers. "I'm hoping this document sheds more light just not only on Alexandros but now on Vectivus."


Alexandros Manuscript Page 47

I spent the following week after leaving Sparta travelling south. I wore normal clothing, not letting anyone become aware of my Spartan past. I carried my armor and kept it covered from the view of prying eyes. Letting people know I was a Spartan would keep individuals away, but it would also bring trouble. Trouble I preferred to avoid.

I spent my entire life as a soldier and was not all too certain what it is I would do now. Truthfully I felt it would have been better to see death than to live with my honor stripped and left in the wilderness, but I used my father's words to face down the guilt and press on.

I sought to get as far away from Sparta as I could. No matter what I aimed to do to prove my innocence the outcome will be the same. All that faced me in Sparta was death. So I stuck to the wilderness as much I could only entering a city when I felt it was necessary. I passed many port cities like Elia, Pilitra and Monemvasia before finally settling into Neapoli near Cape Maleas. It was in Neapoli that I found a change or at least the next step in my journey.

"Welcome to the Kados Shipyard. How is it I may help you?" the man asked me as I entered the building.

The port city was bustling with people, many of which were Greek but I also noticed a great deal of other cultures and people about. Ships lined the docks as crew and labor hands rushed to load or unload goods from the ships. I really was not interested in the bazaar that looked to be what the city was built around. The goods for sell were eye catchers but I was focused on finding a path to a destination rather than purchasing trinkets. I stopped into the first place of business: Kados Shipyard.

"I'm looking for some work," I said keeping my focus on the man while getting a glance at my surroundings. As a Spartan we were trained to focus on the enemy we fought while observing our surroundings. An easy task once you learned how.

"You look strong, I am always in need of a strong sailor," he said looking me over. "Do you have any qualifications or experience on a ship or on the high seas?"

"Only weaponry and fighting," I replied not really certain those would be sufficient skills or not.

"Hmm." He stroked his chin, pulling slightly on his scraggily beard. "Not all my business is conducted honestly."

"Piracy?" I asked. I didn't fully agree with the notion but I did need work.

"Piracy? No my dear boy." He laughed heartily. I wasn't sure if it was because of my question or my ignorance. "I'm devoted to the highest bidder and the highest bidder is not always Greece."

"I understand," I replied. Up to my exile I only held allegiance to Sparta and not Greece. If Greece were to fall it was not my concern, Sparta was.

"Good. Follow me and I will show you to your ship and new captain."


Captain Ambrosia Marcello an older, woman with a large breasts was my new employer and captain of the Aello, the largest of Kados Shipyard's ships. Technically I worked for Kados Shipyard, but to anyone that asked and the person that paid me, was Captain Marcello.

My first task was a simple shipment bound for Kydonia on the isle of Creta. The trip took only a few days and wasn't very eventful. Marcello set a number of tasks for me each day, many doing simple chores including cleaning of the decks or waste. When we arrived at Kydonia the crew was given the remainder of the day and night before having to leave the following morning with a new cargo. I didn't know where to go so I stuck with the crew and followed them.

We arrived at one of the local taverns and the crew turned from disciplined crew to unruly children. Instead of joining their fun, I grabbed a drink and sat in the back of the tavern. I sat back trying to relax and reflect on the recent events of my life when I noticed the old man sitting at my table.

"May I help you?" I asked. I silently berated myself for not noticing him sooner. I had to stop looking at the past and letting my guard down. Otherwise, how would I survive this world alone?

"I don't need the help, but rather you need help," he replied softly.

He wore a cloak tight around his person hiding his body and most of his face. The little light of the tavern didn't help much, but what little that did manage to shine down upon him revealed his white hair underneath.

"I'm sorry old man I am not in need of any help."

"Oh but you are," he said smiling. "You may not believe it now Alexandros but you will need my help."

"How do you know my name?" I admit I was a bit perplexed. It lasted for only a moment though, because by now I learned to expect almost anything.

"I know much about you. In fact I probably know more about you than you know about yourself."

"Enough of the riddles old man!" I said beginning to lose my patience.

He laughed long and hard. I fought my anger realizing it would get me nowhere. "You seek a path for your life. Your destiny lies in a land not far to the south. There is where you will realize your true potential and there is where your destiny will begin."

"What do you mean?"

"Hey Alexandros!" I turned my attention in the direction of the voice. It was one of my crew mates yelling. "What are you doing over here alone?"

"I'm not alon—" I began until I looked back to see the chair in front of me unoccupied. "Where did the old man go?"

"I think you have had way too much to drink Alexandros. Maybe you should call it a night," he answered.

"Maybe you're right." I downed the remainder of my drink before standing up from the table. I know I spoke to someone, but like I said I have learned to expect almost anything.

I left the tavern and went straight to the Aello. The ship was empty except for Captain Marcello herself and I was surprised to see her there.

"Captain," I said upon stepping onto the ship. "I thought you may have left for a night out."

"I rather stay with my ship and let the crew have their time off," she answer casually. She walked past me, brushing her hand across my arm and went to stand by the railing to overlook the town.

I stood looking at her, debating in my mind to either join her or go below and get some rest. I decided to join her. I walked over and set my arms on the railing and leaned on them. After a moment she spoke without taking her eyes away from the town.

"I have been doing this all my life Alexandros. The sea is all I have known and it is probably all I will ever know."

I looked at her, staring. She was a very attractive woman, so attractive she could rival most Spartan women. And though she was older than me, she still looked very young. "You don't appear to be that old," I said.

She laughed then looked at me with a soft smile. "You're right, I'm not that old. I've worked for Kados for a little over ten years, but my father was a fisherman. So I spent a good portion of my childhood with him after my mother died."

"What age were you?" I asked feeling a small connection with her.

"Five," she answered solemnly. "I didn't get to experience much of my life with her. What about you Spartan?"

"I was seven when I had to leave home and it wasn't until a few months ago I got to see her again." My tone changed, not of my conscious will either. "She was brutally murdered before my eyes the next day."

"And now you seek the murderer?"

"I do hope to cross paths one day yes. But no one believed me so I was forced to leave the only life I had ever known."

"Well, such is life Alexandros," she said pushing off the railing. The wind grabbed her hair and whipped it back showing off her strong features in the moonlight. I was so caught off by her beauty that she continued in the absence of my reply. "The gods give and take to their own whims and desires, leaving us to wallow in pity."

I didn't have a response. I didn't care for the gods, if they even truly existed. If they existed only to cause us such misery then I wanted nothing of them.

"I am going to retire for the evening," she said with a sultry voice. "You are more than welcome to spend the night in my cabin rather than with the crew."

She turned and went below without looking back. I stood on deck for several minutes caught between the very brief conversation and the offer. Eventually, the lull of the offer took me below deck.


There she sat, naked on the bed where she usually slept in alone. She was playing with her breasts while she waited. Her legs were partially spread open revealing her trimmed pussy in the light that was cast through the open window.

I entered the room already undressed and wordlessly slipped in between her legs and pushed them further apart. "I thought you'd never get here," she said with a smile.

"Sorry mother, I was lost in my thoughts tonight," I answered quickly. When she gave me a nod my tongue slid out and outlined her clit. She was already plenty wet as I licked at her juices. I looked up at her face as my tongue probed her pussy. Her eyes rolled back as she submitted fully to me. I continued to tongue her clit as I outlined her pussy lips with a finger. The combination of stimulation was having a massive affect on her; she kept her teeth clenched afraid to yell out loud

Marcello was close to an orgasm, so I took her clit into my mouth, lightly holding it with my teeth and I began flicking at the tip of her clit with my tongue. She was getting closer to that orgasm with each flick of the tongue. Her pussy was well saturated; a continuous flow of juices escaped her pussy, running down to the crack of her ass.

I slipped one finger into her, quickly followed by a second. I twisted my fingers around in her as I continued to suck on her clit. She broke her silence to let out a shriek. The orgasm came and she bucked and bounced, but I didn't relent. When her body finally went slack, I drove his fingers in deeper and sucked on her clit even harder bringing her back to another orgasm. She bucked and bounced once again.

I stood and sat next to her and pulled his fingers from her pussy. With my other hand I took a handful of her hair and turned her head to watch me lick her juices from my fingers. I tightened my grip on her hair and pulled her in for a deep kiss. My tongue swirled around hers to share the juices I just licked from my fingers. When we broke the kiss, I slipped the juice covered fingers to her mouth. She then seductively began to suck on my fingers, cleaning what remained of her juices off.

Her hand slipped to my already hard cock and she began to stroke it slowly. Her hands were chilled by the air and the feeling of her cold hands almost made me cum. As I fought back the feeling, she leaned over and slowly took the head of my cock into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth was an ecstatic feeling. She slid her body down, spreading her legs for easy access to her dripping wet pussy. I took advantage of it and resumed playing with her while she continued to suck my cock.

She moaned when my fingers entered her pussy. She grasped the base of my cock and started stroking it while sliding her mouth a little further down my shaft. I grabbed her hair and encouraged her to go deeper. She did, taking it fully into her mouth. Her lips held a firm grasp on my cock as they slid up to the base of my head and back down to the base of my shaft. Suddenly, I shoved her head all the way back down my cock and held her there. My balls retracted and a hot load of cum shot out into the back of her throat. I drove my fingers in deeper into her pussy. As the last pulses of cum shot from my cock she orgasmed again.

She moaned then pulled free from my cock and swallowed my cum. As she laid back onto the bed, I took one of her calves in each hand and pressed them back toward her head. I slid his cock over the folds of her pussy, teasing her and feeling her juices. I loved the feel of her wetness on my cock.

Abruptly, I slipped into her. The slick, wet walls massaged my cock as I began to slowly pump in and out of her. She moaned softly as I quickened the pace. She shuddered and had another orgasm. Her juices flowed out of her onto my cock and then over my balls. I gave her one hard thrust and shoved my entire cock into her pussy. She muffled a scream into a pillow. My cock filled her entire pussy and I began to pump her harder and harder.

She screamed into the pillow, "Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" I let go of her calves and grabbed her bouncing breasts and squeezed. She orgasmed again and again. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Ahhhhhh!"

She ran her hands all over my now sweaty body, feeling my muscular biceps and chest as my sweat dripped off on to her. She reached down to hold my ass and felt my strength as I fucked her harder and harder. I leaned in so I could suck and chew on her nipples as I pumped her pussy. The feeling sent her over the edge and she began to fuck me back lifting her hips in motion with my stronger and stronger thrusts.

"Fuck me harder, she urged.

I pulled out of her. "Get on your hands and knees, now." She quickly climbed into position with her ass high in the air. I grabbed her ass and with my thumbs spread apart her pussy lips. Without further hesitation I plunged my cock back into her. "Ahhhhhhh!" she yelled.

I began pumping hard and only increased my pumping until my balls were slapping hard against her clit. When I was ready to explode, I grabbed her hips pulling her ass into my body then plunged my cock deep into the depths of her pussy. I unleashed my cum in one final burst. Marcello felt my cock jerk inside her and an instant later my hot cum filled her up. I pulled out and rubbed my still spewing cock all over her ass.

Cum now gushed out of her pussy and ran all over her ass cheeks. She turned her head around to cast a smile at me. I smiled back and slumped back onto the bed. Her smile turned into a grin and she said, "I know that isn't all you have Spartan."

I didn't argue with her.


Morning came quickly. I found myself lying in an empty bed and a bit surprised I hadn't been aroused for the morning's task. I got up and found my clothing lying neatly folded next to the bed and got dressed. I ran to the upper deck to find the crew alert and ready. I went to find Captain Marcello quickly to receive my orders.

"Ah, Alexandros I'm glad you sought me out. We have a change of plans," she said. "I have orders to take a shipment to Rhodos."

"Yes ma'am."

"I only tell you this because I'm promoting you. You will no longer be subject to the menial tasks." She placed her hand on my shoulder and squeezed. "I need to see if you can lead these men. We may be returning home from Rhodos with a shipment or we may have to take on a mission once we get there."

"I understand," I replied.

"I see greatness in you Alexandros and you appear to be more than you let on. I prefer to not pry in the past lives of my crew, but I hope if the time comes I have you to watch my back."

"If the time comes I will be there."

She smiled and squeezed my shoulder a final time. "Good. Your first task is to get these men motivated and the ship stocked. We have a long journey ahead of us and a deadline. I would like to get both accomplished as soon as possible."

I gave her a nod then turned to carry out her orders.

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