tagErotic CouplingsAlex's Lessons Ch. 04

Alex's Lessons Ch. 04


Author's note: Those who have followed Alex's Lessons and have enjoyed her adventures living a Lesbian lifestyle, I hope you enjoy her first adventure with John. I look forward to continuing Alex's Lessons with both, her lesbian partners as well as any male partners she may come across later. As always please comment if you feel the need. Thank you, Red.


The sun was out; the seagulls were flying over head and the sand between the model's feet was wet and squishy. Alex looked to the camera and rewarded the photographer with the winning smile that she was known for. When the required number of shots were finished she grabbed a bottled water and headed over to John, Rita's driver. "You're early," she told him, looping her arm through his.

"Yea, I finished Rita's running," he answered. He felt the thrill of her touch rush through him.

"Well, I'm glad you're here; we finished early too. It is more fun riding home with you than getting a ride from one of the crew. They just look at me as if I'm a piece of meat." She rolled her eyes and released John's arm. "Thanks, give me a minute and I'll be right back. As much as I love the bikini, it isn't mine." She kissed her friend's cheek and left him standing there, unaware of the erection that was starting to grow harder as her scent lingered in the air.

When she returned John had composed himself and was in the driver's seat of his and Alex's boss' Town Car. Alex climbed into the seat beside him and grinned. "I have the night off . . . do you know how often that happens?"

"I thought you always had the nights off," John answered.

He drove the car down familiar streets that would take him to Alex's apartment, one he'd been in often, but never long enough in his mind. Even when he helped her redo her spare bedroom for her mom's visit, he'd not been with her long enough. He always left Alex wanting more. At times he thought perhaps she wanted more too, but she was always with someone - a female someone with a lot more money and class than John, at least in his opinion.

"I meant, I don't have any plans. As far as work goes, I don't have any jobs where I need to be out late. Rita has some in the works. A new line of evening gowns may come my way, so my nights will fill up eventually," Alex muttered.

John noticed the change in her voice and glanced her way. "What's up? You don't sound to thrilled with the idea of working nights," he said. He noticed her chewing on her lower lip, a site that always forced him to swallow a groan of lust. He'd imagined chewing on that lip so many times it was almost a constant thing for him to fantasize about.

Alex sighed. "John . . . I love modeling . . . but, I think I need a vacation."

He chuckled and squeezed her hand. "You're one of the hottest and newest faces out there. Rita isn't going to allow you a break. You know that." He heard her frustrated sigh and squeezed her hand again. "It isn't meant to be easy . . . this 'making it big'."

"I know, but they made it easy didn't they?" She had come from a backwater town, modeling a few clothes for the local stores and doing a few commercials as well as winning a beauty contest, but that wasn't what sold Alex. What "sold" Alex was her mom and her mom's old college lover, now renewed lover, Rita. She pulled strings and Rita had Alex modeling everything from make-up to diamonds. She even introduced her to her lesbian lifestyle, though if Alex was honest with herself she was curious about the other side of the coin. She had an attraction for John that she was sure was more than the best-friend kind.

Her thoughts drifted back to John and she squeezed his hand back. "Don't take me home okay," she told him.

John's face scowled. He didn't like the sound of that. He'd been told about her run in with the one night stand and how it had cost Rita a large chunk of change in order to get Alex out of trouble. The idea that she'd get into more trouble didn't appeal to him and he knew it wouldn't appeal to Alex either.

"Where do you want to go?" he asked. He continued to drive toward her apartment until she came up with a different destination.

Alex blew a few strands of raven locks that had fallen into her eyes. She thought for a moment, turned in her seat and grinned. "Well . . . it's Friday. What do you do on a Friday, John?" she asked.

He smirked. "Something, I'm sure you don't do." He chuckled and flicked the turn signal, took the next corner and headed toward his apartment. "Let me swing by my place, change and then I'll take you to Snickers. It's a comedy club here in the city."

"Thanks, John. I know you weren't expecting me, but I appreciate it." Alex felt a twitter in her stomach as she thought of spending the evening with John and his friends. She'd only gone out with the crowd Rita introduced her to since arriving in the big city.

Her "friends" were models, photographers, make-up and fashion consultants, as well as a few designers. Many of them had become temporary lovers, or one-time party "favors" to enjoy at social gatherings. Right now she had no lover. She hadn't taken up with anyone after Rita, her mom Maddie, and she "played" together.

"Alex, my friends aren't like your friends. We aren't loaded in cash. You know I make good money being Rita's driver, but you also know I'm working on starting my own business," John said as he continued making his way home.

"I know. I didn't always hang with the ritzy 'people' Rita's paraded me in front of," she said quietly.

"I just . . . these guys you'll meet tonight are my friends and well . . . they don't have the designer clothes or the newest SUV in their driveway. Hell they're lucky if they can own a driveway," he added.

"John, relax. I'm not going to have a problem with your friends," she told him. As they continued to his apartment Alex admitted to herself that meeting his friends would probably be the first normal thing she'd done since coming to the city and taking a job with Tucker Modeling.

Once they reached John's apartment Alex was suddenly nervous. She felt her pulse quicken when they got out of the car and when he pressed his hand to her back she began the subconscious act of chewing on her lower lip. John noticed and fought the urge to haul her against him and kiss away the habit, or at least help her with it.

They reached his door and he released his friendly touch on her person. He opened up his home to her, finally living a small part of what he'd always imagined. Alex had never been to his place and now that she was, he suddenly was very self-conscious. His home was nothing like hers. He kept putting his money in the bank, she spent hers, but then again she brought home checks with more zeros than he did. He didn't mind, until she was in the middle of his living room.

Alex looked around and for the first time in a long time she felt at peace. She'd been in million dollar mansions and her apartment wasn't one of the priciest on the block. Rita had however helped fill it with expensive toys after Alex had insisted on staying there and not getting a suite in Rita's building. Sometimes Alex was afraid to touch anything in her own home. She smiled at John and quickly cleared off a spot on his sofa to sit down on.

"Nice place," she told him; her smile was genuine. John knew that it was. He'd seen her artificial ones for the camera and he'd seen the forced ones for clients. He knew all her smiles.

"Glad you like it. Pardon the mess," he said as he picked up the newspapers she'd pushed away. "Since I wasn't expecting a beautiful woman to walk in anytime soon, it looks normal."

She laughed and held up her hands. "My apartment would look like this if I didn't have a service that came in and cleaned up after my lazy ass."

"Want something to drink before I grab a shower and change?"

"Sure," she answered. Alex stood up and made her way to the kitchen and leaned against the counter that separated the two rooms. She watched him walk, opening a cabinet, grabbing glasses, pouring them both sodas. Her eyes wondered over his form and when he caught her she blushed profusely.

John raised a brow and chuckled. He winked, handed her one of the two glasses of iced soda and headed to the restroom to take a cold shower. The look in Alex's eyes had told him she'd been thinking exactly what he'd been thinking. They'd fit well together.

Alex shivered in delight as she took one last glance at the man walking away. When he was gone, she smiled softly to herself and casually walked around his apartment. Her fingers brushed against pictures of his family. She picked up one of his sister, Sheila, another employee of Rita's. Eventually she made her way back to the sofa and finished clearing it and laid down.

That was how John found her, except she was curled into a ball and asleep. He chuckled and went back to his bedroom, pulled the blankets back and returned to pick her up. She barely opened her eyes as he carried her to his bed. He disentangled himself and moved down to the remove her shoes and socks. His fingers rested on her trim ankles and he desperately wanted to travel up the long legs and take a trip on a path of no return. John covered her up and left the room, shutting the light off on his way out.

It was late when Alex woke up. Her eyes focused on the pattern of the pillow under her head and she couldn't remember buying it. She frowned and rolled over on her back, stretched and then sat up. "Where am I?" she muttered under her breath. She tossed the blankets back and threw her legs over the bed. "At least I'm still dressed."

She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and pushed her long black hair off her shoulders, allowing it to fall down her back. She thought back and remembered being with John. Her hand reached out and she found a night stand by the bed where a lamp rested. She flicked it on and clenched her lids shut against the invading light. When she was ready she opened them and tried not to panic as she thought of the last time she'd fucked up and what it had cost her in the end.

She caught sight of a picture in a frame and walked over to it. "Thank God," she said in a voice that was full of relief. Her fingers ran over the face of her friend John and the girl next to him, his sister Sheila. She placed the photo down and quietly tiptoed out of the room.

The light from the lamp illuminated the hall just enough that Alex was able to make her way safely to the bathroom, which she used and then left its light on to help her find her way further around John's apartment.

She found her friend sleeping on the couch and smiled. Her eyes drank in his features and she found herself wanting to touch his hair and brush it from his forehead. She almost did, but pulled back and headed to the kitchen to check the illuminated digits on the microwave. The time read two and she chewed her lower lip, wondering what she could snack on until she felt tired again.

Alex opened the fridge and stared into it for several minutes until she felt a swat on her ass. She jumped and spun around.

"Thief," John said with a wicked grin.

"A hungry one," she answered. She poked his ribs and that was when she noticed he'd been sleeping without a shirt on. Earlier the blanket had been up to his neck and he'd been snuggled tight within its warmth. Now with the help of the refrigerator light she could make out not only his hard chest, but the hair that V-lined into his boxers.

Her eyes flew back to his when she saw her attention had been noticed, not only by his whispered "Alex" but also by the growth in his pants.

"Sorry," she said with a blush. She was thankful for the dimness of the room, knowing it hid her warmed skin.

"Oh God, Alex," John whispered and shut the refrigerator door with one hand. His other hand went to her hip and he pulled her closer. "Don't be sorry." His head dipped down and he traced her lips with the tip of his tongue.

A whimper escaped her lips and that was the invitation John needed to proceed further. His tongue swept inside her mouth. His other hand left the fridge and moved to the small of her back. He pressed her to him and Alex's hand slipped around his neck.

Her tongue slid along side his while she angled her head, giving him deeper access. They danced together, a dance where each one led while the other explored the texture, taste, and heat of the other. When they parted, John took a steadying breath and pressed a soft kiss against her forehead. "I've wanted that for so long," he told her.

"I have too," she whispered.

"I want more," they both said at the same time. Their their lips collided again. His fingers moved from her sides to skate up her shirt. When the pads of his hard, callused digits he pressed against the swells of her breasts. Her breath caught and she pulled her lips away. He lifted the material from her torso and watched as the moonlight that spilled through the kitchen window danced across her raven curls and satin shoulders.

He dipped his head down and his teeth reached her bra strap. He kissed the skin that lay beside it as his hand moved up to slip the band down. He bit her flesh with teasing nips, followed by long hot strokes of his tongue. Alex's fingers buried themselves in his hair as he walked her backwards to the counter.

"Alex, you taste wonderful," he whispered in her ear, before licking the curve of it and pulling on the lobe. He lifted her up and settled her on the counter. Her hands fell to his shoulders and she leaned in to kiss his hot flesh. She ran her tongue along his collarbone and up his neck, where she suckled hard.

His trailed his hands over her shoulder blades, along the back of her neck and then down her spine. When he reached the snaps of her bra, they were quickly undone and his nails raked skin that begged to be touched.

"Mmm . . . "she purred. He grinned against her neck, allowing her to enjoy the brief back scratch he gave her.

She giggled and slipped her hands down his arms, pulled them from her and slipped her fingers to the straps of her bra. She lowered them and then took the soft silk in her hands. A smirk crossed her lips as she saw his jaw slacken in appreciation as she released her breasts for his view. The tips of her fingernails grazed her hardened nipples and she whimpered from the teasing caress. "John, please," she begged him.

John knew what she wanted and he was more than willing to oblige her needs. His hands came up and he cupped the firm, yet soft globes. His thumbs flicked over the tips and as his lips descended on the right peak, the left was treated with a rolling action that two fingers forced it to accept.

"Oh yes, John," Alex hissed as she felt his tongue scrap over her areola and then flick her nipple. Her breasts ached as he teased them, pulling with his fingers as well as his teeth. Her pussy tightened as he released them both only to grab them again and push them together, forcing the hard buttons to meet. He taunted and tortured them both simultaneously, lavishing them with kisses, licks, suckles, and bites. When he released them, he ran his tongue between her cleavage and up to her neck, then her chin. He grabbed her head with his hands, before plundering her mouth with his tongue.

"Alex, I want all of you. God baby," he muttered. His voice was thick with longing. His cock hurt and he felt it pressing against the counter as well as the elastic band of his boxers.

"I want you. John . . . I've never been with a man . . . just," she whispered against his lips, stopping before she finished.

John's heart swelled and if he thought it would help her he would have confessed how thrilled he was to know that. He knew about her lesbian friends and he knew her lovers, but he never really knew for certain if she'd been with a man. "Alex . . . It will be different. But if you don't like it, we'll stop . . . " he told her.

Inside his mind was screaming. He wanted her more than any woman he'd ever wanted before. "Alex . . . I don't care about the women. I want to be the man though . . . God baby, I want to be the only man, but we don't have to discuss that now."

"No, we don't." Her hands moved to his hips and she slipped from the counter. Her breasts rubbed his chest and she shivered over the sparse hair that tickled her skin.

He lifted her up and carried her to his bedroom and then his bed. Her lips pressed warm kisses along his skin. When they reached the room, he chose to leave the small light on.

"You don't know how many times I've seen you here." He gazed down on her figure and watched her chest rise and fall. Her raven hair spilled over his pillow just like it had a thousand times before in his imagination. Reality was so much better, he realized.

Her hands fell to her stomach and she slipped her fingers over her shorts, pulled at the zipper and released the button. She shimmed out of the material at the same time he removed his boxers. Her hands glided slowly up her thighs and she eased her panties off. A hearty growl escaped John and Alex felt another blush spread over her, this time even her pussy felt the fiery heat, though it only mingled with the sweltering temperature of her already moist sex.

"I want to taste every inch of you Alex, but I don't know if I can wait," he told her. His eyes feasted on her sex, her legs, her stomach, breasts, and her welcoming lips. Every fantasy he'd had since meeting Alex swam in his head and he felt his pre cum slide down his cock.

"Don't wait, John," she told him. Her hand gripped his wrist and she slid further over on the bed, pulling him with her.

John's pulse raced as he crawled onto the bed. When she released him, he lowered himself to his one elbow before pressing a leg between hers. He took one of her arms and raised it over her head while his mouth moved to capture her lips again. His cock jerked against her thigh as he renewed the hunger and passion his mouth had grown thirsty.

Alex moaned against the assaulting kiss as her free hand slid into his hair. He bit her lower lip and suckled on it, before gnawing it gently. He'd hungered for that petal for so long he could barely bring himself to leave it, but he did. He released her hand and moved to lay over her. Swiftly she spread her legs and he pressed the head of his sex against her welcoming pussy.

"Please . . . oh please, John."

He pushed the swollen tip between the folds of her cunt and felt the dark hole that beckoned him onward. He slid into her. His eyes closed as the tightness of her sex surrounded him. "Fuck," he moaned.

She lifted her hips and wrapped her legs around him; he sank in further and groaned his pleasure. The base of his cock rubbed against her pussy and when the two of them began to move it was a sweet torture that only increased their need.

Alex hissed as her first real cock entered her. It was hot and the tip rolled into her unlike any toy she used or any strap on. The pleasure of having his cock inside her pussy was unreal. She squeezed it and felt it jerk deep within her. He groaned and she smirked, repeated the action and watched his face melt away in pleasure. Her hips ground against him and she felt the tip of his cock scrap the sides of her cunt as he continued to drag in and out of her.

"Harder,"she gasped. Her nails ran trails of pink heat down his back as she tore at him, begging him for more.

He pushed harder and pulled from her depths, only to plunge and impale her again with more thrust. He increased his speed and began fucking her faster. With alternating thrusts he'd slow and make her beg him to hurry once more.

Over and over he drove her closer to release, only to pull back and make her wait. He felt his balls tighten and knew he would shower her with seeds that she'd never taken before. He assumed there were no pills in her system and knew there was no condom that he could reach fast enough. John sank into her one last time, before pulling out and coming all over the blankets. As he shook from his release, he pushed two fingers into her sex and fucked her with no restraint.

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