tagLesbian SexAlice's Restaurant: Table for Four

Alice's Restaurant: Table for Four

byEvil Alpaca©

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The following story involves graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. If such things offend you, please read no further.

Also, this is the second part of "Alice's Restaurant," and sort of a third part for "Of Church and State." For this to make more sense, I advise reading the previous sections of those stories. I hope you enjoy the story.

Don't redistribute this story without my permission.

----------------- ------------------------

Alice's Restaurant: A Table for Four

Alicia was lying on the bed, somewhat frustrated. While being frustrated in bed wasn't unheard of for Alicia, it wasn't due to a lack of good sex in this case. Ever since she and FBI agent Carrie King had gotten together after Carrie had saved her life, the sex had been phenomenal. This frustration was of a kind Alicia was unused to. It was academic. Alicia had been living on the streets and acting as a pickpocket since she was fifteen. At the age of twenty-one, she didn't have a high school diploma. When Carrie had found out, she insisted on the young woman getting her GED. So Alicia spent all day, every day studying. She had never felt stupid before, but the concept was becoming more and more prevalent. Only her lover's constant and unconditional support had kept her from going crazy.

She took a break from her studies and just lounged on the bed that she and Carrie now shared. She traced the curve of her full breasts and her hand moved down her stomach towards her crotch. But she stopped short. No masturbation, she thought to herself. We want to save as much as we can for tonight.

No other woman excited Alicia sexually as much as Carrie did. The end of the older woman's three-year hiatus from sexual gratification after the ugly end of her prior relationship had left her very interested in trying a multitude of sexual games. Their first session as a couple had involved light bondage, spanking, anal play and fisting. Neither of them had been able to move quite right the next day, but neither of them regretted it. She was a little afraid that they might run out of things to try, so they had engaged in more conventional sex acts in the interim. It didn't seem to matter. The sex was still fantastic.

But Alicia wanted to do something special that evening, to make sure Carrie would stay with her after the following day. Alicia was unused to such nervous jealousy. Carrie's ex-girlfriend Tammy and Tammy's new girlfriend Beverly were flying out the next day to scout for areas to buy a home and to start Tammy's paperwork so she could return to work at the Bureau. She and Carrie had been long-time lovers before Carrie had a lapse in judgement and had cheated on the dark-skinned beauty in order to get a promotion she later turned down. There was so much history between those two women that despite Carrie's protestations to the contrary, Alicia was afraid of losing her. The former thief and pickpocket realized she had fallen hard for her protector, and she would do whatever it took to keep her. Her cat Seven jumped into her lap and curled up for a nap. "You're on my side, right?" She scratched the cat's head behind the ears and it started purring instantly. "That's my boy."

When it was approaching time for Carrie to come home, Alicia put down her studies again and got changed. She donned a black silk thong and a black tank top. She then lay down on the bed with her books and papers spread out before her. Her plan was simple. When Carrie opened the door, Alicia would pretend to have fallen asleep while studying hard all day (which was close to being true), and then the older woman would look down at the scantily clad younger woman and have no choice but to make love to her all night. It was a childish plan, but Alicia hoped it would do the trick.

She heard keys jingling at the front door, and Alicia buried her head in the comforter, closing her eyes. She heard the door open and shut, and the sound of Carrie's cowboy boots crossing the floor. She felt the bed sink as the redheaded bombshell sat down next to her.

"Don't think you're fooling me for a minute, young lady. No one studies basic algebra in a thong. It just doesn't happen."

Alicia opened her eyes and propped herself up on her elbows, squeezing her tits together so that her cleavage was particularly noticeable through the low neckline of her shirt. If you can't hit 'em with the left, swing with the right. Carrie looked particularly tired.

"What's up," Alicia asked.

"Long day full of long, boring meetings. Then I had to take my annual physical, which is never fun."

"They could have just asked me. I know exactly the shape you're in." She leaned over and kissed Carrie full on the lips.

"Trust me, I'd rather have your kind of poking and prodding than those doctors', but it's required. But here's the really bad news. I have to go back in to work for a while. I only have a little time for dinner."

"What?" Alicia was pissed. She had wanted to get REALLY laid that evening.

"We're going to have to do a surveillance gig next weekend, which means we have to do some planning. And if I'm going to get tomorrow off so that we can go pick up Tammy and Beverly at the airport . . ."

Alicia flinched a bit when Tammy's name was mentioned, though she didn't mean to.

Carrie sighed when she noticed Alicia's discomfort. "Stop that. She and I aren't going to get back together. We are trying to be friends again, and we will be working together. You know all this. She has Beverly and I have you. And that's just fine with me." Carrie grinned and shoved one of her hands down Alicia's neckline and roughly fondled one of the young woman's large breasts. Alicia moaned. "You know, I do have a LITTLE time, if you think you might be satisfied with a quickie." She tweaked Alicia's nipple just a bit, but it was enough to get the young woman on her knees and rapidly discarding her shirt. She didn't need to say anything else.

Alicia reached up and began hurriedly unbuttoning Carrie's shirt, while the redhead unzipped her jeans and scooted them down past her hips. Alicia got the shirt off and almost ripped her lover's bra off her body. She wanted sex. She wanted it bad, and she wanted it right then and there. Carrie removed her holster and placed her sidearm on the ground. The Alicia threw her back-first onto the bed and pulled her boots, jeans and panties off. She was wearing these cute little French-cut undies. One thing Alicia was proud of was reintroducing the red-haired beauty to the joys of lingerie. The two swung into a sixty-nine position and just went to town. Alicia used her fingers to spread Carrie's lips apart so she could scoop her tongue deeper inside the woman's box, while Carrie reserved the use of her fingers for teasing and prying open Alicia's pink anal rosebud. Both of them were just as concerned with pleasing each other as achieving their own releases.

Carrie broke one hand away from fingering Alicia's ass so she could grope the young woman's tits again. Alicia just kept Carrie's box open wide and buried her face inside as far as she could go. Then she inserted three fingers, curling them towards the front and forcing a groan from Carrie. The two girls turned their attention to their partners' clits. Shortly thereafter, they both reached orgasm. But neither of them was satisfied with just one, so they remained locked together until they had gotten each other off a second time. It wasn't too difficult for either of them.

"Mmh," Carrie moaned. "I really, REALLY wish I didn't have to go," she said as she and Alicia disentangled and sat next to each other on the bed, with Alicia's head on the older woman's shoulder. "You're so beautiful. Did you know that?"

Alicia blushed. She had be called hot, sexy, fuckable and a number of other things. She liked 'beautiful' better though. At least coming from Carrie.

"Listen," Carrie continued. "I know the next several days are going to be weird for you, but I'm really going to need your help. Tammy and Beverly aren't going to be here that long, but I'm going to have to spend most of one of those days with Tammy. First of all, I need you to trust me. Nothing is going to happen between her and me. At least nothing like you're worrying about. I'd like you to show Beverly around a bit. This is her first trip to a big city, so take her to the big tourist spots. I'll let you use my car, but stay under the speed limit."

"Yes Mom," Alicia grumbled. She wasn't sure how she felt about babysitting her new lover's ex-girlfriend's new lover. But she was feeling a little more confident now.

"Don't 'Mom' me. I love that car. I'll give you money for food and entertainment." Then Carrie whispered conspiratorially into Alicia's ear, "And enough to pick up some . . . toys . . . for Friday night. I'll pick some up, and we can 'play' all the way through the weekend."

Alicia was smiling from ear to ear after that, but she still managed to give Carrie a kiss as she got dressed and prepared to go back to work. Oh the wonderful possibilities!

--------------------------- ---------------------------------

Alicia was fidgeting as they watched passengers getting off the plane. She felt better about things, but she was still nervous. She was about to meet one of the biggest influences on her lover's life. Finally she saw Tammy for the first time; not including the picture Carrie kept of her. She was walking down the ramp hand in hand with a beautiful younger woman.

"I'm assuming that's Beverly?"

"Yep. Let's hope she's still calm about everything and doesn't come out swinging. Young lovers can be quite irrational at times."

"True. Hey, wait a minute . . ."

"Hello Carrie," said Tammy as she wandered up. The two exchanged a hug, which was brief but not awkwardly so.

"Hey!" This came from Beverly who gave a hug that could actually be considered enthusiastic to Carrie. Apparently, the girl was a bit bubbly. After the hug, she went back to rubbernecking, trying to take in every sight and sound the airport could provide.

"Hello young one. So how was your first flight?"

"Great," the young woman replied. Tammy had to grab her arm to keep her from wandering off to look at some cheesy display in the middle of the terminal.

"Well, I guess I should introduce my girlfriend. This is Alicia."

"How do you do?" the guilty party piped in at last, extending her hand. She wasn't quite ready for hugs yet. Tammy gave her hand a firm shake, seeming to understand the younger woman's trepidation. Then Alicia realized something. Carrie had just called her "my girlfriend" for the first time.

"Hi," said Beverly again, ignoring the hand and going straight for a hug. It was a little awkward for Alicia, but she found the younger woman's general state of enthusiasm to be somewhat contagious.

"Well, this one is friendly. Where did you say you found her again?"

"Wandering by the side of the road." Tammy looked at Carrie. "What about her," she said, pointing a thumb at Alicia.

"Government supported kidnapping."

"Ah. One of those. Shall we go get our bags?"

The four of them headed to the baggage claim, and Alicia did her best to assess the situation. The two visitors remained hand in hand the entire way. They were a good-looking couple. Tammy was dark skinned and a solid but curvy body. She had medium-length, thick black hair and a face that seemed to radiate wisdom. Beverly had a look of innocence about her. She had long blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. She had the body of a farmer's daughter; the kind city boys dreamed about. Solid hips, full breasts and muscular legs. But as beautiful as they were, neither of them seemed quite as perfect to her as Carrie did.

They grabbed the luggage and proceeded to drop it off at the visitors' hotel room. Rather than wait until the next day as was originally planned, the four of them hit a number of tourist traps. This was mostly for Beverly's benefit. The other three just enjoyed watching the youngest member of their crew "ooh" and "ahh" at absolutely everything. Alicia got the feeling that young woman didn't get out much. When dinnertime rolled around, they found themselves at a place Alicia knew all to well. Luigi's Place, the Italian restaurant where she and Carrie had first met and had gone to on their first date.

"Interesting choice," said Tammy with a quizzical look. "Not one of your normal haunts."

"Came down here on a job not long ago. I kind of like the place now." Carrie looked over at Alicia.

Tammy's eyes narrowed as her gaze drifted between the two women. "I've got a feeling there's a story here, and it might help explain why the manager has been looking at us nervously since we walked in."

Alicia blushed. "You didn't tell her?" she asked of her lover.

"Nope. What else were we going to have to talk about over dinner?"

"Okay, now my curiosity is piqued," interrupted the dark-skinned beauty. "What is it about this place?"

Alicia went ahead and told the entire story of how the two of them met and the strange events that had transpired. Carrie periodically looked embarrassed, but kept her hand wrapped around that of her lover. By the end of the story, Beverly looked positively amazed and Tammy looked bemused.

"So, you weren't kidding about the whole 'government supported kidnapping' thing, were you?"

"Technically, it wasn't kidnapping. It was a protective action."

"And now you are turning her into a model citizen?" Tammy's voice sounded more amused than critical.

"Actually, that was her idea."

Alicia rose to her own defense. "Going from smalltime pickpocket to big-time target made me rethink my life policy. I did what I had to do to survive, but I don't want to do it that way anymore."

"Good girl," said Tammy. The conversation slowly drifted to areas that Alicia felt much more comfortable with. As the evening wound down, the three women that were over twenty-one years old were nicely toasted on good red wine, leaving Beverly to drop Alicia and Carrie off at their place before driving the rental back to the hotel. She drove so much like a little old lady that she was the target of some gentle ribbing by everyone, even Tammy. To her credit though, she had only been legally driving for a few months, and she was in a strange new town. But everyone got home alive.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------

"It's okay," Tammy said the next morning. "You'll be just fine. Carrie assures me that Alicia knows the town well, and she'll have Carrie's car. You've got a credit card now, but don't overuse it."

"I know. It's just weird," returned the young woman who was as nervous as could be. "You're going off to spend the day with your ex-girlfriend while her new girlfriend, an ex-felon by the way, drives me around a place I've never been before." Beverly actually had nothing against Alicia. She actually found the young woman to be incredibly interesting, and she couldn't imagine not giving her the benefit of the doubt. She was still more worried about Carrie and Tammy getting to spend that much time together.

Tammy seemed to know what bothering the young woman. "Stop that. I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for you, remember?"

Beverly almost felt like pouting. "It seemed like a good idea at the time." She sighed. "I'm sorry. This is just almost too much to deal with."

Tammy sauntered over and gave her young girlfriend a kiss on the lips. "Don't worry. All Carrie and I are going to be doing is starting some paperwork and attending some meetings. Yes, we'll get a chance to get caught up at lunch, but I will be coming back here to you tonight. And it might be nice for you to actually have a friend a little closer to your own age when we move out here, so give Alicia a chance. Promise me you will?"

"I promise," mumbled Beverly before wrapping her arms around Tammy's neck, rubbing noses with her and giving her a kiss goodbye

Alicia and Carrie showed up a few minutes later. Carrie and Tammy took off to do their business, leaving the younger two women to their own devices.

"So," said Beverly shyly.

"So," returned Alicia.

Beverly was trying to think of a way of breaking the ice. "Should we start talking about sports now? In the movies, they always start talking about sports."

Alicia laughed. "I don't know the first thing about sports. Let's talk about something I understand. Breakfast."

Fifteen minutes later, the two girls were sitting in a doughnut shop, stuffing themselves silly and drinking strong coffee.

"Oh, that's good," said Beverly. She was in culinary heaven. The towns near where she had lived in Alaska were so small that she had never had fresh doughnuts before. They were exquisite, and the coffee was pretty good as well.

"One last jelly-filled. Want it?" The two girls just stared at the pastry.

"If I eat one more thing, I'm pretty sure I'll explode. By the way, aren't we both kind of dating cops?"


"So why are we the ones eating all these things?" That got both girls laughing again, though the feeling of being stuffed made their ribs hurt if they laughed too much.

"We saw most of the tourist-stuff last night. Wanna go to a mall?"

"Yes!" Beverly said. Even though she hadn't seen anything bigger than a strip-mall in her life, she had that young-girl instinct for shopping.

When they got into the car, it was Alicia who kept the conversation rolling. "So, you know all about me and Carrie. How did you and Tammy hook up?

Beverly thought about it for a moment.

"Hey, if you don't want to talk about it . . ."

"No, it's okay. She was the sheriff in the area I lived in, and she also owned a diner down the street from where I worked. My father didn't much like Tammy." Beverly felt a little bit of anger welling up inside her.

"Not much on gays?"

"Not much on gays, Jews, blacks, Hispanics, native Americans, empowered women . . . you name it. He was a bigoted, small-town, Old Testament, good-old-boy preacher. And to have a, and these are his words, not mine, 'half-breed dyke bitch' as an individual of power in his community was more than he could handle." Beverly had forced that statement out. She had never been too fond of cussing, even when it was about someone she didn't like. The only time she ever used dirty words were when she was in bed with Tammy, but for entirely different reasons. "I was living with him at the time, working at the Sav-O-Mart and trying to save up enough money to move away for college. He didn't know I had even applied. But I couldn't stand living with him. One night, he found out that I had been eating at the diner during my lunch hour. I had discovered she wasn't the fire-breathing devil he had tried to make her out to be. She talked to me about going to college and what all I needed to do. She encouraged me to be what I wanted to be. When he found out, he went nuts. He actually threatened to hit me."

Alicia gripped the edge of the table. Beverly could tell she already didn't like where this was going.

"He didn't get a chance though," she interceded quickly. "One of my older brothers stopped him. But I left the house I'd spent my life in that very night. It started to rain, it was dark, and my entire life was in a backpack. Kind of depressing, now that I think about it. Anyway, my brother Brian called the police, and they in turn called Tammy at home. She came out to get me and took me home with her. Well, after she went back to the house and screamed at my father for a while. I think she wanted to shoot him."

"I've noticed these women of ours seem to be drawn to that sort of behavior."

"True. Well, I moved into her guesthouse. We got to be good friends. Then she got a letter from . . . well, from Carrie. Even then, Carrie was trying to make things right. But I'll admit, and don't hate me for this, that I hated Carrie when I found out what happened. I didn't even read the letter. I just knew that she had hurt someone I cared about. That was when I realized exactly how much I cared, and that was the first time . . . well, you know. It was when I realized I wanted to be with her. But then I actually met her . . . Carrie, I mean."

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