tagNovels and NovellasAlexandros: Ch. 37

Alexandros: Ch. 37


Alexandros Manuscript Page 133

I was summoned before Pharaoh early the next morning just as Madu said I would. Even though I knew Pharaoh would have me become one of his generals I still had a little apprehension.

"I have a proposal for you Alexandros. Madu speaks greatly about you and so does my daughter. I ask that you stay here and become a general in my army. My kingdom can always use another great strategist and warrior."

I knelt down and accepted his offer. With the formality over I immediately jumped into my plans. I spent the previous night study maps and reports to prepare for the incoming tide.

"If I may," I said standing up and gesturing to a table with a map on it.

Pharaoh stood and signaled Khaldun to meet at the table as well. Once we were all gathered I began. "From all the reports received over the last few days it appears the demons are gathering their forces before beginning their assault on us. If we fortify the cities from Abu Sir up through Heliopolis and back down to Wadi Digla it will buy us time we will need to be fully prepared."

"You are asking to sacrifice soldiers for nothing," Khaldun argued.

"It is only a waste if we fail. They fight so that we can fight and defeat this threat. They fight so the citizens can remain free, so that we can win so they can remain free. I am prepared to lay down my life for the people and obtain a glory like no other; to die gloriously in battle."

"You are a fool and this is something I can stand behind a plan such as this," Khaldun protested.

"No, Alexandros' plan will be used," Pharaoh stated. Khaldun's jaw dropped for a second. Then he turned to me and gave me a looked of pure disgust. "You of all should be prepared to give your life for the citizens Khaldun."

"And I am more than willing, but to throw away our soldiers in hopes of buying time?"

"Follow my plan Khaldun and I guarantee we will have victory."

"How do you plan to guarantee this, you haven't shown us anything but moving troops and guarding empty cities."

"I have a couple of ideas, but I won't settle on one until I know what the soldiers are capable of doing," I said with conviction.

"My king, this is not a good way to plan for the defense of your kingdom and—"

"Enough Khaldun. There will be no more bickering about my decision. I have confidence in Alexandros and his Spartan training and it is a unanimous decision with my council as well."

"Very well my lord," Khaldun said bowing out and taking his leave. He made no attempt to hide his anger or dislike as he strode away.

"He will eventually soften to the idea. In the meantime prepare my troops and save my kingdom."

"It will be done my king."


As the days wore on Pharaoh sent regiments of troops to each of the cities I suggested and each day reports of defeat filtered back. The good news was it was taking longer for the cities to fall than before. During this time I prepared the remaining troops as best as I could in just the little time I had available. When I wasn't working them to the bone I spent my time with Rashida. Every waking hour with her filled me with a hope that I lost when I was exiled from Sparta. A hope I thought I had lost forever.

It was now the last day before the assault. The last messenger we received returned near death and had somehow hung on long enough to deliver his final report. I was just about to release the men early to rest for the upcoming battle when Khaldun made his appearance.

"Here is our hero, savior and condemner. How many more lives do you plan to sacrifice for your own glory?"

"I have already explained why to you once. Go back the way you came and sit this battle out or join with me and send these demons back to hell."

"No. I will solve this my way," he said drawing his sword.

Instinctively I drew Gaijin and readied myself. Khaldun sneered and leapt for me. We lock swords and a low growl emits from his throat. I can smell the wine on his breath.

"Khaldun, you are not yourself and if you continue this, it will only end in your death," I warned.

"The only death we will be seeing is yours!"

The scream was like a battle cry sending him into a frenzy. He raised his sword and attacked high. My blade went up to meet his as I slide past. I threw my leg up to kick him in the back which sent him reeling forward. Khaldun spun around with his sword, more out of desperation than focused attack. I was superior in skill and did not want to accept that fact before as he was realizing it now.

"Fight me face to face coward!" he yelled.

I remained standing where I was with Gaijin lowered to the ground. Khaldun smirked but kept silent. I almost thought he had given up his mad tirade until he launched himself at me again. Thankfully because of my training I was able to avoid the attack that otherwise would have killed me. He landed in a crouch as I side-stepped. He thrust the sword backward causing me to jump back and use my own weapon to deflect his.

He used the momentum of my block to spin upright and bring his sword around at my neck. I got Gaijin up just in time to stop his sword from taking my head off. I began wondering who was under estimating who or was I slacking because I knew I was the better skilled? I didn't know but I knew I needed to take it to the next level. The men surrounded us, watching the fight and I knew I needed to not lose the respect of them if I were to lead them. What the men thought of Khaldun didn't matter to me at this point.

We engaged once again this time face to face like he insisted we do. We locked a few times and he resorted to using a fist or foot in which I easily deflected or blocked. The men began cheering many calling my name or Khaldun's for support. When we broke, the cheers grew louder. We faced each other slowly circling each other with our weapons at the ready. We were both breathing hard and I was surprised at the agility and stamina he possessed while being drunk.

Blood trickled from his nose where I wasn't sure if it was broken or not. My ribs ached a bit from the kicks he managed to land. We both had cuts in our clothing where near misses were made and some spots bled from the few glances that did land. Yet we both still weren't going to give up. I fought for the people of this land and he fought for a woman's love that would never be his.

He suddenly stopped and ran forward then stopped at a slide kicking up sand. I quickly closed my eyes and using the sudden dust cloud I slide under his attack. I lifted him up and flipping him over. I spun bringing Gaijin to his throat.

"I gave you plenty opportunity to join me and leading these men to victory and saving the people of this country from the demon threat. But you seem to only want to become a burden."

No fear showed in his eyes only acceptance of defeat and death. I raised my sword for the killing blow when Rashida's voice stopped me.

"Don't Alexandros!"

I lowered Gaijin and looked blankly to her then I turned back to Khaldun. The anger rushed quickly from me and I felt almost ashamed.

"What is going on?" she asked. "All of you go!" When the soldiers didn't break up and move fast enough she yelled, "Go!" with more conviction in her voice. The area cleared quickly then. I stepped away from Khaldun leaving him lying on the ground. Rashida crossed her arms across her chest and breathed an audible sigh. "What the hell is it with you two?"

Neither of us answered right away, but she remained in placed tapping her foot waiting on an answer. It was Khaldun that answered first. "I've sought your love for as long as I can remember and throughout our entire childhood you only expressed your love as love for a friend. Then he comes here, captures your love, the heart of Pharaoh and becomes the hero of the people. I acted foolishly and disgraced myself."

"I'm sorry it cannot be anything more than that Khaldun," she said with sympathy.

They locked gazes for a few moments before he looks away. "I understand that now." Then he looked at me and asked for my forgiveness for his irrational attack.

"It is I that should ask for forgiveness. I lost sight of the foolishness of your attack and was ready to kill you," I said standing before him. I then held out my hand. "I ask that you join me and lead these men to victory and save these people."

"It will be my honor to fight alongside you," he said reaching up to grip my arm. He looked at Rashida, nodded and then took his leave.

We stood looking at each and she revealed a smile. "Thank you for not finishing your strike."

"Thank you for stopping me," I reply. She took my hand into hers and we stood for another moment in silence gazing into each other's eyes. Finally she broke the silence. "Come on we have something I want to do before tomorrow's battle."


Rashida took me to see Madu whereupon she disappeared and left us alone. She stayed quiet not answering any of my questions on the way there. Once she left I asked the Madu the same questions and like Rashida I got no answer.

My answer came minutes later when Rashida entered through the same door she left in dressed in a shimmering dress. She was more beautiful than any flower my mother grew in her garden. I knew right away what she had planned. My thoughts raced to her father and what he would think of this, but were quickly tossed aside when she stood beside me and grabbed my hand.

Madu went through the rituals which bond us together. The ceremony lasted only minutes and when it was final we were married and forever bond to each other.

Afterward, when we were alone Rashida answered all my questions and explained why she wanted to be married. I had no arguments in it and was more than glad to take her as my wife. The thoughts of the upcoming battle and anxieties were melted away that night as I spent the first night of many with my new wife.


Our lips were open and Rashida's tongue sensuously explored my mouth for a scant few moments before she pulled back, tracing my lips with her tongue. She broke our embrace and walked backward toward the bed. She beckoned to me with her finger and I followed. She sat upon the bed and slid backward, spreading her legs ever so slightly, allowing me just a glimpse.

I stepped toward the bed. Her breasts were exposed, glistening with the sweat of her excitement as the cool moonlight played across her bronzed skin. I reached forward, wrapping my arms around her back and we kissed again. Our tongues explored each other in the dark. Once more, she broke the embrace and pulled back ever so slightly. I stepped back, curious and eager to see what she was up to. She leaned back on her hands and spread her legs. My gaze shifted from her intensely beautiful eyes to her elegant breasts, then down to the crevice between her thighs.

"Do you like what you see?" she whispers.

"Yes," I breathed heavily.

Rashida took one of her fingers and delicately licked it up and down before placing it in her mouth. She sucked on it then removed it. A slight strand of saliva that followed fell from her mouth onto her breasts as she pulled her finger out. She gazed down at herself, grinning impishly. Her finger traced the curves of her breasts, leaving a trail of sticky, wet saliva across her breasts and around her nipples. They were instantly hard and erect from the cool air and the warmth radiating from inside her body. She stared at me intently as she circled her nipples with her wet finger. I could feel a shortness and quickness of breath coming on, a fever beginning to kindle inside my body.

She slid her wet finger down between her glistening breasts, over her smooth stomach and down onto the mound just before the darkness between her legs. I was yearning to burst. I couldn't see between her legs as the light of the moon would not shine there, but I watched as her fingers disappeared into it. I watched as her hand began to move in slow circles around it. Her eyelids were half closed in pleasure and private thoughts while she teased herself. Her hand began to move rhythmically and methodically. Her eyes were completely closed and her cheeks flushed with excitement.

The motions of her hand in the shadows between her legs stops and she slowly withdrew her fingers from their hidden place of pleasure. She retraced the trail of saliva on her stomach, leaving a wetter, even more glistening path. A path made from the product of her own excitement. She circled her nipples again, until they glistened with beads of her juice. Then she took her fingers, almost dripping with her wetness and placed them up to her lips, ever so delicately. She teased her fingers around those lips, until they too glistened in the moonlight. Then she opened her mouth and began licking them up and down.

She withdrew the fingers from her mouth, still dripping with her juices and saliva and she offered them to me. I stepped forward taking her wrist with my hand and I kissed her fingers, tasting the nectar. I licked them up and down. Then she pulled me in and our lips lock, tongues dancing once again. This time, I could taste her juices. My cock brushed against the darkness between her legs as she wrapped them around me. I thrust with my hips, ever so slightly, but I didn't penetrate, not yet. Rashida arched her back and moaned.

I kissed her neck, tracing my tongue down to her breasts. I licked the trail she left for me. I guided her legs apart, gently kissing the insides of her thighs. Then I slowly licked up and down the insides of her legs, feeling her tremble in anticipation. She can't restrain herself any longer as I teased the outside of her wet lower lips with my tongue. She reached two fingers down inside herself, rubbing her wet clit in anticipation of my tongue.

Finally, I gave her what we both wanted. My tongue flittered upon your clit, causing a moan to escape her pursed lips. Her head tilted back as waves of pleasure radiated through her body. She rubbed herself harder, her fingers glistened. She began to buck her hips as they trembled with the combined pleasure of my tongue and her fingers. I probed deeper with my tongue, sliding it deep into her dripping pussy. Then I licked it in circles across your clit. Her squeezing of her thighs and bucking hips in rhythm with her fingers and my tongue drove her wild. I could soon taste her coming.

I could feel it in the way she drove her hips, in the way she moved her fingers and in the way her breath came ever shorter, harder and faster. She was almost panting as another long, low moan breached her lips. Her fingers slid in and out faster and faster. My tongue licked her clit up and down and her body shook so hard that the bed began to move with her.

At last she came hard. Her body spasmed beneath my tongue and her glistening wet fingers. A gasp of pleasure erupted from deep within her. I didn't stop licking the wetness from her pussy which caused her body to spasm yet again, then a third time. She shrieked with ecstasy as came. I gently kissed the folds of wet skin between her legs. I kissed up her trembling stomach, her panting chest and deliciously curvy breasts up her neck to her mouth. I wrapped my arms around her waist and I pulled her trembling body up, so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed.

She wrapped her arms behind my head and pulled me in close, until our mouths merged. Her lips trembled as they meet mine and her body still pulsed with the echoes of her orgasm. I kissed her softly, slowly letting her taste herself on my lips and tongue. I could tell that tasting herself was arousing her again. She began to kiss me with more passion and force. She pulled me on top of her.

"I want you inside of me," she moaned. "I need you inside of me."

I obliged and kissed her passionately, before I slid into her tight, wet pussy. She gasped in excitement, feeling my thick cock entering. I was her first as the princess was not allowed to do anything until her marriage. I slid in and out of her as I grasped the back of her neck with my hand I caressed her face with my fingers as I thrust, harder and harder. Time ceases to exist as pleasure enveloped our two bodies. The sensations ebbed and flowed. Waves of intense pleasure washed over me coincided with the moans that escaped her moist lips. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Her thoughts were hazy with lust and pleasure. Just as I approached release she locked eyes with me. A sly grin played across her moonlit face. She stopped.

"Wha—" I began.

She had a look of mischief and arousal on her face. She placed a wet finger upon my lips, shushing me softly. Then she pushed me back gently from edge of the bed and slowly slid off until her bare feet meet floor again. I stared at her quizzically.

She lowered herself to her knees and I took a step forward. With a smile she extended her tongue to meet my quivering cock. She began licking me up and down. I gasped as she blew softly on the tip of my cock. The combination of her warm breath on the end, her tongue running its length and her soft, smooth hand gently grasping and stroking brought my arousal back to full strength. She plunged her lips over my head. She slid her tongue along the length of my shaft, all the way down and all the way back up, making a soft smacking sound as her lips released me. She glanced up at me, witnessing the intense pleasure that passed over my face.

She smiled then wrapped her lips back over my cock. I stroked her soft, silky hair. Within moments a wave of euphoria passed over my body, causing me to gasp aloud and release a shuddering sigh in the moonlight. She swallowed most of it, but she didn't stop the bobbing motion of her head, the licking of her tongue or the caressing of her lips. The ecstasy is almost more than I can bear as she licked the last physical remnants of my release from my shaft and head, swallowing it down.

I groaned and lowered my trembling body to the ground next to her. I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her as we embraced and tasting myself in her mouth, enjoying it. We laid, quivering on the floor. In the moonlight, I could see droplets of my cum that had escaped from her mouth onto her round breasts. I licked her breasts clean and as I did so, a wandering hand of mine made its way down between her legs and began massaging and fingering, reveling in the still wet darkness that was there.

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