tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAlice Through the Looking Hole

Alice Through the Looking Hole


Alice watched from the living room window as another U-Haul arrived at the house next door. Three men with tightly stretched t-shirts stating "Fire Department" over muscled upper bodies began to move boxes from the back of the trailer. The tallest one with close cropped bronzed blonde curls and a light tan was her new neighbor.

Alice had always had a thing for firemen and settled in to the corner of the window to watch the show. All the bending, and lifting made her mouth water thinking of the ways she would have liked for them to be bending and lifting her: naked and with hot oil.

She blushed at herself and her afternoon thoughts. Being married to a man that never touched her made her resort to imagination and battery operated machinery for release. But toys were like craving steak and eating tofu: you can only pretend for so long.

As her daydream began turning into a group participation project with her in the truck on a box and the three firemen unrolling their hoses, she ran a hand down her chest to stroke her nipple hardening at her thoughts. A tingling began down below and she began to drift her hand down further. At the same time, her new neighbor paused from his lifting. His back was turned to her and she watched him stiffen then stand. He slowly began removing his shirt.

Alice's breath caught as the skin became exposed of his back. A tribal tattoo around his forearm became exposed, and the muscles rippled under golden skin. Not the muscles of a large muscled man, but the lean rippling ones that gave just enough contour when touched. Alice was thinking about touching those arms as her fingers slid under her skirt and stroked herself on the outside of her panties. Just as her finger slid into the moistness behind the cloth, her new neighbor did something unexpected. He turned to face her window, shirt in hand, looked directly at the place Alice thought she was hiding and slowly smiled then winked.

Alice jerked away from the window and hid against the wall in the small foyer of the front door. After catching her breath, she peeked around the corner to see if he really had been looking. She glimpsed out the window again, this time more cautious and indeed he was still there. Hands on his hips, chest bare shining in the sun, and a very seductive smile across his face exposing a dimple in his cheek as he stared at Alice's window.

Alice wished she could have been the kind of woman to lean seductively into the window and smile back. She imagined herself in a slinky form fitting camisole under a sheer long robe. Hair immaculate, red lips full and ready, she would have on spiked heels and greet her neighbor by exposing her thigh through the robe, letting it fall to show the camisole. Instead, Alice who was always shy about her body, crouched behind the couch in her business suit skirt and blouse hoping he wasn't really looking at her and would go away.

The scene took her off guard so much that she avoided looking out the living room window for three days. She also contemplated if it was proper etiquette to bake and carry over a pound cake after one had been caught peeping at her neighbors.

Alice's next dilemma came the next night in her backyard. Like all the other houses in the little suburb, her new neighbor's tiny back yard was separated from her back yard by a wooden privacy fence. You could make out bits and pieces through the slats on occasion, and a little more if there was a hole in the wood. You could also hear very very well.

Alice discovered this new dilemma as she sat outside on her chaise one afternoon enjoying a steamy romance novel. Stretched out in cut off jean shorts and a tank rolled up to expose her belly, Alice was just getting to the part where the heroin was "moaning in desire as the pirate roamed his tongue up her thigh" when a real moan came from the other side of the fence.

Alice stopped reading to listen. She could make out through the slats in the fence a piece of bronze curls hovering over long blonde hair. Another slat showed bronzed long muscled legs pressing between shorter slender thighs. "Oooohhh," a light femine voice moaned.

Alice felt herself getting moist listening to the noises coming from the other side of the fence. She heard her fireman neighbor say something low, his voice richly deep and sensual. The blonde giggles in response then gasped and let out a low moan.

Alice's pulse began to quicken and her body responded to the sounds as if she were the one on the other side of the fence. She itched to take a closer look but was terrified of getting caught watching them. She shifted in her chair trying to decide what to do.

"Jack, Jack," the voice panted from the other side of the fence, "ooooo, oooo, OOH!" the sounds were increasing.

Alice clenched her eyes shut to block out what she was hearing and slightly seeing. This did not help. She was now imaging what he was doing and where he was doing it at. In her mind she could see Jack hovering over her own chair, the bronze curls brushing her ear as his tongue was hot on her neck. His hand cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipple hard as his tongue flicked into her ear and his knee came up to press against her sex. Alice became so lost in the fantasy that her own hand slid into her tank to fondle her breasts, and the spine of the book became his knee that was grinding against her throbbing pussy.

"Oooh yeah, mmmm, yeah, mmmmm," heavy panting had begun next door. A rhythm that mimicked an approaching climax began from the little blonde. Alice's eyes flew open and she had to risk a peek. Her chaise was close to the side of the fence, and if she turned to her right side she could see through the slats more clearly.

Too aroused to be afraid, she undid the little jean cutoffs and shifted lower on the chair to see from a different slat, and to give herself a better angle as her fingers slid inside her shorts to caress her aroused, lonely, pussy.

Her fingers slid easily up against her clit thanks to an increasing wetness due to the show next door. As Alice's fingers began slow light circles around her clit, she watched as Jack's head seemed to dip in between the blonde's thighs where she lay flat of her back on a blanket in the other yard.

She could see the tribal tattoo as his arms pulled the blonde down on his face by gripping her waist. Her hands were in those beautiful curls as she grew louder, and her thighs opened wider by his hands pressing them open for his face.

Alice increased the speed of her fingers to match the pattern of the sounds the woman was making. She was fascinated by Jack's head bobbing in between the woman's thighs, occasionally backing away enough to suck and bite at the inner skin of her legs. Alice had not received the pleasure of a man's tongue below the waist since her college boyfriend. It was something she fantasized about almost every night lying beside the unmoving snoring lump that never put a hand on her.

She wondered what it would feel like for Jack to do that to her own body, as her fingers began to press harder on her slippery clit. Her other hand freed her right breast from her shirt and began rubbing her nipple in earnest.

"Hmm do you like that sugar?," Jack's voice came across the fence as if it was against her ear. Alice's eyes flew to the fence to see him looking up at the blonde who was moving impatiently on the blanket. The blonde answered by moaning, as Jack's hand slid down her thigh and his fingers thrust into her body. She let out a gasp as he began to finger fucker her hard on the blanket.

"Jack!" she screamed.

Alice could see the woman's hips rocking up to meet the fingers pounding her fast and hard. Alice's own fingers slid into her own body moving in and out at a slower pace. How she wished she had her toys with her for better access.

Jack's head bowed back to work sucking the woman's clit as his fingers shifted to allow a pinky to slide into the woman's ass as his other fingers remained to pound her pussy. Alice lost all control as she watched this new action. Her breathing became harder as did the blonde's next door.

When the woman being thoroughly pleasured next door cried out in a hard orgasm, Alice herself let out a little moan with her own release following close behind. The sound that she made snapped her out of her pleasure, as she grew very still praying that she had not been heard next door.

From the sounds of the blonde, she had not been noticed. The blonde continued to ride out her orgasm chanting Jack's name like a cheerleader at a football game. When the noise began to dwindle, a new one began. Sounds of shifting bodies on the blanket were heard from next door, then a slight yelp of surprise.

Alice pressed her face to the fence to see what was happening. She had been riding out a powerful orgasm when she got scared she had been caught, and had missed her big release. Now she was intensely aroused and lost all care of being caught as her fingers began again to try to find that heightened pleasure before release.

She was not disappointed. Next door Jack and flipped the blonde over to bend on all fours. He had her face pressed away from the fence against the blanket, and her little round ass high up in the air as he prepared to take her from behind. In a swift motion he slid inside of her and began to fuck her hard. Each thrust almost lifted the woman off the blanket, and he held on to her hips leaning himself back to fuck her even harder. Their bodies made light slapping sounds as he pounded her, and the woman began to moan and wail similar to a siren heard from a distance.

Alice felt her stomach tighten in warm release. She fantasized often about being taken in this way, and seeing it happen next door was more than her senses could take.

As Jack rode the woman hard next door, Alice's fingers pressed hard into her body. She circled her clit in smaller circles, needing more pressure against her wet clit. Her wet pussy clenched and released with longing to be filled and ridden hard. She let out a little whimper then bit her lips to shut her mouth as she rode out her own arousal.

"Do you like how I'm fucking you, baby? You like being taken outside like a little whore?" the words floated across the fence low but heard clearly by Alice. The words undid her as she clamped a hand across her mouth and screamed into it as her fingers fucked her own pussy to release.

Her hips rocked against her hand making the chair squeak a little as she exploded with heat and wetness against the plastic cushion on the chaise.

"Take it, take some more," Jack was saying as the woman's screams built again.

Alice's eyes opened from her hard cum, and turned to watch again. Her fingers still flicked at her clit but lighter now that she had climaxed. She watched Jack build his own release as he talked dirty to the woman and rode her hard.

As he climaxed she felt herself prepare to cum again. This was something that had never happened to her before. This second climax was harder to find for her, she began rubbing her clit vigorously with her fingers and could not quiet catch up to the need to release. She almost moaned in frustration as she pressed harder onto her clit and harder, trying to release.

When Jack started making low noises in his throat, she prepared to finger fuck herself again. Then, he surprised her again. "It's time baby," she heard him say, and watched as the blonde moved quickly to get to her knees, and Jack stood up.

He stroked himself a few hard times. His cock larger than Alice had imagined it being. She watched as he walked closer to the blonde, and consequently to the fence. He grabbed her by the hair and forced her head onto his cock.

With his hands in her hair, he began fucking the woman's mouth just as hard as he had her pussy. The woman slurped and bobbed trying to keep up.

"Rub yourself," Jack growled to the blonde, who began fingering her pussy. Alice jumped at the command spoken closer to the fence and did the same from her hiding space.

She became even more aroused thinking that Jack was talking to her as the blonde sucked him to a climax. Soon her fingers built her body back up to the place she was craving to find. The tight coils began again in her stomach clenching to release. This time it was like an explosion of fire. Her thighs clamped down on her hand and she rocked herself hard on the chair.

She was so enchanted by the scene next door that she could not look away. As she came twice hard from the same orgasm her eyes suddenly looked onto Jack's face. He was watching her through the fence.

His eyes locked onto her and he smiled slightly as he rammed himself into the woman's face and came hard. He held her head in place making her swallow all of him. Slurps then a gagging noise let Alice know that she was having a hard time keeping him in.

He pulled at her hands, "Don't spill." He commanded the woman as he stood proud and naked in the back yard; little blonde swallowing his cum and his hot eyes boring holes into Alice through the slats on the fence.

Alice rolled away in horror. She was too weak from her climax to move for the moment, and was terrified to call any more attention to herself than she already had possibly done. She kept praying that he really hadn't seen her, that it had been a trick.

"Let's take a shower," Jack suggested to the blonde. She heard the back door of Jack's house open and shut.

Alice let out a long sigh and uncoiled her body. She smoothed her shirt back down over her large breasts and reached down to refasten her shorts. Relief washed over her, as well as the calmness from the tension released from her hard orgasms on the chair.

As she stood up to go inside, she felt someone's presence on the other side of the fence. She stopped for a moment to be quiet and still to listen. After a few moments she sighed again, determined she had just been paranoid about the presence. She bent to pick up her book to go inside her own house.

"Tomorrow morning, when I get home at 8, I will expect you to be waiting for me in my bed. "

Alice's breath caught as Jack's voice spoke to her from the other side of the fence. Just so she would know that it was her he was talking to, she heard his side of the gate in the fence being unlatched. This would allow her to unlatch her own gate and walk into his back yard.

"The back door will be open, don't disappoint me. God I love red heads."

Alice's hand immediately touched her hair, long red curls pulled up in a pony tail.

With that, the back door of Jack's house closed once again.

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