tagNovels and NovellasAlexandros: Ch. 15-16

Alexandros: Ch. 15-16


You two have failed me. I gave you a simple task and the means to fulfill it. Amnischnell stood over Sapon and Lapas, both of whom knelt before him but dared not to look up. All three were in their human form dressed in their armor except Amnischnell.

They knew returning with a report of failure would not be what their master wanted to hear. They could only hope for another chance otherwise death would be all they received.

The camp was quiet with almost no sounds. The licking of flames from candles in the tent the three demons stood was at the moment the only sound that could be heard. Amnischnell finally broke the silence after several moments. You better begin to hope Alexandros did not survive the hydra's attack. In the meantime, you will assist Malanatohiel until I find out otherwise. Dismissed.

Sapon and Lapas wasted no time in leaving. In the blink of an eye they seemingly disappeared. Amnischnell turned around and placed his hands behind his back. He stared at his armor set upon its rack and contemplated the battles he fought in it.

"You should by now have learned Amnischnell, if you want something down right, you do it yourself." Amnischnell spun at the voice of his master. Vectivus stood at the entrance to the tent in his human form. Dressed fully in his armor, he looked just as menacing as he did in his true demon form. "Master," he said transforming into his human form as he knelt.

"We are going to attack these pitiful humans on two separate fronts. You will be with me and we will take the bulk of the army to Tarris then south toward Bubastis. We'll remove the bigger threats while Malanatohiel and your two insolent subordinates wipe out the cities between Sebennytos to Naukratis. Should we fall short; the gate will remain open for us to call for reinforcements. A straight shot to refill our ranks by the time we take Heliopolis and Abu Ruwaysh. With our two halves it will be as simple as eliminating the cities on either side of the Nile until we reach the human's capital. Once that falls the rest of the land will be ours."

"Do we expect such a resistance? We have been careful in our plans and should catch these fools off guard."

Vectivus glared at the other. His expression spoke volumes and Amnischnell knew instantly that his question was considered a stupid one. "Humans have proven too resourceful throughout history. Not only because of whom they are but who they have on their side because of their faith. But human free will is where their mistakes are made."

"As you wish master. I apologize for my ignorance."

Vectivus waved his hand through the air. "You served me faithfully for many millennia so I have learned to tolerate your errors. It's another reason I have overlooked your many mistakes in the past."

Amnischnell let out an audible sigh. One that was louder than he intended, but Vectivus made no mention of it. "I will ensure Malanatohiel has his orders." Amnischnell stood expecting Vecitvus' departure and was surprised when it did not take place. "Something else master?" he asked with curiosity in his voice.

"You care not to have my company?" Vectivus asked raising an eyebrow up.

"Not at all..."

"Good." Vectivus' lips curled into a small smile. "Now tell me of the human that causes you distress."


Alexandros Manuscript Page 79

I woke from waves crashing against my body. I felt weak all over. It felt as if an entire legion of chariots had driven over me. I stood and gave myself a look over. I lost my helmet, sword and shield. My armor was torn in several places or I was missing pieces. I was disappointed the most at losing my shield. The most important thing for a Spartan was to never lose his shield. I had to push the thought aside.

My next task was to get my bearings. I looked around to see large dunes along the horizon blocking any view of what may lie on the other side.

The Aello!

I spun toward the sea, hoping to see the ship somewhere in the distance. There was nothing save the rolling waves and distant calm waters. I hoped for the safety of the crew, but I knew that was not the case. I was now a stranger in a strange land. I had a pretty good idea where I was.


My mind drifted back to the brief conversation with the cloaked stranger. He told me my journey would begin in this land. I only wondered what journey I would be taking. Whether I was ready to face the next step in my journey or not, I drew my attention back to the present and started toward the dunes. It wasn't much of a climb to reach the top and when I reached the top I was relieved to see not far in the distance lay a city. I didn't know what was ahead of me, but I knew where I was going to start.

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