tagLoving WivesAli the "Big" Old Arab Ch. 1

Ali the "Big" Old Arab Ch. 1

byHorny Lene©

Some of you may already have read my husbands story "My wife and the old Arab!"

That story is half true and half fiction.

Here is the real story!

I have "Ali's permission to display our e-mails, Ali is not his real name, but the name he use on the net..

Part 1.


I turned on our computer and connected it to the net, a moment later a little note appeared on the screen, mail from Ali, at once I felt my pussy turned soaking wet, would I finally meet Ali?

In a hurry I clicked on Outlook Express and shifted to my private mail-account, I saw it downloading mail, a moment after the mail from Ali appeared in the inbox, I disconnected the computer and read Ali's mail. I read:

Hi Lene!

Clive told about your husband's story on Litterotica.com andI read it, no doubt it was you! I had my doubts about you, I just thought you were kidding, but I'm now sure you mean it! I'll love to come to your place and fuck you and fill your horny Danish married slut-belly with my hot Muslim seed. I'll put so much seed in your belly, that when I leave your house I'm sure you are pregnant you can count on that!

Or else you just ask A.K., the Swedish slut is 4 month pregnant now, and I'm sure it's my son she is carrying! I understand that you had your coil removed so your belly is unprotected, that's good! If you hadn't I could se no reason in fucking you.

Is your husband using a condom when he fucks you now? He has to use a condom until I have fucked you. When I first have fucked you for 2 days, then it's not necessary any longer, then you have my seed in your womb, my seed will swell in your womb, and grow to be a healthy Muslim boy, you bet!

Now send me a mail telling me when your next fertile period are, then I'll come around the nearest weekend, and I'll fuck you in front of your cuckold of a husband, he must be or else he would not let another man fuck his wife in front of him.

Love from

Ali H

I read his mail again while I masturbated, I was just so horny at the thought about the big fat cock I have heard so much about, but not seen or felt yet.

I wrote to Ali:

Hi Ali!

Thanks for your mail.

No it was certainly not a joke from my side. After All I have heard from Clive my pussy are so hot and horny, and I wanted so bad to feel your big cock, and I have persuaded my husband and get rid of my coil, as you demanded!

According my calculation I'm most fertile the 15th October so it would be great if you can visit us that weekend (13-15).

Now it's up to you if you can visit us that weekend, or else it had to wait another month.

I look forward to hear from you and hope that you can come that weekend; I really look forward to finally feel your big cock in my married pussy.

Love from

Lene F

I connected to the net and entered !

29 September 2000

New mail from Ali:

Hi Lene you horny slut!

I'm coming to fuck you the 13th October at 6.30 (PM). I'll phone you about 10 minutes before I reach your home. I count on that you have tied your husband and gagged him before I arrive, then I'll fuck you right in front of him, you bet on that!

It was a good idea your cuckold of a husband had in his story, that you tie him up before I arrive.

I think your pussy is going to get soaking wet when you tie him up, and think about that he will be sitting staring at us while I fuck you for the first time.

Now dear Lene, give me your phone number and address, then I'll come and fuck you in your horny pussy, just as you want so badly.

Love from

The father of your next child

Ali H

I read his mail, my pussy was soaking and oh so hot, and I sat down and wrote:

Hi Ali!

Of cause you can have my address and phone number, or else you will have a hard time finding me. I really look forward to the weekend when you will come to our house and fuck me, I'm curious to see if your cock are as big as both you Clive and A.K. says.

I can hardly manage to wait for 2 weeks, but that I just have to.

Love from

Lene F

And then my whole address and phone number

I sat there in front of the computer, I was in doubt, should I send the mail to Ali or not.

I wanted so bad to feel the big fat cock I have heard so much about, but was it right to do it, one thing is a fantasy, but another thing is real life.

I decided to wait until my husband returned from work, I just sat there fantasising about meeting Ali and getting his big fat cock, I got so hot and sat there and masturbated, I got an nice orgasm shortly before my husband returned.

I called his name and he came into the room where I sat, I showed the E-mails to him and said:

"Now is the last chance to back out darling, if I send this mail Ali is coming to fuck me for a whole weekend trying to breed me, and if I send it I'm going to let him fuck me for sure, what do you say about that darling?"

He put his right hand under my dress and felt how wet my pussy was.

He said; "If that's what you want darling it's OK with me!"

I looked at him and said;" OK darling!" And I clicked on now it was too late to regret.

Ali had my address and phone number; nothing could hold him back now.

2 weeks from now, Ali would come and fuck me, fill my pussy and womb with his seed, and possibly fill my womb with the seed to a little baby.

My husband kissed me tenderly and whispered; "Ooooh my little slut, now I'm going to fuck you."

I remembered him to use a condom, and he fucked me real hard and satisfied my needs for some time.

But when I lay awake beside my sleeping husband that night, I could not sleep, I lay fantasising about Ali's visit.

30 September 2000

New mail from Ali:

Hi Lene!

Thank you for sending me your address and phone number. Now I look forward to the 13th where I'm going to fill your married belly with my seed. Keep your pussy wet for me; you surely will need to be wet to take my big cock.

I'll promise you to get so much seed that weekend that you never had in a weekend before.

Se you the 13th

Ali H

Thursday the 12th of October

Mail from Ali:

Hi Lene!

To morrow I'm coming and I'll fuck you with my big fat Muslim cock, I have been looking on the picture you have send me many times, and I look forward to fuck a chubby Danish married whore like you.

You will get so much cock that you will have a hard time walking after that weekend.

The way you behave you are to be characterized as a horny whore, and I promise you, that you will get so much cock, that you beg me to stop, you bet!

My seed will fill your cunt and womb many times during the weekend, you bet. I'm quite sure, that my seed will swell in your womb, so the start to a little Muslim boy are made before I go home. Then I have spread my seed in both Sweden and in Denmark, and you will be slut no: 21 who give birth to one of my children, my wife is out of that account, that's only the Scandinavian whores I tell you about.

See you tomorrow at 6.30!


I read his mail several times while I masturbated and got a great orgasm.

After that I wrote a short mail to Ali:

Hi Ali!

I really look forward to tomorrow evening, my pussy is soaking after reading your mail, and I can hardly wait until tomorrow.

Love from your Danish whore

Lene F

Friday the 13th of October 2000

The whole Friday I walked like in a dream world, my thoughts were all about Ali and his big cock, the big cock I was to feel the very same night.

I took a shower and found some tiny black underwear, handcuffs, straps, rope, and a rubber gag, and then I was ready for Ali.

Ali had told me that he would have his meal on the road, so we had an early dinner.

At 6.00 we sat down and took a game of cards. My husband won all the time, my mind were somewhere else. I had a hard time concentrating on the cards, Ali's cock spooked in my mind!

6.20 the phone rang, I took it, it was Ali, he said; "Well Lene are you ready to tie your husband now?"

I answered; "Yes Ali all things are ready!"

Ali continued; "Clever girl, tie him to a chair beside your dining table, I want to fuck you on that first!"

I said; "Yes Ali, I'll do that!"

Ali said; "That's good Lene, I'll be around in 10-15 minutes!"

I looked at my husband and said; "Now it's your turn, that was Ali, he will be around in 15 minutes and want me to tie you up before he arrive, please sit down on that chair darling!"

My husband obeyed and put his hand on his head while I tied a rope around his chest and the back of the chair. When that was done he placed his hands behind the chair and I handcuffed him. I put straps around his ankles and the legs of the chair, now the only thing I need to do before Ali came was to gag him, and that could wait a little longer.

I sat on his lap face against him and kissed him with me tongue deep in his mouth, I could feel his cock was hard as rock, but his jeans was and my tiny panties were between us.

It was clear that he would like his cock deep in my pussy, but that had to wait, time was too short before Ali would arrive.

I sat there on his lab kissing him and caressed his body until there only was a couple of minutes until Ali was supposed to arrive, then I took the gag, placed the rubber ball in my husbands mouth and fastened the leather strap behind his head.

Now his was quite helpless, he could do nothing to stop the thing that soon would happen.

Ooooh my pussy was so hot and soaking wet.

A moment later I heard a car stop in front of our house, I looked out of the window and saw a dark man get out of the car that must be Ali.

I hurried to the door and opened it and took a good look at the man outside the door, a very dark guy, athletic built and with greyish hair smiled naughty against me.

I said; "Come on in Ali!"

Ali looked at me and smiled as he went inside our house, I closed the door behind him and faced him.

He grabbed me pulled me close to him and kissed me hard and demanding, I felt a big hard thing in his trousers being pressed against me, it was very promising.

Ali said; "Now Lene are you ready for my cock?" I smiled and said; "Yes Ali!"

He continued; "Where have you tied your husband?"

I took Ali into the living room and over to our dining table, where my helpless husband sat on a chair. I said; "Darling that is Ali, Ali meet my husband, sorry he is a bit impolite and don't answer!" Ali laughed and said; "Yes that is a bit rude, now I will fuck his wife and all!"

He looked at my husband and said; "Lene you take of your clothes now, I want to fuck you right away, my cock had been hard half of the time I was driving!"

He took off his own clothes, so I joined him.

A moment after we were both almost naked, I had my tiny black panties on and Ali has only his briefs on, his cock threatened to burst them.

Ali looked at me and said; "It's yours to unpack!"

I kneeled in front of Ali and pulled his briefs down, ooh my god, a sight for sore eyes, he had absolutely not been boasting, his cock was big, very big, but especially the thickness impressed me, it was thicker than any of those who had fucked me in the past 14 years, and the length was near the length of the longest cock I ever had tried in my life.

Ali interrupted my thoughts by saying; "Now drop your panties Lene and sit down on the edge of the table!"

I obeyed immediately. Ali pushed me back, so I lay on the table, he pressed a finger up in my pussy and pulled it out, he looked at it with a satisfied smile and said; "Your are soaking wet you little slut, that's good or else I'll never get my cock up in your horny cunt!"

He bend forward and tasted my pussy with his tongue, I twitched when his tongue hit my clitoris, ooh my god, what a start.

He straighten himself and placed his big cockhead between my soaking cuntlips, he worked it a bit around the entrance, while he said; "You have to ask for it you little slut, you have to ask me to fuck you!"

I gasped; "When his dickhead hit my clitoris and moaned; "Oooh Ali fuck me now, fuck me with your big black cock!"

Ali looked gloating at my husband and said; "Lene you have to say; Ali fuck me with your lovely big Muslim Baby maker!"

I looked him desperate in his eyes and said; "Ali please fuck me with your lovely big Muslim Baby maker!"

Ali again looked gloating at my poor husband and said; Listen to that horny slut, listen how she begs me to fuck her in front of you, its a real horny slut you are married to, but don't you worry, I'll give her what she deserves!"

With those words he slowly pushed his big fat cock inside my tight but soaking pussy, while I screamed and moaned; "Oooo Ali it's much too big ooooh oouch ooooh, yes that feels good Ali ooooh!"

I felt the cockhead being pressed against my uterus, my pussy was stretched to the limit, the pressure continued and he pressed my womb further up in my belly. It was so hot; my poor pussy was stretched like never before. I moaned and whimpered while he gave me the last inch.

When it was in to the hilt Ali groaned; "Oooh you horny slut, I don't think that you ever had so much cock in your horny cunt before, is it good to finally be stretched to the limit?"

I moaned; "Noo Ali you are right I have never had a cock as thick as your before, oooh it feels great ooooh!"

Ali fucked me with deep slow moves, it was beyond any description I can give you on print, the feeling of the big cock that had filled my pussy to the max, it did hurt in the start, but slowly it changed into a wonderful feeling, it was nearly too much and there have only passed 15-20 minutes since Ali had arrived, and he was mine all weekend.

I vent crazy and moaned and screamed; "Ooooh Ali fuck me fuck me harder ooooh!"

Suddenly without any warning the orgasm hits me, I screamed while my pussy was "milking" Ali's cock in convulsions.

Ali groaned; "Ooooh Lene you lovely whore, I can't cope with you milking my cock that way, ooh I'm cumming ooh yes!" He pulled his cock out of my pussy with the words; "The first shot you'll get on your belly, your husband deserves to see how much seed I'm putting inside your belly every time I cum!"

I had never seen a man deliver that amount of sperm before, he makes a big puddle on my belly, and the sperm ran down my sides and ended on the table, fortunately I always have a oilcloth under the table cloth, or else there would have been spots on our dining table.

I just lay flat on my back panting for air while Ali rubbed his cock in my crotch.

He said directed to my helpless husband; "Look, look at the amount of sperm I can deliver, I'm quite sure that your horny wife is pregnant before I leave you, and I will come back and fuck her again, when her belly has grown big and heavy, and her tits are filled with milk, and then I'll fuck her again, you can count on that!"

He kissed me hard and said; "Now I could like a cup of coffee Lene!" I dried my belly for his sperm and left for the kitchen. There I makes the coffee and returned to the living room.

When I returned Ali stood in front of my husband, and slapped his big cock on the table time after time. While doing so he told my poor helpless husband, how much cock I was about to receive during the next days.

My pussy was so hot while I poured the coffee in our cups.

Ali pulled out a chair and placed it with the side faced against the table, then he sat down, his big cock was hard again and he said; "Lene you sit on my lap while we drink our coffee, and when the coffee is finished, I'll fuck you again, but this time I'll fill your horny married belly with my seed.

I Said; "Yes Ali!" And straddled over him and lowered my self and impaled my self on his big black pole, oooh that was great.

It was nearly too much just sitting still on that big cock and drink the coffee, but nothing to do. Ali had a solid grip around my waist and held me tight pressed down over his big cock.

A little later Ali sat the cup empty on the table and said; "Now my slut, you ride my cock now!"

I started riding his big cock while I moaned and panted. It was so hot to be filled so much, I looked at my husband and saw how he stared at Ali's big black cock working deep in my soaking pussy.

I moaned; "Oooh Ali your cock are just great ooooh!"

Slowly I increased the pace, as I came closer to an orgasm, my whole body began to quiver and my pussy began to squeeze the big cock in convulsions, then the orgasm hit me, it was so forceful that I was out of conscience!

When I gained conscience again, I was still impaled on Ali's cock, his cock had vent soft, and I felt his hot sperm oozing from my stretched pussy. The sperm makes quite a puddle on fabric on the seat.

Ali had a good tight grip on my tits to hold me on the chair. He said; "Well You married slut, do you like it!"

I turned my face against him and said; "Yes Ali, I liked it a lot!" I kissed him tenderly!"

Ali said; "Now you are going to be fucked in your conjugal bed, and your husband is to be tied to a chair beside the bed, I want him to se me breed his wife!"

To Be Continued...

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